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Animal Characters in Animation Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 03/30/2023 (Thu) 04:18:07 Id:6e3640 No. 3649
Post any images, videos, or even fan art of animal characters here who are not necessarily from Disney movies, but from any other animated movie or television show. The character is Weecha from Son of Bigfoot.
(614.40 KB 1280x720 Mavis.mp4)
Mavis in bat form from Hotel Transylvania
(5.14 MB 960x540 Maya Honeymoth.mp4)
Figured I'd put this here. This is from Maya the Bee, episode: "The Haunted Hive". Full episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9dx5rFYVqqE
>>3955 Now draw her giving birth to bee larvae.
>>3955 Whenever I see this moment in this episode, I keep expecting the Honeymoth to press her belly up to Maya's mouth to silence her.
Mrs. Mudwasp, from Beat Bugs.
Mrs. Mudwasp, from Beat Bugs.
>>3962 Cool!
(6.54 MB 960x540 Mrs. Twinkle pt. 1.mp4)
Took forever to get this right, but here is Mrs. Twinkle from Chrysanthemum.
(5.57 MB 960x540 Mrs. Twinkle pt. 2.mp4)
>>4259 Mrs. Twinkle certainly is a doll.
(8.57 MB 960x540 Mrs. Twinkle pt. 3.mp4)
>>4260 Those kids are obnoxious.
(6.58 MB 960x540 Mrs. Twinkle pt. 4.mp4)
>>4261 And Mrs. Twinkle sets them right. I love her.
>>4262 ooh i remeber this book from when i was a kid. was part of a set. this one, one about a girl getting a baby brother and the love/hate/love relationship and.. cant remeber the third one.
>>4278 The third one was about a little boy who wouldn't let go of this favorite blanket
(6.57 MB 960x540 I'm So Tired.mp4)
>>3962 Here's all the clips together from that episode "I'm So Tired".
>>4315 I love how she grabs her belly at 0:20
>>4315 is this from maya the bee?
>>4317 yes, see earlier in thread.
>>4318 whops not Myya, 'Beat Bugs'
>>4319 still reminds me of that pregnant fly in labor from maya
>>3955 >>4321 I like the implication that they are going it alone. They are strong women.
Art by Convexpert Miss Fortune from "Toonstruck" Roxy from "FNaF: Security Breach" Annabelle from "All Dogs Go to Heaven" Gwen from "The Fearless Four"
found info on Kindergartener show called Chip and Potato where the mom is preg for half or more of the 1st season. alas. only able to find clips from after the baby is born.
(5.26 MB 362x451 barnyard pregnant cow.gif)
(99.23 KB 383x726 nicole gumball.jpg)
>>5026 He's shocked that she's pregnant, even though they all have the exact same body type and she looks no different from the other cows. Save for the close up shot.
Does this count?
>>5651 Puppetry is a form of animation and the characters are animals, so yes.
Rally Road Racers movie
Franklin and the Green Knight
Vix from "Spark: A Space Tail".
Dreams Come True: A Mule Mom's Story - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ayWazJ_y2vo
Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs
>>6841 >>6843 At least post pics or details about who's pregnant or something.
>>6848 Ice Age: Sawn of the Dinosaurs is the third movie of the Ice Age movie series. Ellie the mammoth is pregnant in it and gives birth near the end of the film. Dreams Come True: A Mule Mom's Story has a mule name Flo. She becomes pregnant and gives birth near the end of the short film.
In the Dreamworks movie, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, the main character's mother is heavily pregnant with Spirit in the first 3 minutes of the movie and was giving birth.
(1.12 MB 1004x728 Aligator.PNG)
Superjail Season 4 Episode 6
>>7301 The only thing that has made me turned on.
(2.57 MB 1246x940 Seahorse.PNG)
(1.56 MB 1838x582 Horse.PNG)
(924.58 KB 1335x764 Mule mom.PNG)
(617.36 KB 549x466 Mammoth.PNG)
>>7301 It’s cute, up until he grabs one of the eggs. It all goes downhill at a 90 degree from there