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File: 1576930856589.png (760.76 KB, 926x592, scrr.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

bbe7d No.13626

An early christmas gift for you!

100% pure & natural naked birthing videos downloaded from youtube & vimeo in (full) HD quality!

This is volume 2 and there is more to come in the future, so stay tuned for volume 3!


0c60e No.13640

The video your thumbnail is from is broken. I was really looking forward to that one lol!

0c60e No.13641

The video that the thumbnail of this thread is from is broken. Please look into it. I'd really like to be able to watch it. Please and thank you!

4703d No.13653

Both thanks for reporting.

Damn mega app corrupted many more videos. I removed them and uploading it again. Within 24 hours every video should be good :)

424fc No.13657

So i have updated all the corrupted videos. Seems there is a bug in mega.nz website itself, because some videos can not be played in browser, but once you've downloaded the video it plays fine on pc. For example 683.mp4

0c60e No.13671

Thank You so much!

e6a6d No.13683

Still can't get this to work :(

73c60 No.14083

vol 3?

b385b No.14109

I dont have time to upload vol 3 yet, but here are the screens meanwhile


b3e8b No.14136

I previously posted this in the wrong area. I hope this is the right area going forward. I recently came across a video showing a pregnant woman in labor at a real hospital engaging in erotic behavior. There’s no birth scene. Very rarely do you come across such a video. Hopefully you can add this to your file. https://xhamster.com/videos/women-before-birth-having-little-bit-fun-12653893

f3c19 No.14138

There's…there's no words… I'm sorry, I don't think I can comment on this until I find where my face landed after it blew off…

a2501 No.14143

>>14136 This is Winnie Cooper. She is active on Preggophilia and had a Christmas sale on all 80 of her vids for like $20. I probably wouldn't share known pirated content

a0b9a No.14150

thanks for answering, I didn't knew about that girl

d4e71 No.14168

Hottest video I've ever seen…
Only way it could have been better would be if we'd seen the actual birth too. But it's already hot as it is.
Hope more like it start turning up :)

382e6 No.14169

Another video of a woman in labor at a real hospital doing naughty things. https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5d0186d0417ea

24a57 No.14170

Thanks for sharing such nice videos, awesome!

cde8e No.14174

Another Cam Girl in Labor but this time not doing naughty things


I guess we probably should have led with this one….

f05e3 No.14200

can you upload the vids or at least 775.avi? that's a good one

f05e3 No.14205

Seconding this.

f05e3 No.14206

Aw shit i forgot i asked yesterday

32b67 No.14212

Sure, when I have free time I will upload your requested video. Meanwhile I'm sorting out the rest of the collection & still adding new videos to it

c9a68 No.14213

Throw in 708 and 895 too, and the rest I'd be willing to wait for

f05e3 No.14225

If you want, feel free to post the source link too

99fb5 No.14233

895, good choice ;)

I don't know the source, all i know 895 was downloaded from vimeo. (all videos you see are downloaded from youtube or vimeo)

f05e3 No.14236

What about 775's source, do you have that one?

63559 No.14243

Sorry I dont save original titles nor source.

Enjoy your requests, stay tuned for more in future


d8988 No.14316

when this chan once ever go offline i'm also active at sexy-youtubers forum

0d9dc No.14329

>>educational purposes only

Yeeeeah, riiiight…

0d9dc No.14330

What kind of sick person would replace those sweet sexy moans and screams with some lousy piano music?
Or any music for that matter?

06e98 No.14331

haha nice one!

f05e3 No.14406

so when are you going to upload the rest?

57534 No.14410

I've been looking forward to them as well.

OP, you've singlehandedly saved us from the old grind of filtering through no-payoff influencer videos and clickbait reposts. Thank you. Is there anything we can do to help you out?

40be4 No.14423

thanks guys, I was not sure if there is interest for these kind of videos.

I decided to sort all videos (previous included) in categories, example categories:


this, plus trying to figure out which source it came from, plus removing duplicates, takes a lot of time so I am still working on it.

I don't know when I am able to post the new categorized video collections but there are many awesome and rare videos in it, even some visible stimulation/orgasmic full HD videos ;')

57534 No.14430

File: 1584347824640.jpg (41.17 KB, 598x900, download (13).jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

Removing duplicates etc is well appreciated. I know there were a decent number of them in the second upload. That said I think most of us aren't too concerned with such. You're sifting through and finding all the GOOD videos, a couple duplicates and a random order aren't that troubling in contrast with the alternative that Youtube's search feature offers.

I think we'd all be happy with the rest of what you have, warts and all. Continue editing and upload the fixed version whenever it's done and we'll replace the previous version with that. With things getting taken down, lives distracted with whatever, the unknown constantly threatening us, the best policy with content distribution is to upload and disseminate as soon as possible. Sadpanda almost died, in the space of a week. Pregchan might do the same.

If you feel you aren't being appreciated, then I'm sorry. I appreciate you. You've provided me personally with a multitude of old forgotten videos and brand new wonderful videos, in the high definition non-watermarked format video-download-helper no longer provides. I'd say these videos have provided me with a solid 50% of my fap fuel for the past three months, and I'm sure there's at least a hundred others like me. Even if you disappear from the internet tomorrow, thank you, you are appreciated.

a8afa No.14459

Thanks for the kind words. It might take some time to finish the collections. I can not give an estimate because I don't know yet, but once they are finished I'm sure you and other will like it :)

Stay tuned.

f05e3 No.14583

Hate to ask again, but will you post them soon?

