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Furry Drawthread NEO Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 06/22/2022 (Wed) 00:35:17 Id:cbb7d9 No. 19
New site, new drawthread, now with fur Rules 1: Don’t ask for a specific artist to do your request 2: Provide reference for characters 3: Don’t spam the thread with off topic shit 4: Keep discussion about requests civil, we don’t need more drama started over a picture of a Raichu in a bikini*cough*Fossil*cough* And yes, the image is just the same one as /d/‘a just badly edited to be a cat
(206.38 KB 1280x1214 572 - 0cnLhmX.jpg)
Time to break this thread in, I guess. Requesting a picture of this cow lady pregnant, squatting and giving birth to twin human babies
I'll provide another request Jellymon being extremely pregnant with her belly nearly dragging on the ground, boobs gushing out milk, and butt nearly tearing through her clothes as she comments that she's only halfway done
(181.86 KB 880x1280 1645293398.canister_vivian.jpg)
(284.32 KB 906x1280 1639270233.vale-city_archy.jpg)
Requesting an Anthro Vivian from Paper mario with a hyper pregnant belly like the 2 other images here.
I'll submit a request for Ponyville's best surrogate and midwife, Bundle Joy, who is also the mascot of the pony pregnancy threads for about a decade now. Her special talent is being pregnant, as indicated by her cutie mark, a bun in an oven. She also enjoys baking. Here are more images for reference: https://ponerpics.org/search?q=oc%3Abundle+joy%2C-anthro%2C-equestria+girls%2C-alicornified As Dolly is the creator of Bundle Joy, images from her are particularly good references. I request no particular angle at her, but pony behinds are always nice. Beggars can't be choosers, but please no anthro.
Let's not be around the bush here; new Pregchan, new me. Requesting a post-TF picture of a kangaroo full term pregnant after rolling the dice in Jumanji
(238.74 KB 1280x1280 Blue_Wolf.jpg)
Would love to see this blue beauty with her fertility mark on her boobs hugely pregnant.
>>109 Bump =.=
>>24 May as well join everyone i bumping requests only a few weeks old
(414.63 KB 1280x1280 579Reuniclus.png)
(263.72 KB 1367x1850 1602810019.1-upclock_56.png)
Oh hey, this site's back up. Neat to know. Anyways I'm going to be cheeky and request for a character design of sorts. I'd like to request a heavily pregnant anthro Reuniclus with a design fairly similar to the one in the second image, but less thick. Would rather have them keep a more gender neutral look (or just flat out twink mpreg).
>>499 Enjoy your pregguniclus going through mitosis, decided to give this cell momma boobs.
>>506 That's definitely a unique take on it! Thanks much!
>>507 Yeah, it’s my first real crack at drawing a request, I’m still rusty at nsfw-ish art tho lol
(1.18 MB 860x1274 export202207230119011520.png)
>>499 Interesting concept, figured I would give it a quick sketch
(230.05 KB 1447x2046 E8uL1TgUcAMUdAn.jpg)
(339.08 KB 601x999 1561676084854.png)
Looking for someone to do this lion girl pregnant like the second pic.
>>525 Ayo PapaSoul, wasn't expecting you back here, I thought you left us behind after the old site's drama
>>531 Still lurk from time to time. Not trying to get too involved, not looking to involuntary stir up more drama.
>>539 Look dude, all that shit wasn't your fault, no need to feel responsible and like it'll happen again just because you posted something
I thought this thread got nuked. And no, this image is not a request. Just wondering why.
>>542 I thought so too So do you got a request or nah?
(474.41 KB 1600x2000 Furry_Distara_2.png)
Requesting this cat lady pregnant and laying on her side, rubbing her belly
Requesting this quilava girl pregnant at any size. But if someone wants a reference for a scenario of sorts with her at a certain size, I do have this other image for a ref.
>>544 Yes. I previously requesting an anthro kangaroo 9 months pregnant at full term, after rolling the dices in Jumanji. I also providing a reference from the 2nd image right here
I'm gonna repost my request because I wanted to change a certain variable about it. I decided to flesh out the character a bit more since they actually have a reference now, so I'll change up the request a bit to reflect that. >>525 But once again I am really thankful for you doing my request! So the revised request is mainly going to be in regards to the belly size I had in mind. I actually want them to be hyper-sized. The idea being that their belly is big enough to contain a clone of themselves as they're undergoing mitosis (as cleverly thought up of by >>506). Some big kicks to showcase this fact would be very nice too! The clothing I'd like them to wear is pretty much the same as the previous request though. Granted I'd be fine with not including the jacket they're carrying on their arm. And yeah, mirroring the replied image here like last time for the sake of convenience.
