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File: 1595368314130.png (77.36 KB, 165x171, Screenshot_215.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

32c26 No.15658

> saving favourite images on computer
> one day update does something with onedrive
> new windows 10 thing, every image i save is put into onedrive
> folder fills up fast because all my porn is saved into it and i have no idea how to turn the fucking thing off
> come back one day and entire porn collection is gone
> hours of collecting 1700+ specific pictures, some deleted off the site and managed to grab them beforehand

What a novel idea this was

7b960 No.15659

My friend removed OneDrive from his computer and all of his fucking games were gone.

80ace No.15663

File: 1595401753055.jpg (113.66 KB, 522x305, 1134305367119.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

>windows 10
you done fucked up now amigo

1b195 No.15666

>using onedrive
Absolute squarebrain move

ef066 No.15668

>using any cloud service whatsoever

6182d No.15670

Exactly why I don't use ANY cloud based service at all, and just store my media on more traditional hard drives.

64795 No.15671

Good thing I have a separate hard drive for this.

21c62 No.15724

>using windows
>trusting proprietary software

Learn how to archive:
Concatenate file:
Create ash integrity string:
Choose a storage media:
Choose a software to burn the data:

You can't remove the software "onedrive" MS didn't conceive win10 to not be a piece of shit you can only deactivate it's usage with the GPOs.


>Using an hdd for long term storage
>mechanical parts will randomly fail
>be it either central motor, or head motor
>or the magnetic head will die
>or the PCB
>or someone will drop it
90% of all HDDs are made for 1 to 2 years of existence.
WD was the exception but when they flud in Thailand happened a few years ago they went full jew and remove their 5 year warranty for all drives except 2 of them.
M8 go fetch some M-disc blu-ray burner with BD-XL support and go burn your data on a safer storage.

21c62 No.15725

>What a novel idea this was
Cloud storage is an idea pushed because of multiple insane reasons.
I urge anyone who still hasn't been indoctrinated by dig data firm to watch this:

44bc7 No.15754

Onedrive isn't a problem if you're using a local account

32c26 No.16036

the thing was I never authorized the use of onedrive so didn't anticipate it would fuck up my shit this badly

10e48 No.16037

Is there any way to use an anonymized RAID system over multiple cloud services and drives? Then everyone could throw their free storage into one giant redundant super directory.

b700f No.16091

File: 1600223026538.png (126.04 KB, 309x313, 1532780170039.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

I have genuine horror story about OneDrive. This happened to me about two years ago.

I have a shared OneDrive with my family because my Dad gets it free due to his job or something, (Yes I live with my parents but I'm not underage don't ban me pls) but nobody actually uses it.

My girlfriend and I used to send nudes to each other which were never saved and they were promptly deleted from my phone after "use". One random day I decide to open up OneDrive only to discover ITS BEEN SAVING EVERY SINGLE IMAGE I'VE EVER TAKEN, SENT AND RECEIVED. My entire SHARED OneDrive was full of my dick pics and naked gf pics.

I nuked that shit from orbit and thankfully nobody in my family ever saw it because they still don't use OneDrive. I purged that shit from phone and PC and I will never touch it ever again.

4681e No.16093

One hell of a bullet you dodged, good work

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