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File: 1581247919938.png (566.82 KB, 1280x916, 2020-02-07-013805.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

1d9ad No.14185

Couldn't find a thread for this, since it seems to be quite rare. So thought I'd open one up for posting.

Looking for something similar to the 'fake labor' videos, but from the point of view of the person giving birth, with another character acting as a kind of birth partner, encouraging them to breathe and push and so on.

Preferably in a more 'dirty talk' way than a regular birth partner would though, as in someone who's clearly getting off on it. Possibly even ones with someone humiliating or domming the birthing character, open to anything here really. Mpreg and other weirdness are more than welcome, as I like any kind of preg content :)

8752f No.14186

I love that video so much! Putting in my inflatable plug and watching it usually gets me off. I wish it wasn't as heavy on the humiliation though.

9671b No.14187

you uh, got a link?

8752f No.14188

Trying to find the link again. I'll share once I do.

8752f No.14189

Found it, but it's on another private board so I'm very reluctant to just post the link unfortunately.

9671b No.14191

can you send it to my email?

8752f No.14192

Do you have kik? My username is: just_pant

9671b No.14193

8752f No.14194

That's the preview. The whole thing is quite a bit longer.

1d9ad No.14195

Sorry, haven't got it. Been looking for it though.
The screencap there came from the preview. Only posted it as an example of the kind of videos I meant when creating the thread.

You need Kik to get it? O.o

8e1ef No.14203

I can't even find the place to just buy it, which I'm willing to do at this point

626d4 No.14540

I love this but also this is the only media I've ever seen of it. It's hard to even think of the terms to search for this stuff.

fbfef No.14555


There are some asmr videos on YouTube that deal with this topic in particular. Heres one example but most are easy to find! Quality may vary obviously and they aren't in it for sexual stimulation…but it's still unique nonetheless! (:

5b103 No.14556

Did anyone happen to get it from this guy? I searched him up on Kik and can't find anyone with that name

3d982 No.14560

Im surprised this wasnt made eariler tbh

15106 No.14564

OP here.
Yeah, I thought there would have been something around. Maybe there was, but it got cleared up due to lack of response. Seems to be a very rare kink.

The Lelu Love video screencapped above is the only example I've found of the kind of thing I was looking for. Hoped there'd be more that I just hadn't found yet.

a1dc9 No.14565

e639e No.15065

Did a quick search, both title and a reverse image search. A few sites had the preview but nothing more. Would love to see the full stuff but we probably won't.
Funny side note : the freaks over at Mpreg Central had a search team looking for the same video.

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