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ebe37 No.16176

Here's the birthing scene from the 2017 horror film "The Spawning": https://sendvid.com/cth1sx1c. The full film used to be on Vimeo on Demand, but it got taken down.

Synopsis: A visitor from another world hides in plain sight hoping to feast on the offspring of it's human prey.

8eeca No.16178


thanks king

0cd5e No.16182

Is the entire movie like this?

bf5a1 No.16187

No, the birthing scene only happens towards the end of the film. Unfortunately, I cannot find the full film again anywhere on the internet.

927f8 No.16188

It's funny I was looking forward to The Spawning for a long time. The trailer on YT kept me checking on it regularly. I found the birth scene a tad disappointing for the hype I had (Pretty much the only prego content in the movie) but it's still a great one. Big thank you for the save op, sorry to hear it's gone.

a5c51 No.16203


It is weird with how easy it is to miss out on some media due to it not being well archived.

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