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7a866 No.4596

Due to an unprecedented outburst of rude attitude, negative behaviour, ill-mannerism and non-appreciation towards fellow members who merely do a good job around here, (though both sides do good work around here, one can't always rely on the other's reaction) the site's decided to launch a sister gallery to that in the /D/ group.

Here, any furry pregnancies in webcomics or online comics, such as those mentioned to your left, are welcomed here.

These webcomic pregnancies can be past, present or even future*. These also apply to those one-shot strips/pages in the webcomic's history.

Just be sure to include the date when you upload them so we don't have to ferret around in the archives to locate them.

(* = And make sure to add on whether the artwork is canon or fanon… ;-))

All notifications of any sort are dually welcomed.

We'll also accept fanart, crossovers, dress-dolls.

Feel free to post them here and we might read them and then check them out.

Good luck to you all, and happy reading!

6e9dc No.4598

No need to be so salty about this. I mean, they didn't need to let you do this, and could have just barred you from posting on the site for spamming threads and YOUR attitude.

5d0b8 No.4599

Without any previous context of what's going on you really kinda sound like a dick here. What's wrong with making a comic thread? Especially if it fixes issues with another thread?

f7ed0 No.4600

I don't mean to be a dick, but to be fair, the opening post wasn't exactly super polite if other events are being brought up.

But since you're quick to defend this, I'll just leave you two be so you can read those webcomics.

9fc42 No.4601

There's nothing wrong with it. It's made. All future stuff for these comics will go here.

End of story. Lets move on.

a04c2 No.4602

now the real question: will the people who this person is defending actually do as he says and post all pregfur comics here… or will they just keep posting it in the other thread.

consider this. if they were productive and attentive members of the community, or any chan community, they'd know that comics should probably have their own thread, or when people told them to move to another thread, they'd have created one themselves. These things did not happen. They kept posting in the same place.

Are the people who shit on the comic posters wrong for being rude? yes. Will the comic poster stop now that this thread exists? probably not, especially if it's CCB.

And if they don't, this thread's existence will fan the flames. Because now the shit talkers have an excuse to flag posts and say "your comics belong here now"

5d0b8 No.4604


Alright, I don't know what the fuck is going on but evidently there's some kind of feud happening that's major enough that people had to immediately derail a new thread so I'm just gonna back away and let you all continue to fight. Whatever.

7a866 No.4612

File: 1502097606389.jpeg (129.44 KB, 840x269, image.jpeg)


Well, it's official - Lindesfarne's labor and the baby's on the way!

Ha, I knew something like that was bound to happen! And I was right to boot! (Again, like those of Rosalind's and Ming & Jenny's in Safe Havens, it's a case of labor ahead of schedule. And like I've said before, none of us can be like Danielle when it comes to exact calculated timing)

7a866 No.4633

File: 1502233215130.jpg (117.52 KB, 840x269, kk20170808.jpg)


Well, that's quite surprising turn of events…

Next thing to do now is the following;

1) Get back to the tent or camp infirmary to have the baby.

2) Find Coney and tell her niece is about to arrive into the world, then tell her to contact Kevin & Kell telling them to get there. Let's just hope history doesn't repeat itself to stop them arriving in time like it did with Danielle; http://kevinandkell.com/2006/kk1101.html

7a866 No.4642

File: 1502292653313.jpg (106.82 KB, 840x269, kk20170809.jpg)


Three minutes apart?! Looks like this baby will be arriving by Friday or Sunday.

In any case, Consider yourself lucky with what you have, Lindesfarne & Fenton…

If anybody caught the 12 o'clock News on BBC Radio 2 yesterday, it turns out NHS figures showed that over 40% of UK maternity wards closed their doors to expectant mothers at least once last year - a survey showed most common reasons being shortages of staff or lack of beds or being overwhelmed.
All this info was obtained by the Labour Party (no pun intended).

Ministers say that the temporary closures were "well-rehearsal safety measures" whilst from the Royal College of Midwifes says they were part of "a worrying trend" - and it's getting worse…and this is meant to be only occasional.