Anything in da wips?
Ok so, I’ve been having this idea for like a hyper pregnant character design idea for Hornet from Hollow Knight. Now the reason why it’s Hornet is because I like characters that have slim frames have a huge belly. Now, let’s say what if Hornet got so heavily pregnant from something, like maybe the infection or a crap ton of void souls using her to come back to life. Her belly grows so big that it touches the ground, and she isn’t able to use her nail as a weapon because her huge belly prevents her from getting up close with enemies. So, she learns how to use a crossbow since it’s a very easy ranged weapon. She makes a quiver for the cross bolts and a messenger bag for her to carry stuff in because it’s the easiest to carry in her situation. She also crafts a belly support for herself so that she able to move around slightly better(as see in one of the pictures I posted) I just thought I’d throw this idea out there for anyone who seems interested in drawing it.
(3.02 MB 4032x3024 Big Belly Bovine.jpg)
Unsure of whether kemonomimi is /d/ or /f/ fodder, but playing it safe. Requesting my partner's cowgirl OC absolutely stuffed full of calves, ready to pop.
Requesting a pregnant dom Ankha or Isabelle with leggings similar to the first image, and a slightly bigger belly from the second image.
(1.99 MB 2477x2146 1653841852413-0.png)
(2.38 MB 2477x2146 1651154331163.png)
Requesting a sequel for this ss2 edit where these two ladies are struggling with their bellies, being just a couple of days before having their waters break.
>>647 ? Did you forget to attach the pic
Anyone wanna try drawing Fecto Elfilis with a big ol’ pregnant belly?
Any artists available to commission right now? All my usuals are busy
Something I drew for some friends
>>700 'ery noice. Hope your friend's satisfied, I knlw I would be. <3
>>696 Whatd’ya want
>>702 I'm looking to get some preggy and/or birth art of a cat character of mine.
>>707 Got reference?
(146.89 KB 1225x2163 6color2.png)
>>713 There's one here: >>551 And got this one
Requesting a hyper pregnant Umbreon that's about this size!
>>727 Why? Hyperpreg is overrated
>>727 >>728 Rushed sketch but here ya go and a friendly reminder to the other guy
>>730 Amazing work pal lol
>>731 I can smell the sarcasm from here
>>735 I dunno. You guys are lolcows for liking hyperpreg
Need I remind people of Rule 4
>>735 Oh, sorry. I do actually enjoy the post, I didn't mean to sound sarcastic.
>>736 Get back on 4chan, you basement dwelling virging lol
>>738 Ah ok then, sorry for assuming that it was sarcasm
>>702 There a place outside of here I can contact ya if you do commissions?
>>743 I had Twitter but I stopped using that Also I’m not open for comms, not confident enough in my skills to start charging money for drawings
>>744 Ah, darn. Well, I'd love to show some kind of support for an artist. Got a gallery?
>>741 Can't blame ya tbh, so don't worry about it
>>744 Sorry you feel that way man. I hope you'll get plenty of experience and confidence soon.<3
>>748 I see you 👋
>>24 Gonna bump this old thing
Excuse me, can I have a conversation with @pregchanrequeststorage on Fur Affinity who blocked me for no reason. All I did is just watching his FA account, and that's it.
>>796 I'm aware of what you do Poluck, thats the reason I blocked you
Can i see those two sexy gals in pose like in third photo? Thanks in advance ^^
Seeing this cat with a hyperpreg tummy would be nice!
(2.36 MB 2276x2244 umbreonsketchcolored.png)
>>727 im drunk af and wanted to draw some hyper so I did this one hope you like!! :3
>>864 not the requestor, but beautiful work. thanks for dropping some good content
>>864 I'm the requester though! Nice work there man, love it!
>>864 That's good; I can recognize your style from the front page by now. Also, I sent you an e-mail.
>>864 Ooh, that looks really lovely! Nice job!
>>868 which email? If it's my paypal email I literally never check that one. If it's my other one, I barely check that one at all. So I probably missed it. Best way to contact me is to send me a message on deviantart, furraffinity, and twitter.
