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File: 1600585581239.png (686.39 KB, 576x802, a.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

bc252 No.16136

Finally it's time to present you the first category of the PreggoByte Birth Video Collection! Real woman birth video's in HD quality, collected and sorted by category.

This very first release is about the "Ass" category. And there are many more categories to come, so stay tuned!


ea52d No.16139

Wow, thank you so much! It's a great collection.

I'd love to see your Twins/Triplets/Multiples collection!!

ca1f3 No.16142

Your the true king

025eb No.16143


2d328 No.16169

Lets fucking goooooo, please do orgasmic next.

b1f26 No.16172

2nd for this!

16abe No.16177

Genuinely curious if orgasmic has enough good videos to qualify for its own category. I've seen some videos on it but they didn't really live up to the title.

450cc No.16179

Agreed. Most "orgasmic birth" is actually "unconcerned with the pain, fulfilled as a woman, and really really happy birth"

Of course that's wonderful in its own right, but it's not the same thing as a sexual orgasm.

3ab1f No.16215


223d3 No.16216

For now enjoy new category "Ass & Breasts".

PreggoByte Birth Video Collection - Ass & Breasts (HD volume 1):


2bebc No.16227

As others said, the orgasmic category would be pretty good next.
Also, if you have any videos of completely unassisted birth with no one around, those would be great too

0a80c No.16240

I can't seem to open it on chrome, am I doing it wrong by just pasting it in google?

e4ad8 No.16243

you have to replace the "xx" in "hxxps" to "https" and paste that link in the url browser bar

67ad0 No.16285

PreggoByte Birth Video Collection - Ass & Vagina (HD volume 1)


18b64 No.16292

PreggoByte Birth Video Collection - Ass, Vagina & Breasts (HD volume 1)


89076 No.16294

do you have part 2 of "Drug-Free Home Birth with Midwife - Part One @youtube-GsK8rOnilHY" in high quality? I've seen it before but only at 320p or 480p. Thanks if so

60250 No.16318

Which video is the OP image from?

450cc No.16319

Two of the videos on this upload are glitched, "Parto da Tasi" and "Birth of Dorothy"

Otherwise this is my favorite upload so far. It's really feeling like Christmas every day with all this new birth content. Thank you so much.

34f75 No.16320

Here's a relatively new one

8d38c No.16322

A question which of all the videos that are in mega which is the one in the image?

d1219 No.16344

Glad to see you like it guys!

About the glitched videos, are you sure? Because I can play the files without any problems.

About the high quality of a video, sorry this is all I have.

About OP image, I forgot from which video it is, but I will try to find out again

New upload comming soon

450cc No.16369

They play online, and download fine, but at the last moment they encounter some sort of permission error and fail.

c2c0c No.16379


Hi, this file Natural Birth Story @youtube-mtbI7DoqGR8.mkv doesn't work. Can you reupload this?


d1219 No.16400

Thanks for reporting, here is a reupload


9a223 No.16402

Uf, it's the best work ever! Thank you so much!

5c924 No.16427

been trying to get all the video from that mega link but its causing my wifi or router to mess up.

11c40 No.16473

Bump for justice

6bb8d No.16541

Enjoy this new collection


91f7a No.16551

I hate to be that guy, but is there any chance we can get a collection that has more close up and graphic videos? Many of the last ones have been minimally graphic…

9a223 No.16553

Be patient, my friend! There are more categories yet to be released as "naked" or "close-ups"

2bebc No.16554


If you can, can you make an "alone" category for completely unassisted solo births? those are my favorite

2bebc No.16555


Though, those types of videos are pretty rare, but you seem to have a lot of rare ones

91f7a No.16567

I second the motion for more graphic births! Can those be bumped up?

bc252 No.16570

I share what I have, some are really graphic, some are a little bit graphic. That's why I collect them in categories, so you can pick what you like. The most graphic ones are in the "nude" and "close up" categories, yet to be released, but I'm not there yet.

And about the request, sure I can make a "solo" category, but I have to filter/order those videos first which takes some time (we're talking about more than 500 GB of videos in total)

Stay tuned.

2bebc No.16572

Thank you!
Well, hopefully you can release those new categories soon. I agree with what >>16567 and >>16551 are saying, maybe you should prioritize the more graphic vids

9a223 No.16580

In my opinion, PreggoByte has done and is doing an awesome work sorting and uploading hundreds of gbs of birth videos. I love all the categories and enjoy every single video. He can follow the order that he feels like.

2bebc No.16583

I definitely don't disagree!
Personally though, I feel like organization isn't really that necessary. I'd be more than fine with it if every single vid was uploaded in one big folder/mega and I could go through them myself.

1fa84 No.16587

Wow I would love to see this!

Thank you for your work so far!

91f7a No.16615

Might I ask what they next category is supposed to be? I also second the push for more graphic videos sooner!

009fa No.16617

File: 1604572453056.png (19.45 KB, 71x256, 1599943012962.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

close up should be next.

