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1306b No.584[Last 50 Posts]

While the universe may expand forever, pregchan's server's storage space unfortunately does not. We're currently using about 14/20GB, or over 70% of the allotted space, so it's been impossible to make site backups for a while. Sooner or later, I'll have to cap the number of pages, so I thought I'd give everyone ample warning to everyone to save/bump whatever content you want to keep. You can also help the general cleanup effort by reporting low-content threads, off-topic images, and whatever else you think is ripe for deletion.

257e9 No.585

There's a TON of redundant threads and content in /d/ that has since been moved to Furry. Feel free to just crop'em.

08253 No.586

We could problably save a lot of space by getting rid of completed cyoa threads and the older parts of currently running ones.

We could also perodically look through the catalog and remove duplicate images. Also, why not clean up the edit threads and remove images that are older than a couple weeks that never got edits.

77134 No.587

Personally, I'd say keep all of currently running CYOAs.

8ddc9 No.588


What do you estimate the timeframe to be on this?

7c98d No.589

I can at least say on my end that I have the two completed threads of my quest archived on my end, but not yet put up anywhere for my readers to be able to review. This gives me some incentive to work on that.

There's probably a bunch of pictures I'd be interested in saving, but I'm sure most of them are on all the boorus or pixiv.

08253 No.590

I would suggest getting rid of the "Japan Pregnant" thread on /r/. It consists almost solely of links to sites filled with malware, and I think only one JAV was posted anyways.

1306b No.591

The plan is to first manually delete cruft, then, say each week, pare back the number of pages. For instance:
This week - cleanup
Next week - limit to 30 pages
Next week - limit to 25 pages
Next week - limit to 20 pages

1306b No.592

Also, with a page limit, rules against making low content and request threads will have to be more strictly enforced.

257e9 No.593

It might also serve you well to have an image size limit built into the site, so people can't post images over X-Y pixels in size.

This would cost down on not only the number of files, but the amount of space each file takes up. I know such code exists, because I know there's something similar used in F-list for avatar images (limited to 100X100 pixels.)

c1be6 No.594


I'm gonna have to disagree with the last point. A few requests in the fourth thread to nearly 2 weeks to a month to get done so that timeframe is a little bit too short.

08253 No.595

What do you think would be a better cutoff then?

08253 No.596

I know we've had this conversation before, but should we move the cyoa threads to /c/ in order to cut down the number of off topic images?

c1be6 No.597


There's a bit of a problem there, edits from the second thread have been made in the fourth, so I'm not really sure what would be the best cut off point

08253 No.598

Maybe those of us with photoshop experience can rate the requests based on how difficult the edit would be? For example, a profile shot of a girl in a bikini would be cleared, but a girl wearing three belts and layong on her stomach would be rejected.

08510 No.599

Is there even a point in doing an edit which the requester has most likely forgotten? Might as well just reset the thing and see if they come up again.

b7746 No.600

Might as well make a booru for drawings and edits.

c1be6 No.601


I actually like this idea, it could work

03759 No.602

If you discourage image spamming you'd save more space. If you're going to post an image set or a manga just post a sample image and a link to the source.

08253 No.603

What about when someone post a link to a video download and includes a collage of random sample frames?

08253 No.604

Since we're on the topic of potential rule changes, should we continue to allow shortened URLs? I feel like they're mainly used in sketchy posts, and it would make it easier to judge if a link is malicious or not.

9a689 No.605

Hah. The flashing message has the class "attention_idiots" :^)

b8ea7 No.606

Also, what's with the login thing? Will we have to start using a login to better moderate who's posting what?

6643b No.607

I love how people are highlighting irrelevant threads for deletion by bumping without content.

In all serious though, necro-posting does make it more difficult to isolate dead threads. A good example is this thread >>5181

Thread was resurrected 2 years after it died by that obnoxious disney CP guy looking for someone to do his request.

By that logic, we should target more of these artist specific request threads for deletion once we know they aren't coming back. If they do come back, they can start a new thread or just go to the general request thread.

b7746 No.608


d8655 No.609

I have question.

Is there any way to easily take all the images currently on the chan and dump them, unorganized and wholesale, into a Google drive?

Last I checked, a Google drive is free up to 15gb, so it's really just a question if Couchy could do such a task with ease.

If so, you could prune half the damn site with little consequence.

3c525 No.610

So the site here is still up, it's just that the irrelevant threads from 20 pages ago or so will get pruned up. Am I correct?

e3424 No.611

Is there anyway we could add more storage to the server? I dont know how servers work rn, but would it be possible to hand over a giant HDD to solve this?