Indeed, 42 out of 96 trusts had shut their doors temporarily on 382 occasions! In fact one maternity ward at a teaching hospital closed their doors to newcomers for more than 30 hours! And another one was shut 30 times in a single year, due to insufficient midwives.

In the case of one expectant mother had troubles with TWO maternity wards whilst her baby was being induced - with a 5-day length induction! One ward actually transferred her to a neighbouring maternity ward after spending a week in that hospital, with her pregnancy classed as a risk at that point - even with the induction process started -, only for the second one to say that they wouldn't take her in, and they told her either to "Go back or have your baby on your bathroom floor".
So she was left wondering if she or her baby will be okay, and if there'll be anywhere for her to go.
And this was a first-time mother, a woman with no experience and no idea of what's in store for her, in fact thought this experience, she hadn't slept in 3 days or eaten in 2 days before they finally took her in into have her water broken.

It is upsetting that this is happening to many mothers in maternity in the UK.
And the birth of a baby should an exciting time for the family. Hardly ideal when you're in labor, feeling quite venerable and been told that you've got to go home or can't come in at all because the ward's shut, then end up driving miles and miles to a maternity ward you've never seen and don't know, and deal with nurses & midwifes you've never met.

Imagine being turned away from a maternity ward when you're in labor…

I wonder if this is what inspired Bill to have all his pregnancy stories end with homebirths, since Kell's the only one in this comic to have her's in hospital in '95.

To get the full story, go to the BBC Radio iPlayer, and check out the 12 o'clock on Tuesday 8th August, on the Jeremy Vine programme, hosted by Vanessa Phelps*

(* = You may have to sign in to iPlayer to hear it, otherwise get the BBC Radio iPlayer app on an Amazon Firestick)

So be thankful for mercies, my dear Lindesfarne, be they little or small. Why, just look at the other pregnancy stories of the webcomics of Bill Holbrook, the majority of them of them were first-time mothers and they had very little medical assistance; in this very comic, there was Danielle's delivery of 2006, Tammy' brief delivery in 2000-2001, Kell's Nativity parody in 2000, then in "On the Fastrack" there's Chelonia's in 2001 (can't say for sure about Wendy's in '95 since those pages are missing from the archive there), whilst in "Safe Havens" Rosalind's labor in 2015 had very little to help her, whilst Ming & Jenny had practically little-to-nothing for theirs at all in 2011…

Why even Bridgette of "Bridgette's Belly" gave birth to Benji at a slumber party with auxiliary midwife who had some strange methods;

7a866 No.4646

File: 1502320207936.png (941.67 KB, 1280x1790, sabpregnants_u18chan9.png)


Well, the conversation shifts into a different gear.

Who'd've thought that Sabrina's mother would be hanging out with ZigZag - even when after ZigZag's dinner visit in 2006 - 2007 and later when Sabrina finally told her mother the truth on her wedding day. But to even 'corrupt her'? No, Endora must've a strong will to resist Zigzag's charms as Sabrina has. (Even though Sabrina makes a very good point in the last panel here; http://www.sabrina-online.com/strips/SabOnline405.GIF)

Tabitha, I can understand because she took an instant shine to ZigZag from the moment they first met back in October 2002, to their photoshot together in 2009… and she respects Zigzag no matter what her background's like.

Let's just hope Endora won't be like Ned Flanders and try to show Zigzag the light, like he did with his Vegas wife, then Mrs Krabaple…

Still, in the last panel, Sabrina, you experience what Amy went through here; http://www.sabrinaonline2k.net/MHA/bigstrips/SabOnline98.jpg ;) (Still, I'd be careful - too much spicy food is one of the main triggers of labor…)

7a866 No.4647



Sorry about that, I don't know how I overlooked missing the link out…

7a866 No.4650

File: 1502388601269.jpeg (142.16 KB, 840x269, image.jpeg)


Well, that's a new occupation for bats.

You know, this reminds me of that Ugly Betty"episode when her Scottish friend, who was a surrogate for the head of the fashion company they were for, went into labor during a fashion show, and they couldn't get to the hospital, so she gave birth on the catwalk with the models shielding her from the audience till she rose with the baby in her arms.

