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(526.79 KB 1600x1190 1515971987693.png)
Pregnant by Aliens! Part 2 Pregnant by Aliens! Part 2 06/23/2022 (Thu) 18:01:01 Id:d2739d No. 43
New site, new thread, with furs impregnated by or pregnant with aliens
(39.05 KB 1158x1007 kittybaileynya_facehugger_1.png)
(41.10 KB 1130x1169 kittybaileynya_facehugger_2.png)
(45.16 KB 1181x1006 kittybaileynya_facehugger_3.png)
( let's do a furry alien pregnancy rp)
(230.30 KB 1076x955 1478725683.rusticpony_scan0058.jpg)
I don't feel like uploading the entire sequence. >>47 No.
(198.49 KB 1249x672 1610458750749-1.jpg)
(341.21 KB 1248x1004 1610458750749-0.jpg)
(322.14 KB 1201x1268 1610458750749-2.jpg)
(249.76 KB 1249x887 1610458750749-3.jpg)
(348.31 KB 1048x1280 1610458803935-0.jpg)
(343.50 KB 1048x1280 1610458750749-4.jpg)
(352.85 KB 1048x1280 1610458803935-1.jpg)
(1.02 MB 1200x907 1614207452981-0.png)
(3.51 MB 5000x2160 1619066720479-1.png)
(6.09 MB 5000x2160 1619066720479-0.png)
(759.83 KB 2048x2048 1606706906840-0.jpg)
(754.67 KB 2048x2048 1606706906840-1.jpg)
(637.96 KB 2048x2048 1606706906841-2.jpg)
(629.08 KB 2048x2048 1606706906841-3.jpg)
(678.56 KB 2048x2048 1606706906841-4.jpg)
(2.65 MB 1318x2004 1647327916039-0.png)
(2.63 MB 1318x2004 1647327916039-1.png)
(2.61 MB 1318x2004 1642628152489.png)
(3.00 MB 2000x1500 1622391495546-0.png)
(3.12 MB 3000x2300 1647897949586-0.png)
(3.10 MB 3000x2300 1647897949586-1.png)
(3.25 MB 3000x2300 1647897949586-2.png)
(974.55 KB 960x540 los trim.mp4)
(963.86 KB 1615x1000 Alien-crossing2Clothed.png)
(894.50 KB 1615x1000 Alien-crossing2Nude.png)
(948.93 KB 1500x1000 Alien-crossing-3.png)
>>570 >>553 Will there be more?
>>630 Idk, if the mood strikes again Anything in mind?
>>646 A facehugger impregnating Loona?
(188.76 KB 1000x947 1rwc.jpg)
(115.49 KB 1000x947 2rwc.jpg)
(189.83 KB 1000x947 3rwc.jpg)
(204.63 KB 1000x947 4rwc.jpg)
>reposting my shit good taste, sickos. have another old imageset on me
(151.67 KB 1280x745 1596835202835-0.jpg)
(245.92 KB 1280x1280 1573019445397-0.png)
Old art from the old pregchan
(440.23 KB 240x720 56676.gif)
(240.79 KB 368x1056 1527850293474.gif)
>>774 Geez what happened to the quality
>>768 Artist?
>>794 anonymous artist. sadly this is probably the first and last time he will draw this kind of content
(121.52 KB 1280x1280 Preg_worgen.jpg)
(130.11 KB 1280x1280 Preg_worgenx.jpg)
(1.09 MB 1478x1716 MithraB1.png)
(1.64 MB 1686x1988 MithraCorrupt.png)
Quick sketches for a friend >>667 Hmm maybe
>>842 Orally if your wondering.
(1.96 MB 2908x4096 Wouhlvenocxenopreg2.png)
(171.06 KB 1280x1120 1631074560540.jpeg)
Went back and un-bumped the belly as I forgot to do that version And the pic that inspired me to make it so
>>895 Binary, nuuuuu! Binary got impregnated by aliens!