08253 No.612

Yes that is correct.

The only limit to server data capacity for the site is money, and I doubt Couchy is able to pay several thousand dollars a month to host unlimited shitposts and edit requests.

9a689 No.613

Can we stop the guy whos going around bumping all the threads he deems important?

477b5 No.614

This, please

03485 No.615

As long as people think their ineffectual bumps can save threads which are not active, they will try.

d8655 No.616

if anything it'll make trash threads easy to find

47469 No.618

Please don't do this. I am constantly rereading the old CYOA threads I have written to keep the story consistent. Furthermore, new readers will not have the luxury of reading old threads and catching up with the story if they're deleted.

Please, may I ask the Impregnator Kings posts be kept/protected? For the reasons above.

b7746 No.619

Make a backup yourself.

47469 No.620

I have done so, of course, but that doesn't solve the problem of future readers having access to the story. Furthermore it's very convenient for me to be able to see the original threads as they are, with the links I have in place. If it's convenient, I can reference the older parts easier, and it's more likely I will continue writing.

b7746 No.621

Think about others instead.

3cb2d No.622

The obsession with archiving, old dead artists and ancient stories has to be one of the worst things this loose community gets into. Sometimes we need to let shit go and let new stuff happen.

08253 No.623

No kidding.

The whole point of the cleanup is to get rid of the old shit that isn't active anymore.

If people are so attached to these threads, they would have archived the threads without being told to.

9a689 No.624

I just spent 6 to 7 hours making a "carbon copy" of the website (from the user's end) on my harddrive.
I have checked the CYOA threads and they are safe, in the format the website has currently.
I saved *most* of the original files, though some may not have downloaded fully or at all. (For the most part, it's only tumblr links that seem to be broken per the log. I'll post that if people want it.)

When crunch-time comes, and the thread you wanted to save has been deleted, know that your thread exists with me.

01af2 No.625

That's a relief. Thanks.

I only haven't yet because I figured Pregchan had been stable for several years and was a good enough place to let images rest safely instead of trying to hoard them all.

As for CYOAs, I would appreciate them being left alone but I also think it would be wise to find an alternative to having dead threads clog up pregchans servers forever. We should find some way to reliably save them off site.

08253 No.626

Should we do an "in memorial" event for the threads that don't survive the purge. Something like this should work.

>Press F to Pay Respects

629d8 No.627

Have you tried https://web.archive.org ?

Tried it out and deleted an old irrelevant thread of mine. Seems to be able to preserve everything in the same format.

01af2 No.628

I'll keep that link in mind. Thanks. Maybe having an 'Old CYOAs' thread in Chat with links to old archived threads would be good.

822b4 No.629

I agree with several others here. If at all possible, can we preserve the quest/CYOA threads? Even the ones at bump limit? It's a lot easier to get into a quest that's in progress if you can go back and read what's gone before.

241a6 No.630

Here here

9a689 No.631

Everything in /b/, /c/, /o/, and /q/ are all relatively small. I don't think it'd be any worth to remove anything in /c/, /o/, and /q/, but /b/ can just be purged.
/r/ and /f/ both take up 3gbs, so I guess some minor pruning?

The main perpetrator in taking up space seems to be /d/ with the CYOA threads (Aristrocat's mainly I'm afraid), the edit threads (Sorry about that…), and the drawn thread.
Also a lot of caching, but that can't really be avoided.
I can't get an exact estimate on size because that would take forever to find every image used in the code, find it in the folder, and calculate the collective size.
(and honestly it'd be unreliable because I only have a "carbon copy" and not a "real copy")

Honestly, the biggest issues of space come from the edit threads, drawthreads, SFM thread, and the GIF thread. Also any that people upload WEBM to.
Maybe it might be worth our time wiping those threads and starting fresh.

To avoid this in the future, maybe only allow images of a certain size, or perhaps auto-scale images on upload?
I dunno, I'm just trying to be helpful here. I'm not trying to piss anyone off.

d8655 No.635

If we can compile all the images from a backup, archive.com would be an option to store them as well. Meaning you could wipe half the chan with little consequences.

also, feel free to go into all the old draw/edit threads and kill the "request" pictures. The pre-edit pictures are superfluous. Especially the ones that never got edited.

d8655 No.636

why the heck do we even support gifs and webms with such an extreme space restriction anyway? I feel like in this sites situation, just make it a rule that you can only post a picture of the gif, and a link to the source.

47469 No.637

I think you are overestimating the space CYOA threads take up. They are mainly comprised of text, which does not use much space. If you took out the images, Impregnator Kings would probably be between 10-20mb of data. (That's the entire thing, not just one thread.)

