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File: 1456617862045.jpg (54.84 KB, 618x488, Spam.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

325dd No.40

Just out of curiosity, what measures do we have in place now to deal with spammers? I know that was a serious issue last time around.

c8582 No.42

I don't want to tip my hand too much, but rest assured, defensive measures are already up and working. One good thing about being a smaller chan is that we can try some more aggressive anti-spam techniques.

325dd No.43

Glad to hear there are already some solutions in play!

In that case, would you be at all opposed to this thread becoming a general site security idea thread where collections of possible solutions for different problems can be posted? Just to ensure a wide range of ideas are on the table?

95756 No.65

It might be time to break out those techniques now.

bf866 No.78

Spammers are back :/

cd0de No.79

46fb4 No.80

Not sure what kind of anti-spam measures we have, but they seem to be inclined to break the board when used.

1e31c No.81

Report it when you see it so it can get filtered out ASAP.

46fb4 No.82

I'm reporting stuff as I see them. However I just tried replying to something in Real and it's bugged out there now (server took too long/403 Forbidden error combo, which I know has plagued others before).

It just seems odd that when the board bugs out for me is right after a spam attack (when presumably whatever Couchy's got up their sleeve for anti-spam measures is likely triggered), so maybe something in that is buggy too.

c8582 No.83

File: 1457486336268.jpg (57.1 KB, 500x386, uguu.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

If you can see this post, then I've beefed up the spam filter without breaking anything this time! Yay!

46fb4 No.84

Still broken over in Real, at least as far as anything I've tried to do (geez, took so long for Ty's girlfriend to post something and now at least I can't post in her thread, dunno if anyone else is having the same problem).

46fb4 No.85


Add Chat to possible problem locations too.

1e31c No.86


Seeing the same error trying to post in /r/ myself. Thankfully I'm more concerned about viewing than about posting.

46fb4 No.94

Well it's still a critical error. If people can't post, then there's no new content.

05a8c No.96

I see it, but I wish I didn't.
I don't keep enough brain bleach on hand for things like that.

f5f06 No.97

Yeah, I am getting the "server took too long" error when I try to post in /r/, and I used to get that error while trying to post in /c/. Thank you for all of your hard work with trying to keep the spammers at bay, Couchy; temporarily not being able to post is a small price to pay for a safe haven :)

f77fc No.98

The server took too long to submit your post. Your post was probably still submitted. If it wasn't, we might be experiencing issues right now – please try your post again later. Error information:
{"readyState":4,"responseText":"<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC \"-//IETF//DTD HTML 2.0//EN\">\n<html><head>\n<title>403 Forbidden</title>\n</head><body>\n<h1>Forbidden</h1>\n<p>You don't have permission to access /post.php\non this server.</p>\n<p>Additionally, a 403 Forbidden\nerror was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.</p>\n</body></html>\n","status":403,"statusText":"Forbidden"}

Got this trying to make a reply on a chat thread.
Sorry if i posted this in the wrong place.

c8582 No.99

File: 1457563518861.jpg (19.37 KB, 500x270, graphics-sorry-294340.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

Apologies to the handful of people who got autobanned today due to the spam filter freaking out. Fixing it ASAP.

abb09 No.100


Thanks. Decided to post for the first time in ages only to be told I'd been permabanned D:

Thanks for all the work you're doing getting this place back in gear. I appreciate that it's a lot of effort and sometimes it's thankless work. I'm sure a lot of people appreciate it even if we don't always take the time to say it.

c8582 No.108

File: 1458859990601.jpg (133.46 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

Sorry again to the guy who keeps getting false-positive bans. It's a necessary evil to keep the CP spammer at bay. He's still attacking on a daily basis, but the filter has been mostly holding up so far. I check the logs and tweak the filter almost every day, so any mistakes will be quickly corrected.

4e4dc No.109

>>Thanks Couchy! I'm sure you'll figure out something :)

aca5e No.110

File: 1459017651985.png (229.5 KB, 580x1075, 1427999896767-0.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

So, is it literally just me that's getting banned?


a5218 No.111

The spammer return granny porn so It new to me.

ddb1f No.112

Why not implement captcha? That should be able to fix most spam.

e9f50 No.116

Or is this April fools? :)

3faa5 No.117

File: 1459499007553.gif (1.46 MB, 331x237, mfw.gif) ImgOps Google iqdb

Heh, I saw this coming from a mile away.
You can't fool me!

c8582 No.133

File: 1459621842292.png (79.52 KB, 990x585, Capture.PNG) ImgOps Google iqdb

What's this? Nearly a whole week gone by without any spam attempts from our favorite Vietnamese pedo? Have we finally won the war on spam?