(306.65 KB 2004x871 Mithra-facehugger-animation4.gif)
(296.63 KB 2004x871 Mithra-facehugger-animation3.gif)
Some more stuff, pretty humanoid but unsure if catgirl counts as not furry >>1026 Indeed, shame we never got to see more xenomorph stuff from Wouhlven and have the rest of his gals kocked up to the brim with aliens
>>842 do you have any social media?
also who is the cat lady i keep seeing?
>>1205 If FA counts then yes, not uploaded much alien stuff there yet tho, especially not the hugger stuff yet >>1206 Just a degenerate friends character I am borrowing
(149.53 KB 1756x1515 dumb nerd.png)
>>1206 are you talking about my cat if so she's just a victim character of mine that i use for horrendous purposes
>>1274 Where is the alien
>>1275 Didn't know about it till now. She's in fact pregnant with an alien. But she's also a bear-alien hybrid. But is legally a bear-iguana hybrid according to the artist's art ref.
(6.55 MB 1592x4000 1625241217.blaze-lupine_alura.png)
(273.35 KB 997x881 Hmmmstve.png)
Wonder what this bunny cop is up to
Not enough Predalien out there
(1.26 MB 1212x1200 New-Ein-old-Ein-xeno-preg-Web.png)
>>1676 >>1692 just saw this on rule34 and came to post it but I see I've been beaten to the punch, good man absolute top tier content, alien offspring visibly writhing within wombs is a highly specific sub-subset of a specific subset of a specific fetish, so it's nice to see
>>1696 Yeah its pretty niche but real nice
>>1782 Do Xenomorphs still impregnate males in your version of how your xenomorphs work?
>>1784 Not a fan of mpreg but if anyone wants to imagine that happening then thats up to them
>>1782 >>1785 So it’s still possible?
>>1786 Sure, not gonna see any xeno mpreg from me tho
And finally the last one
>>1812 Ok now last
A lil wip, probably gonna tone down the redness a bit
>>2093 I like how even the ears are webbed up nice touch
>>2100 Thank you Fuggit can anyone got suggestions to add onto >>2093 pouring lots of work into it and whats a few added details to the pile
>>2093 Got a couple ideas, she could grit her teeth from a particularly intense rolling squirm, like this gif. Maybe a xenomorph tail comes in from offscreen and caresses the belly the critter inside responds.
>>2102 Nice, I can do the grit but not the tail
(405.10 KB 1261x827 practice.png)
made some practice doodles earlier
>>2107 Do you have more?
(80.01 KB 763x463 old.png)
>>2108 working on another now pic unrelated to current one though
>>2107 >>2109 Nice, two Weirdos making alien preg porn
(568.77 KB 1541x594 writhing with life.png)
too eager to draw more swelling belly couldnt help but start another while working on one aiiiee
>>2118 You are obviously new here, check the names
>>2093 Here we go, made a few alts and can probably change them up if anyone wants something specific Second is no prominent veins and the third is no aggressive movement
(764.00 KB 1437x885 image (3).png)
>>2131 Might aswell throw in this wip too
>>2132 really love your works, do you have artist name in public?
>>2131 Ye its visible in my finished stuff Dont upload much tho as posting is very bleh
(1.71 MB 1830x2150 quickening.png)
i like em swollen
>>2131 Any version without the movement but has the veins? Or, any bursting? :>
>>2137 Ah I recognized the name, no wonder your artstyle is so familiar to me lol
>>2138 So good, what is the artist name? Did you draw this?
>>2141 ye i drew it, residentWeirdo's the handle- just started uploading shit on FA actually, the week long e6 wait time for new accounts still isnt up for me lol
>>2139 That’s a good question. Would their be bursting versions?
>>2139 This good? And nah no bursting, not a fan whatsoever of that
>>2146 Very good and understandable on the No bursting~!
>>2138 aw~ I love bursting but yeah, it's a rare kink so couldn't be helped I'm planning to make a game with alien breeding concept using Unreal engine, hope to have a first demo build by the end of this year
>>2159 How will you go about it?