Mind you, Lindesfarne giving birth on the beach also reminds me of this comic; https://e-hentai.org/g/747945/ddd8cf9794/?p=1

([NOTE: I wouldn't recommend this to viewers under 15 years old, but this was the only link to comic I could find)

Though, least you can do is tell Coney so she can call Kevin & Kell to inform them of what's going on…

ce54e No.4668

File: 1502492188082.jpg (114.26 KB, 840x269, kk20170811.jpg)


Well, the baby's underway now!

After all, Danielle had the voting polls as her focal point; http://kevinandkell.com/2006/kk1104.html & http://kevinandkell.com/2006/kk1105.html , in On the Fastrack, Chelonia has the TV News to help her back in 2001 (even if it didn't really help); http://onthefastrack.com/comics/september-2-2001/ whilst in Safe Havens in 2015, Rosalind had her Mousey husband as a substitute; http://safehavenscomic.com/comics/october-12-2015/

Well, we maybe seeing events similar to that of Danielle's in the weekend strips (see the K&K strips above), especially on the Sunday strip (after all, the majority of the big Sunday strips do following along the storyline whilst others are just random, such as Rudy's mincer last Sunday to Lindesfarne's labor story; http://www.kevinandkell.com/2017/kk0806.html

ce54e No.4671

File: 1502527735581.jpg (126.77 KB, 840x269, kk20170812.jpg)


Well, looks like Kevin & Kell are aware of what's happening now.

Well, this is certainly history repeating itself here; http://kevinandkell.com/1995/kk1027.html

(I just hope it isn't at Fenton that angry face is aimed at)

It's just a shame that they aren't going to make it in time to see their grandchild arrive…

ce54e No.4672

Golly folks, I guess I've been on tenderhooks since last Friday about what's to happen next each morning when I check on "Kevin & Kell" that I've been having dreams about WHAT that strip might be as if we were trying to pace it out so we get a Sunday feature strip to this labor story.

In the early hours of this morning in fact, I had such a dream. Lindesfarne's in between pushes and telling Fenton that this isn't what she exactly had in mind as this was meant to be their delayed honeymoon (pose is similar to the first panel of this strip from "Doc Rat" back in early 2015; http://www.docrat.com.au/comic/contract-killer/ )
In the second panel, Fenton agrees with with her and says there was not much they could do about it now.
In the third and last panel, the enclosure of bats is still standing, but now there's a matching one of young squirrels from the camp in front of that, but all you can see are their big tails, and they're offering suggestions about what the two of them could do once the baby's born, indicating that Lindesfarne and Fenton were inside that one.

Anybody else been thinking like that?

ce54e No.4676



Among the comments to that strip, somebody said that Coney was "an emogenius".

Least she's not broadcasting Lindesfarne's labor like Chelonia did with her's in "On the Fastrack" back in 2001; http://onthefastrack.com/comics/september-3-2001/

(BTW, the weblink on the strip no longer works, but here's a copy of it that was preserved elsewhere; http://www.pregchan.com/d/src/1467018304035.jpg )

ce54e No.4679

File: 1502664556645.jpg (246.82 KB, 850x650, kk20170813.jpg)


Finally, we've made it through to a Sunday strip like Danielle's.

Poor Carl. Mind you, this isn't the first time Lindesfarne's had problems or certain issues due to shedding her quills*;

http://www.kevinandkell.com/2008/kk0419.html (Probably the case of today's strip)

(* = Though I have yet to see an actual hedgehog do that - never mind Sonic)

The baby'll be popping out tomorrow, and then it's finally all over…

…for now…

ce54e No.4683

File: 1502702967855.jpeg (117.96 KB, 840x269, image.jpeg)


Well, that's another pregnancy story brought to a close. I wonder if it makes you viewers wonder if there'll be another Pregnancy story in this webcomic and when…

The "If" part being, which of the cast is it to be. Will it be;
• Aby
• Caniche
• Danielle (for a second pregnancy - my personal favourite)
• Or even, as stated here by Darrel Heine, Fiona after she & Rudy marry within the next 3-8 years or so; https://disqus.com/home/discussion/kevinandkell/saturday_aug_5_2017_kevin_kell/#comment-3453320295

And of course the "When" being will we have to wait another 10 years or more before the next one? (Since that's the time span between Danielle's & Lindesfarne's)…

…mind you, in "On the Fastrack" it was six years between Wendy's second pregnancy & Chelonia's (1995 - 2001 — and there hasn't been another one since then) whist in "Safe Havens" it was only 4 years between Ming & Jenny's double pregnancy and Rosalind's (2011 - 2015).

