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File: 1600028014189.jpeg (1.13 MB, 4032x3024, 9B3A52BD-2830-4722-8A1B-9….jpeg) Google iqdb SauceNAO

f4c97 No.16047

f4c97 No.16048

File: 1600028078026-0.jpeg (604.57 KB, 2316x2316, 86551E28-8322-4BF2-BCA3-D….jpeg) Google iqdb SauceNAO

File: 1600028078027-1.jpeg (181.13 KB, 828x1034, 94B62334-D038-4B8F-8392-2….jpeg) Google iqdb SauceNAO

File: 1600028078027-2.jpeg (174.35 KB, 828x989, F7E713DC-25C9-476E-91C1-E….jpeg) Google iqdb SauceNAO

File: 1600028078027-3.jpeg (300.71 KB, 1536x2048, 040AFAB3-4CC5-4A3D-9BC8-3….jpeg) Google iqdb SauceNAO

f4c97 No.16049

c845b No.16050

The only good thing about this bitch is that shes having twins, this bitch wants Preggophilia to be taken down. Fuck her and the people giving her money.

c845b No.16051

File: 1600029821325.jpg (56.24 KB, 588x281, Untitffgled.jpg) Google iqdb SauceNAO

14ba6 No.16052

>wants Preggophilia to be taken down

ah shit

time to hoard as much shit as i can

c845b No.16054

I don't think she can take the site down.

3a2ad No.16055

Keep being okay with all the pedoshit, champ.

c845b No.16057

lol, saids the persion who might be into trans and furries sick fuck

75714 No.16060

TBH, I was against Preggophilia having a Teens section on it for a long time.

f4c97 No.16061

I still am. Why can’t the Teen section be removed?
I also made the thread because someone managed to publish her onlyfans clips before it got removed.

c845b No.16062

You know shes a scammer right? This bitch should have her onlyfans banned.

a8fbf No.16064

IDK it's legal for preggophilia to have that.

c845b No.16066

ok simp

e642a No.16076

SaveOurChildren which are already pregnant? Lmao

7dbd3 No.16077

This. Theres no actual porn in the teens section. Most of it is just lame facebook pictures. Its still weird that its even around

7dbd3 No.16078

But you're fine with the teens threads here tho?

75714 No.16080

Nope, I hide it.

21372 No.16082

true. what's everyone worried about?

ed6f3 No.16087

There's nothing to worry about.

Nessa has been getting paid for custom videos, then not delivering and blocking her clients. She refuses to give refunds claiming the clients were rude or that she didn't feel comfortable doing the videos. People have posted chat logs refuting this. She also claims that photos taken from twitter and reposted onto preggopnilia are theft. Apperntly there was a single case of premium content being posted, but mods took it down upon request.

This whole crusade to shutdown preggoohilia is just an attempt at retaliation for people warning others about her prior scamming. I think she's using the teen section because pedophilia is in the public eye after Epstein.

7dbd3 No.16088

Simp culture fucks with chicks minds man. Dudes treat her like shes something more than just a chick selling nudes and she gets it in her head she deserves better than getting fucking paid for some reason. I tried following her OF for a month. Its 90% her just using it a blog for her hormonal bullshit. Chick is a grade A spaz.

04f7d No.16089


It's absolutely laughable when these chicks get mad at people "stealing" their content when the kind of content they put out can literally be found for free all over the net. Something that you can get for free anywhere has no value, yet these chicks never seem to notice this fact.

0aa67 No.16127

This fucking very site has teen threads and loli ones too AHAHAHAHAHA

f4c97 No.16208

All of her recent recordings are posted here. I just don’t know how to download it.

5dd68 No.16214

TubeOffline has a tutorial for downloading videos from the page, but it's slower than Drive or Mega (at about 600 kb/s).


f4c97 No.16228

What about someone who uses a mobile browser? I use the Documents app for my iOS device.

db183 No.16382

Damn, she went off the radar for a week and popped… sad. Is her OF worth it? That preview on her Twitter is amazing

04f7d No.16383


I'd say her OF isn't worth it, just like all the other e-thotties' OFs are not worth it. Everything they put out can be found online for free and done better. It baffles me why simps continue to throw money at women online when there is so much free porn out there.

