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e2a5e No.3174

There are hentai's out there that have human girls giving birth to animals but are there any images of animals giving birth to humans? I have been doing my best to find images like this for about a week now but not sure what or how to search for some thing like that. Help please?

390e8 No.3175

We have something for that on the /d/ board.

8d85d No.3246


Searched and couldn't find it. A link would help, thank you =)

0b9eb No.3253

Pretty sure we don't, you're mixing it up with the thread about humans giving birth to animals. This thread is for the other way around

c2da3 No.3387

File: 1472267100305.jpeg (271.9 KB, 871x1244, image.jpeg)

Found this on tumblr

909cc No.3388

That's one of my all time favorites

bc584 No.3389

Oh man, I've had this one in the back of my head for ages. I recall it being posted on the old, old Pregchan and it got rave reviews from our little community.

If anybody has a gallery link to the full doujin, please share.

(Same goes for another, similar ero-manga. Mother and daughter are impregnated by bulls, get very large, and give birth. One even has her womb come out with the bull.)

f9718 No.3390


Factory 34 - Abuse:

Rise Rush Line Animal Pleasure Fifth Part 2:

bc584 No.3391

File: 1472370446061.gif (6.74 MB, 480x270, Naked Snake Salute.gif)

Finally, a reason to re-install the Sadpanda Chrome addon.

Thank you, anon.

2fb30 No.3392

Ouch e_o

92654 No.3396

>needing an extension to use sadpanda
you can just log in to ehentai and then sadpanda will usually load

59e4f No.3404


OP wanted a thread about animals giving birth to humans, why do you think that's the same as humans birthing animals?

>inb4 humans are animals too

d5c6a No.4399

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