(792.75 KB 1590x998 Illustration.png)
>>2193 I'm very new in game making so it would took a while, already working on the models though
>>2197 You sure its a good idea to work on the models now and not make the concept work with pre sets first? And was asking more about what the concept would be like "Wander around and catch people like pokemon" or something
>>2198 we sure are currently working with the pre sets, not really understand what your question is... and yes, the concept is like what you say, I will talk more details about it when I got home, though I'm not sure if this thread is the place for that, should move to somewhere else
>>2199 Ah thought you meant there was nothing done and the only work so far was making models Looking forward to seeing what its about, I dont think theres a better thread to move tho
>>2200 I'm planning to make a thread on F95zone once the first demo is ready, expecting by the end of this year, no promise~ what taking a lot of time and effort right now is to get character models and animations ready, the other stuffs should be straight forward
>>2210 Guess I'll wait for that then, good luck
>>2249 thanks! Anyway, back to the thread, found a nice pic
(112.07 KB 589x609 Bun thing.png)
Oh boy year of the rabbit >>2210 Any progress on your vidya?
>>2772 still in the making, almost got the custom system ready btw. Again there is no promise but I will try to get the demo build on board in this month Glad you ask~
>>2251 who's the artist?
>>2112 Where can find more of this?
>>2804 residentWeirdo on FA got a few more but haven’t been active in a bit cause of illness
(339.91 KB 797x679 Screenshot (5462).png)
sketchin' luv me stretch marks luv me veins luv me redness
>>2825 Very nice
(413.25 KB 1366x776 doodles_3.png)
>>2835 thanks dog :)
(274.77 KB 1146x698 swollen kicking.png)
(173.25 KB 948x407 swollen.png)
bit gravid i think
No idea who the artist is, but it's hot.
>>2856 Source?
(91.24 KB 370x498 egg.png)
>>2862 yours truly residentWeirdo, haven't posted any these to my FA yet though, just bounced back from a mystery illness
>>2863 glad to have you back then
(199.70 KB 385x493 image-20.png)
Opinions on this hugger? I have probably redrawn this one quite a few times and I think I nailed ot this time
>>2877 You done a great job!
>>2877 its great!
(220.91 KB 533x897 SPOILER_image (3).png)
Just a warmup sketch with Amenii
(138.12 KB 800x1200 Katia-crotchugged.gif)
(143.63 KB 800x1200 Katia-crotchugged-preg.gif)
Took a thread request
>>3064 the hugger having two legs around the belly is a very nice touch.
(350.87 KB 1200x800 1675307723939156.png)
(331.59 KB 1000x1500 Isabelle-huggers-sketch2.gif)
(199.09 KB 613x601 SPOILER_SPOILER_image_4.png)
>>3064 Taking a bunch of trash thread reqs lately, suggest some there while it lasts if interested Not much traffic so padding this with a couple older wips >>3069 Glad its not unnoticed
>>3086 >>3086 Will loona get facehugged?
>>3087 Maybe if you give me something less bare bones
>>3088 So just pussy huggers than?
>>3089 I meant add more than just "Loona and Hugger" pose and such
>>3090 Oh.. Probably glued to the wall, while having a facehugger on her face. Or maybe loona laying on a stone slab with her belly being huge and active.
>>3086 Damn, these are good as hell. If you are taking reqs gonna suggest Mae (that cat girl from NITW) kneeling next to a now dormant hugger and egg with a paw on her belly, the imprint of a particularly large burster/xeno visibly writhing inside her
>>3097 How about this, decided to make an alt and play with the dream colors
>>3146 Goodness, I adore these. Love how Mae looks more confused than frightened after getting her face knocked up Didn’t expect the second one, but I love how you captured the palette of the dream sequences to add a chilling atmosphere to the situation Great job, and thanks so much for considering my req
(392.89 KB 1280x960 1648967709.negativemeat_dragos.jpg)
(127.02 KB 697x909 xenomorph_hive_moth.png)
Sorry about the amount, got a little carried away with alts
>>3257 Whoops missed one
(850.84 KB 1200x1800 Loona-Facehugger-Pregnancy.png)
>>3091 Here ya go sorry it took so long, went a little overboard in the details as always >>3155 Yer welcome glad its to your liking
>>3263 It's perfect!
