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cc932 No.151

IMO it falls far enough on the "different" enough scale to warrant its own board, like /f/ does. I'm not really into it at all and its been increasing in frequency on both the /r/ and /d/ boards. I'm sure I'm not the only one. Pic unrelated.

72ce9 No.152

Just hide the threads.

6f859 No.154

Think about it this way: The stated reason the site decided to segregate furry content from the rest was allegedly because furries have a lot of contributors and tend to swamp boards with their own subject matter to the detriment of everybody else. This is the theory. In practice, this is not what has happened. The furry board, with its allowances and max excesses, allowed to make thread after thread with impunity, to the point where there's a bunch of single poster spam with 0-2 responders, still just has six pages. Six. Over two years. That's all threads.

Of those, many are repeat subjects from current to two+ years ago. And here's how those break down, discounting threads with less than three posts:

* 'Who drew this?' art threads where an artist's name and where to find more is requested.
* 'Any more of this?' art threads. Like, I dunno, people smoking while shaving midgets.
* Unbirth
* Oviposition/egg laying
* Birth
* Shota/loli/cub
* Edit Thread
* Artists who've deleted their stuff thread
* Ponies
* Good ole coitus and shaboinking: pregnant sex thread
* Feral art
* Pokemon

As you can see, if they were re-integrated, take every post in Furry and you'd find the regular board could accommodate them easily in the appropriate threads. And this is assuming you take every post in /f/ and just dump them in /d/ overnight. Yes, two years of activity just splattered all over /d/ in a single night, it'd do little to nothing. We have pregquest thread collections that take up more space than that, in far shorter windows of time. This is not opinion, this is fact. Nothing would really fall off the board that hadn't been copied two years ago and could be pruned away anyway.

So we kinda-sorta destroy the "furries are just sooooo prolific and overwhelm every thread they participate in" argument for this site. Now we move on.

"I just don't care for furry art"
Well, hey, that's nice bro. I don't care for mpreg and I'm tired of seeing it in every thread that isn't specifically about mpreg. I'm tired of mpreg edits, centaurs, generals, this that and the other. And yet, my and many other people disliking something doesn't seem to be making it go away to die in its own little corner like furry gets. So why does mpreg get a free pass?

Well, it's not because too much furry gets posted, I've proven that. Every post about mpreg probably takes up one third the amount of space furry uses, and even furry wouldn't put a dent in /d/'s thread numbers.
It's not because people like mpreg more than furry. People don't like mpreg. If you had a vote now on relegating mpreg to its own board vs. some other fetish, which was the basis of justification for putting furry at the kiddie table, you'd find mpreg bumped over to its own board too.

"We had a poll and the site trafficers voted this way"
^ Disingenuous. We were given a list of subject matter to put on their own island away from the rest of the islanders. Mpreg was one of the subjects, and it too had plenty of votes to segregate it from the rest. Just because it didn't win that particular poll doesn't mean it's welcomed with open arms. With Furry gone, I bet mpreg would be voted onto its own island, too.

We're left with the knowledge the mods seem to like mpreg more than furry, and only that. Which is okay, but for gods sakes, be honest about it. "We like mpreg more than furry" is legitimate enough. No proxies to hide behind, no pretending it's what the people want, no saying it's out of your hands.

We should reintegrate furry into /d/ or give mpreg its own board to be about pregnant men. It's only fair, and logically consistent.

72ce9 No.155

File: 1461220337802.jpg (40.08 KB, 396x518, 1403637785274.jpg)

I was against putting /f/ in it's own board in the first place because it would only lead to fragmenting the site and lead to a precedent of people pointing fingers and saying "What about THAT!" and now everybody is gonna start trying to shuffle off every subject they don't like onto their own board when there's barely enough content and traffic for stuff like this in their single threads.

So I'm totally for just reintegrating /f/ into /d/ in that regards. It's really just an excuse to go "YOU CAN'T POST FURRY HERE YOU HAVE YOUR OWN BOARD!". I can understand people getting triggered by seeing stuff that disturbs them. But really the only 'logical' choice is to either shuffle every questionable subcategory of this fetish into it's own board and turn all of them into ghost towns or have people suck it up and deal with seeing shit they aren't always gonna like (despite having the tools to hide threads they don't like).

So yeah, my vote would be just to throw /f/ back into /d/ since the the rare complaints every now and then would be worth the solidarity of the website and the increase in traffic to /d/. But I'd settle for just leaving /f/ alone as it is since furries already have lots of websites to gather and discuss fetishes on so they don't necessarily need to come here (even though I would want them to feel welcome on this site as belly lovers regardless of other traits of theirs). I'm not gonna say it ain't broke, but breaking something else certainly isn't going to fix it.

But trying to point fingers at the mods playing favoritism when they've had MUCH more important priorities recently really isn't fair of you.

08bd2 No.156

Considering how relatively small the site's user base is, we should do our best to avoid fragmentation.

6f859 No.157

>trying to point fingers at the mods for playing favoritism when they've had MUCH more important priorities recently really isn't fair of you.

isn't this not too far away from saying, "How dare you not support our troops and government during war" if someone criticizes a government after a war? For one, I'm not criticizing them during a time of great priority. A handle is on the adspammer problem. Given the low traffic flow of problems and priorities, I don't think it's unreasonable to bring it up. Especially since it's critique of a decision made two years ago on questionable pretenses.