1e31c No.136

More likely just a battle. The war doesn't end. But it's good to know our primary antagonist has been stopgapped for now.

d527a No.340

Bastard's back. On /f/.

60b45 No.354

File: 1483163864364.png (36.48 KB, 728x456, spamalert.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Just a heads up, we're currently under attack by some Russian skiddie's porn spam bot that seems to be running every half hour. It's pretty stupid - new filters are easily keeping it at bay, and I don't think there will be any false positives, but stay vigilant.

46fb4 No.361

Wow, we seem to be getting a lot of run-of-the-mill spam in /d/ right now (aka idiots who don't know when to just shut the hell up). At least it's harmless, but still annoying as hell (particularly in the Edit thread and Arkone's Birth Story thread, but there's some of it elsewhere too).

5db8c No.362

Would it be possible to make it so that the same ID can't post x many times in a row on a post if they aren't the OP?

fc4c0 No.363

May not work very well, especially when there are multiple contributors in a thread. Also that may just encourage spammers to spam other related threads to try and get heard.

46fb4 No.365

It would be nice if there was someone around actively cleaning some of this stuff up. Besides Couchy, I don't know how many mods we have at this point and how many are active (if any).

60b45 No.366

It's just me and my army of robots.

f5186 No.367

On that note….. mod applications? I'm interested.

cf7e7 No.368

I dunno, this is an anonymous board where no one really knows one another more than a reoccurring name.
Also I rarely do see spam on the front page or anything that requires anymore than Couchy and his mini-Skynet :p

46fb4 No.369

Seems we have some spam going on in /c/, and that one idiot still going at it on /d/

46fb4 No.385

Boy, we really need to do something about the troll problem in /d/. Now they've stopped bothering the Drawthread and are spamming up the new Edit Thread (worse, people are feeding this damn troll).

I've been trying to just report the spam and feeding to clean the thread up, but at this point it might be easier to delete and replace the thread (and is it possible to perma-ban these jerks?)

c2b8f No.386


Something does need to be done. That pest is seriously making me not want to come to this site anymore.

43940 No.387

I said it before and I'll say it again:
This is the easily forseeable, completely inevitable consequence you get when you have request threads. Either get rid of them, or ship them off to their own board so they can be filtered en masse and you have yet more cause to ban someone for posting outside of those boundaries.

cd8d4 No.388

The idiot on /d/ is likely underage, and has likely discovered how to change their IPs or use other measures to get around the 'don't spam requests' thing over and over.

Unless you all honestly think that the same fucking kind of request comes from dozens and dozens of different people. "X months pregnant with Y babies from Z TV show/comic book."

I sincerely think the person may either be A: underaged B: mentally disabled.

23afd No.389

Circumventing security measures is the primary reason behind my actions on the request thread, with the brussels sprouts edit. I've found that generally, it's easier to drive someone like that away than to successfully ban them. If you feel the need to remove the edit I made, go for it, but they're gonna be an obnoxious punk for as long as they have reason to be here.

Personally, it would be nice if there was a proper shadowban mod for imageboards. Nothing drives someone away quite like being completely ignored, but the only way to accomplish that is making whatever they say invisible to everyone else.

dd2e8 No.390

I'm getting sick of the kid in the edit thread, and those "edits" that were posted earlier were disgusting enough to nearly make me quit the whole editing stuff altogether. Kind of makes me feel like I should've waited for someone else to open the edit thread up again…

The main problem comes from people who feed them. If people ignore them and report whenever they spam then things will be alright for the most part.

23afd No.391

Easier said than done, with the ignoring bit. With software like this where anyone can respond, the only way to actually make that happen is to make it so this guy's posts are only visible to himself and the moderators. It's called shadowbanning on reddit, but there are other names for it too.

If you want, I can delete my brussels sprouts edit. Though…my ID seems to have changed. Not sure if my IP reassigned or what. I'll have to check.

dd2e8 No.393

Er, I wasn't talking about thew brussels sprout edits. I was talking about the ones earlier that were deleted.

23afd No.394

Might be referring to the Wendy edits, the originals of which have already been deleted. Those were…well. Suffice to say I scrubbed my browser history properly to get rid of any local caches.

23afd No.396

Anyway, the problem with a spammer like this is that banning them doesn't work. They circumvent and come back to irritate and annoy again. We don't have a way to shadowban, so that's off the table too. Their posts won't be ignored, no matter how much we wish they would be. It would be difficult at best to autofilter them as well, being an actual person. So, what to do?