>>870 It's the Yahoo e-mail address. I sent it back in late June. >Best way to contact me is to send me a message on deviantart, furraffinity, and twitter. I'm aware, but have an account with none of those websites.
>>871 You'll have a hard time contacting me then because I probably check my email like twice a year.
>>829 Just gonna bump this.
(416.19 KB 2229x1327 Krystal's Laying.png)
(1.37 MB 3600x3000 More Eggs.png)
I drew these a long way back, more looking into requesting anyone open to adding too Krystal's captive life of egg laying.
(346.44 KB 571x1142 1661480148308148.png)
(173.85 KB 371x633 Katia_minotaur_carry2.png)
A trash thread req and another for a buddy
(769.09 KB 800x1200 Carthage_fem_pregAlt_face.png)
(1.47 MB 1920x2194 1654965928758.png)
Something for the "Labor" Day weekend. Requesting this Mienshao mom putting on a show delivering her many kids to the world. Image 2 for body shape/size (them kids gonna be well fed), image 3 for pose idea or you can get creative if she might be too big to birth that way.
>>20 Refreshing this one
>>1031 very nice
Due to the fact that there are very few pictures with pregnant Cinderace, I give the request to draw this Pokémon in a similar situation as Renamon. of course, with a pregnant belly and breasts of the same size. And preferably the pokemon is shown in its entirety, not just from the waist up.
(857.87 KB 1094x1883 Bova.png)
I'll request a naked Bova that's blushing and presenting her underbelly to the viewer. Keep the belly the same size or make it larger. Lactating breasts, outie bellybutton, and dirty talk about how many pups (calves?) are inside her are welcomed.
(857.87 KB 1094x1883 Bova.png)
I'll request a naked Bova that's blushing and presenting her underbelly to the viewer. Keep the belly the same size or make it larger. Lactating breasts, outie bellybutton, and dirty talk about how many pups (calves?) are inside her are welcomed.
>>24 Yet another bump
>>645 bumping this, but as an addendum, feel free to just straight up draw the left girl giving birth instead
>>20 plz
>>24 >>489 >>775 >>1343 This fucking reeks of Fossil
>>1526 >drama going on in another thread >some anon wants to cause more >Mentions Fossil >Get's buried >Refuses to elaborate >Leaves Yep, classic Pregchan
>>20 Bumping this requeste
looking for some Preg Butterbear or Hoppo from Wuzzles
>>20 Last bump
Bumping this thread so people don’t think it’s dead
>>1944 KYS Fossil, we all know it’s you
>>1945 Why must you always jump to Fossil for these assumptions?
>>1946 My sentiments exactly, he knows there are more people who like Digimon, right?
>>1947 Very subtle Fossil, an by subtle I mean you pretty much confirmed it to be you
>>2010 Part of me wonders if the folks who hate this Fossil kid so much get enough sleep or if their hate boner keeps them up all night
>>2010 You’re the one who’s Fossil and you’re trying to deflect attention from you by saying everyone else is Fossil. Nice try but you can’t fool me.
>>24 Bumping one last time
(114.15 KB 500x608 1573 - uBMRXIH.png)
(5.62 KB 300x300 bunyrelaxpose.png)
Looking to get this monkey drawn naked and pregnant, holding her belly like the shitty doodle
New Year new request Pizza Cookie from Cookie Run Ovenbreak with a belly so big she can't fit in her delivery bike Now before you ask “Why is this in furry?”, it's a cookie, not a human, and there is no /food/ so this place works the best
>>2253 Bumping this request
Since a new Samba de Amigo game was justannounced, I'd like to request Linda the Butterfly heavily preggo and happily dancing up a storm.
I have a request as well. But it’s unlikely someone would draw it due to the nature of her pregnancy. Anyways! It’s about shenzi as a scientist after being impregnated by a xenomorph like creature after swallowing their eggs. Shenzi can now see her belly growing bigger with something moving around in her belly.
>>3135 Apologies for the typos.