Even with the images, I'd estimate Impregnator Kings only uses .11-.13gb at the most. That's about 0.65% of the site's capacity. (Again, the entire thing since Dec. 2015, not just one thread.)

Here's how I arrived at that number, and hopefully my math is correct.

It'd be too much to look up every single image size. However, when it comes to Impregnator Kings, they vary from as low as 10kb to as high as 1.5mb. Though images as big as 1.5mb are very rare, and the real high limit is more about 700-800kb.

For the purposes of making this estimate, I chose an average of 300kb per image used.

Thread one uses 95 images. About 28500kb.

Thread two uses 41 images. About 12300kb.

Thread three uses 50 images. About 15000kb.

(Thread four was hosted on bbw-chan during the brief period pregchan was gone.)

Thread five uses 108 images. About 32400kb.

Thread six uses 32 images. About 9600kb.

Thread seven has used one image I don't need to estimate: 19 kb.

All together, this is: 97819kb of images. That translates to 97.8mb. Or .098gb.

This doesn't include the text itself. That probably comes out to about 10mb. So .11gb. If the thumbnails are counted (which I don't have to estimate because I have them saved), that's an extra 19mb. So .13gb.

Maybe 300kb is too conservative. If you increase the estimate to 500kb per image, it rises to about .19gb (including the text and thumbnails). Still less than 1%. In other words, even with a high estimate, it would take 50 threads like Impregnator Kings to get to even half the site's total capacity.

Of course, asking for basically unlimited amounts of data (assuming I kept writing forever) may perhaps be too much, and if they absolutely must be deleted to make room on the server, then that is too bad… but if the only consideration is 'if the thread is old,' then I must please ask for consideration to leave these threads up. They are still being built on.

This is viable, and indeed, the bbw-chan chapter of the story is only still available because of web-archive. I've confirmed the first five threads are all saved here. However, web archive doesn't save the images, so the visuals are lost, but that is not too bad. If the old threads are deleted, there is at least this.

I have a proposal though which I think might save on space. What if the request threads were split into two? One thread, people could post a non-pregnancy picture asking for the edit, and in the other thread, people actually editing it could post the result. Then it would be much easier to delete the 'request' thread of all the non-pregnancy related images when it is full, and leave the thread that has the edited results. Well, it is only an idea.

08253 No.638

I'm going to guess that the real issue here is that the site doesn't have upload restrictions on videos or a maximum image resolution limit.

I think we should ban images from the CYOA threads, since they contain mostly off topic images, and a good author shouldn't need them.

I should also mention that there are more requests than completed edits. Like I mentioned earlier, we need some kind of vetting process or time limit on requests to keep down bloat. We should try to ensure that the ratio of completed edits to requests is as close to 1:1 as possible.

To those who run a CYOA thread, may I suggest you compile all of your story posts into a single text document that can be linked at the top of the current thread and updated once a new continuation thread is started?

d8655 No.641

squark isn't estimating when he says a set of threads is taking up a certain amount of space. He has a copy of the site, he just can just check the file sizes.

that idea for the edit/request threads strikes me as a bit too complicated for a task that only needs to be done once every 2-3 years and only adds an extra 5 hours of work to the process. It's a good train of thought though. the edit/draw threads are absolutely the main culprit of wasting space.

9a689 No.642

I think it's fine for the CYOA threads to use images, but not WEBMs or gifs. That is just my opinion.

If worst comes to worst (because even though I said the CYOA threads in /d/ are big, they're only the largest if you take the draw threads and edit threads out of the equation) I don't mind hosting a small backup for CYOAs and the edit/draw threads if it saves space and if Couchy permits it.

b7746 No.643

The draw threads are barren of artists, getting rid of them would be good.

08253 No.645

I guess if we get the edit and draw threads under control and ban video files, then I'd be fine if we allow the CYOA threads to have images.

I still think we should prune the old parts and have the writers archive their story posts on pastebin or something.

d8655 No.648


They probably aren't a big issue now, but after the second or third cycle of "cleanup time" comes around, there will come a time they will definitely be a target. They can only grow.

@aristocrat and all RPers who are looking to keep archived stuff available forever

I suggest that you find a permanent, publicly available solution for archive storage, at some point before the next wipe. Even if you just take screen caps and throw them up on a Google drive. It's better not to risk waiting a couple years, then getting caught with a dozen archived threads you need to preserve all at once because they are too big to ignore. Even if gifs, webms and the edit/draw thread spam are currently couchy's easiest targets, eventually our friendly neighborhood RPers' older threads will be numerous enough not to clean

c1be6 No.650


You actually made me curious about how many of the requests in the recent thread haven't been fulfilled with your comment on the edit threads. Your ideal ratio is 1:1 while the fourth thread has around a 5:1 ratio. If I counted right, thats 96 requests, with 19 of those being fulfilled.

