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80803 No.1041

Recently I've noticed images zoom on hover. I personally dislike this behavior. Is there a way to disable this feature? Preferably browser side.

7031e No.1042

Turn off javascript for the site and it won't do it.

7031e No.1044

Didn't notice this before: the time-stamps are also changed. Whereas before they displayed the exact date and time, now they say 'x hours ago' or even 'x years ago'. Which is… kinda strange.

Turning off javascript puts it back to standard dates and times too, at least.

3a6fd No.1045

You can use an ad blocker to block


if you don't want to disable all JS.

82d60 No.1047

It's really buggy. When you get near the bottom of a thread it doesn't zoom right and flickers and stuff.

7031e No.1055

Can we re-add the feature that makes the reply to a post pop-up if we hold our cursor over the notification in the original comment? It's possible to see the comment being replied to by holding the cursor over the reference link in the reply, but not vice-versa.

3a6fd No.1058

That's fixed.

f0ca3 No.1231

Trying to block the image-hover but I am not able to single out that line of text. Or am I doing it wrong and should add a filter?

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