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(470.03 KB 919x557 Screenshot 2022-06-26 022542.png)
Childbirth Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 06/26/2022 (Sun) 07:28:45 Id:a6a0ce No. 45
Let's start a new childbirth thread, shall we? First off, Waterbirth in the sea (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TFeetgSn3eI / https://www.mako.co.il/AjaxPage?jspName=embedHTML5video.jsp&galleryChannelId=15d5ea9a1d7c6410VgnVCM2000002a0c10acRCRD&videoChannelId=f8c54f3e3a42e210VgnVCM2000002a0c10acRCRD&vcmid=6a5a288bda7c6410VgnVCM2000002a0c10acRCRD) and Underwater Waterbirth beneath the sea towards the end (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDCy-JFZtlA / https://vimeo.com/223119876). I hope you guys will enjoy without any problems. Anybody else want to contribute to this thread? Topic picture is from Sarah Schmid's latest video.
>>45 I don't really browse Youtube for Birth but if you find any more, please show me!
Anyone has the "Live birth in car" video with the red-haired girl with glasses who was kneeling on the front seat and had her baby on the way to the hospital?
where can i find thumbnail video
>>116 it...... it says it in the post?
>>116 absolute retard here
Can anyone post this video here in pregchan so i can download the video Link: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=SabJF7y9TWE
(2.93 MB 854x480 Boo, Bitch!.mp4)
Brief pool waterbirth scene from Episode 1 of the Netflix sitcom miniseries "Boo, Bitch!"
>>298 They could at least given her a belly
>>299 It's Netflix so you have to set the bar stupidly low lol.
>>61 Greetings to you, fellow Russian birth fetishist! :)
i need a birth movie were her water broke on her bed and smoke and give birth on the forest
Outdoor, mostly hands off birth. Nearly an hour of pushing with the head emerging and slipping back in. Great lighting and a high quality camera. What more can you ask for? https://youtu.be/AaSMiV0PEpc
shoulder dystocia birth & breech birth https://youtu.be/MCBJjV3nBTI
Does anyone have/remember the one homebirth that was in black and white, and the mom screamed so loud when she pushed, that she had to mute herself in the video? Originally on YT, been looking for ages
(587.15 KB 1087x607 Parto_latina_ss.png)
(6.15 KB 320x180 mqdefault.jpg)
Is there a full version of this video?
>211674 the link doesn't work anymore
Anyone know what happened to that huge mega.nz folder with a ton of finely categorized vids?
>>1204 you mean the PreggoByte collection, where it was sorted by what's showing and stuff like that?
(8.00 MB 600x338 Tumblr_l_6096743247672.gif)
does anyone know the link to this video?
There was this birth video on tumblr that showed up a few days ago and then suddenly disappeared. It was this old hospital birth where they were holding the mothers legs up as she pushed, and they let her push out the entire baby unassisted like that. Did anyone catch it before it went?
>>1232 if you are going to post your edits outside the edit thread, please spoiler them? Alternatively just post it here >>354
>>1244 Sorry man, I cannot edit or delete my post without a password. And why apply spoiler to the post? I don't think there's anything in the pictures that depict blood/gore. Plus, I think it would be redundant if I repeat my celebrity birthing fakes post on the edit thread.
>>1245 >And why apply spoiler to the post? A lot of people don't want to see it.
>>1246 Well, too bad for this lot of people because I cannot edit or delete the post without a password. Please do not ask for a fight with me, I already apologized in case my initial post does not fit this thread. I don’t want a fight, and neither should you. If my post is still a bother, you can just Report and request for the post to be deleted.
(1.35 MB 640x360 R3anD_YHVck4oB_X.mp4)
>>1232 I reported this post for being in the wrong thread. Hopefully, the mods will delete it. Once it's done, I will repost the celebrity birthing fakes post in the real edit thread. Now, can we please stop all this drama?
>>719 Playlist has been nuked by YouTube which is a damn shame because it had amazing material.
It really sucks because I had a big playlist.
