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File: 1561481673831.jpg (111.32 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

6e2ee No.11540

Do you remember things like Spiderman, Elsa, maleficent etc… Pregnant video

Most of them were deleted but I think that some guys here might have some of them

42d06 No.11843

These things are gonna create a whole new generation of us.

d44f2 No.11859

File: 1562985564689.png (138.04 KB, 276x305, sam hyde horrified.png) ImgOps Google iqdb


This shit gives me nightmares.

f548e No.11860

gen z is so buggered. Poor bastards are gonna have to deal with their fetishes spawning from creepy impulsive-childhood-curiousity clickbait videos like these.

8279d No.11863

In that case I feel really bad for those who discover their fetish while watching baby minions stabbed with syringes while Peppa Pig murders her family.

a5787 No.12082

This #ElsaGate shit is nothing short of psychological warfare against the young children who stumble across it. There is some spooky-ass MKUltra symbolism associated with it.

8f1f1 No.12083

Maybe it's some elaborate government ploy to raise birthrates in post-industrialized countries?

551ad No.12092

The USA should have incentives: bonuses, benefits to pay for a new baby, family leave…like any first world country to raise their birth rates from 1 to 2.5 to 3.5 kids per woman (replacement rate).

Elsagate doesn't help society get better.

434c8 No.12095

File: 1565732296361.jpeg (30.05 KB, 660x371, B9569698-B63B-4654-8E1D-F….jpeg) ImgOps Google iqdb


Better idea, ban all abortion and birth control as the Bible demands.

77f64 No.12098

Nah, the people that abort are the ones that shouldn't be having children in the first place. A tax reduction per child would incentivize workers to have children and prevent welfare leeches.

f548e No.12099

except, ya know, increasing abortion access also increases birth control access which decreases total yearly abortions. get rekt.

e3de0 No.12120

dude. many people have a couple of kids already, and can't afford another. for example. not counting sick people, raped people, and so on.

this guy gets it.

9d860 No.12123

They already do have benefits per kid. Why do you think so many poor single women always have a fucking ass load of kids? They get more welfare every time they have a new one.

22968 No.12124

>the people that abort are the ones that shouldn't be having children in the first place
I agree, blacks really shouldn't be reproducing.

b1b0d No.12137

Poor people always have more kids. It's just how people act. Always has been. Throughout most of history more kids = more farmhands. Only with urbanization and industrialization do we see this change, but human nature and culture adapt slower than our society advances. Want less poor kids? Improve the standard of living of poor people. First world, middle class luxuries = lowering birthrate.

4742a No.12140

Huh. Never realized that pregchan would be the go-to fetish site of fundamentalist conspiratards.

4c655 No.12141

Depressing, isn’t it? Half the pregnancy fans I meet are super cool, politically active and dedicated to justice… but the kind you see on here really do trend toward WOMEN ARE PROPERTY, BREED THE WHITE RACE, BLOOD AND SOIL.

Never mind anime. Anonymous was a mistake.

551ad No.12150

I don't care what color, culture, class or creed a woman is, but I LOVE PREGGOS and I want to see more children in the world, esp. if she planned to have one.

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