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(919.52 KB 1527x759 FoxxyRefSheet.png)
(617.77 KB 817x1440 WoxieRefSheet.png)
(430.51 KB 868x1012 ConiRefSheet.png)
Permanent Pregnant Furries Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 08/10/2022 (Wed) 23:42:39 Id:c137c8 No. 780
A state of pregnancy, either with fetus, eggs, etc.; that remains with the bearer (gender of the individual does not matter) indefinitely. Gestation may or may not continue, but the act of whelping does not occur.
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(93.73 KB 1100x642 1360479232.steslos_sketch-167.gif)
(66.21 KB 700x1200 1347815484.steslos_sketch-78.gif)
(245.46 KB 500x2000 1353138491.steslos_origin-1.gif)
(231.21 KB 500x2000 1353470979.steslos_origin-2.gif)
I remember an artist named Stelos who had an OC named Rune that was perminantly pregnant.
>>1932 A damn shame he doesn't focus on that very much any more, instead opting for degenerate cub porn.
I would never forget that perma-preggy demon vixen in my mind.
>>2910 whats her name? she looks very cute
(278.84 KB 900x773 3526239_Chemic_chem6_copy.jpg)
>>2911 Chemic, former mascot of the long gone PregFur site.
>>2913 Gone but not forgotten
Woxie is also a perma-preggy character by Oy. She's a half-fox and half-wolf, making her a wox (fox-wolf hybrid).
(326.06 KB 1194x1494 187-clothedChemic.jpg)
The Chemic papier-mache figurine was created by Doom the Wolf
Chemic is (most notably) the perma-preg demon vixen in Pregfur [dot] Org after Christine "Foxxy" the ring-tailed lemur, Woxie, and Coni the Wolfette who are perma-preggy furry characters. Does this perma-pregnant drykmir (second image) have a (first and last) name?
(1.08 MB 1024x774 VideoGameNight.png)
(491.51 KB 764x840 WoxieRefSheet.png)
(35.55 KB 472x636 HeavyDuty.jpg)
The second image is the same without the information about her.
More Chemic greatness. I always wanted someone to write a short story or whatever on why she's permanently pregnant.
For some reason, Chemic reminds me of Verlisify.
Does anybody know the name of a comic featuring a pregnant rad dragon? I believe it was never finished but I am not sure.
>>6927 Im gonna wager a guess but do you mean Crimson Knight? https://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/robertge/folder/363678/Crimson-Knight/
>>6923 The second image really need some coloring~