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File: 1421771059838.jpg (61.26 KB, 636x848, 11a9f2e24a0d174ef2b48a465b….jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

9bd8d No.1609[Last 50 Posts]

I've seen one AV that has actual birth scene, until now.
Wonder if there are other porns/AV that has birth scene.

I would also like to know the name of the porn this image came from…couldn't find it.

99a7c No.1610

where did you see porn that image came from

9bd8d No.1611

>>1610 Didn't see the porn. Just get this picture in google image.

99a7c No.1614

>>1611 how did you find this one? i searched many times but i have no luck to find this one

9bd8d No.1615

>>1614 Luck I suppose. At that time my intention was not finding porn. Just come up with this.
Anyway what is the name of this porn? Do you have links?

89c5b No.1616

89c5b No.1617

9bd8d No.1618

>>1616-1617 I've already watch this. The birth scene from that porn is even in the Youtube. It's a different porn from my image.

9bd8d No.1619

>>1617 That and this one is completely different.

99a7c No.1620

>>1619 that's right its's different that's why i want to find it so badly

44adb No.1629

So what is the source of this?
I'm dying to watch this.

99a7c No.1633

there is no source i even searched google japen for 2 hours to find it but no luck

f31d5 No.1636

>>1633 That'd weird…
Maybe this is not related to birth…
Still want to find this.

99a7c No.1638

we have to figure out where we can see that pic

99a7c No.1639

btw girl in that pic dose not even looks like pregnant

d48d7 No.1641

>>1638 Find it when I was Googling…

d0cfb No.1642

>>1638 What we need to figure out is who is that girl in the picture.

92bb8 No.1643

There are a few Japanese porn videos with Birth, only one ever made it to sharing sites though sadly.

76215 No.1645

>>1643 And the others?
Where can we see them?

76749 No.1731

Who is this chick then?

1fbe9 No.1764

It is true that there are few birth at the end of some JAV pregnant movies, but only one to be notorious enough that circulated the most around the internet, which got the most attention. This movie is responsible for putting some form of regulations in this form of production in Japan, which is why either this practice has become underground or the producers of pregnant JAV don't want to deal with the hassles from the regulation board. I am a pregnant JAV aficionado and I pretty much seen most (if not all) pregnant JAV movies out there. Recently I visited Japan to see if I have missed anything that I couldn't get hold of from online or else outside of Japan but sadly there is nothing I could find that I haven't seen before in stores and they are mostly just regular pregnant stuff. I know I definitely missed few places to visit but I will go again soon. What happened is that the Japanese government ante up the regulation for pornographic depictions in their latest updates on censorship, which also include drawn materials, such as, hentai manga, hentai anime and anything else related to hentai. The pregnant related videos are mostly just hardcore fetish that does not have any high demand for birth, unless it is exclusively produce for some other form of distribution. If there are no profit to be had, then it won't be produced!

There were also death of JAV actress (Yoko Ishino, I think that was her name), who was apparently 9month pregnant (one of her famous movie was where at least 12 guys came inside of her while she was 9months pregnant…it was uncensored, too). She died while shooting a scene where she had sex with 5 guys. No one knows exactly what happened as this is still under investigation, but people think that they were trying to shoot porn scenes while she was on labor (such as bukkake or other form of light sexual related act while she was giving birth). She died of heart attack! So yea, you can see why this is not safe as Japanese porn director and producer have to put safety above anything else because of the regulations.

Another thing I also heard but it is mostly hearsay is that there are underground exclusive clubs where people pay hefty price to see pregnant women give birth on stage but they are once again just rumors as no one has any proof of that. But I guess people can't have proof when video cameras or anything related to video cameras are forbidden in those clubs.

Anyway, sorry for writing so much…yikes. Just thought I let you know about the lack of birth on JAV pregnant movies. If there are any, it will see the light of day because as the saying goes, "Nothing Stays Buried Forever!" :)

bf174 No.1803

Is it true that the Japanese traded birth videos (not porn) of Western women before the advent of YouTube and the like? Where did they come from?

5c205 No.1804

…Wow, I'm no stranger to pornographic writing, but it's much less common that I read some good writing [i]about[/i] porn. *popcorn*

a09b4 No.1845

Does anyone have a link to this? I had it before and lost it in a reformat and I'd greatly apprecate it.