9d0c1 No.14620

I have more then 3 TB to sort out, +/- 50 percent done now. Then I have to categorize and upload them so this is gonna take a while. I can not give an eta but I try to work as fast as possible.

Meanwhile if you guys knows where to download a complete siterip of videos from justnips i would love to know :D

f05e3 No.14862

Is it coming out any time soon?

ab174 No.14867

I have faith it's going to drop right when we need it most in these trying times.

f05e3 No.14869

I sure hope so, it's been months

d7a62 No.14871

Sorry guys for the long waiting but I'm working on the collection every day ;)

This week I will try to upload a very nice raw video I was able to download before it was set to private password protected video just after 5 minutes after upload.

Also I heard about a video of a woman who uses a vibrator during labor and delivery to lower the pain. If you know anything about this let me know.

63559 No.14911

here is just 1 video as promised, raw, uncut, close up and a very nice view

a mega link: file/Qx0DUK4A#M-aDv7vaplLA4oyM3BDjHGYMUzQCS-DTIIA7me3YK94

b6a87 No.14913

Do you have any of the kiari births? Maybe parts 8 or 9

29fe7 No.14914

Thank you for the video! Much appreciated

49935 No.14918

I'm new to this, how do I use Mega lol?

39b3b No.14919

Plopped this into mega, but nothing pops up, just a blank mega page

6e6a1 No.14923

Just tested and link is still working. To download the file just append mega.nz/ to it. Also disable any browser extensions like adblocker and use a up-to-date browser like latest chrome or firefox.

So in your webbrowser the url should be in this case:


f05e3 No.15017


Is the collection going to come out any time soon?

29fe7 No.15018

Praying hands.gif

625dd No.15032

d59f0 No.15255

any update?

eae8f No.15313

I've 3000 videos left to sort out. But I was thinking about doing a sort of pre-release, which means I could upload a small part of the already sorted video

94fec No.15321

Yes please do thank you

f05e3 No.15334

that would be greatly appreciated.

Also, 3000 videos?! holy hell man is that all gonna fit into one mega?

157c1 No.15547

Hi, does anyone here have the video of birth of lisette ambrose part 1 and part 2?

0fdae No.15605

Long time no post but want to let you know I've about 1500 videos left to sort out.

For now if you didn't knew about this one, enjoy.


57534 No.15608

Oh wow, the last one got taken down almost immediately.

Godspeed though, this is going to be epic when you're done.

97535 No.15609

what was the last one?

0fdae No.15610

Thank you guys!

The last video is a close-up one, gladly saved it before it went down lol


f05e3 No.15630

Think you could do the prerelease you mentioned sometime soon?

bca22 No.15649

I'll try to upload some videos as pre-release this week or next week

40be4 No.15650

File: 1595257970595.png (1.05 MB, 1036x662, preview.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

tease you ;)

6964e No.15741

I know, now a really collection but a tiny request from someone who wanted a couple of instagram videos from bad@ssm0therbirther channel


f05e3 No.15742

Any updates on the main collection?

05c2c No.15799

Good news! 900 vids to go, we're getting closer.

For now enjoy this little sneak preview, more videos will be uploaded over time.


8fe9f No.15806

does it work on chromebook?

05c2c No.15822


29fe7 No.15825

Thank you for the update

9ddbb No.15911

Can somebody link part 1 again, I think the link was deleted.

fb3ae No.15912

Here is part 1: mega.nz/folder/8BkVWabB#Wa01ou7AiTt64xstAKCxkA

Quick update on the new series, 50 videos left to sort out so almost ready to upload a complete new serie of 400GB!

f05e3 No.15944

is it gonna release any time soon?

01231 No.15957

Any eta?

84fb2 No.15959

Man y'all quit bugging.

It's done when it's done

01231 No.15960

Sorry :(

a8afa No.15967

I'm ready to upload. It's around 500 GB in total, so I will upload each category seperately.

Stay tuned, first part will be uploaded soon.

f05e3 No.15968


01231 No.15974

Awesome! What category do you think you’ll bestow upon us first? :)

3727b No.16026

File: 1599943012962.png (11.21 KB, 187x675, cats.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

You may decide ;)

I was planning to start alphabetically, so the first category is 100% ready to upload. All the categories I have to check file names and duplicates yet.

1e281 No.16027

Orgasmic, Please

57534 No.16030

I'll take whatever is ready, in the order it's ready. Once we have something to dig into it's easier to wait for other stuff.

f05e3 No.16034

What he said, but preferably actual graphic stuff

c5517 No.16039


If "Ass" is 100% ready to upload, just give us that for now.

84fb2 No.16044

Ass any ass.

Tfw no bbw folder

d28bb No.16071

oh got!!!!!!!
i wanted all the folders…

01231 No.16079

I agree with the above start from the beginning and work our way down really excited :)

d28bb No.16092

When will it be completed?

b2997 No.16101

I can create bbw category, never thought about this but also I don't have that much videos for this category.

As you wish I will uploading alphabetically. So in one of the coming days I will start uploading the first ~25 GB. I still don't have a really fast internet connection so I don't know when it will be finished

cdaed No.16137

I will stop replying to this thread, because…

FINALLY the first categorized collection is there!


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