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File: 1421771059838.jpg (61.26 KB, 636x848, 11a9f2e24a0d174ef2b48a465b….jpg)

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I've seen one AV that has actual birth scene, until now.
Wonder if there are other porns/AV that has birth scene.

I would also like to know the name of the porn this image came from…couldn't find it.
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8beff No.2637

of course those files are not playable links they were organized so people wouldn't have to scour for all these posts

27511 No.2638

Well what use there is if they are not playable? We cannot buy them and we cannot see them…damn

bafb5 No.2646

Good point.

76d48 No.2690

Well someone please put playable links of those. I'm dying to watch those.

76d48 No.2691

These as well.

27c04 No.2697

>>2631, >>2633 Any playable links please?

3dc25 No.3046


I've found this. Seems to be free to watch, but you need a solid japanese VPN/Proxy, which I fail to find. Perhaps somebody can fetch this vid?

14590 No.3047

Is this a porn?

47a47 No.3058

for everyone using firefox, you can use firebug to get the direct vid link and save it.

i got it, it's like 30 secs long, nothing special

c588f No.3059

What about Chrome or IE users?

0333b No.3082

Why are most of links here are not playable? :(

7fd36 No.3085

homebirth video plz

c588f No.3204

Any vid with birth?

6a931 No.3248

Okay so aren't there any more?
There's a huge update on another thread.

81850 No.3254

24289 No.3258


The OP of this post didn't leave any sort of description so it looks sort of suspicious, but this is the famous/infamous Natsuki Hatakeyama vid

b1240 No.3264


It gave me the mother of all virus alerts.

1392e No.3267

same here.

c588f No.3296

That one has been reminded in this thread several times.

8047e No.3303

Well the pregnant girl video thread is quite active. Why is this thread so quiet?

bc016 No.5093

Anyone know what AV does the head image came from?

bc016 No.5840

Is there a birth porn then?

932de No.5935

File: 1485457207995.gif (3.12 MB, 168x188, bloatswing.gif)

932de No.5936

Sorry wrong thread

7f8a3 No.6129

File: 1489869074807.jpeg (56.4 KB, 800x532, image.jpeg)

is this real or not

7f8a3 No.6130

File: 1489869131652.jpeg (112.88 KB, 500x750, image.jpeg)

7f8a3 No.6131

File: 1489869193687.jpeg (98.14 KB, 500x641, image.jpeg)

afffa No.6547


It's all fake

5083d No.6553


do you have the original

de52d No.6902

To those wondering whether the birth-watching exclusive club is true, I've found out that it is likely to be true

See this recent entry (there are some others, something like review of these pregnant AV clubs)

According to the post:

which means there ARE some birth watching show in this particular club, but it depends on availability of soon-to-give birth full term pregnant women.

03c48 No.6905

Ain't that great? U can order them to pop their babies out right in front of u

6ae43 No.6911

However it is very expensive though even by local's standard. Not sure if they allow foreigners in too

7e8fc No.6914

db57d No.6916

Wait what is this?

6ae43 No.6918

Doubt they have birth watching service for foreigners, maybe they do have one but not publicly advertised in their English nor Japanese webpage. It only mentions sexual intercourse and post birth milking services.

1340e No.6919

4c42a No.6932

It doesn't mean you can view their births. It literally says <Profile information> as the category that blogger lists. Under that profile information 出産予定日= is due date. 月まで、妊娠月数あり = telling you that they will tell you how many months there are before they stop working.

1340e No.6943


f024f No.6944

Pregnant mothers go on maternity leave before birth, and the "due date" is posted there as a way to measure the size of the belly

I think that's roughly what it means

6ae43 No.6945


It is meant that you can't see the birth scene and the girl would be put on leave to give birth (although I've heard sometimes the mother could be employed again in milking porn). Therefore reservation for these girls on birth leave is closed. As explained previously porn with minors (including infants) is outlawed in Japan, so birth porn is a no-no here in Japan.

The last part has been explained by >>6944

72362 No.6946

Did somone hace batgir impregnación from cali logan

ccd04 No.6951

>As explained previously porn with minors (including infants) is outlawed in Japan
I wonder if that would actually be enforced in regards to a birth video, especially since the entire baby itself would no doubt be censored. Didn't Japan just get around to banning actual CP relatively recently?

cb612 No.6954

I would imagine that allowing a birth show would probably put a club owner in serious liability.

The laws prohibited production and distribution of child pornography, but until recently, never said anything about possession.

Considering that there are JAV with birth, I think the law is probably being, or was, interpreted as meaning that birth can be shown as long as it is not sexual in nature.


1340e No.6956



51e26 No.6957


1340e No.6960


a33d3 No.6970

English, dudes.

1340e No.6973

google translate

I think most Japanese do not see this website.
I happened to get to this website from accessing my blog site.
It is very interesting that Japanese AVs and shoppers are talking about.

Can I see your blog?

It is the following blog already written on this bulletin board.

e7d75 No.7173

So are there real birth AVs?

587c7 No.7238

Escort club.

Meet with a pregnant or lactating woman in Tokyo. It is fun.

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