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File: 1624193521681.jpg (52.52 KB, 424x599, b.jpg) Google iqdb SauceNAO

11f0c No.18621

Hello, does anyone have any translation or would be able to translate DWI-01 jav? I found this video with chinese subtitles, if anyone can read chinese. Thanks for any help.

11f0c No.18622

Here is the video with chinese subtitles: http://www.258porn.com/info/671848.html

cd7db No.18623

Could probably make a subtitle file for it (placed in the same folder as the video so it displays subtitles when played).
I don't know Chinese or Japanese either though…

dd511 No.18635

i want to

fb845 No.18638

I'm not sure anyone would translate hours of JAV f o r f r e e

But good luck finding the volunteer

37c96 No.18642

I have found some translation on another site, but it is first 13 minutes.

079ce No.18658

I am japanese so i can but i am not sure translated one is so worth.
there is no important dialogue in that video maybe.

11f0c No.18673

I dont need specific (timestamp) subtitles, I am okay with any translation of any part of the movie. Thanks.

dd511 No.18703

will you translate if some one pay for it

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