I've been looking for this great video of a black woman standing in her bathroom while she pushes alone. All you see is her belly and tits and has the BEST moaning.
>>1209 That’s the one
>>1320 I hope you get around to reposting it. Two of the ones in there were my absolute favorites
>>1355 none of the YouTube links in the threads you linked work.
>>1472 already taken down, fuck
(318.27 KB 728x540 Untitled.png)
Here's my collection of birth videos on Mediafire: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/d2lcodu2kcedf/Videos I hope you guys will enjoy this content without any problems. But if there's a problem, just let me know and I'll try to fix this.
>>1504 both extreme private eros love song are blocked by the fileshare
>>1505 I'll try reuploading the video. If not, then I'll find a way to reupload the video somewhere else.
>>1505 I just uploaded the full Extreme Private Eros video. Please download the videos from my archive before Mediafire takes them down. If Mediafire keeps taking down the videos, then I will have no choice but to delete my Mediafire account and go somewhere else.
>>1504 Sorry guys, I deleted my Mediafire account, so I have to find another service somewhere else.
Here's the new Mediafire link to my favorite waterbirth videos: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/dccycl ... u33/shared
>>1232 Mediafire link is now gone.
been looking for this great video of a black woman standing in her bathroom while she gives birtb alone. All you see is her belly and tits and has the BEST moaning while she says the dad's on his way.
i been looking for this video for a long time, its a guys jerking off to a woman in all fours giving birth, she has like the best moans and its a really long birth. i remember that the video was posted on one of the reddit birthfetish sites before they were taken down and i cant find the video anywere. this is the only picture i could find and the guy who posted the original video also posted the birth video on a drive but i cant find it.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dVS8yBSnC5U hope that it doesn't get deleted again
>>1651 wait, did the original video get deleted?
I'm looking for an old youtube golden birth video, it went under the title "Beautiful birth" and was only like a minute or two long but it was amazing content. It was a close up of the birth, which was smooth, clean and swift. I think it had a bit of editing around a moment when a doctor used a suction tool to unblock the babies nostrils and mouth but my main memory of the video is how beautiful and amazing the birth was.
(1.94 MB 260x146 1481059700814.gif)
Anybody happen to have an idea of the source for this one?
>>1693 BBC's Bodies (2004 - 2006). For some reason Season 2 Episode 10 pops out in my head but don't quote me on that last fact
This thread could use some more posts
>>1580 Anyone know this one?
got bored and did a reverse birth edit i would post it on my yt channel but it got deleted by yt https://anonfiles.com/10Hb73Say8/reverse_russia_final_mp4 here it is in better quality
>>2025 Holy fuck, do you have the original video? The woman bears a lot of resemblance to an old pornstar https://m.mylust.com/videos/102328/whorish-pregnant-blondie-pleases-her-muff-with-huge-dildo/ Vid for reference
another reverse birth original video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8zpz7HQvhXA
>>2032 >>2025 More like this?
>>2036 i can edit some more but without my youtube channel i would have to upload them here in poor quality
>>2042 That's fine.
>>2027 The woman giving birth actually did a porn before she got pregnant: https://xfantazy.com/video/62cd6e1adf915905ff4282fe
>>2032 "Mrs Krabappel, he's traumatising the children!"
>> 2032. Wait another unbirth. It's nice video
>>1580 I think i saw it once in YouTube, but it was deleted
Anyone have part 2 of this?
>>2441 I think this is the birth of the video, but i cannot find anything more https://youtu.be/4-gWjU1dhNs
One of my favorites childbirth videos https://youtu.be/N0HTiOvOPZw
any hot busty women giving births. Like thicc in a good way. With D+ cup tits and a nice ass with wide hips and a good face.
