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fa7eb No.12693

I was at Denny's last night, and a friend asked me how I like my eggs, and without even thinking I immediately said "fertilized".

I am very, very fixated on pregnancy, and this website is not helping.

ef299 No.12694

I know that probably made things awkward as hell but it’s also Really funny.

f6faf No.12695

What was their reaction? Dont leave us hanging

fa7eb No.12697

All three of them stared in confusion, my friend who asked said "What?!" then started laughing.

She also told me late "Please do not explain why you said this"

fbf8c No.12698

Hey, you can just say it was a Freudian slip.

ef299 No.12699

I got to ask are you male or female because the level of awkward and type of conclusions you’re friends probably came to probably depend on that.
If you don’t want to answer that’s all good I’m just wondering

ef299 No.12700

And yes I know I wrote you’re instead of your it was a typo.

fa7eb No.12701

AMAB, male presenting.

So that narrows down what they can infer from the comment.

Also since I accidentally said something sexual in response to an innocuous question, I think it was a literal freudian slip.

ef299 No.12702

Makes ya feel any better I can safely saw that shit like that probably happens to most of the people on here.
Hell I myself have accidentally opened my fap stash on my phone while sitting next to my mom twice lucky I realized what I did fast enough to hide It but still.
And before I got the photo vault app I had a few pictures on my old psp that my sister probably saw.
Although she hasn’t said anything so it’s possible I deleted them before she saw anything.
I hope that’s the case.Things can get pretty awkward when a weird fetish is involved.

5642f No.12704

To be fair, balut is a fertilized duck egg that's boiled and seasoned with salt.

a9e88 No.12711

I was going to ask what "friend" means in this context and if you'd considered trying to hit that, but then I saw "AMAB, male presenting" and realized, "Nah, those types don't even do that shit anymore.". She'll be pegging you with a strap on while you're both black out drunk sooner than you would get a clue.

fa74c No.12720

Nah, she's ace. We're close but don't have that kind of relationship.

My actual partner has known what my deal was since we were both teenagers, and they're also into some of the same things. More the impregnation and birth than the actual pregnancy, though. But it still works for us.

b4f21 No.12745

File: 1570180191349.png (84.37 KB, 315x274, really.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Considering your babbling about what sounds like quasisexual bullshit in >>12701 I'd imagine the actual problem is purely between the keyboard and chair rather than this site.

f63bd No.12775

I’m the one who created that banner soo…You’re welcome, lol. ;p

fa7eb No.12776

Cool. Way to be a dick for no reason. Keep on truckin!

5642f No.12777

Says the person who doesn't even know how to sage correctly.

dc480 No.12778

I afraid I can accidentally type
git commit -m "my squirrel is pregnant"
on work.
I hope it will never happen.

c04f7 No.12779

My phone constantly wants to autocorrect things to pregnant.

5642f No.12780

You might want to turn off auto-correct, or at least clear the cache.

060cc No.12788

That was a legitimately good joke, op. No problem with being fixated, I am fixated, too. I think I like it that way, and so should be you.

fa7eb No.12794

I'm not unhappy with my lot in life. I've been this way since I was like 7. So. I'm pretty well adjusted to it by now.

e99e1 No.12796


SwiftKey keyboard(default for my phone) has incognito mode which turns on when I use incognito in Chrome or Tor browser.

2c3cb No.12827

Bruh XD

9678c No.12829


87858 No.12830

From a fem's mouth that phrase sounds hot as hell. From male's mouth that could be a somewhat decent joke about KFC chicken or something.

76052 No.12831

it's a semi-famous and scripted line from 200 Cigarettes, people. OP didn't invent it. derp.

e65a6 No.13196

abb9c No.14791

the irony is that you sound like a total moron trying to diagnose problems with other people on the internet when the even more glaring problem is you.

42b97 No.14803

live by the coom

die by the coom

78a7a No.14870

File: 1587531686409.jpg (5 KB, 262x192, index.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

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