To me, it's completely fair. Especially since it's entirely related to the validity of giving a fetish and niche not all of us like its own board. Fair is fair. Since people didn't care enough about furry content enough to wall it off, maybe the same logic can and should apply to other things people don't want to see under the same pretenses. Or, reverse it if the logic doesn't hold water.

6f859 No.158

Eck. My apologies, poster. I meant to respond to >>155

72ce9 No.159

File: 1461237916303.png (82.28 KB, 300x161, We succeeded.png)

Well what I'm getting from this is that discussing the point with you specifically seems like a waste of time since you just skipped everything else I had to say and to throw around a poorly fitting metaphor to a single sentence at the end of my post.

But might as well throw around another rebuttal while I'm here. Accusing the mods of playing favoritism on the subject when there has been no to little discussion on the subject before the accusation was given is just presumptuous.

fb932 No.160

File: 1461256789853.jpg (44.74 KB, 741x691, FB_IMG_1461109921638.jpg)

First of all, pic related. Do not use that word lightly. Fucking stop it. Unless you're sent into an incoherent heap of tears and despair when your friend has to reschedule her OB appointment because it triggered memories of missing your own appointment and LOSING A FUCKING CHILD, just stop. You have no idea what a trigger is. "Triggering" your gag reflex does not count, asshat.

Second. Furry ain't my thing. Mpreg ain't my thing. Both kinda weird me out. Both are "unnatural" to my innate sense of the world. Would I prefer it kep separate? Yes, both. But I know what it is to be shuffled off into a corner because I don't fit a mold. Because I am "unnatural" myself. So, I won't insist or even raise my voice on the matter. But I won't champion the cause either. I need to sort myself.

Third. This came up only once before in a formal vote to the best of my knowledge. Accusing favorites based on ONE vote… nah, bro.

Fourth, OP that image is hilarious. Thank you :)

a40e9 No.161


I just need to voice my appreciation for Professor Lemon showing up on this chan somehow. <3

b1604 No.162

I honestly don't see anything bad about /f/ existing. I don't see how merging it with /d/ would make furry posting anymore popular. And honestly, I hate mpreg, it disgusts me, but there's like 3 threads. It stays largely contained without it being secluded to it's own board, unlike furry, which just gets spammed. I honestly think that mpreg can stay where it is, and furry can stay where it is.

f0d87 No.163

Please do not put furry content back into /d/.

I don't particularly care for mpreg, but there's not that much of it and it's easy to hide a thread or two that has nothing but mpreg. Making a separate /mpreg/ board isn't a terrible idea, but it probably wouldn't get much content so I can understand just keeping it to its own thread or two in /d/.

Furry on the other hand sustains its own board with content. If it was in /d/, it wouldn't be confined to one or two threads, it'd be posted everywhere, which is not fair to those who just plain don't want to see it.

This is subjective, but while I don't care for mpreg, it doesn't really 'bother' me to see it. It's just sort of an 'oh, it's mpreg. Whatever. Next thread then,' feeling. Doesn't float the boat, but doesn't sink the ship. Furry content showing up for example in an otherwise normal impregnation/birthing/hyper-preg/whatever thread on the other hand is a sort of 'stop everything so I can hide this because it's revolting' feeling. Furry content is just not on a level of mpreg.

dbcb2 No.164

I think we've moved on from the original point of this thread, which isn't to bash or critisise /f/ but rather to ask if something could be done about the Mpreg currently being posted in large quantities.

Would it be nice to be moved to its own board? I don't know.
There's enough content to justify THINKING about it, but probably not enough to qualify for a new board. You see, with the furry board there was quite a lot of sub-divisions that would require its own thread (Look at >>154 for a nice list)
Mpreg, on the other hand, would only have probably half the threads that /f/ has, and would create a divide in an already rather small community.

I made a thread asking if there was a way to hide posts, or even subscribe to certain threads, but all Couchy could say was that he "was working on something and it'd be done soon(tm)"
I think the best answer here would to be to add an option that allows you to hide/mute certain threads and make it so you don't have to see what you specifically not want to see.

That's just my two-cents though, I'm no expert in this matter.

72ce9 No.165

You can already hide threads. Just click the little [-] sign in the upper left corner of it.

dbcb2 No.166

I mean hide them from the front page. It's all well and good hiding the threads on the list, but on the front page it's different.

cc932 No.167

OP checking back in after one day. Expected little or no response. WTF have I unleashed.

a40e9 No.168


There's always a huge furore over splitting off new boards.

For my money, if we get the script to hide stuff from the front page stream when we've hidden the threads, and mpreg stays in its own threads, then all is well. At the moment I'm not too fussed by hiding the odd mpreg thread that pops up and ignoring it on the front page.

72ce9 No.169

Then click the hide button on the front page. The site is slow enough that you won't miss out on anything if you do.

6f859 No.170

Ultimately, I'm not personally interested in reintegrating /f/ into /d/. I'm pointing out that the staff would be hypocritical and playing favorites with their fetishes if they didn't split mpreg into its own category if the support is there for it to go.

Allegedly, just being something a few people don't want to see doesn't mean it has to go to its own board. Allegedly. Nooo bias at all. The culture for if you don't like X is allegedly:
>Thread subject matter you don't like? Hide it.
>Art in a thread you don't like? Ignore it.

