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de365 No.12338

apparently, there this woman who gave birth in a jail. Anyone have the full vid of her giving birth?

44296 No.12339

You do realize that this is evidence in an ongoing litigation, and depicts a human rights violation, right? NBC News was given a copy by her lawyer, but I highly doubt they would just give you an uncensored version.

0585b No.12340


c4753 No.12342

The Russians probably have a copy.

They always have a copy.

d7aa3 No.12344

File: 1567534226939.gif (427.7 KB, 1401x1152, master2small.gif) ImgOps Google iqdb


Based Russian Hackers

First they cockblock Shillary from the Presidency, now they give us quality birthing slave fetish footage.

55e1e No.12379

it's hilarious that there are people who have watched trump spend the last 3 years mumbling and stumbling and doing nothing and still think he's the greatest human being alive

ce4cd No.12380

It's also funny how some still think russians rigged the elections - we can't even rig the oil rigs, сука блять!

44296 No.12381

People think there was some grand conspiracy, when really the Russian government just took advantage of how Facebook and Twitter personalize content in order to push anti-Clinton views. It was just a matter of time before something like this happened, because we let tech companies put advertising revenue above all else.

0585b No.12382

Well partly true. Twitter&Facebook's algorithms played a large part, but it was mainly spoof accounts reposting conspiracy theories and anti Clinton stuff manually, in a way that would get them retweets and account growth. It's called social engineering, and it's basically the idiot newbie side of hacking. "Can't think of a software solution? Manually trick people instead"

d9754 No.12384


Exactly this.

Why would anyone have an uncensored copy OP?

c4753 No.12386


Stuff leaks all the time.

44296 No.12389

People who want to jerk off to the actual suffering of actual human beings are disgusting.

d9d15 No.12390

More of a fact of life really.

We live in a society that was built on the suffering of others, and still thrives on it.

Every coin has two sides. Some of us just choose not to look through those rose-tinted glasses all day and embrace our darker side.

4434a No.12394

Its called standards its ok to have them

c783a No.12399

Then why does a preg fetish site allow abortion fetishists? Seems like the people here already have none.

6bb74 No.12400

Theres a difference between actual abortion/miscarriage inducing pictures and drawn hentai. If you cant tell the difference then fuck off. It's the same with the fucking furries, mpreg, and loli threads. There is a reason it is called a fantasy.

b5353 No.12438

If you're sexualizing murdering babies in the womb etc even if it's "fantasy" still says you're fucked in the head. Just because you don't want to admit it doesn't make it untrue.

0238f No.12440

And sexualized children, body horror(hyper-preg) and marginalized women(breeding) are not fucked up fethish. It just a fantasy, it's not anymore fuck up than massacring innocent civilian in GTA.

6bcd4 No.12442

You keep telling yourself that

6bb74 No.12443

People on this site are jacking off on real babies being born and thats OK (the Real: Birth thread) but me jacking off to forced miscarriages that ARENT real because they are DRAWN FUCKING CHARACTERS is wrong?

Again, I feel like I'm saying the same shit over and over again, but if this is how you feel, we should ban loli and bestiality threads since both are illegal and immoral

c1653 No.12588

Keep that rage fit going cucks

44296 No.12589

That was posted over a week ago, so doesn't that make you the cuck keeping it going?

0d425 No.12716

So, anyone got the video yet?

4c9d7 No.13248

Bump. Wanna see this

5d0c6 No.13584

I agree. It's not much but I've found some various sources covering this and each have different parts of said video. Maybe some splice action is needed? Bumpitty Bumpitty


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