Personally, I think we should remove the first two edit threads, as those are pretty much dead at this point, and Sqwark has most of the files saved so there's not a loss. The third one I'm not sure about.

3cb2d No.651


I wouldn't think it was about the size of the threads but that fact that if you save all of them and cut down the amount of threads you now have the limit of 20 threads being made up of almost half these threads. Let it go.

3cb2d No.652

Sorry I have the numbers wrong, but my point still stands. It's not that they take up space on file they take up space other threads could be in. Especially on the art board.

You can wipe the whole site for all I care I'm just tired of the drawn board being filled with these things.

9a689 No.653

I don't want to start a war on what should or should not be deleted.
There is a bad ratio of edits requested to edits done, and I think the main reason behind that are images that are incredibly difficult or flat out impossible.
There's no real way to solve this either without enforcing a cooldown period or creating an incredibly complicated script.

I want to clarify: The /d/ CYOA threads ARE NOT THE LARGEST. In terms of text, they have the largest basic file size but the main space is taken up by other threads. If you take the edit threads, draw threads, and the SFM thread away THEN they become the largest.
It IS possible to keep the CYOA threads if you were to delete the old, filled up draw threads and edit threads, and purge the WEBM threads (just ask WEBMs to be uploaded elsewhere and hotlinked) Yeah you lose some "history", but what about the original 4chan thread that got Katawa Shoujo up and running? Or "The Fappening" threads on 4chan and 8chan? They're deleted now, archived somewhere on the internet.
We're a chan at heart. Clinging onto history isn't something we should be doing, honestly. I get why we do, don't get me wrong, but sometimes it's okay to let go - especially if Couchy can make a proper site backup, and any dick and sally can make a "carbon copy" of a website for free, like I did.

Also, another clarification: WEBMs and Gifs don't take up the most space, the PNGs do. But the WEBMs aren't doing us any favours.

1306b No.654

While I guess it's good to know which threads are taking the most space, we have to be thinking in terms of consistent rules that apply equally to all threads and require little or no manual intervention. Although I do like the idea of having requests and request fulfillments in separate threads.

b7746 No.655

That sounds like excessive busywork, especially for the drawthreads where artists have pretty much vanished. Just do what the 4chan drawthreads do and have an anchor.

95ed7 No.656

if you do go with that separation, there's a way to make this cleanup really easy.

Just tell a couple of us, right now, to go save all the final products in all the edit/draw threads. wipe all of them, then we'll re-post them in the newly formatted "edited" thread to start it off. easy.

3cb2d No.662

Why do you need to repost them? They've been seen. If people wanted them they should be saved. I don't think people should be using someone's small server space like this just as a storage.

Encourage new content. Link to new stuff.

b3b4f No.663

Dont delete the game thread pls

95ed7 No.664

because finished edits/draws are the only images of real worth on this site. The editors are from this community and take it upon themselves to filter through our more impolite members/requests. Plus, nearly all other images on the chan could be deleted and found somewhere else on the internet, but not the edits.

f455e No.665

Does anyone have the capability to back up a copy of the full Original Content threads? That's probably the most irreplaceable thing on the site.

9a689 No.666

I can confirm:
I have a fully functioning copy of the Content Threads, Edit Threads, and Draw threads.
The images are all safe.

For ANYONE looking to create a "copy" of the website for themselves, refer to the program 'HTTrack Website Copier'. It's free and mostly simple to use.
(It caps downloads at 25000B/s so whap that up to 999999 in the Limit option if your internet can handle it)
…As long as Couchy is okay with letting us download a copy of the website, of course. I don't want to step on toes here

95ed7 No.667

spooky number. Sqwark IS a demon

1306b No.668

I would use that sparingly - our bandwidth is supposedly unlimited, but I don't want to draw any unwelcome attention from our host, especially right after that copyright incident.

08253 No.669

Hopefully whoever is on that bumping spree isn't paranoid enough to want to make weekly copies of the site.

d9071 No.670

My bad.

d8655 No.671


of all the superfluous bumps I've seen, this one seems to be the most deleteable

d8655 No.674

File: 1510688883349.png (201.72 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171114-142942.png) ImgOps Google iqdb


Couchy, delete this one. I found an external link for everything posted on this thread thus far, sans the most recent image and the pixel art gifs (which average like 50kb anyway, I downloaded those)

make a new thread and I'll post the links/pixel art.