59237 No.1849

I was trying to find more on that Youko Ishino business, but it sounds like somebody spreading around a possibly false story with no evidence.

One forum I looked into, Digital Spy, had the story broken to them by someone who turned out to just be advertising a porn site. Further details, such as the woman's name, were added a few pages later, by a new account, linking to a page which no longer exists.

Is there any concrete evidence that this actually happened, or is it all hearsay?

And speaking of hearsay, are there really any filmed porn actress births other than Natsuke Hatakeyama's? I've only ever heard there are, but I've yet to see it. Names would be nice!

Only other porn actress birth I've seen was an American one. Only a few seconds, low quality, just the closing moments of a normal hospital birth, apparently thrown in as an extra on one of her pregnant porn vids. You don't really see much, or for very long.

9d7d4 No.1850

Ok, looks like I know it. THe code (or whatever) of that video is DWI-01, the actress was Natsuki Hatakeyama. It's the only one that contains birth scene, as far as I know.
Youtube only has the birth scene. That would be hard if wanna search the sex scene tho…

435a9 No.1862

Same guy here who posted the long message!

>Is it true that the Japanese traded birth videos (not porn) of Western women before the advent of YouTube and the like? Where did they come from?

Possibly! It's not surprising considering that the Japanese are way more enlighten and curious on the biological aspect of sexuality than Western counterparts. I cannot confirm this statement with any evidence but there are historical recording that showed that during Feudal era in Japan, watching women giving birth was considered some form of physical turn on. There are rumors that people used to gather by dozen just to see a woman give birth out in public (they were mostly men, of course). This was a method of teaching young people about sexuality, human biology and the relation it goes with it. Japanese considered pregnancy and birth to be extremely natural and during pregnancy, having sex is also considered extremely natural, so they are far more open than anyone out there on the particular topic. This is one of the reason the women would go through natural birth than sitting in the hospital and be assisted birth by doctors and nurses.

> …Wow, I'm no stranger to pornographic writing, but it's much less common that I read some good writing [i]about[/i] porn. *popcorn*

LOL sorry, I was just giving some insights!


This is the Japanese wiki on her: http://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E7%9F%B3%E9%87%8E%E5%AE%B9%E5%AD%90

And if you let machine translate this, you will get the gist of it.


How much it is true is anyone's guess, since the investigation is still underway. However, one thing you should know about the Japanese authority and the society as a whole is that they are notorious for hiding things. The mentality is that, "mind your own business and you will have a peaceful life." A good example would be the regular commute of people everywhere in Japan (in street, train, grocery stores, apartment buildings, etc.) where no one engages in random conversation with anyone (stranger or familiar). I was in the train in Tokyo, two work colleagues walked inside the train and just stayed silent throughout the whole ride. It felt like all these people were just petrified by Medusa's gaze or something. There were no motion, no one was looking at anyone and almost everyone had their heads down or focused on their own things. There are absolutely no contact with another person for anything. The apartment I stayed, no one spoke to anyone. As soon as it was 8 at night, it was like a ghost town. Not a single sound anywhere was heard. The information pamphlet that I got even specifically mentioned not to engage any form of conversation with the building tenants. So yeah…a society built such way that you don't want to disturb another person and in return, they won't disturb you…another word just mind your own business. And they wonder why the birth rate is so low in Japan! Haha

Anyway, If you ask me, it is all just speculation and hearsay as to how she died, but one does not have to be the smartest man on earth to figure out that when a pregnant woman is in labor and some form of sexual conduct is being performed on her through vagina without any form of precautionary measures, that could lead to complications and ultimately be detrimental to the baby and to the mother, which is exactly what she suffered and then died from it.

As for the other birth videos fro JAV, I have seen another one but it was not as well choreographed as the famous one everyone is talking about (Natsuki Hatakeyama). In that video, she just had sex while she was 9month pregnant and then they cut it to her giving birth in hospital. Similar to what you have seen in one of the Western video you were talking about.