But what prompted the separation of furry art from /d/? It wasn't necessity. I've been here since the start. There was no big mass justification for A Subject Matter being moved. It was a peculiar, uncalled for unpopularity poll. It did not result after a thread protesting the amount of content filled with angry regulars. It randomly just seemed to happen.

Furry was one of many "randomly selected" subjects and, surprise surprise, it was the one more people felt the strongest about giving its own board. Surely, that is an appropriate thing to do. It truly had nothing to do with peoples dislike of that subject and personal distaste given voice and validation to separate it, given legitimacy by the site staff for them to react to the community rather than just arbitrate it themselves. The way it was worded, there just happened to be enough overlap among the other subjects that nobody felt strong enough about giving them their own board.

I've already proven that the furry content to be posted on this site is not the sort that overwhelms the native fauna. Two years of posts, and /f/ has one fourth the threads of /d/. And since many of the same threads are copies of /d/, just furry flavored, it means many are the same shit in a different tank. You'd have a grand total of four additional threads on /d/ if /f/ just disappeared overnight. After two years. The idea furry needed its own board because of how much furry content there is has been disproven. It was about not wanting furry art in /d/ threads. So mpreg could just as easily be put onto its own board, for the exact same reasons.

And I find it humorous to read, "Well, it was dirty to separate them in the first place. But, don't fix what isn't broken! No more voting people off the island. But don't vote the pariah back onto it, either." What a nonstarter.

Which is why I say, it's surely within this community's traditions to hold polls to give subjects their own boards! Lets grab up a bunch of subjects (egg laying, shota/loli, birthing, milking, tentacles, futa) and see which one we as a community never allow to be posted in /d/ again!

f0d87 No.171

"Furry" content has its own identity outside of pregnant fetish art. Separating "furry" stuff from "non-furry" stuff isn't a new concept. It's the standard across all image boards. It's beyond not wanting to see "furry pregnancy" to not wanting to see "furry", period.

Mpreg doesn't exist outside of the concept of pregnancy fetishism. It's definitely something tied with the fetish, if not something everyone likes. It can easily be confined to one or two threads in /d/ in that case. Don't see how it's 'hypocrisy' to realize that.

6f859 No.172

The hypocrisy comes in when you get into the context. Pregnancy is the main theme of the site. Thus, mpreg and furry preg are both equally deviations of preg. No different from birth, eggs, shota/loli/cub, etc. Having its own identity outside an environment like pregchan is irrelevant to its existence on pregchan as a subset of preg.

Mpreg is intimately tied into yaoi and gender fluidity. It is a subset of gay art and porn. Just as outside pregnancy themed areas, like this, pregnancy is a hangeron subject. It has a home, just as pregnancy does, as a subset of sex, romance and relationship fiction and art. It's wildly popular with its own fanbase, not too dissimilar from how furry is wildly popular with its own fanbase.

08bd2 No.173

It seems like you want mpreg to have a separate board because you don't want to see potentially gay art. I have nothing against that personally, and it's a legitimate reason to have a new board. I just find it a better argument than calling everyone else a hypocrite.

I know you went over thread content in /f/, but I want to go over the images since they are the bread and butter of a sexual fetish driven image board site.

Of the two whole mpreg threads I'd say less than a third of the 300 or so images are explicitly gay, and the rest lack context. The furry board contains about 1300 images spread over 52 threads. At this point there just isn't enough mpreg content on the site to warrant a new board.

I would be willing to support the creation of an mpreg board at a much later date if it starts to proliferate.

On a final note, I know he's talked in the muting threads thread, but I think Couchy should officially state his opinion in this thread. It feels weird having a serious discussion on the future of the site without hearing anything from the current admin.

(Full disclosure: I posted >>156 I'm not sure if the ID will be the same, and I don't want anyone to get the idea that more people are talking than in reality)

6f859 No.174

Out of all my posts, you decide to come to the conclusion the reason I'm not wild about mpreg is because "I don't want to see gay art." That's preposterous, and you know it. I'm as unwild about mpreg as someone who does not care for furry stuff, does not want to see furry stuff. The difference is someone who does not like mpreg is implied to be homophobic, while someone that doesn't care for furry can just shrug and float away, pretending to be neutral since that's the inertia of how the site works.

My commentary on mpreg's presence in the gay art fandom is not a reflection of my feelings regarding homosexuals. I was pointing out that furry preg and mpreg are outliers and subfetishes in their own fandoms. Furry preg is a subset of furry, mpreg is a subset intimately tied into the yaoi art and writing culture. It's as gay as fur-preg is furry. So to say "well the distinction is okay because furries have a lot of their own sites and stuff but mpreg doesn't, it exists only within preg fetish fandom" is wrong. Mpreg does have presence outside preg fetish boards and sits catering to pregs, so the argument "they have nowhere else to go so deserve to stay" doesn't hold water.

It doesn't matter if only 300 are explicitly gay. Any mpreg picture is an mpreg picture, and it's not something folks who don't like mpreg want to see. Exactly the same as furry art. And there are over 400 on this site, just in their own mpreg specific threads (of which the one IN furry counts). Even being one third as much furry, that's still not much. Or too much, considering how just a little more seems to warrant having its own corner separating it from the rest of the site.

