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6a8f4 No.1

It's so nice to see Pregchan up and running again, hopefully for good this time.

Still… I did make the suggestion LONG ago that we probably should have something for emergencies like the site being down. I always thought we should set up an IRC chatroom somewhere as a place the community can gather whether the site is down or not to discuss ideas or talk about random stuff.

Just kinda tossing that suggestion out again. I know some people get together with other things for RP purposes and stuff, but something basic like this would be useful for group involvement.

916d3 No.2

I just wish we could find the jackasses who keep spamming places like this. I know trolling is a big thing on the net, but using kiddie porn? Freaking hell, if ever there was something that made me want to murder someone for being such assholes.

In any case, there certainly needs to be a tighter security regarding spam. Only thing I can think of is some that trips an alarm if a post is just standard spam strings of text (those obviously dubious links) so they can't be made without something that doesn't alert the system to an obvious spammer/bot. Of course, those kind of systems can be circumvented if words are added, sometimes even spammed that way. Whatever happens, I just hope those fucking cp bastards stay the fuck away.

060e2 No.3

DeviantArt managed to serve that purpose somewhat. Many pregnanccy artists use it.

6a8f4 No.16

Yes, but what I'm suggesting is more of a gathering spot that's also under the Pregchan banner that would both try to promote the community feel this place has lost lately and also as an in-case-of-emergency meeting place if this place DOES go down (hopefully only a temporary server barf will do that to us and not what almost did us in before).

24076 No.41

If we wanted to, we could always make a group on F-list? If that hasn't been done yet. We could link to an F-list chatroom for general image sharing, an F-list chatroom for RP, and an F-list chatroom for general discussion.

Where we put such links and the like is another matter.

6a8f4 No.47

Well I was thinking something that was simple and that someone didn't necessarily have to sign up for. I'm really trying to keep this option as simple as possible for both making it easily accessible to all of us and easily maintained by the mods (who might then have an easier time throwing out any trolls or whatever).

88a44 No.105

Discord is a good open alternative to IRC. It's kinda like Teamspeak but totally free.

6a8f4 No.107


Like I said, I'm trying to keep it simple and use a platform anyone can use. Also I'm not too big on voice chatting…

6a8f4 No.300

I've been feeling kinda bored lately, so I thought maybe I could bump this back up to bring some attention back to this topic.

I think it would still be a great idea to have a chatroom where we could gather and either talk about random things, throw ideas around and see if anyone gets inspired, or whatever else may come to our minds. Also could be useful in case of technical difficulties (if the site is down, we can at least still get together and figure out what's going on). In any case, all we really have to do is find an IRC server that'll accept us and then proceed from there.

6a8f4 No.301


…Well, I may have found a server, but before I commit to trying this experiment, there are two things I want to be sure of: A, that the room will actually be used and it won't just be one or two of us idling the entire time and B: how to spread the word about it without some derp like Grapha showing up (it's not too hard to get rid of trolls like that on IRC, but I'd rather avoid the problem in the first place)

6a8f4 No.305

You know, it's times like this I wish there was an easy way to get in contact with Couchy just to have some high-level input on this.

Sorry for the lack of progress on this, but I got a bit busy and the lack of any real response to this project didn't help. I do plan to actually move forward on this, but it would help if I had a little bit of support from everyone (and not just some heckling from the anons in /b/)

5d693 No.306

I do read posts here, you know. Not to discourage you, I just don't have time to get involved with another thing. I can post a link to it on the announcement if you do set it up.

6a8f4 No.307

Well I figured on seeing who shows up when I eventually get it going. Believe me, just sitting in there and idling isn't against the rules, either (it just looks better if you say something now and then)

I did want to be cautious about announcing the room, though, when it is running. While I absolutely would love to have the people who have made this community what it is (including maybe some who have left this site), I don't want to leave the door wide open to someone who might cause trouble.

…I guess it's a bridge to be crossed when we get there.

6a8f4 No.364

Wow, I didn't mean to totally forget about this. Then again, there never really seemed like there was much interest. The words Stuff/Life Happens also factored in there somewhere.

Well, given how much time has passed, I suppose I can try to get a feeling for what people think about trying to make a pregchan chatroom or something now. For the purposes of this particular discussion, Discord is not an option. If someone else wants to do that, fine, but I know not everyone is interested in voice chatting (such as myself) and I want to keep things simple and accessible.

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