Really feeling the Isabelle and xeno combo
>>3269 wait so shes pregnant with xenos or regular babies?
>>3270 For this iteration of Isabelle decided on one big xeno in the second image
>>3271 So a facehugger impregnated her?
>>3272 Anything goes, maybe she got facehugged, crotch hugged, egged by a predalien or classic dicking by a drone or similar Whichever that knocked her up she has a xeno in that belly
>>3273 id have to assume either a crotch hugger or a dicking by a drone, otherwise i think she could be dead
(869.70 KB 1080x1920 4e41cca68971f0fd073c02a8808a02a5.png)
>>3274 Eh I go by porn xenomorph rules so any hole is a goal to pregnant belly
Some doodles, still got Alien Crossing brainrot going wild Thought up of drawing it like a fake HGame with Isabelle as the main protag getting constantly pregnant depending on choices Thought of plenty dumb stuff like picking up something while facing away from an egg leading to getting butt hugged or trying to free the wrong person leads to her getting trapped by em and being railed by a horny xeno in their embrace Among other events Will these ever get drawn? Who knows
>>3304 neat! too bad it isn't going to be a actual game.
(526.16 KB 600x530 Quill's Xenomorph Pregnancy.gif)
A cropped and out of context version.
>>3269 Predalien’s are very underrated!
>>3273 >classic dicking by a drone stop, my penis can only get so erect wait, in an alternate horny version of aliens lore where xenomorphs bypass the facehugger stage and directly breed with women via vaginal sex, would they just ejaculate special xenomorph gametes to form a mutant zygote, or implant eggs like the predalien, except vaginally? either way, I'm liking the idea.
>>3591 Agreed >>3593 Anything fitting the current mood sometimes lots of cum is lovely and sometimes really hankering for some oviposition impregnation
A WIP that may or may not get finished, face is a bit scuffed and want to smooth out the belly movement with its own linework
>>3621 that belly looks more like a ballsack to me
>>3622 May have something to do with the embryos inside her belly.
>>3621 Ngl, I actually like the belly, always love me some body horror in my fetishes, her belly being unbelievable bloated and misshapen, almost mutated looking is just pushing all of my buttons >:3
>>2858 Is there a source for this one? This is incredible.
>>3621 Huh, the New Horizons update sure looks weird- Joking aside, I always adore seeing your AC meets alien art (and basically any other of your alien preg art for that matter), it’s got that cute meets creepy factor. Interested in seeing other characters from the game getting knocked up with bellybursters, lol
(126.76 KB 441x630 SPOILER_image (6).png)
>>3622 Took some inspiration from some of RaccoonShinobi's horror preg >>3624 Glad its to your liking >>3626 Its a great update imo, finally able to knock up the villagers altho not the way we expected Thank ye something really appeals to me mixing cute characters and horror preg Any request you would like to make? Alien Crossing still clicks well for me currently so might be able to churn out some sketches
(350.77 KB 800x1200 Blind-bun3.png)
A pal's blind bun unaware whats going on
>>3629 Either way, its a good way to populate your town without the hassle of real estate. Personally I wouldn’t mind seeing Dotty knocked up, already looking pretty ready to burst (insert rabbits/bunnies being fast breeders here), yet being pretty calm about it. If dialogue is cool I can imagine her saying: “Oh, hiya! You meet the new neighbor yet? He’s such a hunk~“ *Cue a pan out of her house covered in xeno nestings and eggs, meanwhile she’s cradling her withering stomach* “…His wee-one’s are a bit rowdy, but after our “night out” I’m not one to judge.”