>>2696 how about your momma in a good way
>>2697 If only
(659.86 KB 817x673 BIRTH ONE.png)
(414.56 KB 558x597 BIRTH TWO.png)
(399.59 KB 568x562 BIRTH THREE.png)
here is a collection of all of milfmeme's birth videos https://anonfiles.com/LbR4C8i2zf/All_birth_videos_zip it was uploaded on preggophillia but it got deleted really quick
Anyone got a link to that one video of a girl giving birth in a bathroom wearing nothing but a white bra Also, a random thing that irritates me with birth vids, is when the title says “unassisted birth” but there's like 6 people assisting them
>>2783 Why is this file an .exe
>>2789 The link shows a .zip file. Does it unpack an .exe file? That would be very suspicious and probably malware.
>>2790 It starts a download as a .exe, Anonfiles I guess has been known to get compromised at times.
>>2791 Well I have no idea, I use anonfiles since the other compress videos got deleted from the original drive
I can link you to a new drive but it will probably get deleted in a short time
>>2783 extremely based but also awful how it's split up so much. I would be pissed if I paid for that.
>>2797 Based upload thank you
>>2797 It takes a really special kind of woman to record not one but three of her births and upload them online, even temporarily. Only way it could be better is if they were in three compiled videos instead of split up into chunks but let the record show I'm not complaining, just observing.
>>2783 welp the last video was rather underwhelming, imagine being the suckers who paid 250$ for them lmao
>>2828 there's only two births here, there's one that I've seen before that isn't here.
>>2835 already fix it, i found the other birth video an put it on the drive
>>2797 I might give splicing these together a try. Can I get confirmation that in the GDrive files, Copia and IMG_1813 are separate births, and IMG_3545 to IMG_5788 are all part of the same birth sequence?
I remember finding a video of this porn star/model with huge boobs having a hospital birth. And I know they were a porn star/model because there were sexy videos of them, some of them made while she was pregnant. And this wasn't milfmeme, this was someone else. Anyone recall such a thing?
(23.25 KB 305x250 96dc6ab824.jpg)
>>3235 Maybe Winnie Cooper
(79.08 KB 1280x720 6.jpg)
>>3235 Or Diosaera
>>3235 Kate Rich also recorded her first birth (but she doesn't have big boobs)
>>3235 Sounds like AngelBusty.
>>3235 Was it the "famous mommy" one? She looks MILF-ish and has very big booba
Hat jemand den Video link von kate Ritch Geburt
>>3238 Are you have this video? I really want full this video
Hat jemand Promi Geburt Fälschungen das wäre richtig geil
Does anyone have the video of the girl in a red dress giving birth at the door to a hospital? I believe the people in it speak Spanish, they get out of a vehicle and walk to the door which is locked and a woman begins fumbling with the keys while the mother suddenly starts screaming and gives birth on the doorstep.
>>3238 does anyone have their birth videos or do they even exist?
Hat jemand Promi Geburt Fälschungen
Does anyone have celebrity birth fakes
(228.38 KB 1020x1202 Bonnie Wright.jpg)
(973.48 KB 1536x1021 Emma Watson.jpg)
(435.28 KB 2048x1566 Tzuyu (0).jpeg)
(700.61 KB 2048x1664 Tzuyu.jpg)
>>3297 Here are some spoiler pictures as well as the link: https://imgbox.com/g/oyUocz8xt3
Let’s make celebrity births it’s own threads because this thread is for real birth vids
>>3237 >>3238 These two only have the labor footage public iirc. I think winnie cooper was really close to uploading it and decided against it or something about recording with all the people around was not happening. >>3239 Kate Rich has her birth on youtube but I don't have the link. I think it's been shared around before here.
>>1209 After long time I just checked in. Not sure if the links are still working, you need new links to the collection?
>>3308 Should the question and answer posts about celebrity birthing fakes be deleted? I CANNOT delete them without a valid password.
>>3320 I think the only way to delete them is if you have the same browser session. Don't worry about it.
anyone has a birth video that used to be on youtube called ‘unassisted home birth of twins’ featuring a naked lady moaning and birthing two children in a bathroom. When she was experiencing contractions she was breastfeeding her child
>>3249 Bumping because I've also been looking for this video for ages.
