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File: 1447972822418.jpg (306.87 KB, 639x800, pregnant_chemic_by_geckogu….jpg)

d7fdc No.1404

The official mascot of pregfur.org show her biggest belly you ever met.

74c9d No.2926

File: 1456792749144.jpg (469.15 KB, 1600x900, Chemic Xenomorph Pregnancy.jpg)

74c9d No.2927

File: 1456793039838.jpg (210.32 KB, 960x1280, 1385406501.darrencax_peek.jpg)

74c9d No.2928

File: 1456793102242.jpg (253.66 KB, 960x1280, 1385406501.darrencax.jpg)

b9ad2 No.2929

Its weird as hell and not a huge fan of fursuits but fair play that's well made and has a nice belly

not entirely sure what i'm seeing here though.

d7fdc No.2932

no Xenomorph in our topic!

rules on our topic:
Good: make good Chemic drawings (safe)
Bad: make Xenomorph pic (permaban)

d7fdc No.2933

File: 1456851890721.png (104.64 KB, 2550x3501, Dessin Emerik 001.png)

here's my drawing of Chemic

d7fdc No.2934

File: 1456851916940.png (34.11 KB, 1022x1280, Chemic.png)

another drawing of Chemic

d7fdc No.2937

File: 1457017794693.png (287.55 KB, 3301x2550, Dessin Emerik 002.png)

here's another drawing of Chemic

63db0 No.2939

'permaban'? Who do you think you are?

9ee53 No.2941

"Bad: make Xenomorph pic (permaban)"

What does this even mean?

bdde5 No.2942


He's God in this thread, didn't you know that? ;)



69429 No.3109

File: 1461463080322.jpeg (131.19 KB, 655x800, image.jpeg)

Actually, this thread gives me the perfect opportunity to ask about something.

Way back when, Darren asked folks to come up with a design for Chemic's kit. Can't remember who all got involved, but I do know in the end he gave the "win" over to anonymousfox's (now going around as Leokitsune) piece. Unfortunately, when he left the site later, it take all the post he ever made with it, including that one piece with her daughter

What I'm here to ask is: did anyone by some chance happen to save it before it was deleted?

78109 No.3128

File: 1461783607957.jpg (122.85 KB, 625x1659, GIFT; Chemic in LEP Unifor….jpg)

I created this a while back when I first began a series of adventures of a group called the League of Extraordinary People (L.E.P for short) and got inspiration from all over the place.

One of the best figures that could become a candidate was Chemic the Demon Vixen, the mascot of Pregfur.org (Now just because the word "Demon" is in the title doesn't mean that they're evil…it's the same principle that not all angels/people who dress in white are good, now does it?)

Now I know what you maybe thinking; "What's a pregnant vixen with wings doing in a group of superheroes?".

Answer is simple;
1. Chemic gets to prove that she is worthy of being the true hero she is, rather than keeping herself shut away all the time, pregnant or not.

2. Her gift of suspended pregnancy would be in danger of being exploited, stolen or wiped out.

3. It's a good way of getting her emotions (mostly her anger and frustration issues) sorted out by clobbering bad guys.

So I drew Chemic in an L.E.P Uniform with gold lining (okay, the scanner was a bit shoddy and for some reason my violet colouring pencils keep fading for some unknown reason).
Normally, the L.E.P don't have maternity uniforms, but Chemic found a way around that part (but I'm not too sure whether to have the belt where is or move it to above the bump, under her breasts, or below the bump instead).

Hope you viewers like it.

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