>>3629 I'd be interested in seeing Amelia, smug about how knocked up she is compared another villager like Skye. Or maybe giving the xeno a handjob while pressing it against her belly
(1.65 MB 1099x2090 Alien-Crossing-Dotty.png)
>>3631 How this anon? >>3632 Eh nah
>>3639 Absolutely love it. Especially how you pretty much took the dialogue I mentioned and visualized it to heck and back. Also nice to see you added the new neighbor inviting Olivia in for the night. She might not like what’s gonna happen to her figure afterwards, but he’s sure going to be big talk in the community soon... Again, joking aside, thank you so much for taking my rq TKW. I adore it, and hope to see more Alien Crossing content from you soon.
>>3640 Glad you like it, kinda surprised myself at how well it came out and so fat Good to see you know your villagers, easier and better to pick out which to knock up next Got nothing idea wise for the next Alien Crossing pic beyond having it look like a game
>>3641 Np, always nice to see your work on here Of course, gotta pick out good hosts for extraterrestrial breeding after all. Well, you nail the style for the games very good so I definitely see that in the future, lol. If you’re ever open to rq’s or suggestions again, I’m all talk
>>3642 Going to sleep soon but feel free to toss any requests or suggestions (is there even a difference between the two) and take your time Cant promise anything gets made as fast as the recent one but one can hope Also forgot to say, I always enjoy adding dialogue in my stuff but never creative enough to figure out what to add without help Lookin forward to what mixing and matching AC stuff can create
(503.79 KB 1146x1306 Sami-xeno-sex-1.png)
(549.08 KB 1146x1306 Sami-xeno-sex-imminent-hug.png)
(547.90 KB 1146x1306 Sami-pregnant-xeno-sex.png)
A req
>>3647 Great stuff Is that a genet cat?
>>3661 Thanks, nah its a snep
>>3643 I gave a shot at coloring that Hyena pic you made a while back, plus the alt.
>>3734 Oh man this is great thanks for making this, really appreciate it man Looks way better than anything I can color
Yes. She's pregnant with alien. At least according to the tags.
>>3798 Sauce?
>>3813 zedbrux on FA
Not even the machines are safe
Anyone up for suggesting more alien stuff? >>2197 Hows this going anon?
(495.10 KB 1066x1077 c29516211b264b0fe1bd6212d7ba19a3.jpg)
>>3990 didn't expect someone still take interest in our project, I'm glad! I know it's been 5 months since I said the first demo should be ready around January, but there were quite many unexpected obstacles and it's tough for new developers like us to get through them one by one. So far so good, we learned many things along the way. At the moment, we can be more confident to get it ready in a month or two, but don't expect anything much from a very first demo, as we planned to focus on character creator system before anything else. Now, please, have this as a nice distraction
Played some SS13 CM and got inspired for some more Alien Crossing This time set my mind to finish it
>>4038 Would it involve bursting?
>>4040 Nope! >;3
>>4038 That reminds me of one static on the server years ago, a female squad marine named Mackenzie-something, who on occasion did things like surrendering to the aliens in order to get captured, taking front-line positions in the formation which were inductive to being tackled and captured; and roleplaying with the aliens being rough with her as a captive. She even once admitted in deadchat that she really, really likes when they do that. I doubt anyone else in the server knew exactly what that was about. I did, though. I certainly did.
>>4040 Still no this is all you get >>4042 How did they not get banned for that instantly lol
Got another Katia req
>>4054 Will her friend be next?
>>4265 One day, a better chance if you suggest something for her
>>2863 what happen to residentWeirdo
>>4305 I was just about the same question..
(393.46 KB 1000x1188 Femdag-facehugged-pregnant.png)
(478.54 KB 1000x1188 Femdag-facehugged-pregnant2.png)
(467.28 KB 1000x1188 Femdag-facehugged-pregnant3.png)
(451.17 KB 1000x1188 Femdag-facehugged-pregnant4.png)
>>4327 TKW is carrying this community
Any process on alien crossing tkw
>>4333 Lol thanks >>4348 Nah not had anything in mind and nobody has suggested anything
(9.53 MB 1920x1080 IMG_2176 (1).mp4)
>>3996 New update on this one, my game project will need to delay a little more because recently I just found the best tool on Unreal that make actual fur-looking for characters, and it can even simulate physic. No more rough and boring flat fur texture like other usual games
>>4360 >I just found the best tool on Unreal that make actual fur-looking for characters Got a link for that?
