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File: 1501986914207.jpg (Spoiler Image, 442.66 KB, 1024x1375, lep_dvd_cover_by_ccb_18-db….jpg)

75b09 No.484

I think it would be a good idea to have a containment thread for discussion of the site's favorite poster to avoid shitting up other threads. CCB-18, please feel free to post your announcements/updates or whatever here.

Image hidden to protect the front page.

c4bcc No.485

This is a good idea. Let him have his own little dedicated thread to his garbage comic, on the grounds that if any Kevin and Kell leaks into other threads we go to his house and staple printed out pages to his balls. Or just IP Ban him.

6b196 No.486

I suggested that he make his own thread for his comic and he plodded on without any reaction despite it being one of the best, least controversial options he could have taken.

Hell, even on InflationNation he wanted to flood it with Ovum-Amp before I vetoed that.

That in conjunction with the sockpuppeting that is oh-so-obvious with the IDs above every post gives him an immature, dense air about him.

Also, most people I've talked to in the UK don't say chap. If you must sockpuppet, make it believable.

c4bcc No.487

I'll be honest, I still don't see why he hasn't been outright banned.

75b09 No.488

After going through his DA stuff, I found out he worked on his college's local TV and Radio programs. That explains why he keeps calling everyone a "viewer". It comes off like he's living in some Truman Show-esque fantasy world.

His profile is also fucking littered with bumpers featuring slogans such as, "It's my opinion deal with it" and "Don't like it, don't comment".

67203 No.489

You people don't really understand what you're dealing with here. So I'll summarize it up with the names of two people.

Eric Cartman

People like CCB-18 are what are called narcissists. And given the obsessive behaviors, insistence on them, the ignoring dissent, the self-righteous behavior like they don't have to pay attention to what anyone says unless they have power over them, he's likely painfully autistic as well as narcissistic. Meaning he's eight times the obnoxious asshole, and UNTIL SOMEONE SHOT OFF THEIR FUCKING MOUTH, DAEBELLY, they would've gone on not knowing how the fuck we could tell it was them. Please do not taunt him with any more information he doesn't know regarding things like IDs. We have enough stealth assholes around here. Are you getting my drift?

He's going to keep posting his "ovum amp" and Kevin&Kell bullshit because he's a self-righteous mental child that obsesses and wants everybody else to be part of his obsessions. Because that's his damage. He cannot conceive of a world or universe where what he likes or wants isn't what everybody else needs to see, much less wants to see, and he is in the right 100% of the time. Narcissists perceive the world through solipsism and acknowledge only those things which cause them pain and prove they do not have power over them.

These people are like used car salesmen. You are barely people to them. They will do the equivalent of try and talk "reason", but only so far as to get you to do what they want or tolerate their shit. They aren't above trying to exhaust you with self-righteous nonsense until you give up or just can't mentally process their shit anymore. All the while insisting that what they're doing is okay, and it is actually you that is wrong for something. Because they refuse to see a world outside their egocentric delusions.

He's not going to accept any behavioral modification or change but being unable to post here anymore. He won't stop trying to do his little thing until he physically cannot anymore.

751d7 No.490


Funny that, the only thing I recall DaeBelly vetoing, according to the announcements on one of my casual visits to InflationNation was a piece involving diaper-filling, which somehow got past the Founders into the gallery.

Least someone on the team was keeping things rolling in that group since you took over - even if said co-founder only entered into just one gallery….

6b196 No.491

The Ovum-Amp veto was put in place when I took the founder role in private. The original deal was that he would get a co-founder position if I won the vote to take the founder position as a way to be fair. He begrudgingly accepted to not post Ovum-Amp to the group.

The thing that's pushed me to remove him from the group was his consistent disregard for the wishes of others, as >>489 said, throwing his maturity and eligibility for a leadership position into question. He even shot me a message saying that something was wrong with the group and submissions were expiring because he wasn't there. Meh. http://comments.deviantart.com/4/33798499/4445979469

And >>489, apologies for putting that there. Will remove, hopefully, it's not been given away to him yet, he seems to have infrequent activity here.

6b196 No.492

Hm, seems the password changed. Still, I'll refrain in the future. Apologies again.

