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File: 1459308317846.png (11.28 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

70e01 No.10

So this idea's probably gonna crash and burn, but I thought that since the oekaki board is back that we could do something fun with it. So I propose: the "Pregchan Interactive Improv Oekaki Adventure"! (PIIOA for short, or whatever abbreviation/acronym you guys want to use)

The rules are simple:
-I will be the de facto GM
-I'll start us off with a scenario. I'll draw the picture and caption it.
-You must advance the plot by drawing a picture and captioning it. No stick figures! Anyone can join in!
-You can pretty much advance the story however you want. But someone else has to be able to pick up where you left off.
-You can add characters or make them decide to leave. Be aware that even though you created that character, other players are legally able to decide what they want them to do.
-No sudden ends or time-skips. Don't get salty just because the story doesn't progress how you want it to.
-However, you cannot: kill off anyone, self-insert yourself into the story, or rape or maim either characters within the story or other players. And no trolling!
-You cannot post immediately after yourself. For example: if you post your response, you must wait until another player responds to your post to advance the story.
-You can, however, clarify certain things in your response immediately after you post.
-If no one responds to your advancement for a long time, then I will intervene and advance the story according to my best judgement. I may have to respond to myself until someone else picks up. Though we may just have to abandon ship at some point.
-Use common sense when posting
-Slapstick is the only acceptable violence. This is supposed to be a goofy, little novelty.
-Keep the story simple. We can be wacky and over-the-top, but let's be able to keep our heads on our shoulders.

Well, I think I've rambled about rules for long enough. Let's hear our scenario, shall we?

This girl's name is "P-chan" Ferddle. Well, "P-chan" is her nickname anyway. She's about maybe 19 or so. Her favorite hobby is drawing. She doodles just about on anything paper if you give her a pencil. She lives at her college dorm with her roommate. P-chan doesn't have a boyfriend and wishes she had one.
P-chan wakes up one day only to see a white void surrounding her. She couldn't see a floor, but she could feel it beneath her. She could see some sort of pen. But wait, everything looked… doodle-y? There was a thick, black outline over everything, like this world was just some daydream-drawn notebook.
Anyways, she picks up this pen. She feels some strange energy enter her as she holds it. It almost felt like butterflies in the pit of her stomach, and she suddenly felt a sense of arousal.
Then P-chan notices what she's wearing. A tight, short sleeve crop-top and torn jean-shorts and boots. This was not her style; she was never really one to reveal a lot of skin. She wasn't ashamed of her body by any means. She was slender, curvy, not short and fairly attractive. But she wasn't going to show it off to the whole world. To be fair, her wardrobe was not the first priority on her mind.
Soon her train of thought led to her stomach. She thought it'd be kinda cute, sexy even, if she was pregnant in this outfit. She had no idea why; that was a bizarre thought to have. But she did always want a family. Still…
Although it might seem that her sudden thought may shortly become a reality…

6baa9 No.11

File: 1459345342304.png (14.21 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Putting the thoughts of wanting to be pregnant aside, P-chan turns her interest towards the mysterious pen she's found. The first thing she does is waves the pen around but nothing interesting happens. But as soon as she thinks about drawing something, a spark appears at the tip of the pen and forms a line which follows the movements of her hand. P-chan is amazed by the pen's power. She's always loved drawing and that she can draw on everything is like she's in artist's heaven.

I don't know how good I'm at this (there's a first time for everything right?) and English isn't my first language so…
But this looks interesting, I hope it works out.

70e01 No.12

File: 1459382466550.png (14.65 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

What to draw? she thought. It would be reasonable to assume that you can draw anything with this pen, with your only limitation being your skills as an artist and your imagination. And if those old slapstick cartoons have taught P-chan anything about magical pens that can draw in three-dimensional space on a two-dimensional plane, it's that whatever you draw can, and will, come to life.

So to test whatever sort of powers this pen holds, she decided to draw something simple enough that shouldn't have much repercussion, like a… bunny!