Requesting Spaicy and Mint being pregnant of a bunch of these creatures (the ones that have one standing up ear are males and the other ones that has both ears standing down are females, they are smaller than the average 9-month babies) I have a bad feeling about this
>>2907 I just had someone on DA do this so uh yeah Stuffed Crust Pizza joke
>>2907 I just had someone on DA do this so uh yeah Stuffed Crust Pizza joke
>>3150 Seems I’ve uploaded it twice on accident
Live /f/
(259.03 KB 1149x1473 IMG_20230224_001237_598.jpg)
>>3143 Well... After much time and unnecessarily long pauses... Here it is, I hope you enjoy it my dear unknown friend (⁠◠⁠ᴥ⁠◕⁠ʋ⁠)
>>3265 Nice work man.
>>2253 Bmp
>>3150 Cringe
>>3268 Well I got some bad news not-so-kind anon, I requested another piece from this artist shortly after I got this, it’s actually a sequel to it lol
>>19 Can this thread be pinned?
>>3325 >>3149 Sauce?
>>3357 The sequel hasn’t been posted yet, sorry
>>3358 Not the sequel, the artist
>>3359 Bundle-Of-Kinks on DA
I don't see alot of Lackadaisy preggo art but I wanna change that, so requesting Serafine posing like Flora in the pic but she's also holding her BAR in the left with one hand.
>>2253 Last bump
>>3325 Of course you did
(80.55 KB 587x820 gwen1.jpg)
Can someone please draw a pregnant Gwen?
(2.86 MB 946x792 Red_Stinger_HD.png)
(380.05 KB 1000x1152 Sunflower_HD.png)
Requesting an Humanoid male Red Stinger putting his "seed" on a humanoid female Sunflower. idk how you are gonna do it
Ever since I found out about this fusion the need for a hyperpreg one has been mighty So yeah, one hyperpreg Raipunny please-
I’d love to see a cute Latias girl like this one stuck in some hyperpreg kind of situation, or perhaps with some kind of alternative pregnancy in her breasts/rear/balls or something.
Don't see any kind of preg art for Endtown, so I\m requesting for a heavily overdue flask posed like this and having an annoyed expression.
(285.84 KB 1333x761 flyingfox1.jpg)
(374.64 KB 2159x1210 flyingfox2.jpg)
(440.79 KB 2159x1210 flyingfox3.jpg)
(420.37 KB 2159x1210 flyingfox4.jpg)
(523.92 KB 2159x1211 flyingfox5.jpg)
I have yet to see any do any preg art of Flying Fox from Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur. A couple of pics, some with her belly showing, would be appreciated.
requesting some
>>3699 You uh forget something there anon
(29.94 KB 1920x1124 7sn5o1woonmklx1h.jpg)
>>3699 Here you go anon
>>3707 I'm going to fucking cum
>>3707 And I thought this thread was dead, and here comes this masterpiece. You’d have put any of the greats out of a job with talents like that.
>>3729 Well according to some anons this thread needs to die as it’s apparently populated with desperate faggots who don’t know what commissions are
>>3729 It's really dead because 99.9 percent of them are just commissions anyways!
>>3703 yeah i was drunk >>3707 thank you lad. i love it~ should be next threads OP
(137.84 KB 348x500 AWolfEnemySprite (4).png)
requesting this wolf extremely pregnant ("belly reaching floor" levels of pregnant)
requesting tsukino from monster hunter pregnant with a human baby
>>3150 This one got a sequel
>>3800 Cringe
>>3805 Different tastes I suppose. I don’t know the character (Assuming they’re a Cookie Run character by the looks of the eyes), the art is fun though!
>>3800 Again why?
>>3808 It is a Cookie Run character, her name is Pizza Cookie >>3809 Cause the character isn't human, it's a cookie bro(the artist just draws them more humanoid and elf-like
>>3131 Bump
>>37 Bump
>>2253 Monke?
(1.05 MB 1500x776 pari.png)
requesting pregnant sorush
(2.77 MB 3442x4567 1670711976193.jpg)
Requesting this kitsune drawn 9 months pregnant.
>>3602 Bump
May i request a big-breasted & fat bottomed Lammy like the one in pic related giving birth? Some lactation & X-ray would be nice but isn't essential.
>>2253 Monke Bumpe
For anyone willing to draw mpreg... Can you please draw a girly male Meowstic who's 9-month pregnant in a pose like pic-related, pulling down his panties and lifting his tail to reveal a baby Espurr crowning from his tailhole?