Sorry again for writing so much…

71a95 No.1866

i swear there was a scene on a tube site in 2007 IT WAS named JAPANESE BIRTH BLOODY HELL..started watching i think there was sex and about to be a birth…but someone came home…3 years later i found it but it was removed..it wasnt HATEYAMA but it was abt to be epic…probly removed/banned from USA

71a95 No.1867

holy shnikes maybe the video i partially saw was her??? maybe thats why it was removed..it got leaked…i recall it was on a matress in low lighting…light blue walls maybe??? that internet

71a95 No.1868

wouldnt doubt if those Japanese have a few more birth videos..were they put um in stirrups and have um push out the baby,,,then cut to a fuck scene until the placenta comes out..then they dangle it overhead while she eats it..yumm…anyway there are 2 old late 90's vhs birth vids probably rare but ive seen cover pics..no sex but def fetish based

71a95 No.1869

one more thing the AV birth seem more appealing..better quality plus a whole movie…but youtube and other sites have ALOT of births..its really hit or miss but some are easily more graphic and sexy as the lone birth vid..some also show the placenta..with better cameras these days some are real clear no censoring either…but damn i still love the AV birth..funny how its on youtube lol

71a95 No.1885

well couldnt find much more ill respond when i do…i doubt the video i saw was YOKO ISHINO doubt they would leak that..but it appeared to be sex during labor..maybe thats why it was removed…well we can only hope for JAPAN to rehash its birth videos full force

1715c No.1888

File: 1426034227100.jpg (60.45 KB, 805x603, 7458621435.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

I have this one from a porn video but its just the birth scene


d467a No.1889

Hi, it's >>1849, again.

Well, well! I wasn't expecting something quite so conclusive! Thanks for posting that link, even if it is a shame that it turned out to be true.

bf174 No.1892

Were these late 90's VHS' of Western women or Japanese women?

c588f No.1893

Do you have other links instead of that?
Couldn't access into it.
Anyway, it doesn't look like porn.

373b1 No.1894

It isn't. It's more of a medical education video, a videotaped birth for the sake of instruction.

Here's a Mediafire link:


1715c No.1915

Really? what a disappointment, I saw a pic of this video and it looks different than a educacional video. Anyway it's a nice birth.

6bf6e No.1919

1715c No.1920

File: 1426532429054.jpg (173.39 KB, 1200x864, 97042120130128041122.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

Are you sure that this isn't a porn video?

71a95 No.1921

they were asian,,,,,,hey thats ONE of them…not sure if has sex scene..but they market it like a porn..lol…is that the cover for se-31???…also i found the other one its number is OSAN-01..i think OSAN is the company.. another asian..the cover looks good..might be less graphic judging by cover..good luck

373b1 No.1922

Well yeah, now that's clearly a porn video sold at retail.

The part of it that was uploaded - the one that I uploaded - isn't inherently pornographic in nature. Yeah, it's a woman giving birth, in a normal, hospital setting.

I'm sure there's more to it, then.

aae6c No.1982

>>1920 What is this?

aae6c No.1983

Where can I see >>1920 ?

d8d28 No.1994

Can someone give us a link to the thing >>1920 posted?

5b60d No.2009

Aren't there any other birth porns instead of Natsuke Hatakeyama's?
It doesn't have to be Japanese.

08a7a No.2027

After much searching I think I found the other one you guys are thinking of.

08a7a No.2028

08a7a No.2029

Wow another one http://rb.arzon.jp/item_644777.html

And here's the vhs version of the one I posted earlier http://rb.arzon.jp/item_1068540.html

08a7a No.2030

Here are the final two I could find for now.
Sorry for the spamming I just didn't think I would this many



4fd61 No.2031

>>2027 >>2028 >>2029 >>2030 Can't we watch these on online?
I'm dying to see these…?

e7ab4 No.2034

Can you please find links which we can watch your VHS online?
Like >>2031 I really want to see these.

4b101 No.2098

>>2031, >>2034 Same here!

51302 No.2099

On slightly unrelated note I found another video featuring Natsuki Hatakeyama that while it doesn't feature birth was made around the same time as the one that did

5b60d No.2113

Somebody please post links where we can watch >>2027, >>2028, >>2029, >>2030 videos online…?

681fa No.2117

Why can't wee these on online?
I can't purchase those videos in my country. :(

948f6 No.2128

Well guys, according to one of the 2ch pregnant discussion thread before,
>>1920 is hard for them to find too.