751d7 No.493


>HORRIFIED GASP< You did NOT just say THAT, did you?!

First people rudely criticise Christ Koopa on account of his big preggos (and he's a god-fearing man) and now you call one of the greatest webcomics in the world "garbage"?

How dare you!

Why, Bill Holbrook is one of the greatest webcomic artists the world has ever known, right there with Terence & Isabel Marks, EWS, Wallaroo, Dutch, Jenner, Chalo Dillo, Andrew Fraser, Jodi Tong, Kathering Garrison, Style Wager, D.S Simpson, Rick Griffen, Michael Russel, Candy Dewalt, John ' The Gneech' Robey, Brian Temple, RH Junior, Margaret Carspaken, Susan Rankin and the late Albert Temple…

Would you call any of their webcomics "garbage"?

No, you wouldn't. I know I wouldn't.

751d7 No.494


Actually, I'm sorry to point out, but it was YOU or one of the other co-founders who wasn't there to cast the second vote…

6b196 No.495

I cast my vote on almost every piece that's submitted. If it's to the wrong folder or isn't allowed by the group, I vote against it. To my knowledge, I've not missed a vote yet.

That said, the issue has been fixed either way, with contributors being able to vote now.

I see that it's you, CCB-18. Please, accept the opinions of others. I absolutely LOVE Star Wars and I think that it's one of the best Sci-Fi franchises out there, and I accept that some people absolutely hate it. I don't go all self-righteous "How dare you!" about it. You're only proving yourself to be a rampant narcissist.

751d7 No.496


Well, as the song goes in regards to those slogans; "R-E-S-P-E-C-T", that is all that's asked of you.

After all, you don't have to like them when others do…even if it is a dedication to yourself…

… or at least follow the words of Thumper the Rabbit in Disney's 'Bambi'; "If you can't say something nice, don't say nothing at all"….

6b196 No.497

Refraining from telling someone off when they misbehave is a flawed mentality. It encourages allowing things to spiral out of control, and easily causes severe discipline problems. To put an end to a problem, you must first identify it and be willing to act on it.

But, there's a thread for you to post in now, which will hopefully resolve the conflict. Go crazy. Keep your stuff there, respect the wishes of others, don't try to claim responsibility for the actions of others, and I don't think any of us will have a problem. Got it?

67203 No.498

Worse than garbage; they're mediocre. Just that right amount of existence to the wrong amount of interesting. There's just nothing compelling about them.

They wile away in mediocrity, accomplishing nothing that sunday funnies haven't done a million times before, with just the feintest echo of furry fetish to put them in the category of furry fantasy fandom.

There's nothing interesting about Kevin and Kell. It's the webcomic equivalent of sawdust wearing the dog filter on snapchat. You can't even *edit* the comic into being interesting. The only quaint quality of Kevin and Kell is that it's incredibly old compared to the internet culture at large.

And we don't criticize Christ Jackson/Big Belly Birdy for the size, we criticize his art because he spams it over and over and over again. Same pose, same body type, same stupid expression on those faces, same perspective. Just over and over again. Doing nothing new, doing nothing interesting, doing nothing anybody actually wants to see. When asked to stop, he just sulks and talk about how it's okay, because at least Jesus loves him. Much the same way a spoiled baby sulks when you say they need to learn to potty train.

Keep your Kevin and Kell new-content and edit posts and fan art in a single thread, please. Nobody else wants to see it, no matter how much you like it.

259cd No.500

>>498 While I like them, they certainly have that Garfield level of "what the in the actual fuck am I wasting my life on right now"

75b09 No.501

These comics seem like the kind of thing meant to be read for a qiuck chuckle, and not something worth revolving one's life around.

0d4f1 No.503

>People like CCB-18 are what are called narcissists.

More likely they're very Autistic. There's a lot of these kinds of people in our midst. Hell I'm probably on the spectrum but I know well enough to back away when people start getting aggressive.

People like Wallaroo, Chrischan, Christ Jackson, and this guy are probably functional but very socially handicapped.


If you have any shred of sense in your head you'd stop posting.