Point being, there's either no reason to have them separate, or every reason to have them separate. Unless the answer to why furry is off on its own comes down to a decimal point amount more content than mpreg, but then, well.. that's an awfully convenient and arbitrary distinction, innit?

b1604 No.175

If we're gonna end up making an mpreg board, we might as well group futa in as well and just make it the board for dicks. There really is no need to though because mpreg stays in it's 2-3 threads and futa stays on 4chan.

615b2 No.176

There is a rather distinct difference between those two subjects, though.

And I would be interested in seeing more futa-related art around here (whether they're the ones responsible for putting a bun in a girl's oven, or they're sporting the belly themselves). Not so much a fan of mpreg, though.

b1604 No.177

I honestly am glad that futa stays on 4chan and doesn't bother this place. And what is a big difference between the two? That one looks semi-feminine and the other doesn't? That's really the only difference.

08bd2 No.178

I never said you were homophobic, nor did I intend to insinuate that. I apologize if my post was not worded as strongly as I intended.

My point was arguing mpreg catering to widely different tastes than normal pregnancy is more convincing than calling everyone hypocrites.

I still believe that due to mpreg being well contained to a small number of threads, hiding said threads is the best option at this time.

Sadly, because of the relatively small number of posters on the site, the amount and type of content being posted has most likely stabilized.

615b2 No.179

The difference are futanari are still female (complete with proper equipment for getting knocked up themselves) while mpreg…well, it's in the name. They're male…and not only does it make no sense to me, I'm wincing thinking about how those babies are supposed to get out >_<

b1604 No.180

>has a dick
And I bet you think traps are female, too

08bd2 No.181

File: 1461477668801.jpg (83.65 KB, 547x720, futas.jpg)

6f859 No.182

File: 1461483563029.gif (499.58 KB, 500x374, giphy.gif)

I apologize for the tangent this is going to create, but I felt I should drop some knowledge in the thread. Else it could get into insulting territory. The distinction between trans, futa and hermaphrodites is sorta necessary from here on out, since it came up.

Futanari are an imaginary construct completely separate from real life gender and sex. Like, "room temperature liquid stone." The hell is that? Stone is a solid substance in room temperature, but its makeup becomes more liquid in hot temperatures. So when you encounter the imaginary construct of a stone that's liquid in room temperature, you ask, "so it's mud?" and you're told no, it's not mud. It's a stone that's liquid! "Well then it's lava." No, you're told, it's not lava. It's somehow a stone that's liquid in room temperature. Specifically, a solid structure that is.. now.. liquid.. but it's a stone, like any other! It's a physical impossibility.

Futa are not 'men with penises.' They're a theoretical state of a female with male sex organs, but somehow they're magically not male sex organs, just sex organs. And the distinction gets even more fuzzy and ridiculous, because Japan lumps functional hermaphrodites and actual shemales in with futa, thus blurring the distinction even more. Classic futa have penises because it's magically distinct from a shemale, in I suppose we assume it has female chromosomes as well as pronouns, and the penis and balls aren't "male sex organs" because they're "on a female."

Shemales are sort of a natural extension of transvestites, ala, men who get off on modeling themselves after women, if only for a short while. Those ugly transvestites with 6-0'clock shadow? Those Brazilian ladyboys that could be mistakable for females in the right light and from behind? Yep, that's them.

And then we come to trans people, where in this case we talk about male to female. A male to female trans person prefers to use gender as the determinant on if they are male or female, and gender in the context of trans persons is distinct from sex. Sex is your chromosomes and your endocrine system and your sexual organs. Gender is whether you present as a male or a female. A trans person does not want to be the sex their biology assigned, and so as an alternative, present as the gender they identify with in order to escape what is known as body dysphora. Which is a mental condition where the brain says "I'm one sex" while they body goes "lol nope." It's a thorny issue, but the prevailing theory and method the psych community has decided to go with is classifying trans people to be the gender they prefer to associate with, whether they've had surgery to transition or not. So you'll find legal females with penises and no vaginas/uteruseses, that never had them and might never get them. They'll still be trans female, but legally, they're considered as female as your sister or mother, entitled to all the same things, such as bathroom privileges. Whether they have penises and balls, or not. In their minds and feelings, they are not "men who turned," they're women who've pupated into something more like how they feel.

To date a functional hermaphrodite human has never been born. The closest we get are intersexed people, whom prefer not to be lumped in with trans folk. Sexual chromosomes, at least up to now, weren't meant to engineer human hermaphrodites. To make one fully functional reproductively will likely take serious synthetic manipulation, or like.. thousands of years of natural selection on people with multiple sets of sex organs. So we don't have any pronouns specific to hermaphrodites, and they tend to just borrow from females. At least as far as humans are concerned, they're an imaginary and theoretical thing for now. In art and fiction, hermaphrodites escape distinction since they're born specifically with functional reproductive organs of both sexes, essentially escaping classification as either and getting privileges of both.

And all of the above are distinct from mpreg. Why? Because in my experience, trans folk *hate* being called "men in dresses." In their minds, they are female, deserve to be thought of as female, and so they don't get anything but shame or anger out of mpreg or shemales. They tend to like regular female preg stuff, because they identify with the woman. Exceptions exist, though. There are plenty of trans identifying or simply gender queer individuals who dig all kinds of degrading type gender stuff.

So.. lets keep this in mind when we talk about where their art goes.