Perhaps another pregnancy story will happen sooner around here… 😉👍

ce54e No.4684


Mind you, this very morning I had another dream strip. Only this time, it was Kevin in a computer store or an office talking to two other men (one of them (on our right) being a bear with beard, glasses and supposingly bald head in a purple shirt) about how fortunate Lindesfarne was for her labor, whilst underneath is a light blue spiky banner with a notice saying "See full results on August 16th!" Does anybody think that might mean something?

Course, the worst thing in this whole sequence could all be just a dream, and Lindesfarne'll wake up, still pregnant…

ce54e No.4690

File: 1502839051057.jpg (123.42 KB, 840x269, kk20170815.jpg)


Named at last!

I suppose she got those acrobatic traits from both her parents…

(Mind you, imagine what Danielle might've named Francis instead whilst she was pregnant with him and he was doing traits inside her; http://www.kevinandkell.com/2006/kk0913.html )

(BTW, anybody what happened to the afterbirth? Did Leona take it to eat; either roasted, boiled, grilled, toasted on the campfire later on, smoked, BBQ or raw? Or hasn't it arrived yet? Mind you, in some cases the afterbirth was delayed to an unexpected SECOND child in the birth canal)

ce54e No.4691

I noticed that on Monday's strip for "Kevin & Kell", a viewer had this to say;

"Wonder if any mother in this strip can give birth in some degree of privacy?

Kell: Kevin was doing that time period's version of live-tweeting during Coney's birth.

Danielle: Delivered Francis in a stranger's living room, with an audience including her brother, her sister-in-law, her sister-in-law's mother, and two strangers, one of whom (her hostess) actually handled the delivery.

Lindesfarne: On a beach at the kids' camp, some visual privacy, but that was by way of a group of bats she mostly didn't know forming a circle around her."

I think Tammy was the only one who did (and she was the shortest birth story - only 2 days). She delivered in her lamproom of her lighthouse home with only her husband and an online midwife on New Years Eve 2001/2002.

And the viewer had left out Kell's Nativity story in 2000. She gave birth in a stable with her husband, a bunch of feral animals (those that can talk in their world but prefer to walk on all fours) and two Shepards (the Shepardess handled the delivery) & their flock of sheep — all of which saw the baby Messiah as their own species upon arrival…

And look at those of "Safe Havens" & "On the Fastrack" just the same (omitting Wendy's in "On the Fastrack" since only the Sunday pages of 1995 are only viewable on the website)…

ce54e No.4692

File: 1502839822696.png (644.25 KB, 1280x1790, sabpregnants_u18chan10.png)

Catching up with "Sabrina Online"

At least Sabrina has an excuse to take the car to go down the street.

(Bit of a waste of fuel, in my opinion - just to go down one block)

And let's just hope that that backache she's feeling in the first panel aren't early contractions…

…though as I said before, be careful with how much spicy food you eat whilst pregnant - especially @ 9 months…

a04c2 No.4695

why is Sabrina not wearing pants? her coworker wears pants.

…Is she Squidward?

ce54e No.4696


Actually, this was covered twice. First back in 1998; http://www.sabrinaonline2k.net/MHA/bigstrips/SabOnline57.jpg and then later on in 2002; http://www.sabrina-online.com/strips/SabOnline226.GIF

95f8a No.4697

This has been the explanation. I'm still not *fully* buying it. Just saying there's probably plenty of times she could be bottomless and you wouldn't know the difference.

79a88 No.4698

Yeah, that looks like just meta-humor.

You seem to really know your stuff about these comics…

4b228 No.4699

In universe explanations for the artists just wanted to draw butts is never really gonna make good sense.

I wouldn't even bother explaining.