Play the part of a vaguely malevolent genie. Give them what they ask for, but not what they want. Use the empty space in the request. "You said get rid of the clothes, but you didn't say not to replace them with raisins." Asks for visible skin? Use the skin of a lime or something. Asks for human skin? Use a close-up photograph of human skin. Etc. Turning the game against them is the best way to get rid of someone like that, and in all honesty seeing someone try to lawyer up their requests shows a lot about who they are and can get quite entertaining for everyone else.

43940 No.397

Someone's always gonna give the loch ness monster a dollar and the loch ness monster is always gonna ask for tree fiddy.
Unless you drain the loch.

47cf1 No.398

I like the brussel sprouts solution the one guy came up with. A meme that itself labels a request as spam, so artists don't waste their time and can easily sort out the garbage, and at the same time doesn't give the spammer what he wants. Too bad it would clog up the thread and frontpage until the kid finally gives up.

Any way we can get the site's code maintenance guy(s) to put in a poster level "image will not displayed on the front page" function for posts? That would help with the "roll players posting irrelevant anime characters/backgrounds" problem too.

47cf1 No.399

it should only be a single if-else statement function too, although I don't know how the net code is set up. The logic is just "If checkbox is on, disable the function that sends the image to the list of front page images, else do not disable. Something like that.

c2b8f No.401


While I agree with you in that it is a way to get rid of that pest, it is a solution that punishes everyone else as well for the sins of one idiot.

If this was a different style of board, like the old EZ/Invision boards that pest could have been perma-banned without much effort. But those boards ran on accounts and not anonymity like chan boards

dd2e8 No.403

I just want to thank the mod(s) doing fantastic work pruning the edit thread!

I honestly think shutting it down is a bad idea. Yeah, there are selfish idiots but it's only been recently these spammers have been abundant.
Before, everyone was mostly well behaved and sensible.

I'm just a loud-mouth on the edit thread though, I don't even have much of a hand for it to be honest. I just like editing images.

The Drawthread and Edit Thread are key points for Pregchan I feel.

c2b8f No.404


I'm going to assume that you are the pest that needs to go.

I will agree with whatever I deem fit, and there is not a god damn thing you can do or say to change that.

Don't even try your retarded garbage with me.

c2b8f No.406


Oh is that so?, you are just a pathetic idiot. If you aren't making empty threats and demanding like a child, you are literally going "No you".

You are a child, if not an actual child, then a man child.

60396 No.408

Guys please.
Let's not flood this thread with an argument.

c2b8f No.409


Oh, yes, yes you are. You are indeed a child, and quite a stupid one at that.

You can't even spell for shit.

Take a hint, the "No you" retort doesn't work. It shows how incompetent you are.

d4010 No.411

Is there any way to help assist the automated filters to remove childanon's posts?

Machines may not be able to detect him but people can probably sniff him out fast.

c2b8f No.413


Oh look another "No you". That is literally all you can do, you pathetic piece of trash.

I wonder how many artists you have personally scared away from here with your incessant greed filled pedophile level demands, who would want to put up with your baseless empty threats and garbage.

You are single handily destroying this entire site.

47cf1 No.415

I ask that you all feel bad for this kid, for a brief moment. He's likely normal kid who lives in a destitute situation and the only way to entertain himself in his shitty situation is getting attention from others on the internet, and porn.

And now that that moment is over, bannarinos.

>>414 some advice m8, just go download the full library of Nintendo's and Sony's emulators and roms. Playing Zelda is a lot more fun than trying to force people on the internet into drawing fetish topics that you could easily find on deviant art and e-hentai with the proper search keywords.

23afd No.416

Lovely. That is exactly why forums and such have anti-necroposting rules. Since they got pruned out of the edit thread, raisinon went and necro'd a two year old request thread.

And yeah, while I can appreciate their side of things, this is unacceptable behavior and flagrant disregard for the rules being set forth by the site admins, not to mention completely disrespectful toward other users of pregchan.

Like, we get it. But there's a level of patience and a basic modicum of respect artists ask for and deserve. And that isn't being demonstrated, at all.

I might post more edits like the brussels sprouts one, but only if we do get a feature to hide images from the front page. That feature should probably go hand-in-hand with a logger, to make it easier to track "hidden" images. Not that much code required, but definitely an addition to the database and testing required for stability to make sure it doesn't break things.

cd8d4 No.417

Then be a man, realize what you are doing is spoiled, narcissistic and selfish, and stop spamming requests.

47cf1 No.418

>>416 pffff he totally did. Not only is it 2 years old, it's a lone artist's "this weekend only" thread. Can he actually not read? I figured he was just struggling with structuring his sentences, not basic comprehension.

