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File: 1476411640627.jpg (44.06 KB, 600x450, meet-the-winner-of-last-ni….jpg)

17b62 No.315

Not really of any importance to anyone, but Ken Bone, recent undecided voter and now Meme, is apparently One Of Us

He's posted on reddit in the preggoporn subreddit. Should have probably made a different account from his main for his AMA, but hey, he's still One Of Us

fada8 No.316

And just when I thought this election couldn't get anymore weird and awkward…

f6ade No.317

I'm experiencing second to third hand cringe and hoping people do him the honors of deleting that post and pretending he never posted there!

Not because Ken is a bad guy but oh my god nobody needs to know that sort of thing!!

85c7c No.318

File: 1476422399099.png (3.99 KB, 173x201, 1442869506242.png)

Why is this thread on /q/?
Shouldn't it be on /b/?

5b4ba No.319

File: 1476422488602.jpg (26.27 KB, 457x480, 1476413666939.jpg)

>ken bone is one of us
the meme is too much for me

982a0 No.320

It's actually highly unlikely he's a user here. 99.9% of people attracted to pregnant women would take one look at the front page, lose a little of their desire to live along with their faith in humanity and never return.

Liking vanilla pregnancy is normal. This shit you guys are into is not. A lot of the userbase here are frankly mentally ill and how you haven't turned up in a viral video by now is amazing. If someone like mr XXXXXXX put a spotlight on this place the ridicule rained down on you would be brutal beyond anything you can imagine.

49c60 No.321

File: 1476432567240.gif (992.8 KB, 250x250, 1413135185174.gif)

>I'm not a weirdo like you guys! Trolling on fetish image boards is something normal people do!

a78b9 No.322

>using your everyday account on a porn sub
>let alone a fetish sub
Oh Ken, nooooo.

I doubt most people will hear or care about it, but you gotta be smarter than this online.

Hope it doesn't create problems in his personal life, he doesn't deserve that.

5b4ba No.323

File: 1476442170101.jpg (81.54 KB, 384x313, eQ20E.jpg)

I dunno
if anything, his wife is already aware

36951 No.324

Lot's of people have tried but it never takes off, apparently hating on other people's fetishes isn't comedy gold

a3fda No.325

What has he posted on r/preggoporn? It's been deleted from his profile

94024 No.326

What sort of thing? Having a wank? While I don't go around announcing what I'm into acting like liking pregnancy is akin to liking killing baby animals or something is overreacting.

Trying to hide it too hard will also lead to people finding it eventually and harassing you with it.

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