95f8a No.4700

Pretty much: Artist wanted to draw butts without looking like it, which gets weird over time. I question sometimes how many fans really accept it after this long. Not a fan of the comic, myself, but word gets around and all.

ce54e No.4701

File: 1502926179980.jpg (126.8 KB, 840x269, kk20170816.jpg)


Finally, Safely in Nurse's Station

If bet Kevin could hear Turvy crying if he was there (What with those ears)…to say nothing of what happened to Kell & Rudy when Fenton first visited Lindesfarne; http://www.kevinandkell.com/1997/kk0408.html

95f8a No.4702

The pregnancy is over, and has been over since >>4683 . There's no reason to keep posting this strip in this thread anymore, so please…y'know…don't.

ce54e No.4703


Well, two other examples of Sabriba's case are the characters of Rick Griffin's (creator of "Housepts!") webcomic "A&H Club" and Comfort Tiger in "Suburban Jungle"…

a04c2 No.4704


right, so she's butt squidward.

ce54e No.4705


Not necessarily, Evertide. Just because the baby's out doesn't mean that labor's officially over…there's still the little matter of the…erm…the >whispers< afterbirth.

Just look at some of your own stories…if you'll pardon my means.

6e9dc No.4706


Some insightful information for you, CCB

f8546 No.4707


>Horrified Gasp<

OMG, I'm not sure whether to be offended or not…

Why would anybody, in their right mind write such slander? Who are they to judge so quickly - probably withoutvfully reading it?

c3594 No.4708

Why not go to them and complain about the article?

95f8a No.4709

We're talking about birth, so be a grown-up about it. Saying the word "afterbirth" really shouldn't shock or offend.

And how much do you really expect them to address that, if they haven't already? I wouldn't.

4b228 No.4710


Ok guys we got him in a containment thread. Leave him alone.

5ba3e No.4917

File: 1503615329089.png (166.41 KB, 5906x1890, DR2848.png)

Well, looks like we've caught up with Meliane again in "Doc Rat"

You viewers think she should be working in her current condition?

I have a feeling that this could be the start of her labor…only she'll probably be too busy to notice till the contractions really kick in, like with Lindesfarne recently in "Kevin & Kell"…

5ba3e No.4918

File: 1503615482496.png (156.03 KB, 5906x1890, DR2849.png)


Well, looks like Meliane can't seem to keep out of trouble in her condition…

Careful, that sort of event was how Roxanne went into labor in "Namir Deiter" back in 2005; http://www.namirdeiter.com/comics/index.php?date=20050614

(NOTE: That was the only labor story throughout the entire comic, even if it wasn't seen. Snickers' was just a brief monologue in 2007 and Tipper's entire pregnancy was completely overlooked in 2015)

5ba3e No.4920

File: 1503616191752.png (1.06 MB, 1280x1790, sabpregnants_u18chan11.png)


Returning to "Sabrina Online" (and I'm thinking the comic's being updated once or twice a month)

Her she is, asking the crew for advice on motherhood…

Well, who'd've thunk that Carli would have had a litter?

And there was I thinking she was having a big baby due to her husband's genes; http://www.sabrina-online.com/strips/SabOnline781.GIF

Though again, Sabrina, I'd be careful of not just WHAT you eat, but HOW much of it…otherwise you might end up like Bridgette from "Bridgette's Belly", and get stuck in that seat - with the only way of freeing yourself is either get greased or push the baby out…

Then again, you could always do what Bridgette did here; http://www.tigerthighs.com/comic/2012-05-24 (scroll down to bottom of strip)

278fe No.4986

File: 1504048297660.png (953.56 KB, 1280x1790, sabpregnants_u18chan12.png)


Carrying on with Sabrina's new comic.