9a689 No.675

Going off of this, I can re-up all the old Edit/Draw/Content thread images in separate compressed folders onto somewhere like dropbox or googledrive, offering both an intact page and an image download, meaning you can delete those old threads.

e2f50 No.676

>I'm going to guess that the real issue here is that the site doesn't have upload restrictions on videos or a maximum image resolution limit.

People could always upload their webms to pomf.cat or something.

That's what most other chans do with really large video files.

9a689 No.677

I second this.

89b37 No.678

The limit is 10MB, which could be cut down to 5 or even 3, but I think files that size are a small percentage of the content here.

d8655 No.679

third. 3mb is more than enough, even for most gifs. webms can easily be posted externally and posted with a link+thumbnail image (gifs too, but that would probably be more of a disputable change)

08424 No.688

I don't mean to start shit, and feel free to delete this if you think I am, but why is the "Pregnant Furries in Comics" thread still up?

If it were multiple people people posting things, like in the "Pregnancy in Comics" thread, that'd be one thing. But it's basically just one guy posting about the same specific comics over and over again. Is it really necessary?

9a689 No.689

Because it keeps them happy and out of other threads they were previously clogging.

08424 No.690

Makes sense. Can't you just ban 'em though?

5312e No.691

1339 in /c/ is already 404, and I can't back it up. Are threads already being pruned? It still shows up in /c/ but I can't actually read the full posts. It's not archived on the web archive.

1306b No.692

This shouldn't be a surprise. The announcement has been up for a month.

32097 No.693

So the text only threads are going off too? Crap I misjudged!
Thanks for hosting all this Couchy, we love you :)

85c65 No.694

Still having problems with making posts in the /f/ gallery. Something keeps popping with "403 Forbidden" or something or other, even though everything's been reenabled…

Can this please be sorted out? Thanks.

37446 No.695

08253 No.696

I'm on mobile and getting the 403 error on /d/. I tried clearing my cache and cookies, incognito mode, different browsers, but nothing has worked. I haven't had this issue on my desktop though.

7c98d No.722

Hey Squark, do you still have the copy you made of the site?

Two threads I downloaded have some annoying artifacts. Firefox added a bunch of line breaks that I didn't notice when I first downloaded the pages. I could do it manually, but if you have HTTrack copies, that would save me some time.

The two threads I'm looking for are:

Thanks in advance.

eca68 No.830

Couchy, could you please delete the thread I posted (https://pregchan.com/r/res/8824.html)? I didn't write down the password I used to post it and thus can't do it myself.


36706 No.831

Oh man, I've just seen this Moe I'm sorry!

I do indeed have these saved.
I haven't made a backup in a while so idk if there's anything else you're missing but I do have these two threads saved.

6629c No.1153

I didn't get the password before posting. Can you please take it down? Thank you.

Abby 09/04/19 (Wed) 19:35:23 ID:a289d No.9182

3e237 No.1155

File: 1568551523652-0.jpg (128.65 KB, 631x960, 9f7041d2a25606e05a54093d9a….jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1568551523652-1.png (48.13 KB, 600x700, live-and-let-live-and-say-….png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1568551523652-2.jpg (55.91 KB, 786x352, say-no-to-abortion.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1568551523652-3.png (35.46 KB, 280x280, pro-life-say-no-to-abortio….png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1568551523652-4.jpg (42.09 KB, 1200x630, say_no_to_abortion_your_pa….jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

I would like to report that this thread here: https://pregchan.com/d/res/56055.html is considered blasphemy for the entire site, and I would like for you to take it down as soon as possible, if you don't mind. Please and thank you.

752d2 No.1156

Agreed. It’s anti-pregnancy fetish.

0b9c7 No.1157

There are many people on this page who clearly SHOULD have been aborted

ea823 No.1158

File: 1568561693443.jpeg (480.35 KB, 1235x695, 5804A3AC-C064-4482-A36C-3….jpeg) ImgOps Google iqdb

6545a No.1159

>>1155 Boo
>>1156 fucking
>>1157 hoo

I vote that we should ban furry pages because bestiality is a sin. We should also ban loli threads because pedophilia is illegal.
And birth videos because that is exploiting minors and is borderline pedophilia since we all know people are jacking off to babies being born
Might as well shut down the whole site then since some people might get offended by some of the content.

95ed7 No.1160

File: 1568568551153.gif (1.86 MB, 500x288, WanUnrealisticChihuahua-si….gif) ImgOps Google iqdb

Pregchan seems to have had an arm replaced with an overly dramatic butt hurtman.

