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According to the Madagascar wiki, Gloria will supposed to be pregnant with a baby hippo and Melman will be the father. But the Dreamworks Animation Team rejected the idea due to the test audience (a.k.a: grossed out) But in Pregchan, you can upload to this new topic! Make Gloria pregnant with a baby hippo inside Gloria's womb (including baby kicks, etc.)

1- No Xenomorphs or bellyburster!
2- No birthing.
3- Don't put Triplets, Octuplets or more. (Maximum of babies: 2)

f6716 No.3169

File: 1462036852014.jpg (185.39 KB, 1280x930, 1458028548.tejedora713joke….jpg)

Here's the exemple doned by Tejedora713Joker on FurAffinity.

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