899b3 No.183

Thank you Mr. Science Guy. Your point was well made and very nicely put. As an intersex person that had gender reassignment surgery when I was still a baby, it's nice to see someone that actually understands. I personally don't care for mpreg, but I also don't want to burn it with fire. It's just a "meh, nothin good posted today either…"

b1604 No.184

Do you understand how unethical that is to get your sex changed as a baby?

2be0c No.185


Mmm… This's just my $0.02, but I don't think it's so much that futa are "men with penises" (which is no different than a "YOU'RE ATTRACTED TO FETUSES BECAUSE THERE ARE FETUSES IN THAT BELLY" argument), or that futanari penises aren't male sex organs.

Futanari aren't strictly female, nor are they strictly male. "Shemale" is probably the closest analogy because it's the image of someone who absolutely looks like a woman but has a penis, but a futanari more often than not also has the female organs as well.

The attraction to futanari, I think, is the image of someone with all of a female's characteristics, but also possessing the ability to get others pregnant while getting pregnant themselves.

This differs from mpreg and people in pictures who appear male but have female reproductive organs because the distinction is that the person in question has female secondary sexual characteristics, not male ones.

On the "PENIS MEANS MALE" argument, "Vagina means female", so "what to do if has both?"
The answer, honestly for the sake of art sites, is that the person is both, or whatever you prefer them to be.

That being said, I am pretty sure mpreg gets a worse reception than pregnant futanari because of the people accepting a person having both organs, more would I think accept a person who is pregnant and appears female (female secondary sexual characteristics like body build and facial structure) than a person who is pregnant and appears male (male secondary sexual characteristics like body build and facial structure). And this is completely aside of what sexual organs the person in question actually possesses.
(This might also explain the sexual grey area of "fembois" and "traps")

I've seen people make the "why not mpreg?" arguments on (I think) the draw thread of one of the old sites and sadly I just don't think they grasped this distinction. They seemed to not understand why someone might be disgusted at the thought of someone looking male but pregnant.
I'm not even knocking on the taste in attraction either way, but I think both sides are understandable and to lack the level of empathy to see that is selfish to me.

It all comes down to, sexually, whether the person APPEARS male or female, regardless of what organs they actually have, and the vast majority of the people on this site seem to be attracted purely to people who look female, at the very least.

That's just my $0.02 on the matter, really.

2be0c No.186

Parents DID do that. I don't know what the political climate is now, but back then if you were born with indicators of both, the parents usually made the decision, the same way they would if they just gave birth to conjoined twins or something.

It was seen as a birth defect to be corrected.

b1604 No.187

>indicators of both
Unless you're a herm that's a myth

8304e No.188

Most ignorant post I've seen in a while. Google "ambiguous genitalia".

8304e No.190

On topic, I'm really not a fan of splitting stuff up unless absolutely necessary. It wasn't even my decision to create a furry board, and I raised the same point about its creation coming more from out of the blue than from any actual need. But it's there now and it's worked out pretty well, so it will stay. And yes, the board is slow, but mpreg has nowhere near the amount of interest to justify another board. And what about the furry mpreg thread? Logically, we'd need another board just for that too. That's why I would prefer to avoid over-categorizing.

72ce9 No.193

This was more concise and better reasoned than my massive multiparagraph posts and I'm angry jealous about it. XP

f0d87 No.195

Thank you. This is the best choice too, I think.

6f859 No.197

So by this logic, we clearly would need a new board for the pregnant fursuiters, too. Their numbers don't matter based on the validity of needing a new board for them. I mean, the mpreg furries only number what.. eighty posts? So that's one convention's worth of photos.

They can't just be added to the real board, because they're furry, and as we know, furry needs to stick to its own kind.

They can't be added to the furry board, because they're real. That would conflict with the theme.

We'd need a whole separate board just for furry fursuiters, the same as we'd theoretically need a furry board just for mpreg.

OR, it doesn't work like that, and the furry thread could encompass fursuiting, which is an element of real within its own niche. Which means given its small niche, it'd be allowed to double dip without necessitating more boards for it.

In which case that'd mean an mpreg board could accommodate illustrations, cosplay/pretending and furry in separate threads to no harm, considering how small the fandom is.

.. Unless having a small presence doesn't mean anything and is not a good reason to separate them from everybody else…

in which case, why is furry its own board again?

8304e No.201

>why is furry its own board again?

Because it was there when I took over the site, and it's not worth the confusion and/or technical problems of trying to move it back into /d/.

f0d87 No.202

You said previously you're against "reintegrating /f/ into /d/", why are you now arguing for it?

b1604 No.203

>fursuiter =/= furry
How retarded are you

08bd2 No.204

You're not making much sense. Are you arguing for or against your original point?

6f859 No.207

Unfortunate, but I concede not knowing how to do it is good enough to not push. But not knowing how will only take you so far when you're managing a board. :\

I'm pointing out how the logic doesn't hold up in the decision making process. There are no /good/ reasons that mpreg shouldn't get its own board that shouldn't also apply to furry not being separate. I'm not against it, but it's not my goal.

Did you miss the part where we separate preg content based on if it's illustrations or drawn?

I'm taking the logic involved and applying it to other things. If the logic cannot be applied that way, that means there's other logic interfering that hasn't been discussed yet. My original point is there's no reason mpreg can't have its own board if people decide they don't want it there, and I cite the furry board as an example.

f0d87 No.208

You're basically saying "having furry separate from /d/ is fursecution" without actually using the word.