Don't get mad at the comics because of the messenger. It's not worth wasting your time on something you don't like. Praise some creators you do like.

751d7 No.504


I wouldn't recommend doing that. What if somebody did that to YOU, Zlash. I'm sure you wouldn't like people doing that to your house? It's bad enough when pranksters egg your house on Halloween…

That would be like slapping somebody you've never met, and for no really reason, in the face with a white cotton glove, only for them to pull out a pistol or a fencing sword and accept.

Best to leave well enough alone or it could turn around on you…

751d7 No.505


Thanks for the support, Jabilo. Nice to know someone here appreciates good effort and a keen eye…

…why can't we all just be like that? Then all this fussing wouldn't exist.

751d7 No.506


Thanks for that support. It really means a lot to see that someone is on the same level of understanding.

It's just that when people get aggressive, I get upset instead of angry and on times try to clear things up - this doesn't always work as what is written and how it's read are two different matters.

And you're right, we should be praising these comics and creators*, not disrespecting or insulting them.

(* = Though I don't think we can call them socially handicapped if we don't know them personally)

75b09 No.507

I honestly want to know how you interpreted those posts as supportive.

547da No.508

File: 1502234129049.jpg (18.08 KB, 300x396, 1242817572304.jpg)

I am so fucking amused/confused in this moment…

4acc3 No.509

File: 1502235161185.gif (1.33 MB, 236x161, 1502189879873.gif)

what the fuck is going on here

5c97a No.510

Hm. So I'm not the only one who's had run-ins with this guy…

7b713 No.511

Does anyone else remember MBQ other than me?

54cd7 No.512

I love garbage comics like sonichu to read and have fun mocking them, should I read it,or it is worst than sonichu?

829cb No.513

It's not an actual comic book. He has a lot of bad fanfics and similar fanart on his DA page though. He even recorded several dreams he had about a pregnant furry comic. Here's a link if you want: ccb-18.deviantart.com

54cd7 No.514

Oh, ok I thought it was a comic

5c97a No.515

On one hand, I kind of want to probe this guy's brain and try to understand the strange world he lives in.

On the other hand, there's that old quote about gazing into the abyss for too long…

829cb No.516

File: 1502423226854.jpg (Spoiler Image, 544.6 KB, 1024x1432, killme.jpg)

There's nothing strange about making a fanfic about anthro Thomas the Tank Engine OCs and occasionally doing crossovers with seemingly random cartoon series.

His League of Extraordinary People series is genius. Who would have thought to make a superhero team with Sportacus from Lazy Town, Sonic the Hedgehog, Raven from Teen Titans, a Dalek, Ichigo from Tokyo Mew Mew, Spiderman, furry Robin hood, and a fucking human/raichu hybrid. This is like advanced crack shipping.

2c31c No.517

File: 1502425250813.jpg (48.91 KB, 393x480, KuQQtOe.jpg)

>Who would have thought to make a superhero team with…
These guys, probably.

6b196 No.518

That top image is a way better photoshop than it has any right to be. Bravo.

0a888 No.519

Can somebody give a an explanation of why you guys seem to not like to put up with CCB-18?

6b196 No.520

Primarily, repeated incidents. Unwelcome Ovum Amp flooding, unwelcome Furry Comic flooding, the like.

67203 No.521

Imagine a guy that enters every thread that they can to pitch their obsession of the day. Thread about pregnant anthro bunnies? Boom, they drop an update to this comic they think you should LOVE.

You say "This is unrelated to the thread and nobody wants to read this drek."

They say "Well I'm just performing my duties…. it's a good comic and we all need to appreciate it."

And they refuse to stop.

Then after he does this many times and multiple people complain, he blatantly and brazenly samefags/sockpuppets by adding an accent. Like a cartoon character putting on a ridiculous outfit and zipping into the crowd to give himself solidarity and support, just to convince the crowd somebody but him cares about his stupid comic. I've seen him go from British to Super British and try to be Scottish.

The only thing worse than a liar is a really bad one that thinks his stupid shit is smart enough to fool you.

06b35 No.522


To DBP, it is. It's "Kevin & Kell" by Bill Holbrook. One of the greatest and most long-running webcomic ever…

95cec No.523

It's not even that good.