6533d No.16621

Dude holy shit thank you. Wading through all the eh birth stuff out there to find the cream of the crop. Truly a god amongst men. o7

91f7a No.16651

Can Preggo Byte confirm that this is the next category?

5c673 No.16692

Curious, none of the megas load,does that mean they have been removed?

7fe42 No.16693


Strange. I just tested them, and all of the mega links are loading for me.

5c673 No.16695

File: 1605126912974.jpg (51.44 KB, 665x855, 1 (5).jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb


My mistake, thank you very much for sharing your stuff…I've always loved watching birth vids and pictures. I used to do a lot of photoplundering back in the day..here is one of my favs…I just love how close and in detail it gets.


Anyways..i think I may have around 10 or so foldersile this from a while back, drop kik if interested

a7917 No.16696

I'm planning to release 2 smaller categories and a bigger one at the same time. Probably the bigger one will be the close up indeed

91f7a No.16698

When should we expect those?

198a4 No.16699


bbd3b No.16701

That MEGA link doesn't seem to work. Did you enable sharing?

685e2 No.16706


Unfortunately, I couldn't load this. It said it was removed or something like that.

5c673 No.16707


Sorry, been having trouble with mega…try this one..hxxps://mega.nz/folder/xUAxTa4K#cXS9gxRb2nTutGTuBMe3SQ

685e2 No.16711

Much appreciated! Too bad there wasn't any video!

5c673 No.16712

You're welcome bro…I think there may be one or two..I gotta check my harddrive. I'll check in a few hours when I get home from work.

5c673 No.16713

I was able to find 6 short clips :). Just uploaded them to the mega

bbd3b No.16720


You're a champion! That's a great gallery! Any other plundered galleries you're willing to share? I'm especially interested in graphic crowning shots.

bbd3b No.16724


Also, I don't wanna be a freeloader, so here's a new-ish gallery in return:


e8d4c No.16768

Not sure, I have to organize first before I can upload

07c4b No.16935

Bumpin for thread safety

b12a9 No.16951

Thanks for bumping.

Santa is currently packing some nice gifts for the christmas days ;)

51e27 No.16952

btw guys, I've found again the video of the screenshot I've used for this thread.


60250 No.16953

Thank you kind anon

ed30d No.16987

Bump for great justice

07c4b No.17020

Thread Safety bump

6a355 No.17038

Seconded, my favorite kind!

91f7a No.17080

Any updates on the next collection???

07c4b No.17081

I’m assuming sometime around or after Christmas Day. Let’s not bother the good anon, anon will release when ready

41df2 No.17102

I was not able to post it here but the complete collection has been released on the "birth fetish forum"

Enjoy and happy christmas!

41df2 No.17103

Since pregchan has disabled VPN/proxy usage so that was the reason I couldn't post here

bcc69 No.17104

17102: Am I the only one who has no idea where that is?

ba194 No.17107

>>17104 I am just as confused as you are on finding that beautiful new collection.

ba194 No.17108

I have idea, may we request the tail end of the link of collection?

7fe42 No.17109


Cannot find the "birth fetish forum". Where is this treasure trove located?

f2b57 No.17111

Pretty sure they mean it's on thebirthfetishforum.com That said, literally had this page as an open tab on my browser for 3 months, and now I need to go sign up at another site? One that doesn't even have automatic registration? Fuck that, the fantasy of orgasmic birth is better than the reality of any video I've seen anyways. Hopefully someone with more of a pressing need manages to snag an account and shares the goods in a more friendly format.

91f7a No.17112

Wow entitled much. I was going to share here but after that shit I’m reconsidering. This guy gave us literally everything we asked for and there are people who were getting ready to drop things here but not when jerks like you think they somehow deserve everything in the exact way they’d like it. Merry Christmas

450cc No.17115

Please don't mind the jerks dude, for whatever reason this fetish attracts a lot of reactionary fap addled people.

I, and probably the silent majority registered at the birth fetish forum but it's going to take a while for the guy to sign us up. If you have the link I can tell you that at the very least I will be thankful.

f4cd2 No.17116

I couldn't find what it was like.
Could you give me the link?

a47ef No.17117

Until there is verification from someone who's managed to get access I'm assuming it's just someone trying to drive traffic to their own site.

311e8 No.17118


Literally anyone can name themselves preggobyte. Post IDs aren't even consistent. Pretty sure someone's just trying to grab people's logins.

bc2c0 No.17125

Not you but I'm the only real one ;)

Pregchan blocked all my VPN and proxies so I couldn't post for days, and they still banned the IP's so I have to try something else to psot here.
I really wanted to let others enjoy the collection before Christmas, so I've released it already at thebirthfetishforum.

Thank you kind anon and merry Christmas as well!

I hope this do work out for everyone.


aa98a No.17126

Lately there's been a shit-ton of CP spam coming from from those VPN addresses, so the IP range had to be blocked. Please understand.

4b2da No.17144

You are a legend! Thank you!

ea52d No.17190

Thank you!! Your collection rocks!!
A request, if I may. Maybe a "multiples" folder? Twins, triplets, etc.
Thanks anyways!!!

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