>>3331 I believe the title was "Psalm & Zora" U can look it up on youtube
>>3353 I tried looking it up myself but the title just gives me videos on Zelda and Psalms from the Bible
>>3359 None of the Google drive folders work
Please have more reverse birth videos.
(19.62 KB 372x497 1684121147390[1].jpg)
>>3367 you don't need to enter your name dude
Please show births in reverse of breech c-section incest rape and parthenogenic babies.
>>3368 ...I think he might have had bigger problems, anon
>>3352 Found it! hxxps://youtube.com/watch?v=6m5p7TrVxD8
>>3312 Grace Squirts filmed herself masturbating during labour with a vibrator. Didn't film the actual birth though. But she did a bit immediately afterwards.
please have release births of egg donation and surrogacy babies.
There.s parts 1 and 2 of a homebirth of a daughter on YouTube in which both parents are nude. However they seem to no longer be there.
>>3426 a shame I want more birth vidoes where everyone is nude not just the mother
(9.89 MB 720x900 11.mp4)
>>3515 Oh look, a poopy
>>3516 girls poop, yes
>>3517 >>3516 i mean girls poop out babies all the time! how else are they born???
She had a son you,ll notice this at birth because you can see balls between it,s legs briefly. I bet it will be circumcised.
>>3312 Winnie Cooper said she had no problem releasing her labor footage but drew the line at showing her actual baby being born and finds it disgusting people would actually fap to this.
>>3312 >>3528 Ignoring my opinions on her judging us, I have seen the Winnie Cooper labor footage and can vouch it exists, and is pretty good (for most of it, she's had an epidural but masturbates throughout, then the epidural gets turned off and she's in actual pain but she's still enjoying it) and also yes, the footage stops before the birth.
>>3518 can't believe we're all poop babies...
How about videos in which boys are circumcised right after they,re born.
>>3550 it's pretty dead other than the same two posters reposting old shit or random pregnant onlyfans girls trying to advertise in the wrong place.
Pooping during childbirth is not uncommon after all the same muscles are involved doing both.
How about videos of lesbians giving birth.
>>3580 true
>>3528 While it makes a lot of sense and there are really good reasons why she shouldn't post the video, that being the line in the sand that's "disgusting" is honestly really funny given what she knows about this fetish community. >>3585 >>3554 >>3409 this isn't google
Will there more reverse births?
>>3600 I have reverse birth videos
(5.52 MB 640x480 Studio_Project_(1)_V5.mp4)
Here is it
(7.37 MB 960x720 Studio_Project_(1)_V4.mp4)
>>3602 Do you have the normal one?
how about reverse births in which everyone is nude.
Amazing red face, clenched teeth and loud grunting from 1:20 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FXVX5IL7C7o&t=105s
Sweet moans form very beginning and HARD pushing from 5.40 https://youtu.be/J5hhPKb4u-Y
Are there any more reverse births in which only the head is out.
>>3649 Please stop making reverse birth requests
Please have Sperm Donation births.
>>3673 Dude you need to stop. This is becoming really annoying and makes people less inclined to want to help you.
>>3602 MOAR
18:50 - "Come on... Come on..!!" and tons of amazing grunts https://youtu.be/S9zlmAEIhhs
Hatt jemand die zweite Geburt von kate Rich
What if Sarah Schmid was actually Aphrodite?
>>3810 >thread gets bumped >was excited for something new >just this reply from the same annoying faggot who would request shittons of times instead of venturing out in the internet for something new i hate to bump this thread but i came here to say fucking stop. kys
Can we ban the annoying cunt that keeps on requesting stupid shit?
(63.66 KB 812x714 20230720_222223.jpg)
(76.94 KB 756x1424 20230720_222217.jpg)
(132.98 KB 738x1418 20230720_222229.jpg)
Found these on Twitter, but can't find the source video. If anyone has the sauce, lemme know.