(1.38 MB 2300x3015 ankha 2.jpg)
>>632 I was never here ;)
>>4143 Chocomilk furry art Holy based
(15.00 KB 500x500 DreamFairyFinal.webp)
someone edit her as hyper preg as possible
>>4161 *draw, forgot this was the drawthread and not the editthread
>>4161 Done
>>4163 Hot
(1.89 MB 498x280 tf2-heavy.gif)
(7.46 KB 400x400 FsbokuJWIAAWsr9.jpg)
>>4143 Holy shit nice. Excellent work.
>>3602 Bumping the fuckable fusion
Fuck it I’m gonna pull a wildcard request and ask for something no one else would ever ask for An anthro feminized version of a Male Camarabrachid from Biblaridons Alien Biospheres series I fully expect this one to die but fuck it
>>4342 Am I seeing this right or have I finally lost it
>>4344 can't lose what you never had(idk what "it" is but it sounds overrated)
>>4342 Of all the things I’ve seen on these god forsaken boards I wasn’t expecting someone to ask for porn of a Spec Bio project
(562.34 KB 1147x1775 export202306181853032900.png)
>>4342 Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn't stop to think if they should.
>>4381 Real
>>4381 Man you didn't have to go so hard on this thing, but hey I guess you can add “Able to draw a pregnant alien peacock spider centaur” to your resume-
It’s been a while since I’ve asked for anything in these threads, but is this the appropriate place to ask for this to be colored: >>2868
(346.61 KB 1000x563 DreamCastle.png)
>>4161 ok, this time actually going to specify HOW hyper preg i want it now, because i don't want another disaster like last time, i don't want an edit, this is a draw request board after all. so, how hyper preg do i want it? well, i want the belly to be about the size as dream castle (image for reference). i guess this is a bump? sorry, anon 2f97a7, just wasn't satisfied with the pink square enough.
>>4403 and please be serious this time, ok? it would help a ton
>>3131 Bumping once more.
(17.70 KB 143x170 SPM_Meowmaid_Catch_Card.png)
better idea: meowmaid but very pregnant (image attached for reference)
>>4403 >>4404 There you go, you can see the character better with this rear-view pic
>>4417 Kek
>>4417 i'll cut you some slack and ask you to zoom out a bit (or a lot), so we can at least see a bit of the sky or background or SOMETHING.
>>4427 best request ever 14/10 would sauce again
(818.00 KB 1218x1797 2515 - 9wCIbff.png)
Might as well toss my own request in. i would greatly appreciate if someone could draw this cute red panda lady naked, heavily pregnant and kneeling down?
>>1175 Bump
(828.69 KB 1063x745 Screenshot (151).png)
If anyone wants to, give this teen-spider named Silk(who thankfully is a kind-hearted spirit with a huge love for manga and fanfiction) a massive pregnant belly. It even is canon in the comic Silk has kids growing in her body after doing the deed in an arranged marriage.
>>4381 OR here, thank you for this, never expected someone to actually draw this funky alien spider I’ll be sure to come back around when that sentient species is revealed in the next episode
>>92 Bump.
(113.75 KB 998x559 shitpost.png)
>>4404 > 4404 Here you go bud.
(1.40 MB 2000x3000 1-1.jpg)
(3.61 MB 2000x3000 -5-_1.png)
Request, with context! Working a 12 hour office job would be hard enough. You're heavily pregnant, and you've used all your maternity leave. You also happen to be the office receptionist. Following the context is entirely optional. Beggars can't be choosers, after all.
(292.70 KB 1590x2048 FzQpS3wXsAIhZJh.jpeg)
(282.46 KB 2048x2048 FzQpUIjXwAEbF6W.jpeg)
https://youtu.be/w2_0mhkbrzg All this stuff has me down bad for a domestic preg neco-arc.
>>4640 I *almost* don't feel conflicted about finding a domestic Neco-Arc sexy.
>>4270 Bump
(747.30 KB 2000x1414 pregchansuggestion1.png)
>>4644 Looks amazing!
>>4647 I've would've done far more but I got so frustrated how it ended up that I just decided to post as is, I even forgot to add a couple of things before I posted it, but reguardless as long as you guys like it then its fine lol.
>>4648 It looks 3d as a thumbnail but it looks incredible, thank you so much~
Is someone possibly able to make this dewott a mom with a triplet sized belly standing in this pose please?
