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e0445 No.435

It's becoming something of a hot button issue. Can we get the people who make the rules around here to step in and say something?

Personally, I'm in favor of disallowing paid content shared without the creator's permission.

9ff12 No.436

99% of this site's content would be deleted, and this site would die as a result of constantly having to get permission to post content.

It's unrealistic and it's biased. No one asks these doujin/hentai creators their thoughts on posting their content for free.

What's the alternative? "Don't ask, don't tell?"

3ef67 No.438

I believe it should be what I thought it to be before. It's allowed unless the creator has specifically asked it not to be posted here. Which happens.

It protects the site owner and allows the creators a chance to object.

Us arguing over morals doesn't matter. If you think it's wrong, don't do it. If you think it's all right don't act like you're Robin Hood.

0a187 No.439

Post a link to where it can be purchased, if at all possible. Art doesn't come from nowhere.

3ef67 No.440

Good idea. As a creator I don't usually object to piracy, I get very little of it and it is usually good advertising if the pirates provide enough info.

92ce1 No.441

>As a creator I don't usually object to piracy,
Creator of what?

0a187 No.442

Also, if it can at all be purchased, share one or two images rather than dumping the whole thing, so viewers will be willing to check out the rest. Treat it as advertising rather than piracy– like how you can reprint passages of a book for purposes of review.

2cc6a No.443


These should be a decent compromise.

I thnk it should be noted that while anyone can donate to a Pateron, manga/doujinshi can be difficult to obtain outside of Japan, and English translations are almost never officially available (Fakku is only a small percentage of what exists). So it makes sense to hold each to a different standard.

92ce1 No.444

Not to mention the existence of a doujin economy in the first place means the laws on copyright and intellectual property are different in Japan.

b9f8d No.445


All of these, basically. It isn't feasible to proactively copyright police every image that gets posted here, and it would be unfair to do so for some content and not others. Also, I don't believe this chan is big enough to do much damage or cause a lot of drama, though I will remove something if a content creator specifically requests it here. That said, I highly recommend "good karma" behaviors when it comes to supporting artists. That means posting links and encouraging others to buy the source material. Think of it more as a donation rather than a purchase of goods. I think the population here is more mature than that of the average chan board and can be trusted to do the right thing.

2cc6a No.446

Famous last words.

Joking aside, this has never been a big issue on the site, and it's not like we're turning into some pregnancy themed Pirate Bay… right?

0a187 No.447

>it would be unfair to do so for some content and not others

I disagree. I think it would be MORE fair to do it for some content and not others. What we should be policing are the things that are directly marketed to us. Not just made for us– marketed to us, as in without us, there'd be no profit, and with no profit, there won't be more.

Here's my first draft of what should be okay to post and what should not. Throw in your suggestions.

1. Art drawn specifically for the purpose of sharing on Pregchan. Great!! Keep it up!
2. Art drawn or rendered for us and put up for free on Deviantart/Furaffinity/whatever. Not a problem, but of course it's even better to share the source.
3. Relevant content from other sources: panels from comic books, clips from TV shows, etc. This is more of a "no harm, no foul" in that there's no money lost– you wouldn't have bought that comic just for those panels anyway.
4. Photographs and selfies shared on the Internet. I don't like sharing these on a fetish board, what with them being real people and all, but showing yourself off is what photos are for, I guess, regardless of the audience.
6. Abandoned media. This is a catchall for scans of old porn magazines, videos that are no longer marketed, etc. Anything where you WOULD buy it, but literally can not.
5. Irrelevant content that illustrates your CYOA. Whatever, I don't read these.
6. Edits of non-pregnant artwork and morphs. I REALLY don't like these, they seem like a massive gray area, but legally you have the defense of it being a "transformative work".
7. SAMPLES of work produced by members of the community. This is best left to the actual creator to share their own work, but if they've never shown their heads here, it would be good advertising to link to them and share a bit.

1a. Paid pregnancy content. By this I mean things made for the community by the community: comics sold on Gumroad or Amazon (like the one that started this hoot), Patreon exclusive content (that hasn't been made free by the creator), and pretty much anything behind a paywall. Share the link to purchase, but not the item.
1b. The above ESPECIALLY includes Clips4Sale and other videos made by real live women for purchase by this community. Share the link to purchase the video, give your recommendation, but don't share the video itself. If you love pregnant women, don't take food out of their fucking mouths!
2. Candid photos of strangers. Don't be a creep.
3. Revenge porn. Holy SHIT, do not do this.

Did I miss anything?

e0445 No.448


This seems like a solid set of rules to me. Not that I'm a mod anymore, but still, I like it.

