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a3ad0 No.542

We are all accutely aware of the shit posters that like to post irrelevant yet entertaining images that are thusly displayed on the main page. Infact, just this one time, I am one of those shit posters. I beg your forgiveness.

I feel like the "recent pictures" section of the main page is not functioning the way it should. Having the meme pictures front and center makes each controversy more pronounced and draws more people to it. Giving a "hide image from main page" function to the posting system, then making it required to hide irrelevant pictures would probably cut down on the longevity of the shit storms significantly.

It would also be quite useful for the RP guys, who avidly check their favorite threads anyway and don't really need random frames of sailor Moon and Card Captor Sakura in the most recent section either, but that can be up for the mods/RPers themselves to decide, assuming anybody gives this post a second thought to begin with.

Happy weekend everyone

17cba No.543

Makes sense to me. Currently I just spoiler my shitposts, but that might be causing more views out of curiosity.

7d66c No.545

As a shit poster, this seems like a good feature.

Then again.

1832b No.547

How about just posting a few relevant images to bump them off the front page?

17cba No.548

That's how it should work, but this site just doesn't move fast enough.

51501 No.549

Well, first we should ask what the real issue is. That thse shit posts attract drama and the images being posted to the frong page inflame the drama, or that there aren't enough pregnant chicks on the first page.

If it's the first, having certain pictures not show up on the front would be a better solution. If it's the second, having more images show up on the front page (aka, just make the recent images list longer) sould help with that.

I hate phone typing.

Anyways, the question becomes… Is it that big a deal either way, as well. These things sorta come with image boards in general.

14a13 No.550

I just saw a pic who's file name was delete me so my brain decided to go to the most logical meme and say "delet this"

Of course not in the malicious way

d8f49 No.551

>It would also be quite useful for the RP guys, who avidly check their favorite threads anyway and don't really need random frames of sailor Moon and Card Captor Sakura in the most recent section either, but that can be up for the mods/RPers themselves to decide, assuming anybody gives this post a second thought to begin with.

As the guy that's posting random frames from Sailor Moon, Card Captor Sakura, and other shows, I fully support that. I feel pretty bad when the particular action that's happening is helped by posting a lot of screenshots, and I end up taking up six of the image spots on the front page with content that doesn't yet have anything to do with pregnancy.

04e12 No.552

>>549 from what I've observed, it always goes like this. 2 or 3 people start arguing, some clown posts a "This gonna be good" Michael Jackson eating popcorn caption, or something similar, and suddenly everyone is aware of the argument and a bunch join in. Thus, shit storm. It's not so much the pictures themselves cause drama. It just draws people to drama. I'd be lying if I said I have never clicked on one of them and gave my 2 cents in a stupid argument.

>>550 this thread is not here to make people feel bad for having a sense of humor. It was funny. Don't worry about it if it was harmless. It's only really a serious problem for posts like that Giovanni/meowth post. where he was very clearly starting shit with the furries. Outside of that, it's just something that could be useful.

>>551 you too. you guys seem like nice people. Don't feel bad, I just hope they take this idea into consideration. It's clearly a feature multiple factions of the site want, if these replies are anything to go by.

7b69d No.553

way to not read what was actually happening. that poster was espousing towards a particular furry, not the entire group, he was actually showing empathy. also, this is a fucking chan, like it or not. there's going to be related and unrelated content. people are going to shitpost and image spam. etc. so forth. hell, we're lucky to see most -any- content, this site is pretty dead honestly.

1832b No.554

"That poster" wouldn't be you by any chance, would it? :3

04e12 No.555

"…I want you to feel pain, because I'm pretty anti-furry" doesn't leave much to the imagination. True, it's less extreme than others, but it's still the same motivation. A visual aid for something that 1) doesn't need a visual aid, and 2) is liable to start some shit when people inevitably click on it out of curiosity.

and you're right, this is a chan and there's going to be related and unrelated content. It just doesn't need to be sent to the front page. "You don't need to light the bag of shit on fire, it's already a bag of shit", as it were.

also, this chan was never huge to begin with. It's a fucking fetish board, not /r/funny.

addbc No.556

A: since its filled with non-content why not remove it all together

B:if you have problems with whats on the front page why not just bookmark a different page so you dont have to see it? i go straight to /d/, hell i forgot we even had one

04e12 No.561

because it's a forum, not the third reich. people can have fun. The fun just shouldn't cause shit storms on a monthly basis. It's also a bit much to expect moderators to delete every meme ever posted. and if you're implying we delete the recent section entirely, then the tech guy has to replace it with something, which is also expecting too much. 1 JavaScript function is a lot easier than gutting an entire page.

I don't have problems with it. It's just a cycle that I've observed. argument starts, shit poster posts meme, everyone becomes aware of argument and people join in.

outside of all that, it's just a useful feature to make the front page have more pregnant women on it. which is a notion I'd imagine few would complain about.

1832b No.564

File: 1503442582548.jpg (170.75 KB, 400x300, good-news-everyone-6-magel….jpg)

After a fair amount of struggle (fuck SQL), "sage" now prevents posts from appearing on the front page.

04e12 No.565

wait, how so? I'm unfamiliar with sage, and the internet just shovels piles of bullshit about enterprise resource planning on me, which I got enough of in community college. (also, agreed. fuck SQL.)

d8f49 No.567

It works. I just put out an update with four pictures. I saged three of them, and only one showed up on the front page. Just enough to announce that the thread's updated in case any of my players is checking the front page and not the thread (and maybe get a new player that clicks on it out of curiosity).

Thanks Couchy.

939d8 No.568

ooooh! it's just pattern matching. I thought sage was some crazy subsystem for SQL (doesn't help that there is an SQL product named Sage)

thanks couchy! that's great!

for reference and for idiots like me who just never went on 4chan before, just type "Sage" into the email field of the posting system, and you hide your image from the front page.

c8de3 No.569

Thanks for this.

It always bugged me that a chan site like this didn't have a a sage function before.

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