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Fixed the oekaki board, if anyone cares.
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My First Oekaki in years...

It's been at least thirteen years since I did an Oekaki…
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Picked up an Apple Pencil and Procreate, here’s a quick test doodle I thought some might enjoy
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How do you make pregnant artwork?

(Its poses like that because its hard to balance)
Hello, I had this idea to make a pregnant clay sculpture, however, it did not go as smooth as I thought it would. So if you do not mind me asking; how can I make a realistic pregnant body (or draw one)? Every reply is appreciated!
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Practice Thread

I just decided to fuck around and this turned out better than expected. With this kind of talent I might as well open commissions. 1 Dollar a belly.

Oh, and uh, random practice thread I guess.
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Nice little app.
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Been a while
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bottom tier

this is the practice thread of someone who basically has never drawn art beyond doodles before

expect poor anatomy and bad goofups, enjoy
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Pregchan Interactive Improv Oekaki Adventure?

So this idea's probably gonna crash and burn, but I thought that since the oekaki board is back that we could do something fun with it. So I propose: the "Pregchan Interactive Improv Oekaki Adventure"! (PIIOA for short, or whatever abbreviation/acronym you guys want to use)

The rules are simple:
-I will be the de facto GM
-I'll start us off with a scenario. I'll draw the picture and caption it.
-You must advance the plot by drawing a picture and captioning it. No stick figures! Anyone can join in!
-You can pretty much advance the story however you want. But someone else has to be able to pick up where you left off.
-You can add characters or make them decide to leave. Be aware that even though you created that character, other players are legally able to decide what they want them to do.
-No sudden ends or time-skips. Don't get salty just because the story doesn't progress how you want it to.
-However, you cannot: kill off anyone, self-insert yourself into the story, or rape or maim either characters within the story or other players. And no trolling!
-You cannot post immediately after yourself. For example: if you post your response, you must wait until another player responds to your post to advance the story.
-You can, however, clarify certain things in your response immediately after you post.
-If no one responds to your advancement for a long time, then I will intervene and advance the story according to my best judgement. I may have to respond to myself until someone else picks up. Though we may just have to abandon ship at some point.
-Use common sense when posting
-Slapstick is the only acceptable violence. This is supposed to be a goofy, little novelty.
-Keep the story simple. We can be wacky and over-the-top, but let's be able to keep our heads on our shoulders.

Well, I think I've rambled about rules for long enough. Let's hear our scenario, shall we?

This girl's name is "P-chan" Ferddle. Well, "P-chan" is her nickname anyway. She's about maybe 19 or so. Her favorite hobby is drawing. She doodles just about on anything paper if you give her a pencil. She lives at her college dorm with her roommate. P-chan doesn't have a boyfriend and wishes she had one.
P-chan wakes up one day only to see a white void surrounding her. She couldn't see a floor, but she could feel it beneath her. She could see some sort of pen. But wait, everything looked… doodle-y? There was a thick, black outline over everything, like this world was just some daydream-drawn notebook.
Anyways, she picks up this pen. She feels some strange energy enter her as she holds it. It almost felt like butterflies in the pit of her stomach, and she suddenly felt a sense of arousal.
Then P-chan notices what she's wearing. A tight, short sleeve crop-top and torn jean-shorts and boots. This was not her style; she was never really one to reveal a lot of skin. She wasn't ashamed of her body by any means. She was slender, curvy, not short and fairly attractive. But she wasn't going to show it off to the whole world. To be fair, her wardrobe was not the first priority on her mind.
Soon her train of thought led to her stomach. She thought it'd be kinda cute, sexy even, if she was pregnant in this outfit. She had no idea why; that was a bizarre thought to have. But she did always want a family. Still…
Although it might seem that her sudden thought may shortly become a reality…
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Test Test 3 2 1 bun in the oven

L'me Try this…

Dno if my tablet likes it much it seems… but I tried.