However many pages of content is in /f/ is a lot. Much better to have it there, away from people who just plain don't want to see it, than in the normal threads in /d/.

6f859 No.209

Yes, furries that wonk and whine about fursecution are a thing. It happens. Just because that thing happens, has happened and likely will happen does not necessarily mean that's what's happening here. I never said fursecution, because it isn't. It's only a coincidence that the subject in question is furry. If it were birth, tentacles or Preg Quest Threads that got pushed onto their own islands, I'd be here pointing out how the rules that got them stuck in their own boards should also apply to any discussion regarding mpreg.

Primarily because I don't care for mpreg and wouldn't mind it disappearing from the boards I do care about. And it irritates the hell out of me that it's allowed to stay, sticking out thematically like a rooster in a henhouse, while the same logic that got furry its separate lunchcounter isn't applied to mpreg.

My goal is to simply point out the bias and how it comes down to the will of the mods and site staff rather than a good argument or not. Rather, ruling out the validity of not giving mpreg its own board, if those reasons aren't applied the same to furry.

72ce9 No.210

File: 1461757047860.jpg (216.49 KB, 1280x720, Let it go.jpg)

All you're really doing is whining about mpreg and trying to stretch logic as far as possible in a vain attempt to feel justified about it. There's tools that let you avoid it already implemented. There's been a statement by the admin. Your logic is flawed enough that people aren't able to completely understand what you've been saying at times and you've also ignored solid points against your argument.

It's time to move on.

0e273 No.211

You are not people. You are a person. Your confusion (going by your previous posts, often willful) is not an indicator of other peoples confusion.

None of my posts have been whining. This is the site feedback board. It is completely appropriate to apply feedback. Especially if you feel like you have something worth saying. That's called 'a conversation,' and it's how people discus things in a manner that productively encourages deliberation, debate and possibly change.

Said statement by the admin is it's "too difficult" or "not worth bothering with." That doesn't mean it doesn't merit a board, it just means they don't feel like doing it, or retroactively changing what was admittedly unnecessarily changed in the first place. So, status quo it is. They even admitted it was lame to separate them in the first place, but hey, it's that way now. And yet, it miraculously stops short of mpreg. As stated above, I'll be interested in seeing if any other subject merits its own board in the future, and the given reasons why.

If you don't care for site feedback in the site feedback thread, you can always hide it. :^)

24a5f No.212

Oddly enough, I never considered the separation of /f/ to be a persecution thing. Perhaps I'm overly optimistic (those who know me would choke), but it just seemed like an advantage to those who enjoyed that subject matter, giving them an easy way to find it amid all the other posts. I suppose I needed a reminder of all the "trigger" people and "vomited in my mouth" people who see /f/ as an abomination deserving of condemnation. I forget they're out there.

Of course, that also helps explain the moribund nature of the /f/ board. After years of "GTFO sick fuck!" it's no surprise that furries would avoid sticking their heads up outside the communities where they are actually welcomed and encouraged. The self-indulgent, egocentric protestations of the whiny infants who think that everybody absolutely MUST know their own personal likes and dislikes is a big part of why I post a lot less art than I used to.

I do notice a certain amount of bigotry inherent in all the people advocating segregation arguments, to the effect of "If you are interested in (x) then you are obsessed with (x) and will spam the board with (x) whereas EVERYBODY else wants to see only (y)." Kind of dismisses the possibility that somebody can possibly equally enjoy (x)&&(y)&&(z)&&(#@&%$). A lot of the people posting hetero-normative, human-only art happen ALSO to be furries or futa-philes or other sundry weirdos who know they have to hide aspects of their personality to avoid drama-queen, over-the-top reactions.

The urge to categorize and exclude is a human pathology. I don't have a big issue with categorizing. It's a convenience that can make it easier to find what you like most. When it's done to appease the laziness of narrow-minded, selfish children who think that the world should only contain things that THEY like, I'm less sanguine about it. (yes, I'm judgmental. More than half a century on this planet will do that to you).

I'm not even going to get into my opinion of mpreg. It's not relevant. It's not my board, and I'm not the only one here. Is there enough of it to warrant an entire sub-category? I don't really think so, but then I don't fixate on it when I encounter it. Empirically speaking, I went back a year, I was only able to find TWO mpreg threads in /d/ and ONE in /r/. OP claims "increasing frequency" which I suppose is technically accurate if it means going from "zero" per year to "one" (or—OMG!—two!) threads per year. My non-PC opinion is: "this whole thread is just fucking retarded."

Carry on. I'll get popcorn.

f74da No.213

File: 1461785530909.jpg (9.92 KB, 260x284, don-not-burn-pop-corn.jpg)

Someone said popcorn! Pardon me, dusting off some favorites.

f74da No.214

File: 1461785563220.jpg (12.45 KB, 275x210, 0c1a93050cd3df9b00268545af….jpg)

f74da No.215

File: 1461785926904.jpg (28.23 KB, 750x420, mj-popcorn-meme-wonka.jpg)

Flood? Only a little one :(

f74da No.216

File: 1461785970630.jpg (9.34 KB, 225x225, images-1.jpg)

Also the face I make when I smell tacos.

f74da No.217

File: 1461786018603.jpg (22.26 KB, 236x338, 14fa90e8276e8b96b42e7436ac….jpg)

Or popcorn. Because I love the smell of popcorn.

f74da No.218

File: 1461786074279.jpg (7.95 KB, 216x233, images.jpg)

Relevant, considering the controversial nature of the porns in question. ;)

f74da No.219

File: 1461786119077.jpg (7.85 KB, 300x298, 201502_1042_edgcc_sm.jpg)

And now I'm done and need some floss.

