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(282.16 KB 684x983 1493414873.blackkitty_bunny.png)
Pregnant Squirrels Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 04/03/2024 (Wed) 21:33:35 Id:171291 No. 8377
Reviving this one after it got lost in the purge.
(630.36 KB 624x827 Sweaty by Decent Lores.png)
That's a whole lot of familiar squirrels Here's one more
>>8455 Daph is the best pregnant squirrel character ever invented in the history of internet-kind!
>>8456 Does Daph have her own biographic, and why she's pregnant from the start?
>>8487 Daph was created by Rahheemme, She's a loud-mouthed, sporty, cursing, bisexual squirrel who is a professional surrogate. All fanart and short stories center on her carrying a baby for someone else, usually. She does eventually get married to a lemur named Holly and has her baby too. Her first surrogacy is chronicled in Rahheemme's novel "For Her" which you can read here: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/24408319/
>>8489 The second part of For Her does required an FA account to read (Mature or Adult). Sadly, for me, my FurAffinity account has kicked the bucket, and their Code of Conduct has one strict rule, which leads to the FA moderators in two parts: - One, once your current FA account is perma banned, you are NOT allowed to make a new account, because Dragoneer or the FA moderators said so. - And two, all your accounts that are linked to your email will also be perma banned. Which sucks for me the most (all because of Dragoneer or the damn moderators) force myself to migrate to Furry Network.
>>8492 Just get a burner gmail account.
>>8492 Is it a PDF? Do you want me to download it for you?
>>8520 No. Not at the moment.