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7fc86 No.538

For those of you interested in furry vore mamabliss is starting up a special site of one of her characters Shasta!

Her old sites bellystuffed.com and mindlessconsumption.com were some amazing stuff.

11579 No.540

File: 1421121594682.jpg (111.61 KB, 700x541, astl.jpg)

Yes! Mamabliss Appreciation!
Here's a comic I think the whole sit can enjoy: http://bellystuffed.com/bellystuffed_286.html

e745c No.541

Yes! That's my all time favorite Mamabliss comic ever.

Here, I'll share some other pregnancy related comics as tribute. Though not all of them are furry, not that I care.


d7959 No.547

I commissioned that one : )

492a7 No.548

Thanks :) . That was always a fav of mine

dcda2 No.553

Say, great topic great sites, but which strip does the opening post come from?

1ead7 No.568

Mamabliss could be one of my all time favourite artists if only he used better font. Trying to read his works just gives me a headache when trying to decipher that mess of a text. There's being stylistic and then there's plain annoying.

a4854 No.1204

>Patreon ePanhandling
fuck no

21033 No.1205

unbirth archives -> intensive care part two
a classic favorite of mine

96fbd No.1206

How's it any different that a subscription site?

d0e62 No.1210

Idk man, everyone seems to shit on patreon lately, regardless of how much cool shit gets made from it.

"Stop asking for money for things you make that people enjoy! You don't need money!"

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