>>3947 Bunp
I need a unassisted birth video
>>4173 The link leads to nowhere.
>>3550 Well now it's really dead. Shame it seemed to be picking up a little bit.
>>4175 After login I can see it.
(477.15 KB 1080x2404 Screenshot_20230907_144407.jpg)
Has anyone know or have a link about this photo? Where a woman give birth on the grass when she get water break in the car?
(1.66 MB 320x201 IMG_1667.gif)
(3.10 MB 400x226 IMG_1668.gif)
>>4451 it's from Uskyld (2012)
>>4456 Source?
Bro wish there were more posts to this thread
Anyone have the jade jessica part 2 of her birthing vlogs it got deleted awhile back
Search german birth videos
Car birth from a couple of years back: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHpSzz7kjuo Contractions, amazing moans/grunts, pushing at the following timecodes - 9:44 11:55 13:29 15:01
>>1504 It's empty
(7.06 MB 450x338 Tumblr_l_72228217223066.gif)
Did anyone had backup of this particular video? I think this was called austim birth story or something, but its gone
Did anybody save Meghan Rudder's births?
Unassisted outdoor birth at night: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a3ANtPxI3pE Unassisted outdoor birth: https://odysee.com/@SarahSchmid:1/alleingeburt-im-garten:0 Blissful Ocean / Beach Birth: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iy1nxpPMX4E Birth in Nature: Natural Birth: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3cq0bi Birthing Outside - My Home Birth Story & Video Including Afterbirth: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=esEokYthmbg
A woman giving birth in the car.
>>5349 EAR RAPE
(586.20 KB 720x720 ssstwitter.com_1701815895282.mp4)
Does anyone have the full video?
Maybe. It looks familiar.
Anyone have any public/accidental birth vids? And by that I mean videos of people not making to the hospital(or not being able to hold the baby in) and having to give birth in public/the car/etc >>3393 is a good example Thanks in advance!
Dose anyone remmeber that one video of a german women naked having a ecstatic water birth? I need to find it
(569.03 KB 1600x720 Screenshot_20240210-080815.png)
(1.07 MB 1600x720 Screenshot_20240210-081011.png)
(463.39 KB 1600x720 Screenshot_20240210-080859.png)
(747.53 KB 1600x720 Screenshot_20240210-080853.png)
(1.05 MB 1600x720 Screenshot_20240210-080933.png)
Just found a vid with not a lot of views. Weird because it's literally one of my new favs. https://youtu.be/QjTHmF994Zo?si=swYfb509jCtOji_Z
(501.05 KB 1520x720 Screenshot_20240214-130954.png)
Does anyone of you have the full video?
>>5808 That's the full video. She stopped recording when her baby started to crowning in her vagina.
>>5372 smash
>>5808 >>5809 Dunno what you guys are smoking, but it's the usual Chinese fake labor vid. Like even in the thumbnail, the fake belly's skin color is different from her legs.
>>5811 I don't know. It was uploaded from Meipai. The blood gushing from the amniotic fluid rupture and the crowning head looked real so i did not know it was staged
>>5812 I remember watching one video but I don't remember any water breaking? Where was this
>>5813 Oops sorry you was right. Upon closer inspection it was just a fake belly roleplay birth video. The baby crowning was fake too. Probably is just a plastic prop. Here's the video https://youtu.be/fSmp6TY8Sug?si=ka1fApwSuaPDL1ri Tis was an old video. The OG had Meipai watermark at the end.
thank you, this for you, enjoy
>>5811 I know its fake. I just thought it was cut short.
Yolande Clark just gave birth again
>>5819 Dunno who that is. Have any of her other stuff?
Does anyone have the unedited 2 part birth of this video? I could only find this short one on Twitter. https://x.com/birthluv_/status/1702952631495545268?s=46&t=Vc92PBp7o99VtCpvjB8d5A
Gotta get bauhauswife (yolande clark) 10th birth somehow, she went 43 weeks.