>>4395 To let you know, this request should be ignored because it has been fulfilled elsewhere: >>4710
uuh, idk if this counts as furry or this could be done Requesting this this bird laying a big egg with the apearance of the one seen in the reference? useless fact: the egg has two yolks/twin hatchlings inside
(5.73 MB 3912x4960 pregchansuggestion2.png)
>>1268 I tried at the dirty talk lol
>>4758 I think I made the file a little too big lol
>>4563 thank you kind stranger
>>3131 Bumping again
>>3602 Gotta bump them all
>>4758 kino
(839.38 KB 2160x2576 sleepingc.png)
>>4635 The "Patience of a saint" bump
>>4429 Pando~
I'd like to see a rendition of Queen Chrysalis with anatomy as in this first reference, but full of changeling foals instead of eggs as in the second reference. The second reference is for the foals, but I'd prefer for them to be more tightly packed than that. If you want a pose reference, the third image is a nice one, but is spoilered because it's vore. It would be nice to see a version with the foals calm, and one with them kicking up a storm, to her ire, but I'll be glad to get anything. For the arrangement of the foals, I'd like to see variety above all else; some should be right side up, some upside-down, and some with others' rears shoved into their faces and anything else that would emphasize how tight and perhaps uncomfortable it is for them in her.
(207.60 KB 1250x1082 uvz0u4o1_1280.png)
requesting shortstack mismagius pregnant
(267.31 KB 540x810 image_search_1685097398526.png)
(158.95 KB 927x1280 image_search_1672839895109.jpg)
A Zoroark (taking cues from the one I sent) in Leona's classic outfit with a belly size similar to Loona's.
>>3602 Last bump before I move on again
Requesting a pic of Sybil from Pseudoregalia birthing twins.
New request and I’m digging out an old character for this This is Brontomon, a Digimon oc I have but haven’t used since I’m currently hyper fixating on that dumb cookie game, but I’d like her to be about twice the size she is in the other pic attached seductively opening up a golden robe with a silvery inside
(165.72 KB 625x682 image_2023-10-07_022351096.png)
>>5592 Go the FUCK away Fossil
>>5592 Oh great, Fossil. I was thinking about coming back to do some pics, but if they're poking around again I think that's that. Goodbye Pregchan, it's been one of the times of all time.
>>5603 Fossil really only reached peak dipshit when Kamui was here; he's no worse than the average imageboard autist otherwise
>>5603 Dude I’ve been back you must not have heard
Help Idfk what's going on
>>5611 Local sentient cancer AKA Fossil putting another nail in this chan's coffin, that's what.
>>5612 Oh, calm your tits. If you can't handle a single autist, then imageboards aren't the place for you to begin with.
(150.51 KB 570x810 Genie Coco Bandicoot.jpg)
Requesting an artwork of Coco Bandicoot in her genie form pregnant, posing with her arm behind her head, and with her hypno eyes staring at you.
(1.29 MB 2802x1385 chrysalis-10.png)
(413.29 KB 787x975 shenzi-1.png)
>>5785 Oh damn, thank you very much for this. My request was so complex I didn't think anybody would do it by now. You've done a wonderful job. I'll handle uploading this to the pony boorus, if you'd like. Is there an artist name you'd like me to use for that? I could swear I recognize your style, but I don't want to guess. >>5787 This is also nice. I'm a sucker for pregnancies with kicking like this, and this piece is why I checked the thread again just now.
>>3131 Bump
I would like to request a elephant anthro pregnant and overdue.
(1.02 MB 3000x1090 gilda-1.png)
>>5807 I'm not him, but good job on this. Thanks.
>>4429 Bumping this
(8.38 MB 2025x3357 5-2.png)
>Interesting request idea goes here ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
>>645 >>1357 Perhaps... Bump? Labour, birf, whatever sounds cooler to you.
>>5807 This has promise. Offering a USD $40 (or your local equivalent if you desire) bounty to this to be cleaned up, lined, and flat colored. Only stipulation is birthing an egg, not live birth. If you are willing to take that offer, message me further on Discord - BountyBroker is the account.
(396.27 KB 1785x1745 ATAT-SWFB.webp)
(301.20 KB 1463x1791 AT-AT_egvv.webp)
You know what, screw it; I feel like throwing out a wild card request today. Can someone please preg up the AT-AT, don't care how you do it, just give this walker a huge brood belly. I want to see how well (or awfully) this imperial powerhouse can handle being knocked up. Any OG Battlefront 2 or Empire at War references are appreciated, but not required.
