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478fa No.725

Can we please get separate sections like some of other chans have. So we can put the birth videos, morphs,and mpreg somewhere else!

If people want to use this for more proposals go ahead I'm done here.

And not require images for feedback -_-

ca07f No.726

lol, this gets discussed nearly every year. you aren't the first. Check the /q for full threads on this topic. last year it was the RP threads, the year before it was the mpreg.

I can't remember exactly, but I'm pretty sure Couchy said something like "the board itself is too small to start breaking it up further."

622b5 No.727

"Necessary"… uh huh…
Boi, the site works fine without these changes.
As Anon above said, it's not worth separating the chan into pieces because it's already kinda small.

b46de No.728

You have the ability to filter the content you don't like.

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