36c73 No.2129

Hello this is the guy posted all those those jav with birth links.
Here's one that wasn't on that list that I have

c7b25 No.2131

Aren't there more?

c588f No.2132

Uh…it says it cannot be played…

a3d70 No.2134

>>2129 It's not played.
And where are other links?

ad3ec No.2135

Have you tried using vlc player ?
Works fine for me when I downloaded it

6c440 No.2137

Oh, that's how it works. Thanks a lot! Hope >>2133 and >>2134 see it.
Anyway, aren't there more online files like >>2129?

6c440 No.2138

>>2137 My mistake, it's >>2132.

5cefd No.2140



c588f No.2143

It's a great video, thanks! But is it a porn video? It looks more like a medical video to me. Why did you tagged >>2027?

1f202 No.2145

Looks like he tagged it because he thinks it's the birth scene from OSAND-01

06ce7 No.2158

File: 1428987558488.jpg (43.86 KB, 442x988, her son.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

Actually that was her first pregnancy when she was 16 or 17 and still in High School. I think this was the legal age in Japan back then (2004). Some guy fucked her and left her pregnant. Because she was so young and didn't have any money to raise the kid, she did that video. She extensively mentioned this in her interview of the movie where she showed her birth in that video, which is her second pregnancy. The director, when interviewing her, showed the picture with her son (first pregnancy). The kid was about 5 years old, which makes sense since her first pregnancy was around 2004 and the second was in 2009 (I think). Take a look at the attachment picture!

In the interview she mentioned that some guy fucked her again and left her pregnant and she has no money to support the baby, which is why she was willing to do "anything." Man I wish I was the director of that movie…I would have let her do some real perverted things haha. The sheer amount of pervasive act this woman has done just boggles my mind to no end. I mean seriously! The Western women would do anything for money but not something like that to their kids. Even Belladona was pregnant and did porn but never EVER shown her own kid in a porn to justify what she does is right. I cannot possibly think how anyone can do this, unless this is the whole new level of fetishes. I mean imagine if the kid finds out how he was given birth and the whole world fapped to his birth scenes. Not to mention the amount of jizz, urine and other fucked up things his mom did for money while she was pregnant with him and her (the second kid).

Anyway, most of these videos are same as any birth scenes out there, which are educational in Japan and don't be surprise if you see them showing in Physical Ed classes in High School or Colleges. This is one of the reason they sell this such high prices because of their rarities…after all pregnancy videos are still a taboo in Japan, regardless of how fucked up they can get from time to time.

24cba No.2159

DWI-01 was made during her second pregnancy in 2004

5b60d No.2160

Links to all her videos, please. Must see them online.

e7ab4 No.2163

So you mean there is another birth porn of her?

26099 No.2167

Since their is obviously some misinformation on here let me break it down
Natsuki Hatakeyama has only done one birth scene which was in 2004 in DWI-01 for her second pregnancy. http://rb.arzon.jp/item_568433.html
While in her second pregnancy in 2004 she did 2 videos not including the one I just mentioned.
Those two videos where MJ-09 and JNDVD-001 during 2004.
TL:DR She has only done one birth scene

c588f No.2170

Is >>2140 really a porn video?
Any are there other files that >>2027-2030 have posted?
And most importantly, where does >>1609 come from?

e7ab4 No.2174

Seriously want to know where >>1609 comes from.

bbbd4 No.2176

Some gynecology jav most likely.

44be1 No.2182

c588f No.2183

>>2182 It says it can only be downloaded by premium or something.
Damn it I am out of budget these days?

a7a39 No.2184

Google "premium link generator". Just be sure to keep your ad blocker ON at all times.

0ce10 No.2216

Recommend any of them?

58535 No.2219

It's a fake for people to buy premium

c588f No.2220

What do you mean? That file is not porn?

58535 No.2221

I don't know what inside, but totally shure there is nothig we are looking for.

aae6c No.2227

You know what? That thing is not even playable.

948f6 No.2228

So u guys are still looking for DWI-01?
I think I have the file….

3b7b7 No.2229

yeah I lost that a long time ago

de72b No.2232

Actually we are looking files for >>2027,>>2028,>>2029,>>2030.

40b10 No.2241

Anyone have files for >>1609, >>2027, >>2028, >>2029, >>2030 ?

e4f5c No.2245

Seriously, we need files for those.

9d7d4 No.2249

I've found and download the full version of DWI-01 from somewhere, let me check my history for the link

9d7d4 No.2250

0b6f6 No.2251

Great work >>2250.
But as a person who watched DWI-01 so many times, I wish to watch new birth porn video files like >>2241 is talking about.

