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d13aa No.12073

Does anyone have any wholesome stories involving teen pregnancy.

The media demonizes it so much and portrays teen parents as inherently trashy burdens on society.

I'm looking for any wholesome stories involving users here on this topic or people they know / knew or perhaps heard of.

5cc1c No.12074

There was one floating around written by the moms point of view of her 17yo daughter having a homebirth. A few pics too but nothing graphic.

I could write one when I have a minute. It's been awhile.

2173c No.12077

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74fa0 No.12096


Plz do

cb7ac No.12161

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fa5f2 No.12163

The original pregnant teen…

38434 No.12169

The eye rolleth over

39dcb No.12191

41c5e No.12204


Historically speaking, most women would’ve been in their teens when they gave birth to their first child.

1e5e1 No.12210

Until a century ago when teens focused on high school, then half a century ago, the stigma of teen pregnancy has peaked.

It's considered not usual now to have a baby in their 20's, busy with college and saving up from jobs to pay for studies.

IVF tech made it possible for women to have babies in their 50s and above, and science made new ways for babies to form.

d13aa No.12216


It's now considered to be ideal to have children in your 30's. Any lower is often demonized.

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