Yep, flashing back again. Get used to that happening. :)

Mind you, Endora couldn't have reacted more than Amy's parents when she visited them whilst pregnant; http://www.sabrinaonline2k.net/MHA/bigstrips/SabOnline70.jpg

Though figuring it all out couldn't have been more obvious than in "Kevin & Kell" with Lindesfarne's pregnancy this year; http://www.kevinandkell.com/2017/kk0106.html

278fe No.5043

File: 1504812327914.png (1.06 MB, 1280x1790, sabpregnants_u18chan13.png)


Well, we return to Sabrina's latest flashback as she announces her pregnancy to her family (probably the last people to know)…

One thing that caught me on this page was that Tabitha managed to get around the Parental Block Sabrina set up after the time Tabitha came across Zigzag's site back in early 2009; http://www.sabrina-online.com/strips/SabOnline490.GIF , http://www.sabrina-online.com/strips/SabOnline496.GIF & http://www.sabrina-online.com/strips/SabOnline508.GIF - course, even after her visit to the studios in 2002, she always thought Zigzag was cool.

And I guess this is the answer to the mystery in page 9; >>4646 concerning Endora's befriending ZigZag (wonder if her dinner visit in 2007 had anything to do with it; http://www.sabrina-online.com/strips/SabOnline419.GIF )

278fe No.5044

File: 1504812462383.png (138.05 KB, 5906x1890, DR2858.png)


We go back to Meliane at the Road Works, my guess from this strip is that, at some point, there's going to be a puddle of water among the roadworks - but there's no trace of a burst pipeline or spilled drink… >Hint, hint< >wink, wink<

d72a5 No.5054

File: 1505215585564.png (565.02 KB, 1280x1790, sabpregnants_u18chan14.png)


Briefly back from flashback, as well as back from lunch.

And for that last panel, Sabrina, let's hope it's just that…

Because that's the sort of how these labours started in the webcomics below…

1 & 2. "Safe Havens"; http://safehavenscomic.com/comics/december-21-2011/ & http://safehavenscomic.com/comics/december-22-2011/ (And they said on 5-12 that they were due in four weeks)

3. "Safe Havens"; http://safehavenscomic.com/comics/october-3-2015/ (And that started out as backache)

4 - 6. "Namir Deiter"; http://www.namirdeiter.com/comics/index.php?date=20050614 , http://www.namirdeiter.com/comics/index.php?date=20050620/ & mirdeiter.com/comics/index.php?date=20050621 (Thought to be a sprained wrist at the beginning)

And finally, 7 & 8. "Kevin & Kell"; http://kevinandkell.com/1995/kk1020.html (Thought to be normal canine behaviour) & http://www.kevinandkell.com/2017/kk0807.html (Two weeks early, and triggered by attacks on the campsite)

Now see if you can get the pattern… ;-)

af9cc No.5096

File: 1505918590030.png (947.65 KB, 1280x1790, sabpregnants_u18chan15.png)


Lets… do… the flash… back… agaaiinnnn…"

FWIW, according to EWS himself, the flashbacks will work their way out as they work their way closer to the comic's 'present time'.

And to answer the question made about quoting the earlier Sabrina comics when Amy went through pregnancy years, few didn't think much to quote from that; http://www.sabrinaonline2k.net/MHA/bigstrips/SabOnline110.jpg as like Danielle of "Kevin & Kell" in 2006; http://kevinandkell.com/2006/kk1031.html , and Bridgette of "Bridgette's Belly"; http://www.tigerthighs.com/comic/09-05-2011 they all instantly went into labor, with the only mistake for Amy being made on Carli's part, asking the most obvious question when you see a puddle of water from nowhere and Bridggette's mistake was doing an activity that triggered her labor…

However, looking at the last panel of the current page, I bet Sabrina must be the only one who feels left out - even though the party's all about her…

af9cc No.5110

File: 1506472523063.png (1.04 MB, 1280x1790, sabpregnants_u18chan16.png)


A baby shower … of diapers.

Mind you, to quote Evertide on Chapter 4 of his abandoned series "Cy & Ever" on the subject of diapers;

'Cy helped him lather up and rinse him off, then lather him up and rinse again. "D'ye wanna use cloth or disposable? I'm for cloth, personally."

Ever nodded "To answer your question, yeah, cloth. Too much landfill space used by disposable…and all that eco noise."…'

That's also why I choose a charity shop over a dump any day to get rid of items the family come across but no longer use - it's better someone else enjoys them then let leave them to rot in a landfill.

