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File: 1530338120237.png (173.26 KB, 2688x2688, 390E385B-25C6-4F05-99F4-52….png) ImgOps Google iqdb

0695c No.811

I noticed whenever i type days (i mean m0nths) it autocorrects to days, whats up with that?

109e5 No.813

It's probably a joke on the part of website owner. So many people post requests in days, it's kind of funny to see the equivalent amount in days.

49149 No.814

Please can this filter be removed? It is definitely going to affect the CYOA stories to not be able to use such a common word.

6aa91 No.815

lol, kinda like his phrase "draw her 7 days pregnant with 5 babies"

e8efc No.816

Just testing the thing, 5 days praganant

eb2ca No.817

5 days preg

9a5bb No.818

237 days pregnant

b63a1 No.819

Let me test it.

please draw her 9 days pregnant with 812 babys

f64f5 No.820

Not just m0nths being autocorrected, belIy is also being autocorrected to tum tum

7a22a No.821

testing. tum tum

7a22a No.822

Okay, that's less funny. I get the idea of trying to move some of the dudes in the request thread on to new words, but why tum tum? why not stomach?

c4630 No.824


Agreed. "Tum tum" is just stupid. Why is that even there at all?

3b2c5 No.825

someone just thinks they're being funny

49149 No.826

'Months' to 'days' seems to be gone, but 'tum tum' to 'tum tum' remains.

Please, can it be removed entirely?

bb3e4 No.827

Huh I thought people had turned into children. Nice to know it's a filter… so just one person is a child.

58b73 No.828

I kinda like it. Like calling your genitalia your "peepee". It's cute :)

b4cd1 No.829

No, its not.

49149 No.843

Couchy, isn't enough enough?

Please remove the "tum tums" filter. It's detrimental to those of us trying to write new content for the site to not be able to use the word "tum tum".

7640d No.844

I completely agree. That has to go. It is interfering with the text based content on here.

769a7 No.845

File: 1534205810427.gif (146.14 KB, 600x210, funny-sign-no-fun-allowed-….gif) ImgOps Google iqdb

49149 No.846

Thank you very much.

It was never my intention to ruin fun. I simply wanted to be able to write what I intended.

Thank you for removing the filter.

a3d63 No.847


also, why is it a gif

268bf No.848


268bf No.849

you boring bastards

15c2a No.850

Babies. All of you

f896f No.931

Oh, thank goodness. I thought that the entire chan had suddenly become mentally retarded.

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