So P-chan starts with a circle, then two loops, an oval and two arms and two big feet! Oh, and don't forget the fluffy tail! Okay, so maybe a face wouldn't hurt to give this poor guy too. And ta-da! The cute widdle bunny P-chan drew came to life. It looked at P-chan, twitched its nose, looked both ways, twitched its nose and hopped away.

Not only did this confirm that the drawings can come to life, but P-chan made two new discoveries about this pen.

One, the pen can erase, which is convenient because she messed up on the eyes.
Two, color does exist in this world, as evidenced by the rabbit's eyes being red. P-chan thought it would be cute if the rabbit's eyes were red and the "ink" color turned red.

It seems reasonable to assume that the pen's transformation is based on the artist's thought. Makes sense, P-chan supposes. After all, it is a magical artifact. Why wouldn't it be based on the artist's convenience?

As the bunny hopped away, the stereotype about rabbit mating entered P-chan's head. She chuckled. This resulted in that train of thought she had earlier about babies and being pregnant. Why does that keep entering my mind? she wonders.

Soon, that "butterflies-in-your-stomach" feeling returned…

What does P-chan do next? (I'd like you guys to pick one of these scenarios)
a) Experiment with her pen some more. Something tells her she'll be needing this tool for quite a while, so it's best to get intimately acquainted with this device.
b) Think some more about these 'baby thoughts' and what they mean. And what's with this feeling in her stomach?
c) Explore the white space. Who knows, maybe there's a town/village close by, or maybe a way out?

0ce28 No.13

Hmm, perhaps we start slow?

Voting for c), with perhaps a dash of a) if P-chan uses her magic pen to help her explore a bit.

6e7f6 No.14

i would say start with B. get a start with the baby though and get a strange feeling in your stomach then head of to c

6e7f6 No.15

and i would love to try drawing but i have no skill in it

5fb57 No.16

I guess maybe b?

70e01 No.17

Ok, maybe I should have clarified. This isn't supposed to be a vote. How it was supposed to work was that <i>someone else</i> is supposed to follow up by choosing one of the scenarios I provided. Then <b>improvising</b> upon that choice. Whether or not P-chan decides to dabble into the other choices is completely up to whoever wants to pick up the story next.

No voting. This is not like the other interactive stories where the story is determined by a democratic vote. It's determined by your creative storytelling and accompanying drawings to tell a dynamic, fun story. Though it would lack a sense of structure, especially because different people would be adding upon different authors work, I think it adds to the charm of this experiment.

I don't want to be the only one writing the story. That'd be boring. What this story needs is the community's involvement and creativity. You can be wacky, over-the-top, or dramatic even. That's why I repeatedly say the story is up to <b>you</b>. Because it goes where YOU want it to go. And it's not getting there by polling the most popular choice.

Heck, you don't have to be good at drawing. You can just draw a prop or something that represents what happens is your contribution to the story. And you can just write something simple too like: "P-chan pulled out a rocket launcher out of nowhere to slay the t-rex" so long as you leave it open-ended enough for others to resume.

So just this time, I'll make an exception since I didn't say anything about it. I'll pick up where I left off and go off of the most popular choice. (Unless someone wants to contribute. wink wink.)

70e01 No.18

Ok, just pretend thst whenever I typed a <i></i> or a <b></b> that it's supposed to be a different font style. I forgot this wasn't deviantART.

90462 No.19

sorry dear….when i get a better tablet i shall join in but until then good luck

3ca4c No.20

File: 1459440484462.png (14.3 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Still not satisfied with using the pen, P-chan starts drawing once again. She also hopes that the butterflies will be gone while she uses her thoughts on drawing things. She starts by drawing some rough shapes, creating a pile of stones. P-chan has known already that the pen can draw and erase but she want to try something most painting application has, a fill bucket. Surprisingly, despite being a pen, the pen works as expected. But P-chan isn't yet satisfied, she has to get used to this magical pen.
P-chan decides to draw some more critters. She starts with a small circle for the head, then an oval for the body. She adds in more details being legs, arms, tail, dark eyes, and cute little ears. And BAM! there becomes a squirrel, a cute one at that. P-chan also decides to draw something larger and she settles with a dog. Within a minute the (crudely drawn) dog came to life as she finishes the last stroke.
Now, a little more plant life wouldn't hurt. P-chan uses green ink to draw some grass by the rock and then draws a big tree as well. Somehow, even though the tree she's drawn is taller than her, she's managed to draw it anyway Maybe that's another power of the pen.
Suddenly, the butterflies in her belly beats their wings much faster and fiercer. P-chan is forced to sit down by the feeling. She has got to do something about it. As she sits down, she becomes a bit more relaxed and looks at her creations. There's something common but strange presents in all of her creations. She knows well what it is, all of them has pregnant belly!?!
Maybe the butterflies are affecting her than making her want to be pregnant.

