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11542 No.6419

A really well made, surprisingly realistic mpreg cock birth. Good noise.


5de52 No.6420

what the Sam hill is wrong with you boy

fd345 No.6421

furries get their own board yet i am forced to read that sentence with my own two eyes

021be No.6422

Cool can you provide more like this?

f4ab8 No.6423

I think my cock and soul just died a little inside… well, maybe more than a little…

God damn it, people, what's wrong with you! Even fetish has to have some boundaries, for fucks sake…

b9e75 No.6424


5fe09 No.6426


Are we seriously shaming each other in a fetish board?


"Even fetish has to have some boundaries"? It's called a fetish for a reason. :v

9cad0 No.6427

I don't like non-drawn mpreg and I certainly abhor the idea of seeing this video, but op is right, chill out people. This is a fetish site for a reason, there's no need to shame each other (just hide the thread, dummies).

da782 No.6428

I loved it up until the cut. I hope we get more

fd345 No.6431

yes because its not even remotely our fetish

5fe09 No.6432


Newsflash: you aren't the only one using this site and not everyone has the same kinks

a20f8 No.6435

56f7e No.6436

I hope someone saved it because it's gone.

da782 No.6437

601d7 No.6440

File: 1496543562751.gif (1.18 MB, 528x384, 1208672346241.gif)

Here's me. Clicking /r/ - Real. Fucking cock birth is at the top of the page. Bravo.

cfdc3 No.6441



f0b01 No.6443

That was surprisingly high quality…

0266b No.6459

I'd love to see more! It made me think of some rather well-written stories I found, too!

0e063 No.6468

I don't know why exactly, but for a while it reminded me of a scene from WolfCop…

0266b No.6470

i wonder if any well-made anal births are out there. I'm gonna start digging.

49c2b No.6558

was this on A Serbian film?

f07b0 No.6593

That's amazingly realistic. Have to say. Do enjoy it a lot. Would have preferred to see the baby crown and come out without a cut. But the swelling was amazing

a8ec5 No.6630

Why did I go out of my way to watch this

Why did you post this

What the fuck is wrong with you

1bf95 No.6642


It's a fetish web site. Not all content is going to be for your tastes. Get over your pretentious self.

a8ec5 No.6644

There is a difference between jerking off to pregnant men and jerking off to a man forcing a watermelon sized object down his urethra while it leaks out yellow-green liquid

8a11a No.6645

dude the OP has the words "cock birth" in it literally why are you surprised AT ALL about what you watched

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