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37d4b No.753

I noticed that the furry board, especially the edit Thread has slowed down dramatically in content

ca04e No.754

File: 1526283811068.jpg (111.47 KB, 800x600, 1213843918043.jpg)

a boy can dream, can't he?

c0b6f No.755

Furry edits are hard to do, and often if one gets done the all of a sudden you get spammed with more requests.

I’ve also found, and I’m just being honest here, furries are pushy, demanding, and rude when it comes to requests and edits. The last few times I’ve tried edits for the /f/ edit thread I’ve gotten rude replies and links to more edits for me to do by that time tomorrow otherwise people comment with “rip /f/ again”

TL;DR: It’s not that I hate furry content, it’s just that furry edits are often hard to do and they’re often rude.

37d4b No.756

Well, I’m somewhat patient when it comes to requests

ecf0a No.757

You're really annoying

ef7d7 No.758

You can't really say this when you've bumped the same Lillie request 4 times in 2 months

d53f0 No.759

You’ve been exposed boi

d53f0 No.760

Anyways being serious here, I end up sorta ignoring the f thread as the d thread has more of my fav art birth than f does.

f18fb No.761

>furries are pushy, demanding, and rude when it comes to requests and edits

this tqbh fam

plus, most of the requests are goofy shit with terrible anatomy/proportions

b4e55 No.762

I'm opening a new furry thread about one artist:
barn-flakes (on DeviantArt)

2ebe2 No.767

I open a new furry thread tonight.

This one is dedicated to Angeltrack (pregnant) from Twisted Roller Coaster.

I want to keep this furry thread alive.

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