Carry on.

f2042 No.220


D'you still write? I quite like some of the stories on your site.

f0d87 No.221

>Kind of dismisses the possibility that somebody can possibly equally enjoy (x)&&(y)&&(z)&&(#@&%$).

I really don't like furry or want to see furry art. Seeing furry art depicting some other fetish I do like won't change this.

If I change my mind and suddenly want to see furry art, I'll go to /f/. Promise.

Is that fair?

b1604 No.223

As long as people who have weird tastes go to their own secluded places, the "infants" who "overly react when they see something they don't like" are winning by logic's standards. There's no reason to post your own tastes anywhere where it's not openly welcome unless you're fishing for replies and reactions.

0e273 No.228

But see, mpreg isn't openly welcome in /d/. It's tolerated by people who don't care for it (as things you don't care for should be) while furry, things a few people (and given the population of this site, it is a [b]few[/b] people) didn't like got put in seclusion. Currently it's not about whether the material is welcome or not, it's more about dogmatic policy for the sake of policy that nobody feels like changing because they don't feel like changing it.

I'm not complaining about that, so much as saying that is the reality of the situation when we talk about why furry is secluded and mpreg isn't. And we should remember that. Overall I'd say mpreg is no more liked than furry is. But people don't feel strongly enough to want it removed- as they didn't feel strongly enough about furry as posters and trafficers, but don't mind it gone. The thing that got furry moved as opposed to anything else was just a siteholder decision. Furry was technically welcome and tolerated with no problems (literally no problems. No complaints) until this out of the blue policy change.

But, it's moot. Nothing is gonna change anytime soon.

eddee No.229

Wow this thread is a mess.

The Mpreg people seem to keep to their thread. That's fine with me and mpreg is my number one Fuck no when it comes to this fetish. (Seriously stop trying to pull the homophobia card.)

Furries have plenty of content to hold up their own board. Also makes it easier for people that want to find it.

eddee No.230

> The thing that got furry moved as opposed to anything else was just a siteholder decision

Double posting, but there was a vote. It won.

0e273 No.231

I talked about this above.

Yes. It won the unpopularity poll.

The unnecessary poll that nobody asked for, that did not come about because anyone complained about furries, that was not the response of any spam. The poll that materialized because "someone" was going to get their own special chair away from the rest of the subjects on /d/, for no real reason.

A random poll to put "someone" off in their own category. There were more candidates than furries, but they just didn't get as many votes. There was still the possibility that they'd go, at least! Allegedly. Less than a snowballs chance in hell that more people would vote against tentacles, birthing or anything else BUT furry.

The pretense for the vote was dumb, the reason for even having a vote was dumb. Everybody knew who would randomly win it. To the point where it's pretty obvious they were counting on it.

0e273 No.232

^and the fact that there have been no such similar polls made or calls for them since for any other sub-fetish of preg should tell you something.

eddee No.233

Pretty obvious you mean by the fact that it was about getting birth a board birth ended up losing, though it was winning at first. There's even been people complaining about birth since then.

The fact of the matter is people whine all the time. WISWP had a fit and fractured itself over sizes at one point. It's what people do. The only thing to consider is: is there a reason to separate the boards out based on the amount of content produced. Furry has enough content to work it's own board, including it's own MPreg and birth threads.

0e273 No.237

Speaking of numbers of posts and pictures before a subject has a valid amount of content for its own board..

/f/urry has a grand total of around 1900 existing posts, including shitposts, reposts, double posts, superfluous threads, pictures (both human AND furry, odd enough. gtfo normies reeeeeee), shitposts and reaction macros, and just comments. It has had a grand total of around 3167 since it opened at post #1, less than two years ago. Many of those posts seem to be unaccounted for, but there was that doofy costume design edit spammer and the CP spammer. Really, any time posts are deleted that are spam, it raises the count, so we can't go by the most recent thread number.

Because each and every thread currently in /f/ has a grand total of 1395 images. A considerable number of which are shitposts or reaction images, thus bringing the final total smaller than that. And its taken two years of being on its own to amount to that. It was not that way or anywhere near that amount around '14, when there was enough content posted to legitimize separating them, and so logically it should not take quite as much non-furry content to warrant its own board.

Now lets examine mpreg pictures and art.
On /d/ alone there's around 356 posts and 278 images, just in one mpreg thread. 2-3 pictures in the Pregnant Centaur thread. 90 in the furry mpreg thread. 7 in 'edited' mpreg. So, about 456 existing posts and around 290 mpreg images in all on pregchan.

We come to about 1/5th the content that furry has on this website. Or for every post mpreg related, there's 4.8 furry posts.

Furry was given the free pass to spread and sprawl out and post as much as it wanted on its own board, and so unlike when a niche exists on /d/, there's less pressure to not post for the sake of posting and more freedom to whimsically spam.

