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(9.31 MB 1920x1080 UmbrellaAcademyS03E01.webm)
Fake bellies: The remake Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 06/23/2022 (Thu) 15:07:51 Id:e01235 No. 39
This is a thread for some good fake bellies from movies, TV shows, etc. Clip here is from Umbrella Academy Season 3 Episode 1.
If i remember correctly, the first episode of the first season also have one, is any other episodes also have it?
>>58 Nope, only these two. Spoilers: The timeline got fucked by time traveling shenanigans and they had to kinda show what happened these years ago on that timeline.
>>67 Awww... I wish there were more. That clip was awesome.
(7.59 MB 480x270 ezgif-5-078c35c01d.gif)
>>39 I don't watch the show, so I'm going to assume she got pregnant by fairy dust.
(4.13 MB 1920x960 midwich cuckoos2.mp4)
The Midwich Cuckoos, Ep. 2
Antoinette Robertson
Elizabeth Olsen and Teyonah Parris
Video Clip
Alyssa May Gold
2019 Internet Video
Both commercials feature a brief scene with a pregnant woman, sitting on an exercise ball while having contractions, alongside another lady in a green sweater comforting her as she breaks the fourth wall when trying to answer a question related to what the tv spot is asking.
The only other notable pregnant character aside from Leslie Mann's Meg in the second half of the flick onwards.
Kate McKinnon
During a baby shower, the expecting mother receives a gallon of ranch dressing as a gift from State Farm's Parker due to baby-themed items being pricey for her.
Video Clip
Video Clip 1
Video Clip 2
Video Clip
Video Clip
Video Clip 1
Video Clip 2
Video Clip
Video Clip 1
Video Clip 2
Video Clip 3
>>597 Yet another take on rosemaries baby, except all the way through and with two lesbians, but this one is a tubie original, so it's free to watch.
>>597 Can't get videos to play on that site. Is there a way to download the stream?
>>597 That link is looking more like a cesspit of redirects and viruses.
>>599 >>602 .... Uh, possibly. I've got pretty good anti redirect software installed. It's called " the back key" and "closing those new tabs." Seriously, though, I said it was a Tubi Original, making it free to watch as long as you're ok with ads at random points. Just google Unborn 2022 and it's one of the first results that pops up if you live in the U.S. I don't, hence the hecksite that needs adblocker to go near.
Anyone got preg scenes from Samourais 2002 movie?
pretty convincing
>>977 Sauce Please
>>977 Looks amazing this girl is beautiful
>>979 That's a man using faceapp
>>980 Oh no! whatever will I do! /s
>>981 Some people don't want to see fake women.
>>983 You're right, my bad. Was just curious if the pic was of the OP.
>>980 Huh the things we can with tech intriguing
Rachel McAdams on the set of The Time Traveler's Wife.
Screencaps from Snatchers
Felicity Jones on the set of True Story.
>>979 >girl anon no
(1.30 MB 1920x1080 1585598284437.webm)
>>1044 r/AbruptChaos
>>1038 Well I know now
Screenshot with gif
>>1057 Holy shit! Thanks for posting.
>>1253 damn where is this from?
>>1257 Girls Behaving Badly
(365.08 KB 1000x562 garanimals-klift-large-4.jpg)
(366.80 KB 1000x562 garanimals-klift-large-5.jpg)
(367.70 KB 1000x562 garanimals-klift-large-6.jpg)
(1.94 MB 400x225 20190524163127-fc429539.gif)
>>742 >>743 >>744 >>745 is she trans?? either way i need actual content of trans women with fake bellies so fucking badly my dick would never recover. if anyone has links PLEASe lmk
>>1327 James Cameron: One of us?
>>1328 A movie with a pregnant character don't mean that the director or the writter is a pregnancy fetishist. (But yeah she's is cute !)
>>272 Name please
>>1623 whats this from?
>>1646 Some prank video. Might be fetish clips4sale or it might just be Youtube, can't remember. But I don't think there's any playsex involved. Seems to me she eventually farts and then she's no longer pregnant.
>>1682 Is that Lady Shadow?
>>1683 Same actress? I don't think so.
(946.59 KB 1280x720 Lady Shadow 1-1 screenshot.png)
(977.28 KB 1280x720 Lady Shadow 2-25 screenshot.png)
(1.02 MB 1280x720 Lady Shadow 1-9 screenshot.png)
(1.02 MB 1280x720 Lady Shadow 3-7 screenshot.png)
(1.04 MB 1280x720 Lady Shadow 3-12 screenshot.png)
>>1683 Just made a follow-up.
Yes, it's fake. Old, but still a favorite of mine.
