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File: 1413949077185.jpg (228.35 KB, 1000x1000, 1241056638.himitsudragon_w….jpg)

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You know we need one
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ae0d8 No.3490

Poster of the red panda and original commissioner of these pieces here.

Even if the name is in the pic, I still should have posted to the artist on FA. He's fantastic and deserves the attention!

85a15 No.3494

His name is Trip Frostmore I believe

e5b18 No.3495

File: 1476403586286.png (171.99 KB, 1024x768, IMG_7764.PNG)

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92bfa No.3518

File: 1477193471510.png (83.27 KB, 1024x1024, IMG_7963.PNG)

So I did a chibi of this bab.

92bfa No.3519

File: 1477392742581.png (130.22 KB, 1000x1000, IMG_7997.PNG)

Couple pics of this guy incoming.

92bfa No.3520

File: 1477392805176.png (114.62 KB, 900x912, IMG_7996.PNG)

How is this guy writing without eyes? To my knowledge, braille uses a stylus, not a pencil.

5f8f3 No.3521

File: 1477536551324.png (212.82 KB, 1807x2067, Mufasa (3).png)

Just a pic of Mufasa.

5f8f3 No.3522

File: 1477536626746.png (502.3 KB, 2248x1472, Christ Koopa22.png)

Here is pic of me sleeping.

c142e No.3527

File: 1477714517846.jpg (84.44 KB, 568x700, IMG_8229.JPG)

Anyone knows where the full comic is?

92bfa No.3528

Honestly, I don't, but I'd love to know the translation for the japanese there.

2b34c No.3529

Somebody correct me if I'm wrong (I'm reading it as ぐへっ), but I'm pretty sure the only "word" he says is a sound effect for what's basically a gasp.

The text in the background of the first panel (ごぼ?) is just onomatopoeia for the eggs or whatever going into him, I believe.

92bfa No.3533

Oh alright, thank you.

92bfa No.3534

Here's Zauxir with his firstborn, Zell. Zell's role takes a little explanation, but that explanation is here: http://daebelly.deviantart.com/art/A-beautiful-moment-642918693

92bfa No.3536

File: 1477826520062.png (653.68 KB, 1280x1163, IMG_8070.PNG)

The broods keep getting bigger…

92bfa No.3537

File: 1477826647136.png (62.11 KB, 1024x794, IMG_8071.PNG)

And bigger…

92bfa No.3538

File: 1477826686483.png (137.8 KB, 1024x1280, IMG_8072.PNG)

Also whoops the picture with Zell in it didn't post right.

675c0 No.3557

File: 1478082732212.jpg (266.33 KB, 889x1280, 1478043937.tobor_tobormpre….jpg)


A little late for Halloween, but still amazing.

5f8f3 No.3558

File: 1478094812262.png (205.93 KB, 1757x2128, Christ The Hawk3.png)

5f8f3 No.3629

File: 1478480262374.png (198.72 KB, 1906x2052, Chocolate4.png)

92bfa No.3638

File: 1479264138255.png (629.74 KB, 4000x7000, IMG_8314.PNG)

Been a while since I drew this guy so I thiught, why not draw him in his autumn and winter wear?

92bfa No.3643

File: 1479296982003.png (130.47 KB, 1024x1356, IMG_8329.PNG)

And another Zauxir.

92bfa No.3650

File: 1479430958609.png (676.81 KB, 4288x3216, So big!.png)

And a couple mpreggy friends.

94ddd No.3654

Zauxir is adorable

92bfa No.3659

File: 1479644063608.png (53.61 KB, 446x600, IMG_8403.PNG)

I'm so glad that you like him! We can talk more about him over on my DA if you like, same name as here. Dont want to clog the thread with talk of one character.

Also another Vivian

92bfa No.3660

File: 1479644228638.jpg (2.6 MB, 4288x3216, IMG_8408.JPG)

And this was from my good friend Corgisdie, made for my birthday! Its on his DA, Justsomedamnartguy.

This is Vivian and his girlfriend Mary. Thing is, Vivian gets Mary pregnant very often and each time he does, he resets the timer on her pregnancy so she essentially has a bunch of compound pregnancies that just keep going and going.

92bfa No.3663

File: 1479695966251.png (692.4 KB, 6000x5000, IMG_8415.PNG)

And a malequeen pic.

92bfa No.3880

File: 1485084263081.png (139.67 KB, 800x1500, IMG_9331.PNG)

Drew Viv for the first time in forever.

94ddd No.3882

Feels like this one is like, a few hours before the one above it :o

92bfa No.3883

Er, which one is a few hours before which other one?

94ddd No.3884

Er, the smaller one is first -_-

92bfa No.3885

Yeah, sorry, took me a sec to figure out what you meant, I thought you meant in order of drawing, initially.
But it does look like that, doesn't it?

92bfa No.3999

File: 1488198914245.png (159.96 KB, 1024x785, IMG_9570.PNG)

We need more on this board.

Commissioned this lovely pic from Randomgirl1265 over on DA.

94ddd No.4000

Holy shit

92bfa No.4085

File: 1491651251082.jpeg (198.53 KB, 1024x1365, 91095EBF-9AE9-4F5C-B6E2-E….jpeg)

Made a little doodle.

a0763 No.4326

did not need that for my childhood

92bfa No.4406

File: 1498299203929.png (185.62 KB, 1024x1024, 28A8AB40-8BE9-46CE-8232-C9….png)

Did this one yesterday.

Might require some small explanation; Zauxir is prone to very sudden, very large, very fast broods.

313f4 No.4409


Just finished a new mpreg commish. Y'all might dig it. :)

04e06 No.5005

File: 1504479304749.png (4.94 MB, 6000x6000, Zlash88-Bunduru-02.png)

e5b18 No.5025

File: 1504632372916.png (186.78 KB, 870x1034, random_1.png)

04e06 No.5046

File: 1504998456816.png (922.39 KB, 1984x1717, AldenColor.png)

1/2 from IdleHQ on Furaffinity

04e06 No.5047

File: 1504998623109.png (1000.22 KB, 2246x1798, alden 2 colored.png)

2/2 from IdleHQ

04e06 No.5048

File: 1505058193905.png (404.6 KB, 1280x882, 1494654920.daftalchemist_m….png)

497c3 No.5051

File: 1505090688076.jpg (74.84 KB, 769x1280, Facetime.jpg)

446cb No.5067

File: 1505627956366.png (350.53 KB, 742x733, 1505421692.infinitesimal_8….png)

c-boy, i think?

92bfa No.5209

File: 1507769937498.png (138.36 KB, 1200x1500, Hello there.png)

Finished this just now.

9ed1d No.5212

If i'm remembering correctly I think they're a girl.

b8176 No.5656

File: 1512877273442.png (351.22 KB, 2500x3000, Can't run can't hide.png)

Did this thing for a friend of mine, thought it'd be right at home here.

b8176 No.5743

File: 1514852853150.png (2.59 MB, 3500x3000, biiiiig background.png)

Drew up Vivian.

b8176 No.5885

File: 1517915332201.png (1.06 MB, 2500x2955, ECC2E4D4-6AFA-4FFE-AB6D-E3….png)

Really proud of this one.

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