So, okay. Now we have a target number! If any mpreg threads or mpreg art in other threads ever equals even half this number, or around 1,000 posts, I think it'd be more than time to talk about opening an mpreg specific board on the grounds of it having enough content. ^.^

72ce9 No.238

File: 1462248885662.jpeg (60.15 KB, 528x768, n55DUzPSnH2QcbDj6MXblyUkZ….jpeg)

If that's the measure you're going to use then we should probably make a CYOA board first. Or a birth board. Or an edit board. Those threads are more popular and have more posts than Mpreg.

Buuuuuut… That doesn't fit your narrative and goal of trying to get rid of mpreg so none of that really matters to you does it?

0e273 No.239

More people would care to move mpreg than they'd care to move CYOA. Very much how they cared to move furry.

0c17c No.240

Please stop.

9966f No.241

see im happy to hide what i dont like BUT IT DONT FUCKIN WORK. every thread i've ever hidden has come unhidden as soon as i left

72ce9 No.242

I hear that is due to an issue of cookies and incognito mode. Since you can't save your settings that way then the website just resets every time you visit it. Your gonna either have to either visit off incognito mode or accept that you can't use the feature. Or there could be another reason it's not working for you.

9966f No.243

i'm not in incognito mode

72ce9 No.252

Well then you have a possible thread to use to start investigating your issue.

b8ebf No.296

I think an mpreg board would be kind of pleasant for a number reasons

1. As far as I know there is no mpreg imageboard so this would be the first and probably the only one for awhile.

2. It's a big subject with many different topics i.e. gay mpreg, straight mpreg, mpreg stories, mpreg fan art, mpreg comics, mpreg morphs, I could go on and on

3. It would organize the site better, someone looking for mpreg wouldn't have to go through what is irrelevant for their search if they want to browse

4. I think people would be more comfortable to post and talk about mpreg if it feels like you're around like minded individuals and not have to worry about the people who aren't into it

fcb0a No.297

I think mpreg needs to be separated as well.

If you go to a message board about sharing pics of big boobs, you don't expect to see a lot of fat men with gynecomastia. You expect to see women.

If you're actively looking for gynecomastia or mpreg, you'd have better luck finding it if it actually had a separate board with a header and all that good SEO jazz.

d0873 No.298

The essential question to me is does anyone who LIKES mpreg want it to have a separate board, or is it entirely people who DON'T like mpreg that just want it shoved off into its own corner? If the mpreg fans want their own space, great, give it to them.

I don't like mpreg, but I will happily hide mpreg threads on the main board from now until the end of time if the alternative is having people complaining vociferously about segregation for years to come.

dcb0d No.299

I vouch for mpreg having their own board, and I do like the reasons >>296
and >>297 gave.

b8ebf No.327

I've noticed an increase in mpreg content recently so I was wondering if we could reopen the subject. I like mpreg and I think I separate board would encourage people to post it more

e8f47 No.370

it would either flourish because fans have their own space or it would fail and be reintegrated

where is the harm in just trying it and seeing how it goes?

raises some good points. think of all the poor people having to see disgusting vaginas just to find their precious dicks

5a147 No.371



We could just not encourage it and hope it goes away all together.

4face No.372

It would probably be better to give them somewhere isolated to post rather than ignore the problem.

Most incidents which lead to this thread are due to mpreg being posted in inappropriate places right?

It's like why we use lightning rods. You can't prevent lightning from striking so you direct it somewhere else.

5a147 No.373

I'm pretty sure most people that are salty are so because it exist at all.

Making it's own board just means I have to go there to block the threads from appearing on the front page.

I mean do what the mods will. I'm just pointing out it's not completely avoidable even if shunted off to it's own board.

There's a lot of things I don't like that get posted here but Mpreg triggers me on the level of trying to wage a social war about how people want to, yet again, give men a purely feminine activity.

f966e No.374

the matter of if mpreg is going to stay or go has pretty much been decided. There's really no room for debate.

Furry got voted off the island and stays that way because the site holders don't want to change the policy.

Mpreg still exists because the site holders don't want to change the policy.

There's really nothing more to discuss here. Even if half of /d/ was effectively mpreg, it'd still be totally copacetic because it's considered equal to normal pregnant.

db2b9 No.375

if the front page is such an issue just bookmark your favorite board and go straight there instead

you're not an admin, thats not your call to make

f966e No.376

I'm not making the call.
14 someodd months ago, it was made.

5a147 No.377

Why would I want to bookmark multiple boards when I just want Mpreg to die.

Yeah I'm kink shaming. In the end it doesn't hurt the people that like stuff I don't like if I say I don't like it. I'm not in charge.

b8ebf No.378

If you want it to die you're doing it the worst way possible, in fact you probably encouraged someone to post more to send you into a fit of rage

9bb38 No.379

…you dont bookmark them all you just bookmark one then use the navigation header

226c7 No.380

Speaking as one of the mpreg posters… I am careful to keep it contained to the threads that we currently have. I've only ever observed the same of other posters of mpreg. This is a solution seeking a problem.

226c7 No.381

Dagnabbit, I wish I'd noticed I was posting in a necroed thread.

9bb38 No.382

its not necro'd, we've just been arguing about it for over a year now

9bb38 No.383

actually about the "recent images" on the front page, since its mostly filled with random images of girls who need to be giving birth through their panties to six million babies at 9 years, is it even needed?

6abd9 No.384

That would probably solve all of our problems.

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