BTW, I wonder if Amy's jealous of Sabrina since she never got an official Baby Shower till after she had Timmy, but just before she got married in Feb 2000; http://www.sabrinaonline2k.net/MHA/bigstrips/SabOnline127.jpg

Mind you, we saw very little of this sort of activity during Lindesfarne's pregnancy over in "Kevin & Kell" this year too…

90cb5 No.5231

File: 1508238878981.png (936.72 KB, 1280x1790, sabpregnants_u18chan18.png)


Uh-oh! Out of the flashback and into the fire.

Seems this is just like what happened to Roxanne in "Namir Deiter" in 2005, Ming & Jenny in 2011 and Rosalind in 2015 in "Safe Havens", Amy Squirrel back in "Sabrina Online" in 1999, Bridgette's first pregnancy in "Bridgette's Belly" and, of course, Lindesfarne's pregnancy in "Kevin & Kell"* this year. (See previous entries)

To say nothing of these pages from Chapter 42 of "Tina's Story" over on FA; http://www.furaffinity.net/view/21013647/ & http://www.furaffinity.net/view/21052972/

(* = I omitted Danielle's back in 2006 since it was expected >sorry about the pun<, even though we went right into the fire once the polls opened.)

90cb5 No.5239


With recent events here now, 10 - 1 Sabrina gives birth in the studio, and dollars to doughnuts we'll be seeing the baby between Thanksgiving or Christmas….

455b9 No.5318

File: 1508833617301.png (892.16 KB, 1280x1790, sabpregnants_u18chan19.png)


Well, like Lindesfarne straight after the Predator attack on the Herbivore Camp in "Kevin & Kell", it's definitely offical - Sabrina's in labor!

(Let's just hope that "moisture" wasn't near any electrical outlets around her desk)

And whilst Sabrina might not have the best mobile phone, but she sure saves tons not paying for all that internet data - rather like me)

Commentors have been asking if RC was in the teal car following Sabrina seen here >>4692
& >>5054 - if so, that could explain how he got there so quickly.

(Mind you, like Danielle of "Kevin & Kell" in 2006, will they make it to the hospital in time or will the baby come out at Double Z Studios?)

455b9 No.5319


And if Zigzag does, will she sneakily have the cameras on?

(After all, this could be the only time she'll have Sabrina where she wanted since they first met. Mind you, she wouldn't record it for the company/site. ZZ's been after Sabrina since day one, so the video would be part of her private stash)

ef5c0 No.5367

File: 1509445144969.png (1 MB, 1280x1790, sabpregnants_u18chan20.png)


Looks like EWS was watching the comments, and answered our question about the teal car.

Least it shows RC was concerned for Sabrina and their soon-to-be-born child…

It's a difficult time for Sabrina right now. A little moodiness is understandable.

An example would be Danni of "Doc Rat" back at the start of 2015 when Ben arrived by motorcycle - over unfinished roadworks; http://www.docrat.com.au/comic/a-bridged-version/

(Least this was never shown in any of the labors in "Kevin & Kell")

Question is, will Sabrina and RC be able to get to the hospital, or will the car fail to start, and the baby arrives at Double Z Studios?

356d8 No.5441

File: 1510045850911.png (962.31 KB, 1280x1790, sabpregnants_u18chan21.png)


The last of the flashbacks … probably.

Least this shows that Sabrina and RC aren't taking any more risks after what happened with Timmy from 2003 onwards; https://www.sabrina-online.com/strips/SabOnline271.GIF , https://www.sabrina-online.com/strips/SabOnline325.GIF , https://www.sabrina-online.com/strips/SabOnline328.GIF , https://www.sabrina-online.com/strips/SabOnline440.GIF , https://www.sabrina-online.com/strips/SabOnline446.GIF - mind you, it wasn't Sabrina's Transformers it was cockroaches; https://www.sabrina-online.com/strips/SabOnline187.GIF

c334f No.5490

File: 1510669957492.png (492.77 KB, 620x867, sabpregnants_u18chan22.png)


Sabrina is … kinda freaking out about now. RC is a bit more calm, at least on the surface.