23afd No.419

My guess? Developmental disorder. He can clearly read, but is demonstrating a severe lack of contextual comprehension and self awareness. There are a few other cues I'm seeing that point that way, but it doesn't make the spam any less inappropriate if it's true.

47cf1 No.420

>>419 nah, I think I remember reading on one of these posts that he's Vietnamese.

d3a58 No.421

File: 1499342382598.jpg (131.9 KB, 900x528, snoop sense is tingling.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb


Vietnamese or from Vietnam?

if its the latter just IP bomb the entire fucking country.

cd8d4 No.422

Don't think it'd work for the same reason he never has the same ID more than once.

d4010 No.423

ID changes between threads but is consistent within the same thread in that anon's case.

dd2e8 No.427

You misunderstand… the thread isn't open every weekend… it was only one time.

47cf1 No.430

if you waited 2 weeks between requests, your requests wouldn't get deleted. If you didn't request minors and didn't demand specific details, your requests might be done 50% of the time. If you were nice and polite, 75%. If you took your time to avoid bad english, 80%.

you would actually get what you want if you listened to the people telling you how shitty you are being instead of fighting with them.

43940 No.431

Look at what you just did. Posting three times in rapid succession when you could've just used one post. And then you say that you're totally not spamming.
You can't even turn that behavior off when it's directly being discussed. Sad.

d3a58 No.432

its got nothing to do wit thread IDs, ban the entire fucking IP range of his country

ec8a8 No.470

guess who's back? being slightly more 'subtle' as far as their usual MO goes, but same general body of work….

d8cfe No.471

Speaking of Spammers, I found the dope who was flooding the /f/ Edit Request threads!

He's really butthurt and trying to demonize our fine folks in the /f/ Edit board


f9237 No.472

That link is amazing. Our buddy is weirder than I thought. A severe Lego obession, coloring books, fanfics, Thomas the tank engine shipping, MS Paint art, and sonichu level comic pages. Also, I think he may have doxxed himself. If you're reading this, please be more careful when on the internet.

ec8a8 No.473

File: 1501635856733.jpg (95.24 KB, 640x480, 1129443352352.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

This guy was flooding the regular edits/requests boards on /d/ as well, until he got ran off towards /f/ I guess…
I fell WAY too far down the rabbit hole of his Deviantart, though…now I need a cold shower and some hot coffee…

a2200 No.474

Well it's very clear the guy is autistic. And I don't mean that as an insult, I mean he demonstrates the signs. Obsession, juvenile interests, repetitive behavior.

d8cfe No.476

I can see the signs too, but Autism doesn't make a person an exception to rules. Or exempt from ridicule for breaking said rues and getting upset he got punished.

abbea No.477

>only one of techies has been getting rather rude lately, not only allowing people to slander (copypastapreg)'s work in other topics, but also disregard many strips of (ever-present-comic) that are worthy of comical pregnancy edits, even those to hyper up Lindesfarne's pregnancy a few times.

This makes me very sure that he thinks it's our DUTY to complete every one of his requests because he found them worthy of an edit. That it's his duty to find the strips (even though we all know where they are) and we HAVE to edit them because they're so perfect and the comic is the best and greatest and we love it and cherish it and want to live inside it and …

I just think it's about time any more of his requests get deleted until he heeds nearly everyone else's advice and creates his own thread. Though it's all the same and I'd really rather not see another K&K/SO/whatever comic panel as long as I live, he keeps posting enough of his stuff to warrant it.

47cf1 No.479

regardless of any spectrum, and more to the point, he's definitely displaying narcissistic tendencies. Looking through his front page, you'll easily find evidence of ego grooming. He likes the smell of his own farts, as it were. Which explains his desperate need to validate himself in a community that is trying to IP ban him out of existence.

Speaking of that, there IS quite a bit of personal info on his page, but let's not be shit heads. Let's use the page info to perma-ban him instead XD

f9237 No.480

In one of his journal entries he stated that he has an autism counselor.

He's well over 18 so I don't feel bad making fun of him, but I'm not going to sit here and spread someone else's personal info.

Why look like an idiot trying to ruin someone's life, when you could instead read the ongoing saga of the supposed bitch sister not understanding the finer points of keeping a furry cartoon collection on superior VHS tapes and not on a filthy hard drive.

cd726 No.481


I'm basically waiting for that moment.

d8cfe No.482

So, has our friend come back around at all?

f9237 No.483

No. I can't tell if that's a good thing anymore…

3598f No.1056

The spam bots are back. With the site's new structure, how exactly do we report posts?

e7319 No.1057

blue arrow at front of comment before the username, then 'report post'. Fill out the form, hit report.

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