92ce1 No.449

> I think the population here is more mature than that of the average chan board and can be trusted to do the right thing.
…Are you serious?

6b04a No.450

Damned by faint praise maybe, but yes, I do think so.

c3ab3 No.451

>>447 for not ok: 1b, I have to disagree about your priorities. I'd put the "especially" behind drawn atists who put hours of work into a single image every week.

I feel bad for cam girls. If they're desperate enough to do porn, that sucks, but a full show is a few hours of work and makes you infinitely more money than a grassroots patreon could make in a year. They make most of their income from the site's "serial stalkers with too much money", regardless if the rest of the internet eventually sees it on pornhub.

0a187 No.452

I would argue that the temporary and transient nature of pregnancy makes footage of a given woman's pregnancy more valuable to her, even if she shoots footage every night. But it doesn't matter as long as we can agree that neither one is okay to share without permission.

c3ab3 No.453

even accepting the point that pregnancy is impermanent and therefore more valuable, they're still making all their money from internet stalkers and voyeurs, and the rest of the internet will still refuse to buy their content whether they've seen them on porn hub or not.

well we should respect creators specifically asking for takedowns, but I don't know about full policing, despite my agreeing with you morally. It'd be one thing if mods just deleted what they saw on the front page (assuming they know every piece of paywall art without having to look it up), and another altogether to expect them to know when paywall images escape the front page, or worse, expecting them to actively go hunting for hundreds of archived images. THAT would consume their lives.

It doesn't help the fact that I think artists are fools for going paywall for their patreon. public awareness is the difference between making no money and making a living off of patreon, and paywalling gives you zero public awareness.

0a187 No.454

>to expect them to know when paywall images escape the front page, or worse, expecting them to actively go hunting for hundreds of archived images. THAT would consume their lives.

This is a valid point, but these are guidelines for those who would post images, not for those who would police them. If you follow someone's Patreon, you should respect their wishes and not repost their artwork for free elsewhere, case closed. Whether the paywall is a good or bad idea is not your concern, and either way the artist won't appreciate you trying to solve it on their behalf.

A good practice for Patreon creators would be to unobtrusively watermark your images, removing the watermark when the image is released into free use, but again I can't tell you how to do your job.

9ffde No.455

File: 1500608525978.jpg (103.91 KB, 671x348, notfine.jpg)

Fine, fine, I'll be the bad guy again and add a namefag to the other side of the argument. Just when my stigmata started to scab over…

I don't like content policing. I liked the internet better when it was the Wild West and nobody had to worry about DMCA takedown bullshit or torrent sites getting shut down and paywalls going up in their place.

The fact of the matter is, these anonymous online image boards (chans) were created for the express purpose of sharing content. Sharing, as in paid content sharing. No one put up a stink or gave a damn for years when people would share paid professional porn images/videos, scans of imported Japanese stuff, scans of paid vintage photosets, or anything else. Everyone in this community, even the creators, benefited and got to look at a bunch of pregnant smut they never would have seen otherwise, all without paying for it.

Everything changed recently when all of the media corps started putting up paywalls. First the newspapers, then Hulu. They did this because of the painful truth that media content generally isn't worth very much and the overly optimistic internet advertising bubble popped. We used to have print media and special interest magazines that paid contributors a piddly amount on a per-contribution basis, then earned money to publish said content via subscriptions AND advertising. Yes, print media that we all paid for still needed ad revenue to stay afloat, or a single magazine would have cost $10+ in '80s money.

With the advent of Patreon, every single Millennial who was told from the time they were a little kid that they could "do anything they want" decided that they wanted to become professional smut peddlers, apparently. While it's a lovely and heart-warming platitude, the fact of the matter is, NO, you most likely will NOT be able to do whatever you want to do and achieve financial stability through it. The real world sucks, and it especially sucks for creative-minded folk who aren't cut out for buckling down and becoming a wage slave to some corporate entity or a blue collar cog in the corporate machinery. It is especially true that you won't be able to do whatever you want and make a living at it if what you want to do is sell bits and bytes to an incredibly niche community that is used to getting those same bits and bytes for free.

That's really the crux of the issue. Nobody cared about shared paid content when it wasn't THEIR shared paid content. The prospect of adding copyright dictatorship rules to any chan is a ridiculous double standard. Nobody cared about the professional photographers or pregnant models who needed to be paid to produce print media fetish smut. Nobody cares about all the camwhores whose videos are shared in massive GoogleDrive orgies (even Marrazan has one of these drives). But then some of our friends and colleagues put up Patreons and suddenly we're supposed to treat them differently just because they're from within the community instead of cynical outsiders who showed up out of nowhere just to make a buck. The fact that community members are starting to charge money makes us think, perhaps, that maybe WE could charge money too, and we wouldn't want OUR fetish smut shared everywhere without permission (not me, personally, I don't see my shit reposted nearly enough), would we?

