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6c6a2 No.5681

Hey people!

I recently got into looking for stuff about this film and I'm dying to know how one could get a hold of it or if someone has it who visits here.

It's an Australian film about a woman who's due to give birth and after feeling contractions calls in her friends to help with the birthing part. Apparently the star actress was really very pregnant during the filming (with the picture being featured in the opening scene).

I first saw about it through BEArchive but whoever looked at it had nothing good to say about it and I moved on. But after I saw the trailer for this film I'd really like to know if anyone's seen it or has it.

Here's the link to the trailer:


f33c0 No.5682

Hey yunon,

I first came across this gravid Aussie in our very own .gif thread >>533

Taken right from that opening scene, one response to that post indicated that someone here has seen it. Or at least, seen other productions involving Noni Hazlehurst.

Interestingly enough, the Youtube upload of the trailer (by the same people, Umbrella Entertainment) advertises the film on DVD, available from their website.



After a quick search:


Turns out it's sold out at the moment.

But as far as I can tell, this is the only site featuring a legitimate copy of the film that isn't some shady torrent search engine.

Maybe someone can get in contact with them, and ask them about the availability of the DVD. I can't imagine importing being very hard or expensive.

5a9dc No.5683

there used to be a video on fetishfad.net of her,holding her belly and breathing heavily from the movie,but sadly the site went down,it would get me so turned on…hell just thinking about it still turns me on.

5a9dc No.5684

hey i just checked and site is back up. gonna try looking for the video.

5a9dc No.5685


it's the last clip in the video i hope the link works for everyone.

62dca No.5686

I remember seeing the clip of her being in the water years and years ago. Still good even now

23968 No.5688


Good share. I saw that clip though I wonder if that one was edited or not since she doesn't appear that big through the rest of the film.


Thanks for that info. I did happen to see some of that stuff though I couldn't for the life of me find anything as far as a torrent file or even an Ebay listing for a copy of it.

I may try to email them to see if they have anything left over for DVDs of it.

f33c0 No.5689

Hah, same here. All DDL sites I could scrounge up were clearly fake, and even on eBay Australia there were zero listings for the film.

and yeah, that clip on FetishFad is obviously a morph.

5a9dc No.5705

>>5689 it is but u guys are very welcome.

44711 No.5815

Sooo…this isn't very encouraging but, it looks like the listing for the DVD has been removed from Umbrella Entertainment's website.

Link provided at the beginning of the thread is now dead, and searching for "Waiting 1991" on their website brings up nothing.

Very, very unfortunate. Lets hope somebody down under with our interests can someday share it with us.

e861d No.6001

So, as an update on this front (without having yet emailed Umbrella to see what the status is) I did find this link to apparently watch the film and its synopsis matches that of that and not anything else not made in 1991.


Though, in trying to actually get to watching it I'm not sure if the file actually isn't there or if there's something else one has to do. It prompted me to install Chrome extensions but then took me to a site which didn't even have the film there.

e861d No.6002


And, HUZZAH, it's back on the Umbrella site…albeit with the less-awesome video cover.


f6879 No.6027

883a0 No.6454

Check on Ebay. It's an Australian movie,but you'll need a all region DVD player.

e861d No.6502


Actually, as long as your computer has a DVD drive and you have VLC media player installed, you can watch it without having to get an all-region DVD player.

92b9b No.6509

Wow, does no one remember Cheviot? The guy who morphed that video AAAAAAAAGES ago. The one where she gets bigger IS a morph and it's a rather famous one that has floated around the community for years.

d5775 No.6510

im so sorry when is the birth scene?

908de No.6537

so I am a little confused. What exactly happens in the opening scene? Does she actually morph? Or am I just seeing that?

be239 No.6551

Near the end of the film.

Her belly doesn't actually morph outward like in that clip on Cheviot's Place.

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