>>4361 it's called gFur on unreal marketplace
>>4360 Just make sure it doesn't make the average computer run at 3 FPS and a million degrees
>>4364 that's why I called it the best tool. Unlike exspensive technique such as hair strands (groom), it only use layers of texture which is called shell based texturing and simulate the physic almost perfectly. I'm using a pretty old computer with GTX 1060 and out dated GPU, as you can see in the video above, if I'm using hair strands with that much replicates, my computer would have been exploded
What about that SS13 CM alien crossing tkw is it finish or still keep going
>>4369 What? Its right there dude >>4038
>>4371 I meant more of ss13 cm alien crossing like extras
>>4374 Nope but I'm open to suggestions as always
>>4327 Does she burst?
>>4385 Nope, I dont do bursting
Will there be aftermath twk
(167.23 KB 1934x1031 1679142632.rws_arialuhoh_redux.png)
(100.13 KB 1200x1000 1680534265.rws_mornsick_momsick.png)
(32.00 KB 1160x1387 image-29.png)
hi wip
>>4473 Are you an author of these drawings? I really love it and been waiting for the next sequence on furaffinity <3
(50.70 KB 1263x685 dood.png)
(98.33 KB 600x807 IMG_8433.jpeg)
(94.64 KB 600x807 IMG_8432.jpeg)
(97.70 KB 600x807 IMG_8431.jpeg)
(93.99 KB 600x807 IMG_8430.jpeg)
(82.80 KB 600x807 IMG_8429.jpeg)
>>3216 Very late response but anthro bug preg is kinda rare and underrated And alien preg moth? I like
(168.35 KB 673x881 SPOILER_image-10.png)
>>4565 Glad ya like it anon Heres some extra I realize I never posted
>>4567 Full-term alien preg moth??? OP now you’re just spoiling me, lel. Love to see it, though
>>3990 If you're taking suggestions, can you do Cynder from Spyro with quite a few things shifting around her belly like crazy?
>>4575 I still am but nah no four legged creatures
>>4576 Oh, what if she was anthro?
>>4577 I guess maybe then? Still need more to go on than just a name, pose, scene etc
>>4567 No idea if you're taking suggestions or not, but if so I'd love to see a sequel image of some sort to this. Maybe have someone offscreen ultrasounding the poor moth girl still clinging to the wall, her stomach even larger than before, with a near fully-grown xeno or two writhing in the scan. "W-what do you mean they're not eggs...? ...What do you mean I'm almost due??" Small note, if you do happen to put in color (completely your choice, btw) I recommend the rosy maple moth as a personal preference.
Will we get a Mpreg version at some point?
(68.21 KB 386x593 image-132.png)
(36.77 KB 219x593 image-72.png)
(58.93 KB 284x592 SPOILER_image-21.png)
(808.76 KB 1125x1350 Scientist-bun-hive.png)
(835.01 KB 1125x1350 Scientist-bun-crotchhugger.png)
Felt the urge for evil WY scientist bun and the obvious conclusion to that career choice >>4592 I am always Started this suggestion but dunno when I'll make some good progress on it
>>4797 Don't worry too much about it; its always great to see you post here anyhow Love that bun design, btw. She'd better hope Weyland-Yutani pays for maternity leave
>>4798 "Weyland-Yuntani does not allow company property to partake in Maternity Leave"
>>4473 When did part 3 will release? We are still waiting this story. It so great.
