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File: 1412738916627.jpg (113.24 KB, 850x750, bQSdUya[1].jpg)

4b1d9 No.166

Oviposition, large and small~

05895 No.167

We already have a thread for that here: >>1659

4b1d9 No.168

File: 1412792344700.png (230.19 KB, 700x720, bfa5ab075657ed3939fe90a1d8….png)

>>167 Not so fast, that's for pretty much everything, this is pretty much just avians with rounded bellies, or are in the process of laying eggs~

3404b No.169

Of which there are how many pics, exactly? I'd just rather not have this turn into 4chan's /d/ with hyper-specific threads like "pregnant blue-haired futa with tanlines wearing santa hats"

05895 No.170

Exactly why I suggested posting in an already existing thread.

6675c No.171

I think avian and reptile oviposition is too specific. What about everything else. Should Furry Oviposition cover everything, or should there be a furry, avian, and reptile ovi thread on this site?

6675c No.172

File: 1412837534794.png (454.07 KB, 770x761, 1396062433.pregnancy_rkia1.png)

6675c No.173

File: 1412837556195.jpg (144.21 KB, 526x574, ec6192cfde3d84d0acfb2f4f14….jpg)

6675c No.174

File: 1412837574978.jpg (102.5 KB, 612x792, d67ba78b29942a0de1d2b5ae1e….jpg)

6675c No.175

File: 1412837589356.png (290.43 KB, 894x648, d3a3e5cc887fcd8dd0a2fdd503….png)

6675c No.176

File: 1412837607768.jpg (88.35 KB, 800x587, c1c54cb169c1be17ce3a86508d….jpg)

6675c No.177

File: 1412837657468.png (815.94 KB, 833x1175, 39192518_p0.png)

b7ca6 No.195

Oh GOD yes, more Kazpoie please!

dbd6b No.229

File: 1413836089935.png (945.85 KB, 902x902, 859453_kitsuneyoukai_img_2….png)


Since you asked nicely.

6675c No.241

File: 1413850650267.png (972.29 KB, 902x902, 34a7b3bc8d7d1c2661a1557c63….png)

I enjoy those that multitask while laying.

ff426 No.242

Is there a translation for this?

88ebb No.245

File: 1413926966575.png (899.15 KB, 2534x2328, ecovi - Copy.png)

5f462 No.275

File: 1414106962628.jpg (Spoiler Image, 143.9 KB, 960x1280, 1344921092.mxl_owl_s_gift_….jpg)

Testing NSFL

Unbirth, leading to Oviposition.

5f462 No.276


Proven wrong~

6675c No.280

Fire, from my hands?

6aef0 No.364

File: 1414754920078.jpg (83.39 KB, 560x731, rickgriffin_birdcouple.jpg)

6ee94 No.367

File: 1414787274240.jpg (170.26 KB, 1176x1138, 1319844092.adf_3_adf-layin….jpg)

"Her tummy got bigger and bigger as time went by, and she did her very best to hide it from mother. But soon it began to concern her as well, as she found it interfering with her ability to enjoy the dance.

Until one day, she was feeling particularly swollen as she worked in the barn, and a all new feeling overcame her. The feelings were strong and uncomfortable, she had never experienced anything like them before, but her body seemed to know what she needed to do. So she stripped her pants and took on the most comfortable position, fearful of what was happening; but feeling as if something was about to occur.

You can imagine her shock, when she began doing something she thought only the chickens could do. What on Earth would she tell mother?

88ebb No.379

File: 1414888605339.jpg (213.16 KB, 1200x1200, 1WLNS.jpg)

bbc4c No.514

File: 1419753682629.png (829.94 KB, 1280x1276, tumblr_nh84lgkLAr1tvncyoo1….png)

88ebb No.551

File: 1421639747286.png (868.79 KB, 1280x1276, 1419662714.heatseekerboy_t….png)

4faa5 No.3563

File: 1478168057719.png (148.09 KB, 1280x762, ruthiegallus_agentgrimm-ju….png)

Avian on the left.

4faa5 No.3609

File: 1478171814549.png (147.74 KB, 1280x1280, 1451606513.lucidum_royaleg….png)

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