>>5835 links pop up a terms of service violation
>>5845 > maybe banned
>>5851 It says I don't have access to them
>>5349 do you have the full thing just that snippet?
does anyone have the cici2tact birth video? She said on tumblr she was only selling it to 5 people. her belly is great
>>5869 Also interested
Does anyone have a JAV by code QX-010 or FANZA code 47qx00010? Supposedly it was released 2023(?) even though the cover image and video quality looks like it was originally for VHS. Trailer here: https://avdouga-correct.net/page/1298981/ And boy was it work to even find an actual trailer lol
>>5882 Ï have it, are you still interested?
>>5894 Yes absolutely
Sarah Schmid must be a nymphomaniac because she got pregnant many times, or is she trying to save humanity?
>>5894 Oh absolutely yes please.
>>5904 Can I contact you somehow? Do you have some throwaway e-mail?
Why did the husband divorce his wife? She was a surrogate and he didn't approve.
does anyone know where this is from? Its great
>>5921 Also interested
>>5915 I don't mind getting in contact, but wouldn't the easiest way be to upload to MEGA and post the link here? That way everyone who wants it can get it. Alternately, WeTransfer doesn't need signup if the vid is <2Gb.
>>5921 Thirded
>>5921 fourthded
>>5921 That's a great big old fat woman. Big old fat American cow
Suche deutsche Geburtsserien
Anyone have videos of unassisted births where after the baby comes all the way out, it's just kinda... left alone for a few seconds? The oceanbirths at the top of the thread--especially the Israeli one, with all its criminal lack of underwater footage after a certain point--reminded me, this is pretty common in drawn material (probably just to save the artist effort reusing poses more than anything) and I've kinda grown to like it.
(22.85 KB 1366x768 received_564594535443872.webp)
Someone know the source of this picture?
>>5900 I think she legit enjoys the feeling of being pregnant She's going for another https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cxoT_zNNujw
found this on tumblr so no clue where this is from
Would anyone happen to have any videos that show the placenta being delivered as well as the birth itself? Finding stuff like that is pretty rare, but I remember the old Pregchan had a thread for it if I’m not mistaken.
I remember a birth vid of a black woman in labour with another woman telling her to go to the hospital but she doesn't want to, she's ends up giving birth standing up with her dress still on, does anyone have that vid or did I dream it?
Someone was asking about the source. hxxps://youtu.be/Zdn8qYT6TKA?feature=shared The book I think it was originally included with. I'm curious if the DVD with this includes an extended version. https://www.abebooks.co.uk/MATERNIDAD-GRITO-LIBERTAD-Libro-DVD-Carol/11455131994/bd
>>6119 it says the partial title and the uploader right at the end when the phone screen pops up: "Parto Libre..." and Carol de Bowe, who seems to be the woman giving birth after a quick search of those words
Exactly yeah I forgot to tag the previous post but your right. One of the links in my previous post is a book released by Carol de Bowe.
>>6118 She could be part of a cult! Even she lives in a farm that reminds me of the one were the Waco siege happened.
>>6195 but she may be trying to protect humanity
>>6258 AngelBusty69
Does anyone have a video of a Japanese woman giving birth recorded in 1992? I remember watching it on YouTube but now I can't find it. Can you help me guys?
(260.59 KB 100x56 b.webp)
>>4456 Is this the same video?
>>6435 Source?
Ritualistic tribal labor and birth scene from "Africa Uncensored (1971)" https://youtu.be/O-Rk4Xc8sRI
Anyone happen to save Michaela Scull's videos before youtube removed them? Think one of her kids was named Thor.
(598.71 KB 1080x1972 Screenshot_20240508-162338.png)
Weird how there's no asian or black birth vids.
>>6633 They definitely are out there.