And I almost forgot, SOMEBODY did care about their paid pregnant smut content getting shared before Patreon: JAGZ. Remember that asshole? Everyone in the community hated him because he was such a litigious and aggressive dick about people sharing his comics. We're letting the entire community turn into a bunch of JAGZ out of the delusion that financial prosperity lives behind a paywall.

3ef67 No.456

>But then some of our friends and colleagues put up Patreons and suddenly we're supposed to treat them differently just because they're from within the community instead of cynical outsiders who showed up out of nowhere just to make a buck.

Yeah you are. You know why? You can get the site shut down.

Cam whore #9 probably never heard of this site and never will but artists who are closer to it will. Artists who have fans who come here and want to protect them will.

I know people pirate. I know no one will ever stop them but the internet isn't lawless and it never was. Maybe it was easier to hide. There are consequences to stealing and if people choose to report someone for infringing on their rights then whining about the good old days isn't going to protect a site from being taken down if they refuse to remove the content.

I don't even think that will happen, but we should respect the creators if it does.

I'm tired of people whining about Patreon as if it is preventing them from getting content when in many cases it's the only thing keeping content being made because the artists may have had to prioritize literally everything else over making free art for a bunch of thankless fappers.

92ce1 No.457

I see the word "community" used a lot and I gotta ask. WHAT fucking community? People only ever seem to use that term when they're defending their right to get free shit and NOT contribute.

7d8b1 No.458

If I make a patreon or follow through with writscrib, I would kindly request that anything I do put behind a "pay wall" not be posted. If I do pursue this route I will still try to produce free content, but if I'm going to invest 10+ to make something really nice, I would rather have SOME compensation for my time.

If I put in all that work and then get diminished returns, my time is better spent investing my talents in a different community entirely. Feel free to find me selfish, I'm just being realistic - if I can spend my rare free hours a day making money to help me pay for basic necessities, I'm going to pick that over generosity pretty much every time.

If for no other reason than I'm asking nicely, please don't. I'd like to get back into drawing pregnancy content more often.

92ce1 No.459

Save yourself the heartache and just leave this """"community"""". Become a wage slave and leave the pregnancy fetish behind, like Bellymanga, Yellb, Sivomaniacal, and a hundred other artists did.
People here will hem and haww and piss and moan about it for a month or two and then go right beak to complaining because the only thing we like more than women filled with babies is being babies ourselves.
Get out of this toxic cult while you can. While there's still hope for you.

2cc6a No.460

Statistically speaking, artists rarely live nice prosperous lives, especially if you're drawing for a niche community that the mainstream views as creepy. It's not like there's a pregcon where you could try to sell art. You might want to keep this just as a hobby.

0a187 No.461

Looking at some of our popular artists, I'm seeing in the neighborhoods of $600, $800, $900 dollars a month they're getting on their Patreons. Maybe it's not a living on its own, but it could be rent, or even just a bill you wouldn't have to worry about that month, in exchange for art you like to draw anyway.

0a187 No.462

(it should be noted those are AVERAGES and you can still get less in a given month. Much like any hourly paycheck.)

7d8b1 No.463

Already am a wage slave, currently job hunting as well, still struggling to pay the bills. Probably always will be.

I get paid for drawing fanart as a hobby, I don't see how this should be different.

2cc6a No.464

Okay, I thought you were going to try to live solely off Patreon, and not just make a few extra dollars off something you do anyways.

7d8b1 No.465


Yeah I know that's not feasible at all. I won't go on a huge crusade if paywall-stuff ends up on here but I will be disappointed, lmao. Hence just politely asking.

e0445 No.466

File: 1500856486193.jpg (82.13 KB, 640x640, yE0G7vT.jpg)


Nobody starts up a Patreon expecting it to be their sole source of income. And every creator deserves compensation for their work. Saying that they don't, while at the same time demanding more content from them, is entitlement at its finest.

2cc6a No.467

Entitlement? I've never made a request on this site, and I hadn't seen this person's artwork until a few days ago. You can't say that nobody has tried to live soley off Patreon; I was speaking on general terms and simply misunderstood.Since I'm going to assume you're talking to everyone here,I'm only responding because you linked my post directly.

e0445 No.468


Oh, sorry, my post was intended to be a follow-up to yours, not a callout. :)

2cc6a No.469

It's fine. Just a limitation of text communication.

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