3e237 No.1161

While I agree with you on those, it's not up to you, troll; it's up to the admins of this site.

When next cleanup time rolls around, we'll see what goes and what stays.

Might as well have a sign up front before you're even able to enter the site that says "For people age 21 or older" "Enter at your own risk" and/or "Site contains adult content; Viewer discretion is advised"

f5e76 No.1162

Are you stupid? That post is making fun of you.

c667b No.1163

I saw this bumper sticker when I was a teen in the 1990s:
"Of all the patients to entered the clinic, only half of them came out alive".

3e237 No.1164

*Sarcasm alert* Really? I hadn't noticed.

61cef No.1165

anyone archiving?
where's https://pregchan.com/b/res/833.html
plenty nice new content went 404.

f5e76 No.1166

That was probably the thread where someone was impersonating a couple of people who don't use this site for reasons I don't understand. They wanted the thread deleted because they didn't want their usernames and email on pregchan.

04c14 No.1167

I actually knew the guy who put his email in there. That was actually him, not the imposter. His email was the only one in the thread, which he put up willingly. I thought that was really dumb of him to do. The email guy and the imposter user ID's were different. Then the imposter started using his email too.

Anyone archive it on webarchive or archive.is?

But yeah, there were some nice pictures in that thread. Shame it went up.

5230f No.1168

no archives

what pics were on it?

db912 No.1238

We're bumping up against the limit again. These are the changes I plan to make in a week if there are no objections:

1. Reduce number of pages to 10 (standard for most chans)

2. Reduce images per thread to 300 (currently 500)

3. Reduce max file size to 5MB (currently 10MB)

4. Ban GIFs over 1MB. It's a shit format that should have died long ago and is horrible for anything outside of reaction images. Use webm or literally anything else (apng?).

627bc No.1239

My only objection is with the second suggestion. There are some long-running threads that would kill and it doesn't really make a difference on storage. All it does is result in more threads with fewer images, which could hurt with the page reduction.

I don't see anything wrong with the other proposals.

db912 No.1240

>it doesn't really make a difference on storage

Of course it does. Consider:

10 pages * 10 threads * 300 images
10 pages * 10 threads * 500 images

Although I can see how much space is gained by just cutting back to 10 pages, I suspect it may slowly creep back up again.

ffccb No.1241

I suppose I phrased that poorly. I meant if people really want to submit some images, they'll do it anyway. It would just result in more churn.

It's just my opinion, but I think further reducing the number of pages would be preferable to cutting the maximum size of each thread. So rather than giving each thread a lower maximum, just only have 8 or 9 pages instead.

Do you run compression jobs on the files? That could save a lot of space, even though it would result in different files from the originals.

f5e76 No.1242

No objections here.

This site isn't an archive. There's no reason to keep a thread if it's been inactive for a certain period of time. It's better to just let threads get pruned than for everyone to freak out over a "Great Purge", nanodesu.

5230f No.1243

sounds good to me

10571 No.1244

If OC gets archived in some way, I'm all for it.

47469 No.1245

I worry about possibly losing portions of the CYOA games I post to the /d/ board. Is there any way we can introduce a new section of the site dedicated to pregnancy-themed erotic literature and CYOA stories? A literature section would be primarily text and not create a lingering amount of data still on the site. It may also encourage others to write and post original content to the board if they know such stories are supported.

Of course, if it can't be done, then it can't be done, and I'll be a little more vigilant archiving, but I wanted to at least ask.

5230f No.1246

47469 No.1247

I suppose putting Impregnator Kings and the spinoff in /b/ would work. But, /b/ typically gets content that is disturbing and not very inviting. I would like to promote a feeling of good-will and accommodation in Impregnator Kings (and the spinoff). It encourages new readers and old readers to participate. Without which, it would die.

I will conduct a poll in the future among readers about this. Thank you for the nonetheless very valid suggestion. My own still stands as well.

65ee1 No.1248


Have you tried using another reliable platform besides Pregchan like a Discord server? I could it could solve some of the problems you're facing with the right configurations set on your server.

f5e76 No.1249

/c/ is text only, and is where most people are already posting stories. Maybe we should just rename it from "chat"? People might be thinking that board is just for RPing or something.

89a18 No.1250

I have some to donate from /r/ that might get deleted.

47469 No.1251

I am not sure this could be viable. I could potentially save everything on pregchan or any other chan through the wayback machine, but if the discord server somehow became compromised, it'd be gone forever. Furthermore, copying and pasting the content of a discord server is not easy. There are other issues as well, and they all point to discord being a liability. The nature of Impregnator Kings is I want anyone to be able to just scroll past it and use their one vote, if it's kept on discord then it will only be accessible to those who know the server and make an account.