(647.98 KB 934x623 hhlhllh.png)
(870.06 KB 1796x1500 red-panda-1.png)
>>4429 >red panda
>>92 Now seems like the best time to bump this request, but I don't want to be greedy and so I'll note that the Queen Chrysalis request was also mine and that I'm grateful for that alone.
>>5823 I'm gonna be honest I had to look it up and I did not remember this part of the scene in Something, Something, Something Dark Side, so I'm assuming the pregnant walker got cut from TV airings. However, since Disney (unfortunately) owns both FOX and LucasFilms that means AT-ATs can canonically get pregnant and like hell I'm I letting anyone tell me otherwise now.
>>5825 It's so CUTE you are incredible
(642.90 KB 1100x1120 bundle-joy-1.png)
>>5826 >Bundle Joy
>>5787 Would love to see this as an image sequence from pregnancy to birthing the xenomorph like creatures after returning from work some day.
>>5831 You've got good art. Got a gallery anywhere? Patreon?
(329.58 KB 756x845 at-at-1.png)
>>5831 It's a cute name, right? Once again, thank you very much for this nice artwork.
(339.89 KB 683x838 at-at-2.png)
(131.50 KB 944x1472 1648626443989.jpg)
(645.49 KB 1094x1566 1576877807498.png)
I'd like to request some wholesome Isabella looking down at her baby bump, nearing her due date
>>5835 >>5837 Didn't expect anyone would actually do it but thank you for doing so anon. Very well done and I approve of the creative liberty you took with the AT-AT here, gave your own spin and it turned out well. Best of luck on your future endeavors whatever those may be, you earned it.
(827.63 KB 1503x2343 2fe3fe9884959f1654b0853f241f8cae.png)
I'd like to request a pregnant meow skulls. Maybe with a big triplet belly.
(265.58 KB 400x1062 isabella-bandicoot-1.png)
>>5592 Just gonna throw this one back out there
(847.03 KB 978x1960 1602742092089.png)
>>5847 Hey thanks for drawing my request anon! Could i get one more in and request Ami pregnant with twins, going into labor.
(323.88 KB 700x840 brontomon-1.png)
>>5592 >Brontomon
>>5616 A little update from the image I've requesting: I have to change from "posing her arm behind her head" to "posing her hands behind her head". I hope this helps it draw her.
>>5852 Not exactly what I asked for but I’m not gonna complain
i dont have anything to request, i just want the thank the artist for drawing this you do good shit man
>>5854 Ungrateful
>>5825 Do you do commissions outside of pregchan at all?
>>5861 So not complaining about something not being exactly how you wanted it is a bad thing now?
>>5870 >makes a request for free art >gets free art >complains about the free art by using the old "not gonna complain" tactic lol
>>5877 Still failing to see the logic in this-
>>5878 Just go back to your containment thread you ungrateful creep
>>5878 Should've gone to Specsavers.
So let me get the record straight >requests dinogirl >gets chewed out cause people hate me for no reason >wait a bit >bump the request >it gets drawn but isn't exactly like my request >genuinely likes it regardless >point this out >is called ungrateful >wonder why this is the case >gjven some dumn strawman argument >still not getting it >told to go back to my “containment thread” >going to be called a faggot by posting this Anything I miss?
>>5930 You forgot: > Spends years stirring up drama > So notorious a drawer explicitly called you the reason they're leaving > Literally responds with "I've been here the whole time and you just realized" > Can't be assed to say a simple "thank you" for your free art because it's not the goddamn Mona Lisa > Blames everyone else for own lack of gratitude You're welcome.
>>5931 Look, in his defense, the vast majority of his drama was really spurred by Kamui's bullshit. The "not gonna complain bit" understandably feels scummy, but as a fellow mild autist, I know the thought process behind it. It's usually a genuine sentiment of "this isn't quite what I asked for, but I'm still thankful for free art." Like, yes, he can be irritating, but he's not going to learn if the only response is gets is "get the fuck out of here". He needs a genuine explanation of what he did wrong, because he genuinely doesn't understand otherwise. It's just something that autistic people struggle with. I used to be pretty much the same way until I had a crash course in human interaction in the form of working retail. It takes time.
>>5930 You really can't stop, can you? Couchy needs to delete these posts, mine included.