829cb No.524

We're talking about your League of Extraordinary People series.

Yes, Kevin & Kell is the longest running webcomic series. I'll give you that.

829cb No.525

On DA CCB is complaining about us calling Kevin & Kell garbage, and that we have the nerve to insult the greatest artist of all time, Bill Holbrook.

He's also claiming that other people here are actually interested in that comic, and are the ones spamming the edit thread on /f/.

Finally, he says he's making some custom stamps in response to "recent hassle I've been getting with my fanart and dedication".

>Still, I can't change the world or try to make people think like me, or enjoy the same things I enjoy.

So I guess he just assumes that everyone shares his exact tasts?

7b713 No.526

I wouldn't say it's bad but I wouldn't say it's good or memorable either, basically it's "For better or For worse" with furries

0d4f1 No.527

I don't read it, but I'm not going to hate on it because a sperg likes it. If he can keep it contained to one thread I'm fine.

67203 No.528

He refused to until recently. But I have a feeling he'll realize his thread is only populated by himself and start posting it elsewhere again to get attention for it.

547da No.529

He already tried to leak over, however subtly, into /d/ again…

67203 No.530

o god. Where?

547da No.531

The comics thread. The fire was contained…for now…

547da No.532

I don't even visit the /f/ board, but damn it gets annoying seeing this guy self-bumping his own thread every 5 minutes to muse to himself about his own deep/dark fantasies involving schlocky webcomics. Can we put a leash on him somehow? I can only imagine how actual /f/-goers feel…

829cb No.533

Continued containment is probably the best we can hope for.

67203 No.534

lol. "Hey guys you know that thread you're trying to avoid? Well here's a link, IF YOU'RE INTERESTEEEED."

547da No.535

someone once summated things as our dear 'friend' being the type of person that likes the smell of their own farts, in basic terms. that's a really apropos analogy at this juncture….

c4bcc No.536

File: 1502903886475.webm (736.72 KB, 540x360, south park smug farts.webm)

I hope the vid worked. Quite appropriate

6f940 No.537

File: 1503186858092.png (307.12 KB, 832x1200, smt.png)

>I can only imagine how actual /f/-goers feel…

we don't feel much of anything nowadays

5d3ec No.538

Man I love Persona.

44cc2 No.539

I sure hope that's an Evoker!

547da No.540

File: 1503207358198.jpg (23.57 KB, 600x450, 1215585504666.jpg)

On one hand, I feel your pain. On the other hand, I want you to feel pain, because I'm pretty anti-furry. However, that aside, and in the spirit of camaraderie, let us unite against the common foe before us.

ffff1 No.541

>On the other hand, I want you to feel pain
Coming off as a "furry" (e.g.: "talking animals, yay!") I've more or less accepted that this is a common response from anti-furries. Not saying it's a bad thing, understand that.

But this whole "common enemy" thing sounds cliche, even for me. Can't we just say "fuck this guy in particular for ruining everyone's fun" and just be done with it?

829cb No.544

I honestly don't give a shit if someone's a furry.

I've learned to take the ED approach of watching and documenting people make fools out of themselves.

547da No.546

Don't take all the 'fun' out of this, Anon! Also, everything is a foregone cliché at this point anyhow. Seriously though, for as little legitimate content as you all in /f/ seem to get, I'm horribly saddened to see what the current state of affairs is. We had to basically railroad him out of /d/ awhile back anyhow…
This isn't a bad notion either.

48062 No.557

so we've got what, 3 threads in here complaining about fuckheads ruining every thread they touch and nothing has been done.

is it that the mods cant do anything or just wont?

do we even have mods anymore? its been a long time since ive seen a (USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

5c97a No.558


829cb No.562

I hope that was just an ironic show of force.

48062 No.566

File: 1503493355312.gif (1006.34 KB, 500x288, 56d.gif)

c4bcc No.573

Sorry if this is an outdated thread, but it looks like CCB and his cronies are at it again, making new threads for each individual comic they find


d3cc0 No.574

I don't think he actually has cronies. Just a lost and lonely individual, trying to make it seem like there's more of him.

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