/c/ is text only with no images, so it can't fulfill this purpose. I myself post text-only stories on /c/ occasionally, but the CYOA stories like Impregnator Kings really need the ability to post images when called for.

702bd No.1252

I think everything except reducing posts/images per thread would be fine enough. It won't affect currently active threads and still should help cycle out older content and limit data.

5230f No.1253

just do it in /b/

you're posting on a fetish imageboard, not an ivy league literary journal

>If OC gets archived in some way, I'm all for it.

just save the stuff you like and post it to various boorus like sankakucomplex

that's what i do

c0bac No.1254

Try /f/, there’s a buttload of dead threads that have 3 or 4 posts at most, and at least chestburster threads that one spammer keeps making that no one would miss

e5d4b No.1255

Will these rules apply all threads including old threads? Or the new ones? (Cuz there are several threads already exceed 300 images and gifs over 1MB can be easily found.)

79f31 No.1256


A week to get things archived sounds good.

ff581 No.1257

My only adjustment would be making gifs 2mb max

I've skimmed this site. Most gifs are 1-1.5 mb. So going x<1mb gifs would pretty much kill gifs entirely. If we keep it 2mb, it'll weed out all the unoptimised stuff while still letting people post content without converting relatively small files

d622d No.1258


For uploaded GIFs, at least convert them to efficient .WEBM, less bytes - same content.

Keep the 10MB limit for videos!

53781 No.1259

In the space of a couple of hours, a thread that I wanted to bump got bumped off the board RIGHT before I could do so. PLEASE tell me that there's SOME kind of archive…

d6194 No.1260

81ca9 No.1261

Good move, fuck gif. It's a format that should've died a long long time ago.

10f63 No.1262

Which one? I archived a metric tonne of this site about 4 months ago

af53d No.1263

File: 1578663682600.jpg (565.28 KB, 1200x1693, 16_0016.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

Can someone tell me from which Doujinshi this Picture is?

feb08 No.1264

f5e76 No.1265

Why are you posting this here?

6545a No.1266

>>1265 he doesn't even know what a reverse image search or SauceNao is so obvious he wouldn't know how to read what forum he's in.

ea823 No.1267

Imagine having a name

e10c6 No.1270

File: 1579364171392.gif (363.47 KB, 320x240, angel cute.gif) ImgOps Google iqdb

>Reduce max file size to 5MB (currently 10MB)

I support this tbh. 5MB is a ridiculous size (literally just stop using PNG).

>Ban GIFs over 1MB. It's a shit format that should have died long ago and is horrible for anything outside of reaction images. Use webm or literally anything else (apng?).

Opposed because gifs are fun.

01021 No.1271


>3. Reduce max file size to 5MB (currently 10MB)

One thing that may help to this end–unless I just don't know how technology works–is by requiring users to instead link the source rater than just post the image whenever possible. That way, it's not stored on Pregchan itself.

2f33b No.1272

I can answer this a lot of pics are over 5 MB because artists are too lazy to compress their work to JPEG.

They all own Macs, a computer suited for research not pics.

2f33b No.1273

1280x1280 is the standard for all pics.

Most pics I own are all 2500! I had to compress them manually and edit them.
This is why I hate the one and done bullshit hyper preg artists do

2f33b No.1274

Computers are getting smaller now. 2500 and above is for wall papers. Artists are too lazy to cut their prices and charge by paper size. They are supposed to do thumbnails, sketches, lineart and show their work to the consumer!

2f33b No.1275

Sorry for the rant, I'm a classic artists myself trained to use paper, paint, charcoal, markers.

I was just consulting you guys on site feedback since Art fags don't know anything about measurements.

dbfd5 No.1276

Great changes, I like them.
I think it'd be nice if you added a reply/image/poster/page counter like on 4chan.

(Also, as a moderation request, please get rid of posts that just say "bump" that only serve to bump threads and don't actually add content to the thread. 4chan has a rule against this too. Thank you in advance.)

f5e76 No.1277

I second this. Stat counters would be nice.

1d3de No.1278

I wish I had noticed this sooner. Aristo, know that I'm archiving the thread as we go. Though by that I mean that I'm copy/pasting it into a Word doc and saving the pics. If you need a copy, let me know.

b34ba No.1280

a78be No.1282

4e459 No.1283

f7dc0 No.1284


do you have the old fetal movement thread?

8ea0b No.1285

Anyone know where the Chinese pregnancy thread is? I didn't get to write down some of them.