(2.99 MB 374x281 c56114464c.gif)
(516.60 KB 551x841 blue cat lady.png)
>>1327 For the record, Zoe Saldana's character is only pregnant for that one shot. The character in this pic, however, is pregnant throughout the film.
>>1623 What’s the name of this?
From an old youtube short
>>1918 Uploading everything I liked is impossible. I'm posting a follow-up.
>>1918 What's the video called?
>>1924 Thank you
Lili Reinhart behind the scenes of Look Both Ways
Anyone have good recommendations on fake pregnancy video stuff?
>>1997 Do movies plan on making the girls have HUGE bellies or is it coincidental? Cuz she is “tear her gown off with my dick” big 😍
(56.25 KB 600x402 game-of-thrones-lg.jpg)
A behind the scenes photo from Game of Thrones Season 2. This photo has become very rare. It used to be on the internet but now not anymore, luckily I saved it.
>>2264 You absolute legend!
>>2264 Is that Daenerys/Emelia Clarke?
>>2292 it is The Red woman's belly from the Episode Garden of Bones.
>>1326 there's a pregnant transgirl thread on here. i love that shit too but there's like no fucking content for it.
>>2324 Looks great!
@pregnantcutie on Twitter
Just realized >>2324 and >>2348 are the same person. lol
(820.59 KB 1257x649 2022-04-03_174148.png)
>>2719 She's really good.
(285.86 KB 389x626 1.png)
(661.75 KB 771x897 2.png)
(425.41 KB 611x882 3.png)
Brittney Wilson in Gap Year (ep. 7) Context: She's playing a pregnant extra in a movie.
(4.28 MB 380x373 gy.gif)
Where can i see that episode?
Damn it, it is not available in my country, thank you anyways
>>2760 No worries. Here's a compilation of all her scenes: https://anonfiles.com/M0C1g0i9zc/gap_year_full_mp4
This is what I get for looking up fake bellies on Instagram...
>>2350 sauce?
>>2806 Walk With Frog Wife: https://burgerkurger.itch.io/walk-with-frog-wife It's stuffing, but still a sexy belly.
>>2807 do you have another site to share? it's seems i can't open catbox at all with all kinds of vpn, dns and browser
(945.20 KB 1920x1080 vlcsnap-2023-04-09-21h42m30s633.png)
(358.94 KB 1920x1080 vlcsnap-2023-04-09-21h43m58s480.png)
Rachel Weisz in the upcoming show, Dead Ringers.
(383.41 KB 1920x1080 vlcsnap-2023-04-09-19h44m33s016.png)
>>2894 I hope this belly is hers, but we'll see.
>>2895 Looks huge.
Angelina Jolie in Taking Lives. Context: she's undercover wearing a fake twin belly to lure out a serial killer.
Looks like Cleopatra will be shown pregnant in the new Netflix "documentary" series.
>>2955 no way they blackwashed her. Is hollywood allergic to actually just casting a large nosed north African? How are they supposed to make a documentary without addressing the fact she was insanely inbred. Nothing like handwaving away incest in the name of wokism
>>2955 >that belly >those costumes honestly can't tell which looks cheaper.
>>2955 Apparently Greeks can say n word now.
>>2957 I mean, documentary or not, do you really want to see an accurate depiction of someone as inbred as Cleopatra was?
(65.41 KB 378x511 horseraceswap.jpg)
>>2957 "no way they blackwashed her" Oh ye of excessive faith.
>>2962 Okay, that's hilarious.
>>2963 👍
>>3001 Sauce?
>>3001 This is a dude btw
>>3020 Figures. Can't trust anyone these days...
That’s a pretty convincing dude than
>>3020 I'm looking and I don't see it.
(3.50 MB 500x281 f32d784552f289f31e16.gif)
(3.88 MB 372x342 8eacb9120c10a80eb2f7.gif)
>>3079 Where's the 1st from?
>>3080 Rock The Bump, Seductive Studios
>>3079 Source for the second?
>>3098 Enorme (Enormous), a 2019 French movie. It has a brief inflation scene, plus this.
(697.51 KB 534x400 enorme.webm)
>>3103 I wish I could like this movie more, but the belly is so obviously fake it's not the least bit believable.
>>3104 Belly expansion and rapid pregnancy is so hot. I wish there was more
>>1057 > (616.52 KB 1299x544 vlcsnap-2020-03-18-22h03m23s620.png) (647.26 KB 1299x544 vlcsnap-2020-03-18-22h09m58s322.png) ||diddnt they kill themself? i blocked them when they made a tweet showing them cutting... never checked to see if shes ok||
>>3114 fucking quick reply giving it a title... idk how image boards work :p
>>3114 No, she tweeted after she wasn't. Her account is still active and liking posts too. I had no idea what happened. What's the story?
