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File: 1419631649187.png (356.05 KB, 1096x1623, briannapreggers.png)

64473 No.508

A place to post your self-made preggy goodness for all things furry, scalie, and feathery, anthro or otherwise.

66296 No.595

File: 1423447621172.jpg (113.86 KB, 795x1080, f4pregchan.jpg)


c3d21 No.615

Very nice.

64473 No.637

File: 1425378884019.png (300.67 KB, 1024x975, zebrabirth.png)

Something quick I did after about a month and a half of not drawing anything.

Also I'm debating whether I should post my sketch pages or cherry-pick the good stuff from them.

a6c63 No.638


Very nice piece! I'd love to see your sketches if you don't mind sharing them.

64473 No.645

File: 1425514058513.png (1.37 MB, 2048x2048, preggosketchpage2.png)

Here's the second sketch page, scaled down to about 1/4 size (8000 x 8000 is huge!)

Probably won't post the first one for a while because it doesn't like to be scaled down and has a lot of non-preg related stuff (Ex's character, general doodles, etc.)

a6c63 No.646


D'you have an FA or something? I rather like your birth stuff.

64473 No.647

I do but I rarely post on it and I only have a few ovi pics posted. Most of them pretty dated. http://www.furaffinity.net/user/solarus/

64473 No.648

Also now I feel like I'm about to get 20+ watches out of nowhere :V

4f28f No.652

As someone who primarily draws birth art, I have to saw, I really like your art. I would love to see more.

64473 No.655

Thank you, I've actually been a fan of your work for some time. And there will be more birth art in the future.

64473 No.670

File: 1427243411889.png (252 KB, 800x1577, AllenTidsAzzNBelleh.png)

WIP doodle. Hope you guys like aliens with large breasts and uncharacteristically fat asses

a6c63 No.671


You just named several of my favorite things. :3

64473 No.678

File: 1427695004864.png (373.94 KB, 1232x2457, ATAnBL.png)

Basic sketchy lines done, might splash some color later.

64473 No.679

File: 1427695045801.png (665.69 KB, 1745x2457, ATAnBCE.png)

Sexy cosplay edition.

5d11b No.803


Very nice

Looking forward to seeing more

64473 No.1008

File: 1431067528587.png (193.47 KB, 1000x822, werewolfbreedingprogram.png)

My habit of drawing only once a month is perfect for a Patreon. -sarcasm-

83708 No.1110

File: 1431841870988.png (279.46 KB, 1032x739, Dancers.png)

Just finished putting these gals together :3 Enjoy!

766eb No.1112

they are gorgeous, your art really improved!

83708 No.1115

Thank you! :D I put a ton of work into these girls, glad they came out so well ^_^

64473 No.1167

I probably should have said I hopped off FA a some time ago. Might start posting on my InkBunny or somewhere soon.

83708 No.1168

File: 1433731155332.png (302.81 KB, 792x915, SquirrelRunner.png)

Here you go, another one hot off the presses :D

64473 No.1178

File: 1433905995449.png (276.98 KB, 964x2428, PreggySol.png)

Sketch of my 'sona half attempting to cover his belly with a just-to-small hoodie.

f0857 No.1282

File: 1444722410112.jpg (173.92 KB, 953x1280, 1440669264.quib_hiromi_web.jpg)

heyyy my friend got that from you :D turned out v cute.

heres a dog girl i drew a while back that people seemed to like, enjoy

498e9 No.1283

That's adorable :3

1c5b6 No.1354

File: 1446803863848.jpg (133.43 KB, 1440x900, 7778890.jpg)

806e5 No.1361


(nice, drawing, but the character creeps me out)

c1520 No.2824

So, someone going to jump in and save the day?

46574 No.3046

File: 1458987462122.jpg (688.15 KB, 1866x1287, andy invitation.jpg)

i drew my character andy :V yeah

f57af No.3060

File: 1460033873704.png (2.35 MB, 2178x3072, 30gazelle.png)

I mostly just wanted to color so the lines are super sketchy.

c1520 No.3061

Always loved tribal stuff

d160b No.3403

Is this a thread for requests, too? Or should that be its own thread?
I haven't seen a thread for furry art requests.

cc6ab No.3406

File: 1473639848245.jpeg (211.32 KB, 1608x1982, image.jpeg)

Made this one earlier today.

cc6ab No.3407

File: 1473639869460.png (108.82 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

And this a tad later.

cc6ab No.3442

File: 1474453292793.png (200.92 KB, 1024x1365, IMG_7484.PNG)

Made this a long while ago; Her name is Jennifer Greenwell. Her nickname is "Righty" due to her antler only being on the right side. She has a sister named Emily Greenwell, nicknamed "Lefty," who I would post if it weren't for her not being pregnant but having a has-filled belly instead. Would anyone actually want to see her too?

1c5b6 No.3446

File: 1474631939384.jpg (149.38 KB, 1144x1200, 333222222.jpg)

1642f No.3447

Is that the Snork Maiden from Moomin?

cc6ab No.3457

It looks like it, yeah.

To be honest, the no mouth thing kinda creeps me out. I can see how it'd be cute but as it stands, it's just weird to me.

e9b37 No.3543

File: 1478018986788.jpeg (218.87 KB, 1200x1671, amily.jpeg)

Drew this a few days ago, still getting the hang of anthroes a lot of work to go, any feedback welcome

b69a3 No.3546

The hands look decent and that's usually the hardest part. Her left arms looks a little thin.

She's definitely cute though.

cc6ab No.3708

File: 1480737602012.png (3.56 MB, 3264x2048, wallpaper.png)

Made a nice little wallpaper today.

624f9 No.4130

File: 1492788995027.jpg (159.98 KB, 600x906, IMG_20170421_103323.jpg)

2a3ac No.4131

Any info on the image?

30c2d No.4133

She's watching TV (crappy looking remote).

75f6d No.4135

>>4130 I mean the character's name.

e3ff4 No.4136

ah, i guess i can finally put some of my stuff here too.

Have an Argonian gal I just drew during my last stream.

e3ff4 No.4137

File: 1492851869093.png (206.03 KB, 825x1512, argonian_gal.png)

forgot pic ^^

cc6ab No.4138

Er, did you not attach an image?

624f9 No.4139

It's an OC (or Shotacat).

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