Mind you, Sabrina might not have been ready for labour - but mind you, most mothers aren't. (Many stories and comics, like those of Bill Holbrook, A.Fraser, Jennar and Terence & Isabel Marks, show that with mothers either going into labor early or having labor start is odd ways and places)

Funny that, isn't it? Mothers can't wait to hold the baby in their arms, and yet they aren't ready for the Herculean task of birthing…

The only exceptions I know was Danielle in "Kevin & Kell" back in 2006 because she calculated her due date, and Chelonia of "On the Fastrack" in 2001 because she had the midwife living with her in her house…

b9a7b No.5520

File: 1511260946247.png (958.76 KB, 1280x1790, sabpregnants_u18chan23.png)


Well, they've reached the hospital (so much for Sabrina having the baby at Double Z Studios)

Well, it appears that Sabrina and RC are definitely more prepared than Amy & Richard were when Timmy came (see; http://www.sabrinaonline2k.net/MHA/bigstrips/SabOnline114.jpg )…

…but I don't they were prepared for the annoyingly upbeat orderly … every hospital has at least one (though I don't think Hilltop or Heimlich ever did).

(BTW, I believe the comic gets updated 3 times a month, possibly between Sundays - Tuedays, so check every week or so)

8744e No.5567

File: 1511954948359.png (1009.63 KB, 1280x1790, sabpregnants_u18chan24.png)


Safely in the labor ward now.

No pain, no gain… or so they say. Mind you, it couldn't be as bad as when Amy was in labor back in 1999; http://www.sabrinaonline2k.net/MHA/bigstrips/SabOnline117.jpg & http://www.sabrinaonline2k.net/MHA/bigstrips/SabOnline118.jpg or from Wanda in "Baby Blues" when she was in labor with her third and last child back in late October 2002; http://babyblues.com/comics/october-23-2002/ , http://babyblues.com/comics/october-24-2002/ , http://babyblues.com/comics/october-25-2002/ . Mind you, I suppose her potty-mouth talk could be seen as her frustrations towards ZigZag. After all, she did slap her pretty hard for coming onto her back in May 2000, whilst she DID tackle her for taking out her Quake 3 persona in December 2008.

I also noticed Sabrina's changed outfits (sadly no maternity or labor humour wear here)…mind you, it's lucky the baby wasn't crowning when they arrived, with what Sabrina normally wears, hospital staff may have been baffled at the bugle in Sabrina's groin but unable to see baby's head…

(if you catch my drift)

b9b70 No.5654

File: 1512737441504.png (131.67 KB, 1440x460, DR2924.png)


Veering away from events going on with "Sabrina Online", we go back to the world of "Doc Rat" as we remember that it's not just Meliane the Rhino who's still pregnant…

Looks like somebody spoke too soon in this strip.

Might be best to keep an eye on this comic for a bit, as we might be seeing another Nativity parody this year…

b9b70 No.5655

File: 1512737868752.png (416.85 KB, 800x800, Tina's Story Chapter 55 p1.png)

Sorry if this is over due by 11 days, but I've been pretty occupied with other comics like "Kevin & Kell", "Doc Rat", and the return of "Sabrina Online".

Well, as we return to the latest pregnancy chapter in "Tina's Story", it seems that judging from what's said in the first panel, we may have a second or third Christmas birthing story before long.

(The other's being "Doc Rat" & "Sabrina Online", unless anybody knows of any other comic with a current pregnancy tale, mind you)

b9b70 No.5657

File: 1512939352491.png (916.73 KB, 1280x1790, sabpregnants_u18chan25.png)


Always be prepared like RC. Bring a bag full of random items wherever you go…

Though, Sabrina's repeating her history again regarding the closing panel of the '99 archives whilst Amy was birthing little Timmy; http://www.sabrinaonline2k.net/MHA/bigstrips/SabOnlineXmas99.jpg

(Mind you, you'd've thought Sabrina's Transformers have suffered enough regarding Timmy's antics with them)

And perhaps the video game console will help Sabrina better. After all, a couple of pieces I've seen have laboring women so engrossed and deep in concentration whilst playing that many don't even know they're crowning at times; >>5428

So, it looks like we maybe seeing Sabrina's baby by Christmas (unless we get any more flashbacks), but once that happens, I fear this comic will probably come to end like the original….

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