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(451.17 KB 1000x1188 Femdag-facehugged-pregnant4.png)
Pregnant With Aliens 3 (For Furries) Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 03/21/2024 (Thu) 06:47:07 Id:306233 No. 8112
For furries who love furries being pregnant with aliens!~
(393.46 KB 1000x1188 Femdag-facehugged-pregnant.png)
(467.28 KB 1000x1188 Femdag-facehugged-pregnant3.png)
(478.54 KB 1000x1188 Femdag-facehugged-pregnant2.png)
(2.15 MB 2520x2088 20240317_111704-1.jpg)
This hottie was expecting a litter til the alien showed up x3
(4.80 MB 3606x2704 JudithFlation.png)
(450.88 KB 2048x1463 1711679048.aetos_e7fng7gt.jpg)
>>8325 I think thats more just sci-fi preg
>>8326 >>Snezinka is a pilot, tasked with safely navigating the endless black void. She was the top graduate of her flight school, and always sought to be a trailblazer. That led her to Epsilon 4, the perfect place for an explorer to spring off from. But choosing a cutting edge research facility as your home base comes with certain tradeoffs. Before Snezinka could obtain permission to continue her exploration, the xenobiology department requested her cooperation with an urgent experiment. One thing led to another, and Snezinka found herself mother-to-be to a full womb of alien children. Grounded for the duration of her pregnancy, Snezinka was gloomy at first. Her dreams of exploring the distant stars were put on hold simply due to a quirk in her genetics that allowed her to gestate this unknown lifeform. As time went on and her belly grew, she was surprised to start enjoying her changing body. By the time the little creatures started to move around inside her, her dreams were beginning to change. The daring doe was still going to cross the black and make her mark on history, and she was going to do it while raising a new generation of explorers to take up the mantle after her. Pictured in the fourth month of her pregnancy, Snezinka dons her undersuit and sits in her cockpit, admiring the cosmic view. She can't take off for quite a while yet, but she can still relax in her most comfortable place. The more her body grows, the more she's grateful her flight suit is so stretchy! She rests a hand on her belly and strokes it gently, feeling the tiny movements of her future children inside.
>>8278 kinda curious if there's any more parts to this one?
>>8419 Shouldnt be so far, anon drew it last thread not long before the spamfest
>>8419 My friend might do some more of her. If you're curious her name is Sammy and she's a Mowling from the game Star Control Origins. The thing she's facing is an Xraki that killed most of the people on the base. She and her alien babies (whose species are ambigous and may have been implanted her by the research at said base) escape just barely.
(2.28 MB 2981x1920 20240412_134234.jpg)
(306.65 KB 2004x871 Mithra-facehugger-animation4.gif)
(296.63 KB 2004x871 Mithra-facehugger-animation3.gif)
Good news! I just recovered one of the missing animations!
(999.01 KB 1341x1821 SammyFinale1-1.jpg)
(851.65 KB 1215x1853 SammyFinale2.jpg)
(723.16 KB 1209x1539 SPOILER_SammyFinale4.jpg)
(906.78 KB 1398x1518 SammyFinale3.jpg)
(2.06 MB 2442x2513 SammyFinale5.jpg)
They went a little bit of a different direction with the nature of the children but they're atill technically alien, sending for completeness
(835.01 KB 1125x1350 Scientist-bun-crotchhugger.png)
>>8633 I frequent the threads so if there is any lost pics of mine you want just ask >>8649 Shame they werent more alien but cant complain about more tum
(450.17 KB 787x1067 IMG_5098.gif)
>>8687 Heres the completed pieces anon
>>8688 Nice find! Found anything for alien day?
(2.35 MB 2478x1487 twokindsweirdo_compilation1.png)
(2.03 MB 2478x1487 twokindsweirdo_compilation2.png)
>>8733 not him, but here are some of his doodle sheets from the last thread
(187.18 KB 1054x647 image-432.png)
>>8733 Nope but I did sketch this yesterday
>>8752 Hornet from Hollow Knight and Ostrich Villagers are a good.
(229.88 KB 1280x820 in_the_hive_FangYautja.jpeg)
(774.40 KB 600x782 image_2024-05-09_045828865.png)
I'm like 80% sure the artist is already in this thread but oh well
>>8945 Shame he doesn't do alien preg or anything pregnancy related anymore
(1.43 MB 1024x1264 image_2024-05-09_142937711.png)
>>8952 Indeed, alot of his stuff was some really good shit