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File: 1460262020507.jpeg (136.09 KB, 730x1095, image.jpeg)

093f6 No.4859

Can someone tell me how to do them with Gimp? Or photoshop, it's always frustrated seeing people on DA Upload them, but never say how they do them, they only really say in a comment section like this "paste the belly on, burn and dodge tool" or "liquefy and warp" like, I want to take a picture of Jennifer Lawrence and morph it. Here's a morph pic for reference.

6e231 No.4875

It sounds like you don't have much experience with the tools in question, so your first port of call if you're serious should be to just do lots of basic photo manipulation tutorials, there are plenty on youtube.

The skills you need aren't complicated, its really a matter of knowing the core techniques of photomanip, understanding how to use the tools in your chosen software and having an eye for detail. But there isn't any single step by step method for doing it, because every photo will be different and require a somewhat different approach.

093f6 No.4881

File: 1460499127487.png (705.67 KB, 600x786, JenniferMOrph.png)

Well, this is a photo I tried to do. Any feedback?

e8cc5 No.4882

You should probably try to start out doing one with a lot less lighting contrast. And clothed, too. I think bare skin is really hard to get natural-looking.

f9ae2 No.4886

File: 1460500195839.jpg (473.3 KB, 1000x1465, MeganFoxPregMorph.jpg)

Don't mind if I join in? What about this?

093f6 No.4891

Thanks for the feedback, I'm using Gimp so I'll try to make it as best as I could! Also I'll try to get cloth chicks. But it's hard trying to find some that are facing the side.

d5908 No.4994

File: 1462596608475.jpg (809.33 KB, 800x2003, 1.jpg)

I`ve got a two=part instructional I`ll post up.

d5908 No.4995

File: 1462596626994.jpg (478.55 KB, 800x2715, 2.jpg)

3bcab No.4997

File: 1462608059161.jpg (55.41 KB, 476x900, big82b.jpg)

Ugh, no! Clothed is way more difficult than bare skin. Matching patterns, textures, seams, etc. is a huge pain in the ass.

If you aren't going to use the paint method described here (>>4994 >>4995), you're going to need a super high-resolution base image. Personally, I much prefer the paint method, even though it never looks quite as realistic as a well done non-paint morph.

Since you can't use PS to make some part of an image bigger without also making it blurry, the typical trick is to take the belly/boobs out of a high-resolution picture, then make the rest of the picture smaller. The liquify and smudge tools allow you to blend the original sized parts into the smaller background.

As a bonus, here's a morph I made a couple weeks ago. It's the first one I've done since 2011, but when I saw the base image I knew I had to blow the rust off.

1782c No.4999

093f6 No.5002

I only have Gimp. So I can't do anything like that. :(

3bcab No.5003

That's no excuse. Just pirate Photoshop CS6 like everyone else does.

093f6 No.5005

I'm not going top pirate it. That's stupid IMO.

a5322 No.5015

Photoshop is what people use, not Gimp. If you want to figure out how to do this using your special snowflake software, you're gonna have to muddle through it yourself sweetie.

093f6 No.5018

I understand, but can you not call me sweetie, makes me a bit uncomfortable.

e5aa5 No.5020

geez, you sound like a condescending jerk.

If you use GIMP you can still use the photoshop tutorials, cause the techniques used are the same. GIMP has very similar tools and functions as Photoshop, they are just named a bit differently or have different keyboard shortcuts.
It's like with Windows and Mac where the file browser is called "Explorer" on one and "Finder" on the other, but it's the same thing.

3bcab No.5025

Your loss.

The stupid thing would be paying Adobe's ridiculous software-as-a-service blood money for Creative Cloud.

093f6 No.5028

I know what you're saying and I understand your point, but I rather do something safe you know what I mean right? No harsh feelings?

093f6 No.5030

File: 1463419427153.png (764.27 KB, 600x803, Heavilypregnantmorph.png)

So I have a new one today using some of the Warp tools in gimp. I also just remastered it for the heck of it.

b8557 No.5032

Yow. Where did you get the belly that you used?

3bcab No.5033

Looks like GIMP's warp tool has finally caught up with PS's liquify tool.

Nice job.

deb54 No.5039

Holy shit, that looks really good.

093f6 No.5042

Thanks you!

093f6 No.5043

This is an already pregnant woman, I got the pic from maternity gallery which is a pretty nifty site.

093f6 No.5080

File: 1464578228135.png (1008.76 KB, 576x1024, hu.png)

Another One Today!

093f6 No.5081

File: 1464578280669.png (370.47 KB, 374x512, hu2.png)

Two sense I haven't upload in a while! Some Constructive Criticism please!

1ab44 No.5092


all these recent ones look really good. You can't even tell they're morphs. If I had any criticism, I'd say to go ahead and make them bigger since they look like ordinary pregnant women but, you know, I always want bigger so that's not great feedback haha

0f976 No.8205

File: 1520848045257.jpg (28.21 KB, 407x500, poyvabrw0s.jpg)

Can somebody teach me how to make "bump kicks" effect on belly? Like this famous pic floating around the web (mostly found at mother & baby sites). Prefer using Photoshop. At least tutorial link is fine.

9d53b No.8206

Ah yes, the ol baby hercules

9532c No.8251

File: 1521210290261.jpg (93.42 KB, 700x524, MS_41wks2d_35babies-276lb_….jpg)

I use a variety of techniques. I'll start by cutting out the parts I want to modify and putting them on a higher level. Then I'll scale and warp them (Photoshop, Krita and Clip Studio all have good warping tools). After that, I'll adjust lighting, paint textures, shading, highlights, modify the background (original layer) for lighting and shadows. Sometimes I'll have to re-paint clothing. It varies how much of the original picture is still visible when I'm done, but I usually paint over at least 50% from scratch.

ac56c No.8265

If you go this far why not just do original work?

9532c No.8274

"If you go this far why not just do original work?"

Well, firstly, there's a whole lot of stuff that I DON'T have to paint, which makes it a lot easier than my usual obsessive approach. And secondly, given *chan anonymity, who says I don't?

7b64d No.8329

Can someone make some Realistic Prego morphs for me?

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