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File: 1563592040900-0.jpg (80.77 KB, 640x427, 1421.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

c62ee No.11949

Can we have thread where the woman is giving birth naked?
Mainly videos

6ae13 No.11950

File: 1563604911925.png (318.64 KB, 554x544, Birth.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

773e1 No.11954

efc41 No.11958

i've so many videos of them

bffc2 No.11970

Well can you share please?

79ad4 No.11973

File: 1563896508621.png (1.15 MB, 948x820, bb.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

sure, i got over 100 gb so uploading takes a while. Maybe putting it into a torrent would be better

f7cea No.11974

That would be much appreciated.

41e60 No.11995


I'm interested in the one in the photo in particular. Those are some FAT titties.

e7c24 No.12000


Jesus hell yes please, as much as you got!

ac85d No.12009

I need

Looks like shes hella thicc

773e1 No.12016

do you have a video of that gif?

2fa6a No.12021

File: 1564415107364.png (830.94 KB, 968x736, bbb.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

I am still working on my collection so i do not know when i am able to share the torrent. In the meanwhile enjoy another nice one

9d6a9 No.12121

any update?

81d5d No.12392

Did the torrent every get finished?

f0afb No.12398

File: 1567963665508.png (676.35 KB, 590x498, h.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

I'm planning to create the torrent but it may take a bit longer, meanwhile …

ed61e No.12642

Any update on the torrent?

62800 No.12687

I will create the torrent this thursday or even maybe 2morrow. But you have to be patient to download the complete package since its +100GB and I'm not sure how good my upload speed is…

However, the content might be amazing, I think 90% is 1080p, contains never seen before videos and many great view/closeup shots.

08012 No.12703

Can't wait! :D

01d8c No.12705

Torrent is ready.Hope seeding works great, please let me know.


01d8c No.12706

773e1 No.12707

im having trouble downloading the thing, it says that it could not connect to tracker

8ff10 No.12708

I've added some trackers, hope this solved the problem. (torrent creating&seeding is new for me so I hope everything does work now)

01541 No.12710

has anybody downloaded the file yet? Is it any good?

897c4 No.12712

you can download the screenshots only to see if it match your needs

773e1 No.12723

it kind of solved the problem, im currenly at 5gb downloaded but because my torrent download everything at ones im not able yet to see anything

18386 No.12726

if you use for example utorrent you should be able choose which files you want to download, select only the screens folder

2fa6a No.12731

I noticed uploading speed is very slow, maybe its better to upload it to mega instead torrents, what do you guys think?

773e1 No.12732

yeah, i notice that to, but it would be better to have it in different part because mega limits the amount of gb that you can download every day

773e1 No.12733

or another option could be to upload the whole 150gb into drive that way everyone could see it and download any video that they want

ed61e No.12738

Please upload it onto a drive

21d27 No.12740

ok, I deleted the torrent and will upload to a third party host. Upload speed will be much better but still it takes a lot of time. I will share the download links once it is uploaded

6871a No.12741

Download all screenshots of the videos here


773e1 No.12747

ty, you are the best

08012 No.12816

bump, where art thou?

7729f No.12819


240ec No.12838

Since no one posts actually good ones


f87eb No.12839


That link is far too long.

f3d9d No.12840

These are awesome!

01541 No.12859

any word yet?

ed61e No.12934

bumping for update

41e60 No.13154

Any of y'all want to be so kind and seed the torrent?

71714 No.13177

File: 1573835206084.jpeg (146.59 KB, 592x898, be72fca4-1a35-4d7f-bd2a-a….jpeg) ImgOps Google iqdb

Does any one know where to find this video? I've been hunting it for well over a year. It was included in the torrent but I cannot get the torrent to download no matter how patient I am.

08012 No.13193

Any new word on the torrent?

6501a No.13241

Sorry guys my upload speed is to slow to seed the torrent so I decided to delete the torrent.

The good news is that in the past few weeks I have added some very nice new 1080p videos to the collection :D

I really want to upload all those videos to mega but still my internet speed is really slow. I will try to upload all the videos now but its gonna take a long time

5a035 No.13252

Once you finish uploading, we can create a torrent of that one too.
My only concern is mega storage limits…

2de19 No.13253

can you just upload it 464.mp4?

08012 No.13254

You could leave the torrent to seed for a while. It'll take a while, yes, but you can leave it largely unattended and let us take up the slack as we download and seed.

5e839 No.13382

Great news guys, I've uploaded the first 50 GB, finally!


99419 No.13392

WOW thank you so much dude, your'e really a hero

bd18c No.13406

c1a81 No.13627

An early christmas gift for you! I've just uploaded volume 2!


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