75c72 No.16386

Definitely not. I followed her til about 35 weeks or so. It was $15 just to follow a glorified blog. Rarely, if ever uploaded anything other than her life drama. Sometimes she'd offer a few purchasable vids for $20 more in DMs and a majority of those were always shot at the same low, close angle while she just rubbed it and rambled on for 15 minutes at a time. She was asking for $100 for customs but given how she scammed other dudes I wouldn't bank that'd she'd put in much effort if at all. Waste of money IMO which is too bad cuz she was pretty fuckin huge.

e0d7e No.16398

Did you even read this thread?

f4c97 No.16406

Lmao she’s selling her Dropbox of cam recordings and possible customs for $100. The cams can be downloaded for free and the only thing possibly worth anything is the last clips labeled under “V”

Wait a minute. Déjà vu? I’ve seen this exact post before…

c5f9a No.16407

I'm sure I posted something similar on Preggophilia before the threads got forcefully removed. Trying to keep others from making the same mistakes. Maybe you saw something there.

cb36f No.16461

does anyone have her like….LAST vids before she popped? Or is it the late 9/28/20 one thats on that linked site recurbate?

c845b No.16465

Is there like a mega link for all of her cams? sthe later ones are good.

b9629 No.16468

She stopped after 9/28.

b9629 No.16472

You’ll have to download each of her recordings.

2294c No.16766

LOLOL she’s trying to get rid of preggophilia while shes with a sex offender and pedophile .. big ass brain.

b9629 No.16769

Is there something we don’t know or are you just making up stuff so you can bump this thread? We already know she tried to take the site down.

a8fbf No.16771

Nessa should not be on Preggophilia then, the site still has rules regarding the sexual depiction of minors, actually the law in the US and most countries.

b9629 No.16861

File: 1606358353455.jpeg (145.17 KB, 828x896, D5CF9D79-904F-4013-A0B4-3….jpeg) Google iqdb SauceNAO

2294c No.16895

well she was arguing on fb with someone who posted/shared the records of her current bf. For some reason I cant seem to see anything before nov 3rd?

142ee No.17079

yeah because prepubescent kids can get pregnant usually… fuck sake

ca2db No.17088


It's not that I approve of the teen section (I don't, the site would be better off without it) but Preggophilia is basically the core of the pregnancy fetish community online. It's like Eka's Portal for vore or bearchive for breast expansion lovers. If it goes, we're up a creek.

731da No.17149

Recurbate.com has an archive of her numerous Chauterbate streams/videos. However, you have to be a member to view them.

9ed38 No.17181

2294c No.17211

https://www.bailbondshq.com/st-lucie-inmate-Dunn/255182 😳 bro? no wonder she’s doing what she does.

1047e No.17239

Mmm, that is just so good to know.

2294c No.17350

Yooo 🤣 her original reddit gets shit on, so she makes another pretending not to be the owner. https://www.reddit.com/u/preggolover867/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf

233e5 No.17375

I know she's a bitch but goddamn that's the sexiest fucking photo I've ever seen

4d267 No.17410

So is there a centralized place for her content? Apart from the recurbate streams she seems to have a couple of pics and videos floating around. From the looks of it, this fabled 100$ Dropbox is a scam, or does anyone actually have it?

668a0 No.17414

Don't bother. She's one of those OnlyFans hussies

b9629 No.17418

You mean she doesn’t actually give out the Dropbox link? What a cunt!

edc83 No.17425

Damn. You just saved my wallet. Thanks lol!
She gave me the rates, but they sounded too good to be true.

2f978 No.17426

I've got the Dropbox. she sold it to me for 50$. It has her various streams and OF content and customs I think.