(28.45 KB 960x1280 preg_torso_568__71582.webp)
(33.08 KB 960x1280 preg_torso_70__40186.webp)
found a really cool realistic pregnant belly and breasts prop on the same site they also have a more normal looking wearable tum but its allot smaller looking https://www.dappercadaver.com/products/prop-pregnancy-torso
>>39 >>3114 She did? Fuck, man...I wondered why she wiped her Twitter twice already.
Nobody has mentioned Wallis Day in "Sex/Life" apparently: https://www.aznude.com/azncdn/wallisday/sexlife/sexlife2x03-day-uhd-01_hd.html
(6.19 MB 1280x720 cleopatra.mp4)
Here's everything from Cleopatra.
>>2961 Yeah, why don't they ever do deeper cuts like Nefertiti?
>>3267 Nefertiti doesn't draw viewers like Cleopatra. lol
>>3266 Many thanks.
>>2957 >large nosed north African Cool it with antisemitic remarks, anon.
>>3275 >only jews have big noses Cool it with the antisemetic remarks, anon.
>>3268 Well if they just fostered learning about her more, that'd make more people interested.
>>3286 Check the file names.
>>3020 And??? Source
(406.52 KB 540x491 unwelcome.png)
A few shots from Unwelcome. Couldn't find anny better shots of the pregnant lead online.
Does anyone have the links to the VFX websites that had photos of fake pregnant bellies from movies? They were on the old Pregchan, but got lost when it was deleted.
Does anyone have that commercial of the woman pushing a stroller and then every woman on the street gets pregnant?
(4.91 MB 640x480 Mother`s day.mp4)
>>3480 Here you go.
(81.34 KB 670x908 efthegreat1.jpg)
(57.73 KB 491x711 efthegreat2.jpg)
(81.06 KB 722x956 efthegreat3.jpg)
(5.28 MB 325x368 ezgif-5-ed85d5494b.gif)
Elle Fanning in The Great, Season 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TY3ka955dTY
>>2957 don't worry, im sure the actor herself is inbred already
(2.76 MB 239x425 330743c553.gif)
(2.88 MB 240x425 330743c554.gif)
(3.63 MB 239x425 712abac3b4.gif)
>>3481 Thanks. The only version I saw of this years and years ago had some old fuck's face photoshopped onto the baby's. Why I wonder
(1.86 MB 2316x3088 FbwUgbqXgAIH3gh.jpg)
(1.76 MB 2316x3088 FXed7ULXkAIfyac.jpg)
(42.67 KB 507x676 image0.jpg)
(36.93 KB 507x676 image0.jpg)
(33.84 KB 507x676 image0.jpg)
Can't believe I've gone through this whole thread without seeing this beauty. Her Twitter is @ginger_virtual.
>>4329 Yeah, "HER" Bro, that's a guy. I know him when he start posting on tumblr.
(24.78 KB 512x512 Jerma985-2018.webp)
>>4330 Pregchat, is this real?
>>4331 His tumblr: https://www.tumblr.com/virtualginger And dude, not only there but his twitter said "pregnant crossdresser."
>>4332 This is why I've decided to stick to real pregnant women.
(37.38 KB 640x480 sddefault.jpg)
>>4334 pretty much, Thiccpreg was the one that completely killed fake Preg shit for me (granted I barely liked fake pregnancy stuff to begin with) you used to be able to call people out on this shit but now because current year it's no longer acceptable to
>>4335 Nowadays, if you want good fake preg content, you'll have to stick to movies & tv shows, like this: >>3958
I know I'll get told that I should post this in the "Request" thread, which I had back in December ( See >>1846 ). I finally figured i might have a better chance of getting somewhere here. There was this damned commercial for something related to cleaning & it played out that the woman in the commercial was surprised by company coming over, so she grabs a pile of "stuff" laying around. When the visitors come in, she turns to reveal her "pregnant" belly to them. I wanna say the actress may have posted it. Again, I know this is a request, so I expect to get a comment but I'm annoyed enough at this point to risk it.
So, I remember in Xfiles aside from the famous scene of Scully's belly being inflated, there was another scene showing row of women all on the tables and all also being inflated. Anyone remember which episode that was from
(77.83 KB 1314x753 1.jpg)
(97.23 KB 1310x763 2.jpg)
(96.46 KB 1305x760 3.jpg)
I wish I could find this movie again. It's called The Sperm, and the main character jerks off into a sewer and his sperm impregnates the entire town. The pregnancy scene is short, but man it's awesome to see a whole town pregnant.