0d5c4 No.1301

>(Also, as a moderation request, please get rid of posts that just say "bump" that only serve to bump threads and don't actually add content to the thread. 4chan has a rule against this too. Thank you in advance.)

Empty "bump" posts wouldn't really be necessary if there weren't so many low-reply threads getting dumped on /d/ like "are there any pictures of this specific background character from this obscure game???? pls thx"

There's also the fact that so many threads are jockeying to be on /d/ at one time, so people are desperate to keep decent content-rich threads (like the manga thread) alive when there's only been a few weeks of inactivity.

f5e76 No.1303

I think it would also be helpful if reporting posts is a drop down menu of choices like on 4chan. I sometimes don't really know how I should classify a report if I have to type into a blank field.

510a5 No.1319

Hey, I have a borth fetish, I love roleplaying me urgently needing to push, the head opening me up and sliding back in, the pain I'm in, pushing, sweat dripping down my body, if anyone want to talk more and me on kik - jessiileigh93

c5dd3 No.1321

Yo Couchy, content's getting rather full again and I noticed that those image and file limits didn't go into effect. Thought it was a grandfather clause at first but doesn't seem to work on the latest edit thread. Any plans for this?

e7a7b No.1322

We're at 90% capacity now. I had the idea of just forgoing this space micromanagement and upgrading the server plan to (supposedly) unlimited capacity, which could be funded by donations and user ads/shout-outs for like $5/month. Would anyone be interested?

c5dd3 No.1323

If it comes down to it I wouldn't mind making some donations myself. From a sustainability perspective though ads are probably better (even managed to find some good game sources from those dmm ones).

Guess this was kinda inevitable. From what I remember the amount of content only remained stable back when it was 1 image per post, though I don't trust my memory completely.

e7a7b No.1324

Don't get me wrong, it's not an existential crisis - more like chipping in for a pizza. The current plan is like $35/year while the unlimited one is $60, so I've just payed myself these past years.

c5dd3 No.1325

Less dire than I thought, still willing to chip in though. Pretty worth it if more content can be sustained.

e7a7b No.1360

File: 1591754689672.png (5.44 KB, 455x124, Capture.PNG) ImgOps Google iqdb

Shit's getting real, folks. On a completely unrelated note, If you guys wouldn't mind donating towards a poor guy's personal expenses, it would be most appreciated!

f5e76 No.1361

I donation link would be helpful, along with some details.

c5dd3 No.1362

Does that mean we get unlimited posting space soon? Anyway, i'mma send my tree fiddy over in a bit.

e7a7b No.1363

In the first 24 hours of fundraising, we've raised… 0 dollars and 0 cents. Maybe I'll give dlsite ads a try.

c76a8 No.1364

You didn't really post anywhere that the link was at the top, and the post was easy to skip if you're only here for pregnancy images.

If you made a new post with a catchy image and another link to the donation page it might get more attention.

e7a7b No.1365

Thanks a lot to the guy who donated just now. However, I'm having second thoughts about this setup and running the risk of entering all my personal info and getting banned from one or more platforms. I think I might just go the dlsite route for peace of mind.

e7a7b No.1366

Also, I apologize for the waffling. The person who donated should be refunded within a week.

c5dd3 No.1368

Maybe you want to check out what adds run on other image boards? Most of them seem rather intrusive though.

c5dd3 No.1369

Found a list of affiliate sites which may be applicable for /drawn/ content. DMM runs Japanese ads on Japanese imageboards, not sure whether they would support English sites.



e7a7b No.1370

I see bbw-chan has some crypto-scam ads. Not gonna go that route. It's tough being the scourge of the internet.

41aed No.1371

Have you thought about crypto? Monero is impossible to track.

f3841 No.1372

The company the server is from already knows you, as does the DNS business used, so what's the problem?

e7a7b No.1373

Somehow got approved on dlsite, so we'll se how it goes.

47469 No.1374

Thank you for being considerate over what ads are shown, Couchy.

3d5ae No.1376

Wait, do I need to stockpile porn now? Between the toilet paper, bottled water, MREs, and ammunition, I'm a touch low on storage space.

0a649 No.1464

You're not supposed to store it on VHS tapes, pal

e169d No.1506

It seems that there are some problems with posting images lately. Has pregchan run out of storage space?

2e45e No.1516

Their is some stuff that needs to be purged, only the useful should be kept.
Tutorials, sources, edits and helpful stuff.

31f72 No.1709

Can you prune the threads so there's only one hatethread about Fossil at a time? Or preferably none at all, since that one anon with a hateboner for the guy bombs random threads with how much he despises him

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