What does P-chan do to her problem?:
I) P-chan tries to stop the butterflies in her stomach. (By making herself pregnant of course)
II) P-chan fights and endures the feeling, she might comes up with something creative later.

What P-chan do after that?:
a) P-chan explores the white space.
b) P-chan draws a camp, she might need some rest.

It's me again, yay!?
I'm really sorry for not following the votes and you can hate me for that. But hey, I'm not blocking out the other choices. You also don't have to follow the path I've suggested, be creative!

P.S.:If you need some clarification just ask!

f1b01 No.21

File: 1459442000731.png (12.33 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

P-chan decided to fool around with the pen some more, drawing and erasing squiggles in the air as she waited for the muse to strike. Eventually she noticed the bunny again, hopping around aimlessly. She realized that the bunny was actually quite hard to see, with only the black lines that defined the doodle's shape allowing it to be seen. She thought that she should color the bunny in, so that she could see it better. As she walked over to the bunny, it began to hop away from her.

"No widdle bunny!" P-chan called after it. "Don't go!" She chased after the bunny, getting increasingly more tired as it ducked and dodged around her. Finally, she stopped to catch her breath, having been completely exhausted by trying to color in the bunny. Sitting down on the ground, she looked around to see where the bunny had gone. At that moment however, the bunny hopped right into her lap.

"Well hello there mister bunny." P-chan said. "Mind if I color you in now?" the bunny twitched its nose in response. Taking this as a yes, P-chan poked the rabbit with the pen, intending to manually fill in the white parts of its body. To her surprise, the white parts of the bunny filled in automatically the second she poked it.

"Huh." P-chan said to herself. "That was easy. Now what can I do with this? Maybe make mister bunny a new friend? Hmm, or I can color in my clothes…"

(Oekaki bunny artist extraordinaire I am not, but I assume this is more what you want?)

90462 No.22

ok….nevermind. it seams pretty hectic

3ca4c No.23

Uhh… whoops?
What now then? I did not expect this to happen. Guess I was wrong.
Or did you meant to continue from my post? If that's the case then I don't have to worry. :/

29caa No.24


Oh crap. Sorry, guess i was writing my post when you had already posted yours ^~^U

Yeah i guess you could use my post to continue from yours, or just ignore mine

90462 No.25

The problem is you cant ignore yours otherwise no-one will know who is the right story to follow… that what i think

90462 No.26

if that make any sence

0ce28 No.27

Welp, I tried to mouse draw a top-down perspective doodle I did for the chrisguy's Option B)… trust me, you don't want to see it xD If I can get my old tablet back from my brother, then we'll be in business.

I think we could tie in Booker's and Maiesen's entries; Booker's first, and then Maiseen's. That way, it would read as P-chan gets more curious of the pen's powers by how it changed the bunny, and starts drawing more stuff.

And don't worry about de-synched entries; it's bound to happen with this format. It's better to have content to sort out / combine rather than having no one post. If stuff gets too out of hand, we can leave it up to chrisguy to make the exec decision on how to proceed.

P.S. Methinks that the pen isn't just a freebie god tool… *queues suspicious music*

90462 No.28

These a baby already in her!!! and it grows every time she draws!!!!

90462 No.29

wait…are we back! are we back!!!!!!!

90462 No.30

also if anyone is here and can talk…what grapic tablet would you recommend to draw with. any suggetion?