>>4335 If you can jack it to fake bellies, you can jack it to fake women.
(154.22 KB 663x1000 CfbK2-NWEAArBcA.jpg)
(311.09 KB 1611x1000 CfbK540W4AAeltO.jpg)
>>4328 Preg commercials iceberg when
>>5485 I'd like to know what's in this iceberg
Anyone knows a comedy movie where people got possessed by strange light that alien made to control people to repair it's spaceship? There is this cop who was pregnant with twins and she got water broke when the possessed people attacked, but she resisted until morning came then gave birth at hospital. Another thing from the movie is attack by laser light harmed the "green ghost" that possessed the human, but not the human
(1.36 MB 3264x2448 20240317_114215.jpg)
(1.38 MB 2448x3264 20240317_173232.jpg)
(1.34 MB 2448x3264 20240317_173202.jpg)
>>5581 >>5581 I think the name of that movie was "Blasted" it was available on Netflix a long time ago
https://www.facebook.com/reel/384937907814758 So found this sketch video, anyone by chance speak the language to explain the dialogue here?
Does anyone remember a terrible alien movie that ends with the main character on a city bus and suddenly getting super pregnant? The scene itself was great, but the movie was... not good
>>6036 Those are definitely man hands
(973.05 KB 400x275 img-2289.gif)
>>6137 She had man hands?
>>6137 What is it with men and hand size? Surely big hands are better for handjobs?
(3.72 MB 1179x2556 IMG_3627.png)
Make her Look pregnant
not really familiar with how stuff goes maybe someome could share some insite?
>>6146 >Hairy arms >Big hands >Fake belly >Face filter Seems legit. >>6511 This ain't no request thread, homeboi. >>6553 Insight on what?
(282.60 KB 1374x2048 GICckJ_bYAEh2zi.jpg)
(227.84 KB 1205x2048 GFOsdWAbQAAVBm1.jpg)
(183.52 KB 1024x1479 GLgGey2WMAErax6.jpg)
(135.07 KB 1079x604 GG_PauWXcAEQcQQ.jpg)
So she has a fake belly and is pregnant for real?
>>6555 >>6556 Yeah theres no way that last one was fake
>>6556 She has a fake belly and was also pregnant for real, yes. I added the last vid to show that she is, in fact, a woman. lol
(494.97 KB 1536x2048 GMLY3ixXwAAujfC.jpg)
(511.01 KB 1536x2048 GMGKN3_XkAAuiuJ.jpg)
(440.75 KB 1536x2048 GM8qKn4WEAAsIeL.jpg)
(385.35 KB 1536x2048 GM_O-h6WgAIzcQv.jpg)
(468.79 KB 1536x2048 GFvaWACXgAAblyi.jpg)
>>6634 A cutie.
>>6635 I don't think so, you sound like a simp.
(78.17 KB 1280x720 oh my baby 1.jpg)
(72.21 KB 1280x720 oh my baby 2.jpg)
(122.78 KB 1280x720 oh my baby 3.jpg)
(74.23 KB 1280x720 oh my baby 4.jpg)
(2.77 MB 720x480 oh my baby scene.webm)
오 마이 베이비 or Oh My Baby 2020
(36.01 KB 523x859 20191129_021942.jpg)
(55.73 KB 858x540 20200512_051216.jpg)
(211.18 KB 1792x960 IMG_7248.jpg)
(419.27 KB 506x818 Screenshot_20240625_152027_X.png)
(1.06 MB 1080x2316 Screenshot_20240625_151949_X.png)
(926.04 KB 1080x2316 Screenshot_20240625_151940_X.png)
vTuber Bao the Whale did a fake belly IRL stream
>>7043 I love to get her pregnant so she does not have to use a fake belly anymore hehe
Some time ago, Caroline Konstnar faked a pregnancy to promote her Patreon.
(150.15 KB 750x1000 preg01.jpg)
(219.94 KB 1000x750 IMG_3614.jpg)
(219.55 KB 1000x750 wte02.jpg)
(371.99 KB 750x1000 wtec2-2.jpg)
(287.21 KB 750x1000 IMG_3616.jpg)
The latex bellies of Matthew W. Mungle
(208.63 KB 750x1000 cal01.jpg)
(200.00 KB 750x1000 ku03.jpg)
(197.72 KB 750x1000 ku02.jpg)
(247.11 KB 750x1000 hb01.jpg)
(190.15 KB 750x1000 hb02.jpg)
(187.20 KB 750x1000 mlif01.jpg)
(217.65 KB 750x1000 jun01.jpg)
(181.16 KB 750x1000 asp01.jpg)