9c21f No.2253

File: 1429809779669.jpg (181.65 KB, 900x601, DWI-01.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

c588f No.2256

Aren't there other birth porn files instead of DWI-01?

c28f1 No.2265

Yeah, seriously.

76138 No.2266

Wow did some of guys not even look through this thread?
This other one was posted called SE-31 https://mega.co.nz/#!mdIBFCSK!tJ7J39pZx-iBKkB76_4VBaf7ZjtFB8eRNQcU2cuIatg

fa69e No.2267

Yeah well unfortunately where are the files for >>1609, >>2027, >>2028, >>2029, >>2030?

c588f No.2293

No replies yet…

c588f No.2300

Okay so nobody still knows what >>1609 is?

71577 No.2321

Other birth porn links.

71577 No.2322

Oh I messed it up. Other birth porn links?

71a95 No.2341

omg..this blew up havent checked back in a while i think the one with the cover is two different chicks..i now its a rare vhs…glad to see ppl found alot…gotta catch up and see if these links work…i agree doesnt matter if its japanese or not..but birth in a porn is just gnarley i was shocked but enjoyed it…obviously…thanks posters!!!

71a95 No.2342

Didnt realize they had so many…probably is no links if they dont sell um here..do they ship to USA.. it seems se-31 and natsuki are the only true porns? couldn't play se-31 how was it compared to NATSUKI? suprised i didnt see other osan vid covers before.. osan-2 looks HOT!! it seems maybe it was a quick fad from early 2000's and suddenly stopped practically 10 years ago if not more? any thoughts? has anyone seen any recent BIRTH VIDS like those? not me….if there is they are well hidden…and maybe for legality!!! well off to research…

9d7d4 No.2343

>>2342 We need to go into the darkness of world wide web…I'm sure we'll find more of them

71a95 No.2344

yup that youtube link is the vid from 2027 …its title Sae's BIRTH its in 5 parts..def OSAND-01…..its quite old quality plus the censor…im sure the dvd version is better…it seems more medical than Natsumi vid they have to cut..and they show the repair..its real good vid….hey if that made it to YOUTUBE and Natsuki's birth in a porn made it…others could be hiding on youtube…its legal just sign in and search…youll find some uncensored better quality vids too! some of them practically porn anyway lol good luck

71a95 No.2345

ps let us know if anyone could make a mash up vid of births, babies placentas coming out..crowning..big grunts,big messes. heads coming out and ect….if i had editing software and downloaded births i would…..JUST SUGGESTION!!!

283f2 No.2346

So are there no links for those VHS >>2027 >>2028 >>2029 >>2030 posted?

71a95 No.2347

again 2027 is on YOUTUBE just type SAE'S BIRTH IN YOUTUBE SEARCH BAR…its in 5 parts!

71a95 No.2357

when i get time i will browse youtube and internet…for more possible vids…buying the dvds or vhs would be the best quality…but who can afford porn anymore…lol

c588f No.2367

c588f No.2368


bf0ca No.2412

Still no progress… :(

45375 No.2465

Any other links?

6c4fb No.2630

DWI-01 [Natsuki Hatakeyama]


OSAND-01 [Sae's Birth]

Unknown hospital birth that may have been in an AV

Link of JAV videos that so far that we know that have birth
http://rb.arzon.jp/item_568433.html [DWI-01][11/12/2004]
http://rb.arzon.jp/item_644776.html [OSAND-01][6/19/2002]
http://rb.arzon.jp/item_1047941.html [OSAN-2][6/01/2000]
http://rb.arzon.jp/item_644777.html [OSAND-03][12/17/2003]
http://rb.arzon.jp/item_474042.html [OM-03][1/1/1999]
http://rb.arzon.jp/item_440263.html [MVC-46][1/1/1991]

Let me know if I missed anything I just wanted to organize it.
The only link not included from the JAV's is the VHS version of OSAN-2

c588f No.2631

>>2630 Links for
are not playable video links.

0eb53 No.2633

You might also be interested in these:


They are definitely porn and sold as such. These can be obtained if someone finds a way. The only way to register it seems it within the country.