70e01 No.31

So, I'd prefer if until the confusion is over on whether or not Pregchan is "dead" or the spam goes away or what have you, that we put this story on hold. I just don't want updates happening during the middle of this mayhem.
I am glad, however, that you guys are so willing to participate in this story. :)
If you're currently writing and don't notice this update in time, that's okay. That stuff is bound to happen.


70e01 No.32

File: 1459559475752.png (Spoiler Image, 188.2 KB, 612x713, p-chan fu.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Since the spam was a prank, the hiatus is over. Also, drew a pic to get rid of some salt in my body.

6718b No.33

wait, that was a prank? god damn.
also i feel with salty pchan on a personal level.

70e01 No.34

File: 1459575524998.png (15.59 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

P-chan decides to think this all through. What's going on in her brain? She reviewed her thoughts and the events chronologically.
When she first got here, the first thing she wondered about was what the white space was and why she was here. Then she picked up the magic pen and she got a strange feeling in her stomach. This made her think of her stomach, turning her attention her stomach. She then sees what she's wearing: a bare-belly shirt. Suddenly, she begins thinking about how she'd look good in her outfit if she were pregnant? This was the first time she thought about anything "baby-related".
After testing the pen's powers for the first time, she decides to draw a rabbit. A rabbit is known for their high progeny- having children. Having children goes back to getting pregnant. P-chan wondered what it'd be like to be pregnant and if she became a mother. The feeling in her stomach came back.
After coloring in her bunny, she fooled around with the pen some more and exploring its powers. Without realizing, she drew swollen bellies onto her drawings. Even the ones that were supposed to be inanimate objects had a 'pregnant' look to them. The feeling in her stomach came back stronger. That leads to now.

She made the connection that the weird feeling inside of her happened whenever she thought about anything remotely related to pregnancy or the notion of having kids. The more P-chan thought about the strange feeling, the more she tried to make sense of it, the more she thought about pregnancy because of the established connection. The more she thought about pregnancy, the more intense the feeling grew.
The feeling grew warm and tingly in her stomach. The feeling aroused her. She could feel herself blush as she vividly imagined what being pregnant must feel like. The swollen middle, the plump breasts, the long hair, the popped navel, the wider hips, the movement of developing life. Even the not-so-great parts seemed to sound so wonderful. She rubbed her stomach sensually as she lied down and closed her eyes. She traced her stomach with her fingers and dug her digits into her belly button, playing with it. She could even imagine herself getting bigger and more swollen as she continued rubbing her stomach. Her stomach burned with passion as she felt herself. She imagined her midriff inflating gradually, jugs filling, hips widening and her navel going from an innie to an outie. She thought it'd be so sexy if she had already grown to the size of a watermelon in the time she spend rubbing herself. She even unfastened her pants if she ended up rubbing southward thinking about it.
It felt so real, like she was really pregnant. Except… she was.

(Both >>20 (Maiesen) and >>21 (Booker) are canon. Booker takes place before Maiesen.)

90462 No.35

salt in belly is not good for the baby

90462 No.36

Ah ok so it is sort of combined…..I can live with that

70e01 No.38

Bump in case anyone forgot and wants to continue the story.

15f50 No.44

Must continue the story!!!

70e01 No.49

Once again bumping this thread for anyone who wants to continue writing the story.

21bb4 No.50

What will happen if they don't continue it for a long time?

6718b No.52

File: 1462675211806.png (132.92 KB, 224x227, vivian12.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

>ex calmed
>short gean
What even.

e5e47 No.53

Whhaaaat….i tried

e5e47 No.54

wait….can i delete and retry

70e01 No.56

>shape quick pain
>The only things you fixed were "exclaimed" and "jeans".
>She wasn't talking about "bulge" not being a word, she was talking about how you used the word for a brass instrument instead of the word that describes swelling.

e5e47 No.60

wait….i screwed up….nevermind i shall leave the story to you due to me losing it

d4019 No.67

So….hows it going?

d4019 No.69

I would like to apologize to Chrisguy3 and Preggomyego…This might not be the right place to say it but i want to say it here.

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