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File: 1600028014189.jpeg (1.13 MB, 4032x3024, 9B3A52BD-2830-4722-8A1B-9….jpeg) ImgOps Google iqdb

f4c97 No.16047

f4c97 No.16048

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f4c97 No.16049

c845b No.16050

The only good thing about this bitch is that shes having twins, this bitch wants Preggophilia to be taken down. Fuck her and the people giving her money.

c845b No.16051

File: 1600029821325.jpg (56.24 KB, 588x281, Untitffgled.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

14ba6 No.16052

>wants Preggophilia to be taken down

ah shit

time to hoard as much shit as i can

c845b No.16054

I don't think she can take the site down.

3a2ad No.16055

Keep being okay with all the pedoshit, champ.

c845b No.16057

lol, saids the persion who might be into trans and furries sick fuck

75714 No.16060

TBH, I was against Preggophilia having a Teens section on it for a long time.

f4c97 No.16061

I still am. Why can’t the Teen section be removed?
I also made the thread because someone managed to publish her onlyfans clips before it got removed.

c845b No.16062

You know shes a scammer right? This bitch should have her onlyfans banned.

a8fbf No.16064

IDK it's legal for preggophilia to have that.

c845b No.16066

ok simp

e642a No.16076

SaveOurChildren which are already pregnant? Lmao

7dbd3 No.16077

This. Theres no actual porn in the teens section. Most of it is just lame facebook pictures. Its still weird that its even around

7dbd3 No.16078

But you're fine with the teens threads here tho?

75714 No.16080

Nope, I hide it.

21372 No.16082

true. what's everyone worried about?

ed6f3 No.16087

There's nothing to worry about.

Nessa has been getting paid for custom videos, then not delivering and blocking her clients. She refuses to give refunds claiming the clients were rude or that she didn't feel comfortable doing the videos. People have posted chat logs refuting this. She also claims that photos taken from twitter and reposted onto preggopnilia are theft. Apperntly there was a single case of premium content being posted, but mods took it down upon request.

This whole crusade to shutdown preggoohilia is just an attempt at retaliation for people warning others about her prior scamming. I think she's using the teen section because pedophilia is in the public eye after Epstein.

7dbd3 No.16088

Simp culture fucks with chicks minds man. Dudes treat her like shes something more than just a chick selling nudes and she gets it in her head she deserves better than getting fucking paid for some reason. I tried following her OF for a month. Its 90% her just using it a blog for her hormonal bullshit. Chick is a grade A spaz.

04f7d No.16089


It's absolutely laughable when these chicks get mad at people "stealing" their content when the kind of content they put out can literally be found for free all over the net. Something that you can get for free anywhere has no value, yet these chicks never seem to notice this fact.

0aa67 No.16127

This fucking very site has teen threads and loli ones too AHAHAHAHAHA

f4c97 No.16208

All of her recent recordings are posted here. I just don’t know how to download it.

5dd68 No.16214

TubeOffline has a tutorial for downloading videos from the page, but it's slower than Drive or Mega (at about 600 kb/s).


f4c97 No.16228

What about someone who uses a mobile browser? I use the Documents app for my iOS device.

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