78e02 No.2634

And they are not free :(

8beff No.2637

of course those files are not playable links they were organized so people wouldn't have to scour for all these posts

27511 No.2638

Well what use there is if they are not playable? We cannot buy them and we cannot see them…damn

bafb5 No.2646

Good point.

76d48 No.2690

Well someone please put playable links of those. I'm dying to watch those.

76d48 No.2691

These as well.

27c04 No.2697

>>2631, >>2633 Any playable links please?

3dc25 No.3046


I've found this. Seems to be free to watch, but you need a solid japanese VPN/Proxy, which I fail to find. Perhaps somebody can fetch this vid?

14590 No.3047

Is this a porn?

47a47 No.3058

for everyone using firefox, you can use firebug to get the direct vid link and save it.

i got it, it's like 30 secs long, nothing special

c588f No.3059

What about Chrome or IE users?

0333b No.3082

Why are most of links here are not playable? :(

7fd36 No.3085

homebirth video plz

c588f No.3204

Any vid with birth?

6a931 No.3248

Okay so aren't there any more?
There's a huge update on another thread.

81850 No.3254

24289 No.3258


The OP of this post didn't leave any sort of description so it looks sort of suspicious, but this is the famous/infamous Natsuki Hatakeyama vid

b1240 No.3264


It gave me the mother of all virus alerts.

1392e No.3267

same here.

c588f No.3296

That one has been reminded in this thread several times.

8047e No.3303

Well the pregnant girl video thread is quite active. Why is this thread so quiet?

bc016 No.5093

Anyone know what AV does the head image came from?

bc016 No.5840

Is there a birth porn then?

932de No.5935

File: 1485457207995.gif (3.12 MB, 168x188, bloatswing.gif) ImgOps Google iqdb

932de No.5936

Sorry wrong thread

7f8a3 No.6129

File: 1489869074807.jpeg (56.4 KB, 800x532, image.jpeg) ImgOps Google iqdb

is this real or not

7f8a3 No.6130

File: 1489869131652.jpeg (112.88 KB, 500x750, image.jpeg) ImgOps Google iqdb

7f8a3 No.6131

File: 1489869193687.jpeg (98.14 KB, 500x641, image.jpeg) ImgOps Google iqdb

afffa No.6547


It's all fake

5083d No.6553


do you have the original

de52d No.6902

To those wondering whether the birth-watching exclusive club is true, I've found out that it is likely to be true

See this recent entry (there are some others, something like review of these pregnant AV clubs)

According to the post:

which means there ARE some birth watching show in this particular club, but it depends on availability of soon-to-give birth full term pregnant women.

03c48 No.6905

Ain't that great? U can order them to pop their babies out right in front of u

6ae43 No.6911

However it is very expensive though even by local's standard. Not sure if they allow foreigners in too

7e8fc No.6914

db57d No.6916

Wait what is this?

6ae43 No.6918

Doubt they have birth watching service for foreigners, maybe they do have one but not publicly advertised in their English nor Japanese webpage. It only mentions sexual intercourse and post birth milking services.

1340e No.6919

4c42a No.6932

It doesn't mean you can view their births. It literally says <Profile information> as the category that blogger lists. Under that profile information 出産予定日= is due date. 月まで、妊娠月数あり = telling you that they will tell you how many months there are before they stop working.

1340e No.6943


f024f No.6944

Pregnant mothers go on maternity leave before birth, and the "due date" is posted there as a way to measure the size of the belly

I think that's roughly what it means

6ae43 No.6945


It is meant that you can't see the birth scene and the girl would be put on leave to give birth (although I've heard sometimes the mother could be employed again in milking porn). Therefore reservation for these girls on birth leave is closed. As explained previously porn with minors (including infants) is outlawed in Japan, so birth porn is a no-no here in Japan.

The last part has been explained by >>6944

72362 No.6946

Did somone hace batgir impregnación from cali logan

ccd04 No.6951

>As explained previously porn with minors (including infants) is outlawed in Japan
I wonder if that would actually be enforced in regards to a birth video, especially since the entire baby itself would no doubt be censored. Didn't Japan just get around to banning actual CP relatively recently?

cb612 No.6954

I would imagine that allowing a birth show would probably put a club owner in serious liability.

The laws prohibited production and distribution of child pornography, but until recently, never said anything about possession.

Considering that there are JAV with birth, I think the law is probably being, or was, interpreted as meaning that birth can be shown as long as it is not sexual in nature.


