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File: 1517077950401.jpg (10.48 KB, 300x100, banner1.jpg)

5b654 No.701

Some of you might have noticed the banner on the front page. It's just the front page for now, since I wasn't sure if people would want them on every page, but if you guys like them and we can get some more, we can do that.

Banners should be 300x100. I prefer ones that are creative and/or humorous over those that are simply pornographic, but maybe you have one that's just too beautiful to refuse. So let's see what you've got!

fd7a0 No.702

File: 1517083032775.png (31.17 KB, 300x100, networking.png)

Hard trying to find an image that is not only relevant, but still readable in such a small size. I think I can do better than this.

c072f No.703

File: 1517091443126.png (173.95 KB, 600x200, banner1.png)


600x200 one. I'll see if I can compress it.

c072f No.704

File: 1517091508812.png (42.29 KB, 300x100, banner2.png)


Best I could do

3a3e4 No.705

If we're going to put up banners of a real little girl who was murdered as a hood ornament on our pregnant porn site, it's time we all went somewhere else.

bbb3a No.706

Just using the front page for banners is fine, I think.

Seconding the skipping the Anne Frank one. Let's just leave that as a meme.

74cb1 No.707

File: 1517118942979.jpg (13.96 KB, 300x100, Banner Test.jpg)

This seems fitting enough

7c229 No.708

Definitely vote for skipping the Anne Frank stuff, it's really weird

c072f No.709

File: 1517128993583.png (225.01 KB, 650x565, awoo confederate cap.png)


Forgive me, five years of browsing /pol/ almost daily has completely warped my boundaries of good taste. Now, I could watch a livestream of ISIS prisoners having their blown off with detcord and not be the least bit disturbed.

I think I might need professional mental help.

74cb1 No.710

File: 1517131227469.jpg (11.76 KB, 300x100, 大子宮.jpg)

From a recent thread

74cb1 No.711

File: 1517132154820.jpg (24.57 KB, 476x207, Exploitable.jpg)

Also, here's an exploitable you can use.

c072f No.712

File: 1517133535161.png (45.76 KB, 300x100, banner.png)


Here's a more inoffensive submission

74cb1 No.713

File: 1517135781616.jpg (21.31 KB, 300x100, real art.jpg)

From an old thread about real world art

74cb1 No.714

File: 1517135970026.jpg (17.43 KB, 300x100, RPG progression.jpg)

And this is from the game thread.

I think it would be a nice if the different threads can use the banner as a form of advertisement.

Like, the larger and more active threads have their own banner to display on the main page which cycles through them.

966f7 No.715

File: 1517140231774.png (25.57 KB, 300x100, blankv2.png)

Had some fun with this.
Here's a blank so it blends in with the current BG.
It's transparent at the top to properly blend in.

Anyway, here are my submissions:

cc5a6 No.716


I haven't seen this before on the Game Thread. Mind telling me the source?

9b736 No.717

File: 1517344906679.png (52.15 KB, 300x100, Eggs.png)

Wakey wakey, preggs and bakey.

e46ec No.719

File: 1518268092687.jpg (8.37 KB, 300x100, Mediasteak-pregnant.jpg)

over 9000 hours in MS paint :D

0f3dd No.720


c80fa No.857

File: 1535671404257.png (26.53 KB, 300x100, Pregchan_banner.png)

A fan button banner to say welcome.

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