This is pathetic >>5932 >>5930 Fossil, stop responding and samefagging >>5931 Anon, stop giving him things to respond to
>>5988 Hey, I'm the guy in >>5932 I can absolutely understand why you'd think I'm just Fossil samefagging, but I'm legitimately just another anon who's been around long enough to see all this shit go down. I genuinely see a lot of my younger self in him, and I believe he can be better if given proper guidance, so I've kind of been trying to help him reach a point where he's more functional. If it weren't for the fact that it takes zero effort to impersonate someone, as well as just being bad form, I'd be tempted to go by an alias as well, since I'm frankly here often enough anyway. But yes, this really does need to end.
>>5990 I can’t tell if you’re being brave or ducking stupid sticking up for me man
>>5991 Depends entirely on whether you end up proving me right or wrong. Think of it this way, Fossil: you have someone in your corner, so don't make them regret it. Prove that their faith is well-placed.
>>5993 I only promise to try
(542.96 KB 681x1207 SPOILER_image-2.png)
>>4635 Would've done more effort but didn't want to burn out, I'm also IP banned posting from another device so this is the last I'm doing suggestions.
>>6014 Workwives are S-tier.
>>6015 Words cannot describe how much I love this. She's beautiful. If I can't pay you, can I at least get your pen name? 💚
>>6014 Wow. Do you happen to have accounts on any other site you post your art on? your skills are notably impressive.
>>5932 It doesn't just feel scummy. IT IS SCUMMY. Without trying to outdo one another with autism street cred, just let me say that "Say something nice, or don't say anything at all" isn't a hard concept to grasp, even for the most accomplished of autists. You can absolutely learn that people in general don't like their efforts disparaged, even obliquely, and it's better, easier even, to just say thanks without any other qualifiers or exceptions. "I have no filter so I'm allowed to be an asshole" is never, ever going to fly.>>5932
>>6022 Much appreciated. I will watch your career with great interest.
>>6021 That wasn't what I was trying to imply. Obviously he needs to learn otherwise, I was just saying I know where the thought process originates.
>>6026 Not setting a good example mate
>>6022 Hey, I just want to let you know that I really liked that Princess Celestia piece you made recently. I'm not currently interested in commissioning anything, but would you be open to "feral" ponies and do you have an e-mail address for people to contact you?
>>20 Whatever happened to this one?
>>6036 You are free to note me on my FA but I don't do ferals both since it's not my thing and I'm generally horrible at drawing quadrupeds
>>6048 If I didn't get IP banned drawing this would've been on the table lol
>>6052 That's good to know. Thanks for responding. >>6053 You were probably banned by mistake. Addresses get reused, and there's no good way to distinguish users on an anonymous imageboard. You can ask about it in /q/ if you want.
Here’s a simple one A geneticist rabbit girl who’s using her womb to gestate a litter of Nuralagus Rex(the largest species of rabbit to ever exist)
>>6077 Basically, a rabbit doing what rabbits do best. Works for me ^_^
>>6078 Only this time, it’s stupid huge
>>6077 That looks like a midget kangaroo lmao
(353.18 KB 979x2048 Laika_full_PLACEHOLDER.png)
There's no reference of her with less clothing but considering she had 9 kids, it'd be nice to see her preggers more often than in the game
>>6080 When I was a kid I honestly thought rabbits were the baby versions of kangaroos that would mature given enough vegetables lmao
>>6077 Bump
>>6077 Bump
>>1175 Don't know if it's worth it to bump at this point but I try not to lose hope.
I'm going to play my wild card request tonight. I saw on Facebook about the Santa Claus' bird for Christmas 2023. Do you guys have a nickname? Can anyone make this birb anthro pregnant female, wearing a Santa hat and Christmas wrappings?
(229.54 KB 968x1585 1708 - sygfJ6o.png)
(259.21 KB 1044x1155 2152 - J5r7j4U.png)
(340.71 KB 290x487 2122 - BXmv0ho.png)
Requesting my pandaren warrior pregnant in the middle outfit, looking grumpy at her belly
>>6084 Bump
>>6223 Cant give you an exact eta, but I'll take a crack at it.
(179.94 KB 850x1102 michiru+nazuna_reference.jpg)
can a homie hook me up with these 2 girls giving birth together in public? preferably enjoying the experience if possible. thx
>>6290 I've waited over a year, a few more days ain't the end of the world.