1340e No.6956



51e26 No.6957


1340e No.6960


a33d3 No.6970

English, dudes.

1340e No.6973

google translate

I think most Japanese do not see this website.
I happened to get to this website from accessing my blog site.
It is very interesting that Japanese AVs and shoppers are talking about.

Can I see your blog?

It is the following blog already written on this bulletin board.

e7d75 No.7173

So are there real birth AVs?

587c7 No.7238

Escort club.

Meet with a pregnant or lactating woman in Tokyo. It is fun.

f2423 No.8221

The few JAV brths I seen were ok.
But more variety and better footage is on tubesites!! Plenty of real vids , edits , compilations , mixes even some fake labors and unbrth..ppl have been uploading for years .almost anything goes ..to a degree

f2423 No.8222

Searched for years. But idea of more JAV brth vids and DVDs is alluring ..my favorites are mostly on Tubes too

5cd55 No.8224

Can you show those tubes to us?

b7761 No.8227

Amazing, you're STILL spamming your channel here. Plus, your video link has nothing to do with the thread topic.

f2423 No.8237

Don't know if he is spamming or sharing weirdness. I liked some parts, bit over the top for me.

fdfbf No.8257

48cfe No.9937

Uncensored version of the Natsuki Hatakeyama birth video in two parts: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B-CH2b8NwyreOHFxR01hdVF2dXc

0c070 No.9947

Where did you get this? I have only seen the censored version.

86716 No.9948

I found the video on a birth fetish forum.

05733 No.9949


Mind telling us which forum is that?

86716 No.9950

aa8c3 No.9977

Thank you!

ebe7e No.10067

ac725 No.10069

I skipped through that video and there wasnt anything pregnant or birth related from what I could see so I'm not sure what JAV you are talking about that they were looking for

69096 No.10133


could've put a timestamp, otherwise, this is crap.

8091a No.10311

277be No.10347

6f895 No.10428

fc8e5 No.10431

How long is it usually before they get back to you? Still waiting on an email.

69096 No.10456


the admins are pretty active. took me less than a day or 3 at most.

d0ed8 No.10676

Hi I am sure you can speak Japanese. Thanks for your information about interview of girl. I want to know one thing.In that video, after she gave birth, the director talked something to her and she replied. Also laughed. What had they been talking?
Can you please explain me what they were talking in dialogues? Because I can't understand Japanese and I want to know what they were talking. No subtitle also.

1c2ad No.10681

6f90a No.10731

04780 No.10786


can someone upload it to youtube or something and make it unlisted?

5647b No.10799


No birth scenes.

61cd2 No.11019

I remember watching a japanese porn video about 10 years ago. IIRC in at least 720p. It featured a handsome pregnant japanese girl having sex, but it didn't end there. Not sure if the birth was shown, but I definitely remember them presenting her placenta. maybe even the scene where it was pulled out of her.

the girls name may have been something like "raina".

video was shot in the same style as the "catwalk poison" videos.

I really like to see it again.

dc327 No.11478

seen one of this here https://www.javqt.com/grmt-033

12c3e No.11526

Was a Japanese one I saw once, years back (had it saved, but lost it in a hard drive failure).
Can't remember the title or actress name now.

Had a heavily pregnant woman wearing some sort of lingerie sitting there while guys kept approaching and cumming on her.
After a while, she started breathing heavy and looking shocked like she was having contractions. Didn't show the birth unfortunately (looked kind of like they cut the filming and probably called an ambulance), but I think there was a bit after that showing her no longer preggo.

Can't seem to find it again, but not being able to remember any names, I've got nothing to search with.

2a825 No.11535

02938 No.11537

Wait I've seen this before, looks like I still got it in my drive's history. Lemme take a look

02938 No.11538

aa8c3 No.11556

God I wish JAVs weren't so obnoxious to find. You can never really get downloads of them without a paywall. Thanks my guy.

Also that looks like it matches his description.

52b88 No.11591

File: 1561661614236.jpg (43.01 KB, 350x333, o1fmtnbfhpyl.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

This one? The link on forumophilia is broken but I have been looking for this one.