(20.39 KB 397x399 preview.png)
>>4830 diagrams need work and coloring background / foreground props need work and coloring eyes need minor detailing adjustment clothing could use additional shading pass when it's done, it's done
>>2999 -w-
(60.01 KB 208x254 1489805930455.png)
>>4895 >>4896 >>4897 >>4898 >>4899 >>4901 >>4902 Its not gonna come faster if you spam like this
>>4901 >>4902 >>4897 >>4898 >>4895 You gotta calm down. This guy has his own life outside of xeno content, and said he wasn’t sure when he’d find the time to continue it. Coming from the guy who rq’d the original idea in the first place, please understand pushing people like this demotivates and annoys them.
>>4897 >>4898 >>4899 >>4900 >>4901 >>4902 whoa, an autist in it's natural habitat!
>>4908 I got time to draw but I dont always want to draw nor is the drive for certain ideas constant
>>4830 ok it's released
>>4922 So good! Can't wait to see the bump in the next piece <3
(88.53 KB 1597x876 nutty camping trip p1.png)
i got paid to draw this :))))))))
>>3269 Wonder with we’ll see more predalien stuff here?
>>2815 Looks like he deleted his account
(248.07 KB 698x831 image-112.png)
>>5114 Better chances if you request some >>5120 Yep its a shame
(148.57 KB 1516x1806 nutty camping trip 2.png)
>>5030 im getting that bag
What happened to the moth
(166.00 KB 1600x1600 nutty camping trip 3.png)
>>5246 Can you make bursting pics?
>>5253 i prefer live birth sry
>>5254 Oh okay. But your work is amazing tho. Nice job
>>895 Bunailen I think
>>3216 mothailen
>>4567 >>4567 Probably a mothailen will come out
>>895 She looks happy about it :)
>>895 >>3216 >>3216 Probably a mothalien will come out
>>3901 Time to surgically remove it
>>3860 >>2948 surgically removing it from both of e
>>2107 I can tell how painful it looks
>>1692 Time to get rid of the chestbursters from both of them
>>4567 I can tell the look on the moths face that she wants to get out so badly
>>5349 Please chill with the message..
Wanted to draw from a specific scene in ALIEN and a concept of a compromised escape pod leading to xenomorph infestation and impregnation
>>5365 This is actually how I’ll imagine the bellyburster scene if it was created for the second alien movie first. It’s good to see some more active pregnant belly movements for this thread!
>>5366 Would have been nice seeing Ripley full of em in an official movie, although killing Ripley like that would still have been a shame Eh not like its a worse fate than whatever the hell the other two did
>>5370 You mean ripley the bobcat? Haven’t seen her drawn in a while!
>>5372 Ripley the who?
What should I use this on?
>>5377 please for the love of god the moth im tired of seeing those comments
>>5373 Remember this drawing? >>3275
>>5380 Of course I drew it It wasnt actually intended to be a furry Ripley, I just picked a random animal I've seen in sci-fi a bunch
>>5377 No one. Because this isn’t a bursting thread.
>>4567 the moth looks kind of calm tbh
>>5365 Yet again another amazing piece with a familiar fur. You always make the stomach so swollen and agile when it’s knocked up- a lot of real details and darkened colors while still keeping the simplicity of the original design. Probably mentioned it before, but you combine tension and furs perfectly in these situations. To keep things short and sweet: bellyburster fox lady cool lmao
(494.08 KB 728x724 image_2023-09-16_084925415.png)
>>5418 I swear to fucking god if I see one more person bitch about the moth I'm going to lose my fucking mind
Why are we even talking about the moth?
>>5424 someones been begging OP to draw a part two for his moth photo for weeks now
There's no need for a part 2, just use your brain to think up a part 2
Yeah OP stated he didn’t really have the interest in doing another pic. Like, what’s hard to comprehend? Please, cool it with the messages.
>Artist: Draws what anon wants out of kindness and passion. >Anon: Won't stop pestering artist to draw more, pushing the artist away and abusing the entire goodwill reserved for the rest of the thread. A tale as old as time.
we should hurl insults at the anon until they leave obviously
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Saw some upload that as deleted and got inspired