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HTTPS has been (re)enabled. As usual, let me know if something goes wrong.

*Users who were getting 403/Forbidden when posting, please try again!*

File: 1475014945403.jpg (9.32 KB, 480x360, technical_difficulties.jpg)

8453e No.313

Some days I get the message
Undefined Variable: info"
while trying to post. It happens on mobile and on my laptop, in Chrome, Firefox and Edge. It isn't quite random as it is reproducible for a while, but it usually doesn't last and after another person's post in the same thread I am able to post again.

Completely different problem: The Link [Go to bottom] on the top of every page does not work. There does not seem to be an anchor #bottom.

9f5c2 No.314

Fixed both, thanks.

677ca No.341

This seems an appropriate place to post. I can't post anymore, it seems. I was posting pictures in theGirlfriend's thread, and now im getting a solid wall of 503 errors.

677ca No.342

Apparently, i can post here to complain about it though. Boo.

9f5c2 No.344

503 means the server was temporarily down. This site is on a shared server, so they might have their own flood detection or something. Or it just went down for a minute, as cheap servers are wont to do.

677ca No.345

Man, shut down after one post. The server really hates me, I'm getting 8-10 pics before I have to wait a few hours to try again.

*sad trombone*

e56f8 No.346

Now I cant post at all. If this is some kind of flood detection, the server has locked me out of posting images.

facad No.347

Chrome is claiming that the site's certification chain is invalid.

9f5c2 No.348

Don't use https - I tried to set it up, but it didn't work with posting for some reason.

891a0 No.349

Since the new reply limit hit a couple of the big threads in Drawn (specifically Edit and Original Content), hopefully we can make sure to sticky their replacements. Also maybe we could try linking to the old threads in the new ones just to make it easy to find them (in case anything was left undone in Edit or someone wanted to find an old piece of OC art).

…Also, for some reason, the site wouldn't let me make a new thread to say that. Kept saying it looked 'automated' (even though I tried to include a picture, had a subject line, and still kept getting kicked)

7c855 No.357

Was there a problem last night? The site went down with "Account was suspended" appearing when you tried to access it for a while. It was probably less than an hour, but it was nerve-wracking.

9f5c2 No.358

File: 1487718636959.jpg (108.61 KB, 888x499, wx0q1.jpg)

Yeah, it got shut down for a little while; apparently it was time to pay the hosting company.

7c855 No.359

It's not april fool's day anymore. Can we get rid of the pregnant giraffe?

2921e No.360

>>359 don't get me wrong i love pregnant woman moving their bodies but it's making me have motion sickness.

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