64729 No.11612


Yep, that's the one! Thanks!

e218e No.13114

does someone have the hatakeyama uncensured birth ?
this drive disappear

5625d No.13222


075c0 No.13225

Guys, you know the video is on pornhub right?


b0944 No.13229

>>13225 they keep asking for the uncensored version though

f52f7 No.13961

f52f7 No.13962

2 months ago was avaible to download on few portals, was removed.. unfortuly i lost my copy and i would be very apreciate if someone can suply with one pretty please and i offer holy grail of all birth addicts 1hour long fully uncensored hd part of that av with birth https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1SliJJs-bGruUd0ffTEshI8q-UQBLljY2

9c9da No.13963

I've saved it in my PC, gonna upload it again soon


e4bb9 No.13969

Are you guys still trying to find this even though Preggophilia already posted the link back in October? Here's the link that has the torrent https://www.akiba-online.com/threads/dwi-01-hatayama-natsuki-last-month-of-pregnancy.1779889/

The sex is uncensored, the birth is sort of censored but you can still see the crowning.

69735 No.13970

f52f7 No.13971

As i mention two post over… in the link for drive.google, is fully uncensored birth from dwi-01 , the last two position on the botton , two videos around 50 minutes combine in hd fully uncensored

f52f7 No.13973

9ebbd No.14003

File: 1579443505581-0.png (896.71 KB, 1920x1080, 1428037346685.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1579443505581-1.png (849.81 KB, 1920x1080, 1428037425620.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Help me guys i want to find this video..

f52f7 No.14004

its definitely somewhere on youtube if not 100% somewhere here but it might be under diferent name, i downloaded this years ago under ,Birth of Lisette'

all births videos are in 3 folders


9ebbd No.14009

>>14004 Thx but i cant still find it…

ce145 No.14462

Sae's birth video was divided into 5 parts and uploaded in youtube, aaand it's deleted some time ago.

But, this might be the missing OSAN-01 file we've been looking for.
We need a premium account for storex.cc though. Anyone have one?

32d7b No.14469


d1a30 No.15310

File: 1591516123134-0.png (413.69 KB, 640x1136, B66647ED-BB17-40F2-B312-D7….png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1591516123134-1.png (402.49 KB, 640x1136, F50729BD-AC34-40D2-87E7-5D….png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Found this two crowning vagina image

dcb84 No.15328

what is the subject matter for this video like? DO you have an idea? If it is her getting fucked up the ass while giving birth, or going from fucking to them taking out her cocks and her going into birth mode then I'd try to get it for you guys.

f8f30 No.15336

This one ‘ her getting fucked up the ass while giving birth,

9580f No.15338

i googled the filename and it seems like the website storex.cc is a scam

312d9 No.15343

Looks the OSAN-01 movie is still available through mercari if anybody wants to buy it once restrictions are down


For cover comparison


1138b No.15349

File: 1591777902238.jpg (842.39 KB, 1200x806, 90382068_1498699600303585_….jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

it is described on the box as literally a documentary on birth.

i cant find any indication that it depicts anal during labor or anything except that it sells for a lot of money.

4506e No.15352

Could someone re-upload the first part of the Hateyama video?

4506e No.15353

Man re-upload parte 1 again, please :(

629e1 No.15364

File: 1592035262302-0.jpg (47.14 KB, 800x584, 47qx00010pl.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1592035262302-1.jpg (72.99 KB, 768x576, 47qx00010jp-14.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

b0b24 No.15366

File: 1592061496256.jpg (1.11 MB, 3008x2823, 202004081111.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

wait for cum

1ff7b No.15380

Why is Nina Dobrev posted here?

2fb74 No.15389

Is it just me? The first video just can't be loaded.

4506e No.15396

can't see it looks like it was removed again

df02d No.15484

Does anyone have the video of BIRTH Of Lisette Ambrose part 1 and part 2?

68a89 No.15587

Here's the full Hateyama birth video for download: https://gofile.io/d/oydLyc

b6656 No.16156


I really hope that someone share it

e4429 No.16159

I think I saw this one years ago. No sex during birth in it though, it's basically just like the Hateyama one, sexy stuff, THEN the birth scene.

f8963 No.16167

too bad… but I think I want to see it once

23bf1 No.17605


df100 No.17614

Sry I’m confused. There are pornos where the mom is being fucked during or just before giving birth?

2410d No.17615


I think so, but I cant find any

54a82 No.17618

That would be hot as fuck. Anyone have any live links?

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