80aa3 No.17427

She is only doing it because she needs the bail money like all the other OnlyFans

b9629 No.17430

I anyone is willing to share her Dropbox, I’m more than open to share my folder of what I’ve collected so far from her OF.

01801 No.17455

e377f No.17542

d0812 No.17544


b9629 No.17545

Like Jeri Lynn, she got pregnant too soon. She should’ve waited until a whole year passed after having twins.

2e1ed No.17546

Well that makes fapping difficult

3c30e No.17547

>she has 4 kids
Holy molly

3ffc1 No.17548

Yeah, has a miscarriage and begs for time alone to grieve, yet within 24hours of posting is harrassing someone about their gofund and posting creampie videos. Good grieving.

48f59 No.17549

Based off my experiences filing taxes, kids tend to gravitate towards the boyfriend and see him as dad over the mom

b9629 No.17663

File: 1615317647007.webm (463.13 KB, 404x720, FullSizeRender.webm) Google iqdb SauceNAO

Did anyone manage to get her Dropbox? I’m more than willing to trade for it or give out my own folder of Nessa.

d051e No.17664

File: 1615321613059-0.jpg (60.78 KB, 600x400, nigga-why-rbk7ln.jpg) Google iqdb SauceNAO

>access denied

b9629 No.17665

>I’m more than willing to trade
What part of it you can’t read?

d051e No.17666

File: 1615327356601.jpg (51.31 KB, 499x500, america reading is for fag….jpg) Google iqdb SauceNAO


831af No.17668

>>17665 What was the point of putting the link then?

b9629 No.17672

To show that I actually have some of her custom content.

5eed2 No.17674

File: 1615400341220.png (14.43 KB, 185x225, Content.png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

Wow look at all this custom content!

b9629 No.17675

Ok. Kiss my asshole, I made an offer and got a couple of ungrateful responses from a bunch of greedy horn dogs who want free stuff.

4284a No.17676

This is a 'chan imageboard. Did you forget where you are?

2ab3b No.17678

>hoarding something that can be infinitely replicated at no cost with no effort

00e0e No.17680

You posted a link to a locked Googledrive when you could have posted a screenshot to show what you actually had to trade.
How do we know you actually have this content when we can't see it you fucking idiot.

Anyone can create a locked Googledrive and claim it's full or shit to trade.

b9629 No.17684

fafdb No.17686

>using mega to upload an image
u wot m8

93857 No.17687

A fucking idiot blindly trades with strangers

406d1 No.17689

Repeating your insults makes you look like you have dementia. Have you been listening to that album lately?

b3c4e No.17917

15c42 No.17961

yeah I bought it too, it's good, she delivers. I don't know why people are calling it a "scam" or whipping up weird conspiracies about her being a kid predator though.

824ed No.17971

The "child predator" bit is her aggressive sounding stance she takes concerning any board, forum, or site in general that even hints at underage content, such as the pregnant loli threads here on Pregchan.

As for her being a scam, well, let's see. Here's my own personal experience: I paid for a custom content video, $100. Never got it. It was only *AFTER* she popped that she said I could buy some of her videos, or use the funds to purchase her entire collection (at the time it was an additional $50, for a total of $150).

So yeah. Here's one unsatisfied customer who never got his content made, even though it had been paid for over a month before she eventually popped.

35929 No.17977

You wouldn’t mind if I ask that we could exchange content, trade clips? I can send you a direct email and show you what I have to offer.

ac5f6 No.18107

damn you got your stuff? lucky you man. I paid and got blocked instantly 💀

78242 No.18643

Any chance that I’m able to see her Dropbox in exchange for clips?

2798b No.18652

The last time I checked she doesn’t actually give out the link.

b9629 No.18659

I meant if anyone had access or downloaded her Dropbox content and trade it in exchange?

70461 No.18765

Subbed to her OF only to find cam recordings. Where’s the exclusive clips? Complete rip-off!

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