>>3249 Not sure if anyone's replied yet (I'm just learning my way around this site) but here you go. https://youtu.be/UFONCpy65pc?si=2i7_Sp-yPshgOrh1
(4.29 MB 640x480 swim.mp4)
>>6050 turns out one of the other oceanbirths from this thread is almost there. damn that man's hand, but i love the sort of bored tired way the mother looks over her shoulder, and how he kinda pushes it against her butt/thighs a bit
Does anyone have good videos of forceps/vacuum assisted births? Preferably with the original audio
>>6822 Ngl I highly appreciate the dude being naked alongside the birthing mother. I wish there were more vids and pics of that nature. Though preferably with the birth itself unobscured.
(73.72 KB 1334x750 GP8dB1ua4AAInSw.jpeg)
Does anyone have full video of this
Sarah has given birth to her 10th child
>>6935 yeah i do love how he kind of caresses her back earlier
>>6935 me too it's wonderful and interesting to see the partners being nude as well during birth
There’s a specific breech birth video I’m looking for where the baby’s butt comes out first and is squeezed by the vagina so tightly that it shits meconium. Would any of you anons happen to know of a video like this? I don’t remember much else, besides the camera focusing on the mother’s ass and vagina from the back and the name of the video having the baby’s name in it. If anyone can help me find it, that’d be great.
>>7025 breechbirth.org.uk/2016/06/03/the-birth-of-leliana/ I'm pretty sure it's this one unless I'm mistaken!
>>7029 That’s the one! Thanks anon
>>7030 Glad to help, one of the best breech births out there (:
>>6938 Bump
>>7057 Video removed. You can also find the video here: https://odysee.com/@SarahSchmid:1/unser-10.-kind-freie-geburt-im:2\
>>7095 always wonderful seeing her give birth
Does anyone have her birth video?
I can't wait t
I think Sarah Schmid has a childbirth addiction that,s why she keeps having babies she just had her 10th child.
>>7142 Is that someone from reddit?
there was a video i think it was in japanese but maybe chinese of a close up of a waterbirth i cant find it
(7.07 MB 600x338 Tumblr_l_188813081127330.gif)
Does anybody have the full video of this gif?
>>7144 Or a birth fetish :) She might even lurk on here, or post under an anonymous name. Who knows?
(782.41 KB 2592x1944 Caeser_baby_extraction.jpg)
(332.93 KB 1600x1215 Caesarian_section_-_Pull_out.jpg)
Does anyone have any C-section videos? I imagine the medical gore can be a bit of a turn-off for some people, and it's overall not nearly as sexually charged as vaginal delivery... but I can't be the only one who finds it just scratches a unique itch sometimes. It puts the pregnant belly itself front and center, sometimes you get a direct peek at the uterus, and there's even a certain charm to the usual parental affection and care being replaced by the practiced and practical attentions of a surgical team.
>>7209 I'd be amazed if there are many. It's not something that really happens in a home setting (unless something has gone very, very sideways) and hospitals don't always allow filming of that sort of thing.
(1.82 MB 3472x2604 Childbirth_labor.jpg)
>>7210 Yeah, I doubt there were any filmed by the parents... But some were presumably filmed for more-or-less educational purposes, which leaves the question of where they'd actually be accessible to the general non-medical-student public. There are a handful that washed up here: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Caesarean_section Also, it's funny it never occurred to me that hospital policies might have something to do with why vaginal hospital births are also so underrepresented in video. I assumed it was mostly just because the kind of person to *publish* a birth video is typically the kind of person to do home/outdoor birth, but it makes a lot of sense that people who might be tempted to take a private video for their own sentimental whims might unfortunately face obstacles not worth overcoming.
>>7202 I wonder if she believes to be some kind of goddess or to be part of some kind of prophecy. Wait, that sounds like something that the leader of a cult like Jim Jones would say.
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>>7245 >>7250 not to get too un-/r/ but you can't just post gold like that without a source
>>7202 >>7255 If anyone has one, I'd love to know, too. I try not to think about it and I don't mention it when I post it but I'm told mine has something to do with tentacle monsters.
>>7250 >>7255 Furoufushi Shoujo no Naedoko Ryokouki MC makes it her life's goal to become a breeder for every monster she encounters.