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File: 1466822681328.jpg (456.33 KB, 1747x3001, oops_1_by_crazycowproducti….jpg)

9716b No.295[Reply]

Hey, quick question. I cleared my cache back after the attacks stopped, but there might have been one or two more attacks afterwards that I still need to clear. Would clearing just cache get rid of anything that's still lingering image wise, or would I need to clear stuff like cookies and active logins too? I'm on firefox for the record. I just wanna make sure I've gotten my computer clear completely from that awful mess.

File: 1459484518978.jpg (88.53 KB, 640x400, image.jpg)

2b075 No.113[Reply]

>people don't get that this is a joke
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8e546 No.129


exactly this i didn't find it funny at all as i felt it rubbed me the wrong way and bringing back memories of watching this place die for a second time.

personally i hate these kinds of April fools jokes.

2b075 No.134

>some april fools joke hurt my feewings, abloobloo
Nobody's going to cater to your feelings on the Internet. If you're so sensitive to shit like this, maybe you shouldn't be on the Internet to begin with.

4f7ee No.135

And people who go out of their way to say trollish nonsense like this tend to be the ones who wig out the worst when the right button gets pushed by people on the Internet, too.

03130 No.137

I fell for it.

I admit it.

2ec1b No.280

I just met somebody who didn't realize the april fools day joke was a joke and hasn't been to the site in a while because they thought it close down. XD

File: 1456451484010.png (390.35 KB, 900x900, megane_by_chrisguy3-d951gh….png)

910af No.22[Reply]

I'd like to suggest some sort of "beginner's guide" (or FAQ thread) for new users who are visiting for the first time or those that do not know the full extent of this website's features. Especially because Pregchan is not like most traditional websites.

While some features may be self-explanatory, others may not be as such. I think we'd all like to invite as many people to Pregchan without turning them away from an initially confusing layout. I remember being confused the first time I visited this site, like wondering how people can have usernames without a formal sign-in feature.

Just throwing my two cents.
Pic not really related.

(Did you always have to upload an image before you made a new thread? I've never made a new thread before.)
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77873 No.92

I'm no hero. Never was. Never will be. But thanks. It is a nice little community, isn't it?

dcda2 No.93

I think we're getting somewhere now. A little hitting 'Refresh' on my end to get the changes to take effect and I was able to post again.

4e901 No.95

No need to be a hero. Plain ol' circumstance can be a powerful thing.

"The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world…" - G Man, Half Life 2.

f50fa No.259

I double posted in a thread by accident and don't remember the deletion code. Is there any way to delete it? I tried reporting the post on myself and listed the reason.

f50fa No.260

It was in the Impregnator King thread.

File: 1462701410662.jpg (380.98 KB, 957x743, iona.jpg)

eb8dd No.244[Reply]

I can understand and appreciate changing the main page to be special for Mother's Day, but can we do it in a way that doesn't make the viewer think the site has been hacked?

That was my first instinct when I saw a pop-up message and heard embedded music. The april fool's day prank was also in this style.
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60c2c No.254

You pulled a background from Mother? Like the game series that gave us Ness and Lucas?

2f57d No.255

File: 1462759734908.jpg (278.27 KB, 850x702, Mother-3-Family.jpg)

Mother 3, a great RPG for GBA - very goofy, yet full of feels at the same time. It was only released in Japan, but there's a pre-patched English translated ROM available.

c4349 No.256

This particular background is from the part from which the game got one of its slogans in Japanese– "I didn't think I would cry this much."

60c2c No.257

Nicely done.

5f1f3 No.258

Damn. I missed it…

File: 1462227077505.jpg (227.26 KB, 1224x734, mirandaMassEffect.jpg)

d6aa9 No.234[Reply]

Is there a way to tag spoiler text on this chan? e.g. if I wanted the next line to be obscured until someone clicked it, would that be possible?

[spoiler]Super secret message![/spoiler]

Pic unrelated because apparently I need a pic to post on this board?

eea56 No.235

Enclose the text in double asterisks.

d6aa9 No.236


Thanks! testing

File: 1460914881578.png (106.92 KB, 357x290, adf.png)

df1b4 No.138[Reply]

There's been an influx of images I don't really want to see on the front-page, and was wondering if there was a way of blocking/muting certain threads? If not then it's cool - I just wanted to know :P
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7acda No.222

File: 1461805375025.png (53.6 KB, 1349x613, Capture.PNG)

>after muting all the threads you don't wanna see

bc2e7 No.224

Kek. Front page is shite right now.

3f1c9 No.225

Your joking right this site is nothing but trouble for a lot of people

88cd9 No.226

What trouble does it cause?

40361 No.227

File: 1461926912980.png (45.44 KB, 618x643, Capture.PNG)

By "a lot of people", he means himself (Grapha), a persistent troll/shitposter.

File: 1459581325206.png (188.2 KB, 612x713, p-chan fu.png)

d05d8 No.128[Reply]

my feels after yesterday

8d5e6 No.131

They played us like a damn fiddle!

26892 No.132

File: 1459620656400.jpg (50.57 KB, 961x623, HL.JPG)

How dare you play with my emotions! I hate you Pregchan!

… I love you Pregchan ;D

File: 1456445946194.jpg (204.35 KB, 850x1389, ^9758C265E3C9A42846F3F8126….jpg)

d5598 No.4[Reply]

Good to see Pregchan's return!

Formalities aside…

Can we change up how the image feed works?

- image feed showing ALL content defeats benefit of sorting by boards to avoid certain kinds of content
- (make feed respond to minimizing preferences, and add option to "un-check" entire boards from feed?)
- some options for feed display could reduce "squick factor" when site eventually DOES get CP spam again
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5b8c2 No.36

Speaking of bumping threads, can we have like the older Pregchan where whenever a thread gets bumped on the homepage it says which thread it's from rather than just the board? It's kinda annoying to see a new comment on a thread without context.

f863f No.37

I really do think this function more or less solves the problem, is there anyway to slightly change its implementation?

One way we could potentially improve it would be for it to start with the image feed as hidden, and require a click to show it. In that way, users are opening the list of recent posts at their own risk, knowing full well they might see something they dislike.

56e7b No.102

Is there any way we can stop images from hidden threads from showing up on the front page?

I don't really appreciate opening my pregchan bookmark and getting a faceful of mpreg buttbirth. Ew.

6b094 No.103

I think we all have things we don't like. We might just have to deal with this one.

50a0a No.104

I'll implement a filter.

File: 1457104623209.jpg (378.54 KB, 775x1200, 315962.jpg)

7ed28 No.52[Reply]

Tried to submit an image to the morphs/edit thread just now and it gives me a 403 error. Doesn't even kick me to a page for it, just pops it up on the reply.

Image is the one I was trying to upload.

32fad No.101

Is that you from Palcomix?


File: 1457313228143.png (162.39 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-03-06-19-1….png)

7e180 No.71[Reply]


7e180 No.72

O wtf…. I can start a new thread here, but not there?!

fe684 No.90

Are we testing theories now?

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